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19.06.19 - 02:45
′Harry Potter Wizards Unite,′ the new game from the creators of ′Pokémon Go,′ is coming to Android and iPhone on Friday (Business Insider)
"Harry Potter: Wizards Unite" is coming to Android and iOS devices on Friday June 21. Developed by the creators of "Pokémon Go," the new game will let players encounter Harry Potter characters and other signs of magic in the real world using a...
19.06.19 - 02:03
US lawmakers are demanding scrutiny ” and even a freeze ” of Facebook′s cryptocurrency project (FB) (Business Insider)
Facebook announced plans to create a new cryptocurrency on Tuesday — and the pushback has already begun. In the US, senior Democratic politicians are calling for careful oversight or for the project to be put on hold completely while they inves...
19.06.19 - 01:39
Slack′s $17 billion direct listing could be the IPO game-changer Silicon Valley has been waiting for. But others say it′s a techie delusion. (SPOT) (Business Insider)
Slack is set to go public this week using via a direct listing rather than a traditional initial public offering. In a direct listing, insiders and early shareholders list and sell their shares directly to everyday investors via the public markets, r...
19.06.19 - 00:45
A founder who sold his startup for $100 million within weeks of launching is back with a startup to make meetings suck less (Business Insider)
On Tuesday, Gentry Underwood wrote a blog post about his new startup Navigator, which will create an AI-powered team assistant to help with meetings. Previously, Underwood founded a mobile email app Mailbox, which he sold to Dropbox in 2013. The same...
19.06.19 - 00:15
Freshman senator and big-tech hawk Josh Hawley is questioning Google about its relationship with China after a weird translation ′mistake′ (GOOG, GOOGL) (Business Insider)
In the five months since freshman Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) took office, he's become known for his insightful understanding of big tech. And he doesn't like a lot of what he sees. He's just lobbed another blast at Google, in the form of an open l...
18.06.19 - 23:45
I′ve tried a bunch of different Wi-Fi routers, but Netgear′s mesh system is the one I keep going back to (NTGR) (Business Insider)
I test Wi-Fi routers pretty often, and I keep coming back to the same one: Netgear's Orbi.  Orbi uses multiple access points to create a so-called mesh network. Orbi is a relative bargain, and I keep returning to it for its rock-solid performan...
18.06.19 - 23:39
SoftBank′s running list of deals shows the Japanese company is one of the biggest, craziest investors in tech right now (Business Insider)
SoftBank has invested hundred of millions of dollars in technology-forward companies since 2008. The telecommunication company's portfolio includes acquisitions of big names like Boston Dynamics and ARM, and big investments in companies like Sl...
18.06.19 - 23:09
Hong Kong protests dealt China′s all-powerful Xi Jinping an embarrassing blow that could sting for a while (Business Insider)
More than a million ordinary Hong Kongers thronged the streets of the city and shut the government down in stiffer-than-expected resistance to the growing power of China's Communist Party. It's a stinging blow to Chinese President Xi Jinping, who e...
18.06.19 - 22:57
Here′s what happens when you block someone′s number on your iPhone (Business Insider)
It's easy to block a phone number on your iPhone, but you might wonder what specifically happens on the receiving end of your block. When you block a number on your iPhone, you prevent that number from contacting you via text, phone, or FaceTime. O...
18.06.19 - 22:15
How to create and customize a Google Group to easily email and coordinate with a large group of people (Business Insider)
You can create a Google Group to stay in touch with a large, specific group of people, whether that's business colleagues or contacts, or perhaps your college friends. You can set up a Google Group with contacts in a few quick steps using a desktop ...
18.06.19 - 22:15
Our take on the 5 biggest questions surrounding Facebook′s crypto (FB, V, MA, AMZN) (Business Insider)
This is an excerpt from a note delivered exclusively to Business Insider Intelligence subscribers. To receive the full story plus other insights each morning, click here. After months of rumors, Facebook has finally unveiled Libra — ...
18.06.19 - 22:05
The popular Arlo Pro 2 smart security system is $200 off at Best Buy right now (Business Insider)
Arlo has been building great security cameras for a few years now, and the Arlo Pro 2 is no exception. The Pro 2 offers a 1,080p resolution, night vision, Alexa and HomeKit support, and more, so it should be more than good enough for the majority of ...
18.06.19 - 21:39
Forget about 2019 ” early 2020 is jam-packed with 6 major game launches (Business Insider)
With new PlayStation and Xbox consoles scheduled to arrive next year, a gaggle of major games are getting pushed out before it's too late. Among those games are massive, highly anticipated games like "Final Fantasy VII Remake" and "Cyberpunk 2077." ...
18.06.19 - 21:33
Libra is Facebook′s plan to bring cryptocurrency to the masses ” but I don′t trust Facebook enough to use it (FB) (Business Insider)
Facebook on Tuesday unveiled "Project Libra," its plan to bring cryptocurrency to the masses. The idea is to let people shop on Facebook and other apps, or even pay other users, using a single global currency.  Libra could be a good idea, but I don'...
18.06.19 - 21:27
Less than 1% of the world′s billionaires donate to housing and shelter charities. Here are the top 10 causes the world′s richest people give their money to. (Business Insider)
Philanthropy is the most popular hobby among billionaires, according to Wealth-X's 2019 Billionaire Census. Education and the arts are among billionaires' favorite causes to donate to, Wealth-X reports. Organizations fighting hunger and h...
18.06.19 - 21:09
The $24 billion health system in Amazon′s backyard nabbed a 26-year Microsoft veteran as its tech chief. Here′s what he learned in his first months on the job. (Business Insider)
After 26 years at Microsoft, B.J. Moore made the jump into healthcare, joining West Coast health system Providence St. Joseph Health as its chief information officer. Moore started at the end of January, and over the past 4.5 months has gone around t...
18.06.19 - 21:03
Mark Zuckerberg just pulled a Jeff Bezos, and Libra could be Amazon Web Services (Business Insider)
Mark Zuckerberg's new cryptocurrency plans is a venture into a reputationally risky industry: Goldman Sachs thought about opening a trading desk for cryptocurrencies, yet ultimately backed out of near-term plans. Yet Jeff Bezos says the most success...
18.06.19 - 21:03
More American women are having babies in their 30s than in their 20s and studies suggest it′s healthier in the long run (Business Insider)
In 2016, for the first time ever, more American women had babies in their early 30s than in their 20s. Giving birth at any age comes with changes — to your body and bank account. But there are some key differences between giving birth in each d...
18.06.19 - 21:03
The CEO of State Street explains why he′s going toe-to-toe with Bloomberg and BlackRock by offering asset managers a one-stop technology shop (Business Insider)
State Street's $2.6 billion purchase of Charles River last year thrust it into direct competition with Bloomberg and BlackRock for control of trading desktops across hundreds of asset managers.   The man charged with overseeing the strateg...
18.06.19 - 21:03
Cisco CEO says he′s forbidden his sales people from using Huawei′s problems to win business (CSCO) (Business Insider)
If there's one company that should be smiling with delight over Huawei's US ban, it's Cisco. Cisco has been calling out its arch rival, Huawei, for years. Cisco's finger pointing was one reason why Congress investigated and warned US companies no...
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