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17.06.19 - 12:02
Norway’s oil industry hides behind flagship project: Fuel for Thought (Platts)
The imminent start of production from Norway's giant Johan Sverdrup field this autumn has obscured some big challenges facing the country's oil industry. State-controlled Equinor has been trumpeting its progress on the 2.6 billion barrel oil projec...
14.06.19 - 15:32
Exchange′s IT malfunction sends jitters through European spot power markets (Platts)
One week ago, European spot power exchange EPEX Spot was hit with an issue any financial platform would want to avoid. Technical problems led to a series of server crashes, forcing the exchange to launch back-up auction procedures. This resulted in B...
14.06.19 - 15:32
Energy and commodity highlights: Tanker attacks, biofuels and oil, spiraling naphtha prices (Platts)
Global oil markets were jolted late in the week by reports of attacks on two oil tankers near the Strait of Hormuz on June 13. Brent crude futures climbed almost 4% immediately after the attacks. ICE Brent eventually settled $1.34 higher at $61.31/b,...
13.06.19 - 09:03
US crude oil exports buoyed by widening WTI/Brent spread (Platts)
The US exported more than 3 million b/d of crude for the second week in a row in the week ended June 7, aided by macroeconomic factors that have made US oil prices more attractive. According to S&P Global Platts Analytics data, more than 3.18 million...
12.06.19 - 11:03
Steel prices squashed as auto demand and output go into reverse (Platts)
Almost everywhere you look, auto production and sales are falling and putting pressure on one of the major end-user segments of steel. News within the space of a fortnight that British Steel was insolvent and Ford's Bridgend plant in the UK would ce...
11.06.19 - 14:32
Argentina′s untapped shale spurs search for next oil and gas giant (Platts)
On the vast, desolate plains of southern Patagonia, Compañía General de Negocios is stepping up drilling and exploration where few companies operate, an emerging trend of widening the search for oil and natural gas in Argentina. "The resource is ve...
10.06.19 - 12:32
With oil prices falling, Putin has OPEC over a barrel (Platts)
OPEC is learning the dangers of dealing with the Kremlin. President Vladimir Putin now has the group's Middle East kingpin Saudi Arabia over a barrel and can name his own terms to continue their partnership. The oil cartel depends on extending its a...
07.06.19 - 14:32
Energy and commodities highlights: Oil price and politics, Permian pipelines, batteries and tariffs (Platts)
As world leaders and oil company executives gathered at the St Petersburg Economic Forum from June 6, major figures in the world of oil staked out their position on issues of pricing and supply. Russian President Vladimir Putin put the onus on Saudi ...
06.06.19 - 12:02
Fossil fuel angst darkens oil sector funding outlook (Platts)
As global concerns over climate change gain pace, a growing movement to cut off institutional funding for fossil fuel projects is creating new headwinds for oil and gas producers. More investors, shareholder activists and environmental groups than ev...
05.06.19 - 12:02
US promotes ′freedom gas′ but prices, not politicians, drive LNG flows (Platts)
The US is describing its growing LNG exports as "freedom gas, giving America's allies "a diverse and affordable clean energy source, but prices, not politicians, will decide where that LNG flows. The message about diversified supplies plays partic...
03.06.19 - 11:33
Russian sanctions response hits energy cooperation: Fuel for Thought (Platts)
Russia seems to be entering a new stage of sanctions adaptation, building on its growing technological capabilities in energy, as well as access to alternative sources of financing to become less dependent on cooperation deals with Western companies....
31.05.19 - 17:02
Energy and commodities highlights: Steel and sanctions, war on plastic, EU coal power decline (Platts)
The effects of Iran sanctions and the US-China trade spat were showing in several Asian commodity markets in late May. Market sources told S&P Global Platts that major steel billet buyers in Thailand and Indonesia were avoiding Iranian material in fa...
30.05.19 - 11:32
As Brazil′s crude oil exports take off, government targets further upstream development (Platts)
Brazil is stepping on the oil and gas accelerator, hoping to further develop its upstream assets with additional E&P bid rounds later this year - all amid the country's efforts to improve the investment climate. The new government, under President J...
29.05.19 - 12:33
Insight Conversation: Fatih Birol, IEA (Platts)
Fatih Birol, executive director of the International Energy Agency, spoke to Paul Hickin about the new oil market dynamics unleashed by US shale production, challenges facing Venezuela, and heightened geopolitical risk. In 2012, Fatih Birol predicted...
28.05.19 - 12:02
Trump won′t gamble with US strategic oil stocks despite supply disruption risks (Platts)
Keeping fuel prices low is a political priority for US President Donald Trump. Just don't bet on him gambling with America's emergency oil stocks to achieve a second term in office, at the risk of jeopardizing energy security for the world's large...
24.05.19 - 16:03
Energy and commodities highlights: US steel and aluminum tariffs, Middle East oil and electric power (Platts)
Tariffs and trade deals are sticking to the top of the commodities agenda, after the US reached an agreement to remove Section 232 tariffs on steel and aluminum imports from Canada and Mexico. The deal, announced on May 17, removes US import tariffs ...
23.05.19 - 15:03
EU repeal of US ethanol antidumping levy raises environmental questions (Platts)
The EU's repeal of antidumping duties on imports of US ethanol in mid-May could pave the way for increased shipments to Europe of the biofuel. European ethanol producers have raised concerns over the environmental impact of increased imports, but de...
22.05.19 - 13:03
Mexico’s liberalized natural gas market in an era of nationalism (Platts)
In December, Mexico’s energy market reform turned five years old. The event was unceremoniously marked by the inauguration of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, or AMLO”a nationalist, left-leaning presidential candidate elected partly on a promise to...
21.05.19 - 13:02
IMO 2020 could create fierce competition for scarce water resources (Platts)
The International Maritime Organization (IMO) regulations set to take effect in 2020 have sparked mountains of research on the expected costs for the energy and maritime sectors. Less thought has been given to IMO 2020's environmental consequences, ...
20.05.19 - 09:32
US war with Iran unlikely, but would devastate oil markets: Fuel for Thought (Platts)
Drone attacks on pipelines in Saudi Arabia and the mysterious alleged sabotage of tankers near Fujairah sent pulses racing, but a phony war in the Persian Gulf failed to trigger a feared triple-digit surge in crude prices. A hot war, however, between...
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