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Das englischsprachige Wirtschaftsmagazin Forbes erscheint 14-täglich in den USA. Neben der Printversion publizieren die Redakteure aktuelle Artikel kostenlos auf ihrer Webseite. Insbesondere durch die Ermittlung der reichsten Menschen der Welt und anderer Ranglisten wurde das Magazin international bekannt.
27.06.19 - 08:44
Google Can Now Automatically Delete Your Location Data - Heres How (Forbes)
Google can now automatically delete search history and location records after a set amount of time....
27.06.19 - 08:38
How many tech entrepreneurs does it take to change the globe? (Forbes)
You've just arrived on a private island alongside some of the world's biggest thinkers and changemakers. Scenes from Branson's Necker Island Blockchain Summit were not so different from those depicted in Captain Planet and the Planeteers....
27.06.19 - 08:08
How Artificial Intelligence Can Help Predict Toxic Algal Blooms (Forbes)
Artificial Intelligence to predict harmful algal blooms more efficiently than scientists, improving safety of seafood consumption and helping fisheries prepare for blooms accordingly....
27.06.19 - 08:03
Artificial Intelligence Can Prevent Enormous Amounts Of Damage And Water Loss From Building Leaks (Forbes)
Sophisticated machine learning can detect hidden water leaks and provide smartphone alerts in real time....
27.06.19 - 08:03
NASA Astronauts And Satellites Capture Breathtaking Images Of An Awakening Volcano From Space (Forbes)
The remote volcano Raikoke just erupted after nearly 100 years of silence. Heres why it matters....
27.06.19 - 06:50
Samsungs Radical Galaxy S10 Upgrade Has One Big Problem (Forbes)
Recent camera updates have delivered huge quality improvements to Samsung's Galaxy S10, but US customers are missing out....
27.06.19 - 06:34
Hardcore Mecha Is Finally Released Today And It Is Entirely Amazing (Forbes)
It has taken a while but the amazing 2D shoot-em-up Hardcore Mecha is finally released today on the PlayStation 4 and PC....
27.06.19 - 06:20
Study Finds A Common Class Of Drugs May Increase Dementia Risk, But There′s Some Good News As Well (Forbes)
A new study found a nearly 50% increased risk of dementia among patients who had used popular anticholinergic drugs for at least three years, but theres some good news as well....
27.06.19 - 06:08
Helping Global Brands Innovate Faster Than Their Startups Competitors (Forbes)
I caught up with William to find out how the consulting landscape as a whole has shifted, and how, in an age where digital is everything, you keep big business on the front foot....
27.06.19 - 06:02
The Student Loan Cancellation Discussion Keeps Going In The Wrong Direction (Forbes)
For all the talk of student loan forgiveness, the plans typically lack some important points that need more consideration....
27.06.19 - 05:56
A New Study Says 1 In 3 Need The Bucks From Side Hustles to Survive (Forbes)
A new survey from Bankrate.com reveals that side gigs are not only customary, they are necessary....
27.06.19 - 05:38
Queen Of The Internet Explains Where The Web Is Headed Next (Forbes)
One of the bigger takeaways from Mary Meekers 2019 Internet Trends report is big technology companies are still riding massive, important digital trends...
27.06.19 - 05:20
The Present And Future Of Computer Vision (Forbes)
The ability of present-day machines to perceive and interpret visual information with astounding accuracy gives us a glimpse of the future of computer vision, where such systems will be able to solve even the most complex visual problems, far surpass...
27.06.19 - 03:26
Bank of America, Wayfair, Join those Saying "No" to Profiting from Family Detention (Forbes)
Bank of America Corp. ” the US's second largest financial institution and lead lender to CoreCivic ” made a milestone announcement this morning that they will stop financing private prison and immigration-detention companies....
27.06.19 - 03:08
Trump And Xi At G20: How China Became The Biggest Threat To The U.S. (Forbes)
The reality that Beijing has been able to drive economic growth without adopting democratic reforms has radically changed how Western nations see China today....
27.06.19 - 03:08
China Could Be The Next Catalyst For Bitcoin, ETH, And XRP (Forbes)
To participate in the digital currency revolution, China should "let 1000 Libra's rise, allow Chinese Internet giants develop their own versions of Facebook's Libra....
27.06.19 - 03:02
China Could Be The Next Catalyst For Bitcoin, ETH, And XRP (Forbes)
To participate in the digital currency revolution, China should "let 1000 Libra's rise, allow Chinese Internet giants develop their own versions of Facebook's Libra....
27.06.19 - 01:44
Recent Science Raises Oil Industry′s Climate Litigation Risk (Forbes)
The last few years have seen a remarkable chipping away at the defenses that the fossil fuel industry has long used to deny accountability for its role in climate change....
27.06.19 - 01:38
Japan Beats China In The Philippines, Singapore, and Vietnam (Forbes)
Japan, not China, is the biggest investor in Philippines, Singapore, and Vietnam....
27.06.19 - 01:32
These Birds As Massive As Polar Bears Once Roamed Europe (Forbes)
Spending time in Europe in prehistoric times may have meant hunting - or perhaps running from - a giant bird three times the size of an ostrich....
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