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15.08.19 - 13:03
Insight from Brussels: EU gas sector pins hopes on ‘green tags’ to face low-carbon future (Platts)
Trading tags guaranteeing renewable or low-carbon properties could be a key way to secure the EU gas industry's long-term future in a decarbonized energy system. The EU will soon consider enshrining a 2050 net-zero emissions goal into law, after the...
14.08.19 - 16:03
Existing North American oil pipelines boost capacity as new projects drag on (Platts)
Canada's three major options for new oil pipeline capacity continue to face delays and court challenges, but existing North American pipelines are finding ways to move more barrels to refiners and export docks on the US Gulf Coast. Midstream compani...
13.08.19 - 14:32
Saudi oil policy adrift despite Aramco′s eye-watering earnings (Platts)
Saudi Arabia has no easy answer to falling oil prices. The kingdom could provoke an international backlash by slashing exports, or open a new war with US shale producers by flooding the market with cheap crude. The former risks the ire of President D...
12.08.19 - 16:02
Middle East solar dream in danger of early burn out (Platts)
With abundant sunshine, the Middle East and North Africa should be global leaders in solar power. But slowing electricity demand growth and an uncertain economic outlook across the region may hold back investment, experts warn. Arab Petroleum Investm...
12.08.19 - 07:32
Commodity Tracker: 5 charts to watch this week (Platts)
Economic indicators spell potential trouble for oil demand, while US gas producers and exporters are feeling the pressure from oversupply on both the domestic and global markets, S&P Global Platts editors explain in our weekly selection of big commod...
07.08.19 - 12:03
As demand for "green electricity soars, EU suppliers turn to Guarantees of Origin (Platts)
Businesses and consumers are becoming more picky about the origin of their electricity supply, motivated by a growing sense of urgency to act on climate change. European utilities have noted a strong rise in demand for green electricity - that is, el...
06.08.19 - 13:32
How big oil′s bet on gas turned sour: Fuel for Thought (Platts)
Europe's largest oil companies shared a common theme in their second-quarter financial reports: Shell, Total and BP all blamed tepid gas markets partly for their lackluster earnings. Hyped as the fuel of the future, LNG has become an increasingly tr...
05.08.19 - 12:02
Commodity tracker: 6 charts to watch this week (Platts)
The impact of air freight demand on jet fuel, a rally in Australian heavy crude prices, US soybean exports, buoyant silver, and bearish natural gas markets are all in the sights of S&P Global Platts' editors this week. Here's our weekly selection o...
02.08.19 - 09:32
South African gold loses its luster as miners eye Ghana, palladium (Platts)
South Africa has some of the world's biggest reserves in gold, platinum and coal, and mining continues to be a core industry, contributing more than 29% of the country's exports in May 2019. But South Africa's traditional gold industry has lost so...
31.07.19 - 12:02
Asian LNG landscape shifts as emerging markets liberalize (Platts)
Demand growth in the global LNG market will not only hinge on new infrastructure and growing economies. It will also require an influx of additional buyers entering the market in search of clean, reliable and affordable energy. Nowhere is this more t...
30.07.19 - 09:02
US battery installs to accelerate strongly beyond 2020, but new risks emerge (Platts)
Almost 10 GW of utility-scale and grid-connected battery storage will be operating in the U.S. by 2023, S&P Global Platts Analytics forecast in its latest U.S. Power Storage Outlook. A combination of dropping costs and diversification of use cases po...
29.07.19 - 11:32
IMO 2020: An opportunity for China′s bunker fuel sector? (Platts)
China’s ports handle nearly a third of global container traffic and it has the largest merchant fleet in the world in terms of the number of ships owned. But given the size of its fleet and the number of ships that pass through its ports, China...
29.07.19 - 10:32
Commodity tracker: 4 charts to watch this week (Platts)
The impact of Rhine water levels on oil product shipments, policy risk and volatility in nickel prices, and the state of European and US natural gas markets are all in the sights of S&P Global Platts’ editors this week. Here's our weekly pick ...
25.07.19 - 17:32
Rapid US natural gas storage injections put pressure on prices (Platts)
As what remains of the Henry Hub summer strip moves below $2.30/MMBtu, US natural gas prices at multiple hubs could stay subdued during the summer months. Regional dynamics mean underground storage sites are likely to continue to fill at an average o...
24.07.19 - 14:32
Shipping industry needs to look beyond IMO 2020 to lower-carbon fuels (Platts)
As the International Maritime Organization enters a phase of curbing shipping industry emissions more robustly, the search is on for cleaner alternatives to high sulfur fuel oil to power marine freight worldwide. The drop in the IMO's global sulfur ...
23.07.19 - 12:33
German LNG projects are taking shape, but does the market need them? (Platts)
Germany currently imports over 80 Bcm/year of natural gas, or nearly one quarter of total European imports, primarily from Russia, Norway and the Netherlands. Now, the country is looking to add to its import options, by launching at least two LNG imp...
22.07.19 - 18:02
IMO 2020 hit to Canadian crude softened by changing market: Fuel for Thought (Platts)
A surging differential for Western Canada’s benchmark heavy crude has traders and analysts wondering if predictions that tighter sulfur requirements for marine fuel next year will devalue the country’s oil assets are overblown. “Nob...
22.07.19 - 15:32
New UK energy policy can give Boris Johnson the quick win he needs (Platts)
Energy policy will probably be the last thing on Boris Johnson's mind if he becomes the next UK prime minister. Navigating a successful Brexit will be his top priority and this means devising an economic plan for future generations. A new energy pol...
22.07.19 - 08:02
Commodity tracker: 5 charts to watch this week (Platts)
S&P Global Platts editors' pick of unfolding commodities trends. This week, tight US gasoline supply incentivizes imports, high-tech industries drive tin demand and Iranian oil exports hit new low. Plus impacts of Europe’s heatwave and China k...
19.07.19 - 14:32
Energy and commodities highlights: Hormuz tensions, trading houses vs NOCs, recycled plastics (Platts)
After a calmer start to the week in geopolitics, US-Iran tensions erupted again on July 18 when President Donald Trump said the US Navy had shot down an Iranian drone in the Strait of Hormuz. Brent crude prices responded with a near 2% increase by in...
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