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Das englischsprachige Wirtschaftsmagazin Forbes erscheint 14-täglich in den USA. Neben der Printversion publizieren die Redakteure aktuelle Artikel kostenlos auf ihrer Webseite. Insbesondere durch die Ermittlung der reichsten Menschen der Welt und anderer Ranglisten wurde das Magazin international bekannt.
26.04.19 - 13:33
Respawn Delaying Future Titanfall Games To Focus On Apex Legends And Now Im Just Depressed (Forbes)
Respawn is delaying work on its next Titanfall game to focus on free-to-play battle royale hit Apex Legends....
26.04.19 - 13:33
Its Time To Embrace The Digital Transformation in Retail (Forbes)
The key to digital transformation is not in using technology alone, but in truly transforming how companies think about their business....
26.04.19 - 13:19
The Future Of Commerce Search (Forbes)
Commerce search will soon be a part of the AI revolution....
26.04.19 - 13:03
Lessons In Service Transformation (Forbes)
CIOs and CXOs need a future-ready, comprehensive approach to service transformation....
26.04.19 - 12:57
NASAs Hubble Didnt Detect First-Known Extrasolar Moon After All, Say Astronomers (Forbes)
The much heralded 2018 detection of a Neptune-sized moon circling exoplanet Kepler 1625b now seems very much in doubt....
26.04.19 - 12:54
Report: U.S. Among The Ten Most Stressed Nations Worldwide [Infographic] (Forbes)
As part of its 2019 Global Emotions Report, Gallup gauged stress levels across 143 countries....
26.04.19 - 12:54
Astell&Kern Announces Its Latest Hi-Res Music Player For Audiophiles On The Move (Forbes)
Astell&Kern, the maker of high-end music players, has just launched the second version of its powerful and chunky KANN Music player. The new KANN CUBE features a powerful headphone amplifier, a high-end DAC, Quad-Core CPU and a brand new user interfa...
26.04.19 - 12:51
Royal Air Forces Association Embraces AI To Fight Terrorist Threat (Forbes)
If the personal data of serving and ex-serving Royal Air Force personnel got into the hands of terrorists the national security implications are pretty obvious. Ive been investigating if AI has a role in helping keep that information safe......
26.04.19 - 12:33
Yes, Really: Super Smash Bros. Is 20 Years Old Today (Forbes)
Its official: Super Smash Bros. was released 20 years ago on this day....
26.04.19 - 11:48
Why Tech Billionaires Are Spending To Restrain Artificial Intelligence (Forbes)
Some tech billionaires are so worried about the direction of artificial intelligence that they are spending their own billions to monitor and restrain it. If those who know best the frontiers of tech are worried about its direction then we should all...
26.04.19 - 11:45
On Taxation Of Savings & Investment, The Contrast Between Republicans & Democrats Is Massive (Forbes)
When it comes to taxation of investment income, the contrast between the two parties couldn't be more stark. While Democrats push for higher capital gains tax rates in the states and to tax unrealized gains federally, Republicans are pressing to end...
26.04.19 - 11:12
Mexico Is Now Top U.S. Trade Partner, Ahead of China, Canada (Forbes)
Mexico is the United States top trade partner. At least for the moment. This, to my knowledge, is a first....
26.04.19 - 11:06
A 30-Year Look At Americas Money Since The End Of The Cold War (Forbes)
Its been 30 years since 1989, when a wave of revolutions totally dismantled the decades-old Cold War system. But how has Americans finances fared since?...
26.04.19 - 11:06
50 Cities Where Financial Advisors Earn The Most Money (Forbes)
You might be surprised by the U.S. cities in which financial advisors make the most money....
26.04.19 - 11:00
Clogged With Traffic, Brussels Is Building Its Own RER S-Bahn (Forbes)
The EUs capital has been ranked as the most congested city in Europe for traffic, thanks to a tax structure that forces people to have cars. The government hopes a new light rail system emulating Paris and Berlin will solve the problem. But how can i...
26.04.19 - 11:00
The Best Cities In Utah To Own Investment Property (Forbes)
Find out which Utah real estate markets offer the best conditions for investment property buyers and owners....
26.04.19 - 11:00
Heres How Much Money Landscape Architects Earn In Every State (Forbes)
Find out what the average salary for landscape architects is in all 50 U.S. states....
26.04.19 - 08:36
Let Markets Drive AI And Computing Services, AI Expert Urges (Forbes)
A noted computer scientist says instead of replicating human intelligence, AI systems should replicate market forces....
26.04.19 - 08:03
This Is Why Einstein Knew That Gravity Must Bend Light (Forbes)
General Relativity had to be right. Heres how we knew....
26.04.19 - 06:27
The Amazing Ways eBay Is Using Artificial Intelligence To Boost Business Success (Forbes)
Multinational e-commerce site eBay has used artificial intelligence (AI) for the last decade by training the algorithms with data sets from the previous two decades. Recent developments and enhancements to the companys services and tools have benefit...
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