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Tagesumsatz: 36299 Stück
Name:  FACEBOOK INC.A DL-,000006
Land:  USA
Sektor:  Dienstleistungen
ISIN/ Wkn:  US30303M1027 / A1JWVX
Index:  Nas100,S&P500
Webseite:  https://www.facebook.com/
Marktkapitalisierung:  453710 Mio. EUR
Umsatz:  49619.46 Mio. EUR
EBITDA:  25973.8 Mio. EUR
Gewinn je Aktie:  6.727 EUR
Umsatz-/ Gewinnwachstum:  30.40% / 61.20%
KGV/ KGV lG:  20.94 / 20.12
KUV/ KBV/ PEG:  8.13 / 5.38 / 1.44
Gewinnm./ Eigenkapitalr.:  39.60% / 27.91%
Dividende je Aktie:  -
Dividendenrendite/ -schätzung:  - / -
Letzte Datenerhebung:  23.04.19
23.04.19 - 19:27
Facebook: Buyers Be Warned (SeekingAlpha)
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23.04.19 - 19:21
Facebook has quietly removed three bogus far right networks in Spain ahead of Sunday′s elections (TechCrunch)
Facebook has quietly removed three far right networks that were engaged in coordinated inauthentic behavior intended to spread politically divisive content in Spain ahead of a general election in the country which takes place on Sunday. The networks ...
23.04.19 - 19:13
Parents say a learning app backed by Mark Zuckerberg gave their kids seizures, and its raising concerns about the amount of time students spend staring at screens (Business Insider)
Parents in Kansas say the Mark Zuckerberg-funded education platform Summit Learning caused physical and emotional ailments to children due to excessive screen time, The New York Times reports. Parents and students in multiple cities are protesting ag...
23.04.19 - 18:55
Jared Kushner downplays Russia election interference by saying they bought ‘some Facebook ads’ (MarketWatch)
Kushner is a senior adviser and son-in-law to President Donald Trump....
23.04.19 - 18:19
Jared Kushner says Mueller's probe was more damaging to U.S. democracy than "a couple Facebook ads from Russia (Bloomberg)
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23.04.19 - 17:39
Facebook ETFs in Focus Ahead of Q1 Earnings (Zacks)
Facebook has gained nearly 21% over the past three months. The strength is expected to continue given that Facebook has a reasonable chance of beating earnings estimates this quarter....
23.04.19 - 17:37
Want to delete Facebook like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez? Read what happened to these people first (MarketWatch)
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23.04.19 - 17:03
Facebook Hires State Department Lawyer As It Faces Regulatory Issues (Benzinga)
Facebook, Inc. (NASDAQ: FB) has poached Jennifer Newstead, legal adviser to the State Department, as its new general counsel, The Wall Street Journal reported. read more...
23.04.19 - 17:00
Facebook: 215 oder 187 USD? Kursziele und Ratings der Analysten vor Q1-Zahlen auf einen Blick - Aktiennews (Aktiencheck)
Menlo Park (www.aktiencheck.de) - Welche Kursziele und Ratings trauen die Analysten der führenden Banken und Research-Häuser der Aktie des sozialen Netzwerks Facebook Inc. (ISIN: US30303M1027, WKN: A1JWVX, Ticker-Symbol: FB2A, NASDAQ Ticker-Symbol: F...
23.04.19 - 16:42
Credit Cards Boost Spending on Social-Media Ads (WSJ EN)
In an effort to attract new customers, American Express and Capital One have significantly increased ad spending on Facebook....
23.04.19 - 16:18
Facebook: Vorfreude ist groß und Erwartungshaltung enorm - Aktienanalyse (Aktiencheck)
Kulmbach (www.aktiencheck.de) - Facebook-Aktienanalyse von "Der Aktionär": Martin Weiss, stellvertretender Chefredakteur vom Anlegermagazin "Der Aktionär", nimmt die Aktie des weltweit führenden sozialen Netzwerks Facebook Inc. (ISIN: US30303M1027, ...
23.04.19 - 16:14
The developer building Facebook′s new Oculus campus has gotten $515 million of financing for the project (Bloomberg)
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23.04.19 - 16:01
Jetzt wissen wir endlich, warum die Instagram-Gründer Facebook verlassen haben (Business Insider DE)
Facebook zählt weltweit zwei Milliarden Nutzer monatlich, die zum Konzern gehörende Tochter Instagram rund eine Milliarde Nutzer monatlich. Zu Beginn waren die Unternehmen hinter den zwei wohl bekanntesten Apps der Welt Konkurrenten, bis Fa...
23.04.19 - 16:00
Cramer: There′s a lot to like about Twitter′s earnings (CNBC)
CNBC's Jim Cramer, Carl Quintanilla and David Faber break down Twitter's earnings report and what it might mean for other relevant stocks such as Facebook and Snap....
23.04.19 - 15:24
Why Facebook (FB) Might Surprise This Earnings Season (Zacks)
Facebook (FB) is seeing favorable earnings estimate revision activity and has a positive Zacks Earnings ESP heading into earnings season....
23.04.19 - 14:48
The only way to rein in big tech is to treat them as a public service | Nick Srnicek (The Guardian)
The drive for profit is behind many of the ills of Google, Facebook et al. Unions and public ownership are the only way to solve thisAfter years of praising their virtues, governments across the world are belatedly waking up to the problems posed by ...
23.04.19 - 14:45
Facebook Taps PayPal Exec As 1st African American Woman To Join Board (Forbes)
Facebook is doing a board reshuffle and PayPal senior vice president Peggy Alford will now have a seat at the table. Alford will become the first Black woman to join the company's nine-member board, during a strong cultural shift at the social media...
23.04.19 - 14:27
EU-Kommission will mehr Einsatz gegen Fake News von Facebook, Google und Twitter (Heise)
Die Internet-Unternehmen hätten zwar einiges für mehr Transparenz getan, es seien aber weitere Verbesserungen nötig, meint die EU-Kommission....
23.04.19 - 14:02
Kampf gegen Hasskommentare: Sprachvielfalt bremst Hassfilter von Facebook aus (Handelsblatt)
Facebook ist nicht fähig, alle Sprachen zu kontrollieren, mit denen das Soziale Netzwerk genutzt wird. Automatische Filter gibt es nur in 30 Sprachen....
23.04.19 - 14:02
EU-Kommission fordert mehr Einsatz gegen Fake News von Online-Riesen (DPA-AFX)
BRÜSSEL (dpa-AFX) - Rund vier Wochen vor der Europawahl müssen Facebook, Google (Alphabet C (ex Google)) und Twitter ihren Einsatz gegen Fake News nach Ansicht der EU-Kommission ......
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