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RT (Russia Today) ist ein russisches Medienunternehmen mit weltweit empfangbaren TV- Sendern. Unter rt.com werden aktuelle News zu Politik, Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft publiziert, wobei sich der Schwerpunkt auf die Berichterstattung in Russland konzentriert.
18.06.19 - 15:56
Boeing gets ZERO orders first day at Le Bourget as European rival Airbus steals Paris Air Show (RT)
As the Paris Air Show kicked off on Monday at Le Bourget, European aerospace giant Airbus recorded over 100 orders for its aircraft. Boeing didn't fare so well, however - the US planemaker didn't announce a single new order. Read Full Article at RT...
18.06.19 - 12:42
Maxed out? Boeing says it′s open to changing the name of its troubled 737 MAX jet (RT)
US aviation giant Boeing's chief financial officer, Greg Smith, has revealed the possibility of a name change to the troubled 737 MAX aircraft. The plane has been grounded across the world following two fatal crashes last year. Read Full Article at ...
18.06.19 - 11:20
Till debt do us part: Russia′s holdings of US Treasuries plunge to 12-year low (RT)
Foreign investors led by Russia accelerated the reduction of US debt securities in April, decreasing their holdings of Treasury bills by $29.5 billion, data released by the US Treasury Department shows. Read Full Article at RT.com...
18.06.19 - 10:22
Cheddar to the rescue? UK company uses cheese to power 4,000 homes (RT)
A UK dairy in Yorkshire has signed an agreement with a local biogas plant to supply it with a by-product of cheese-making that would be turned into thermal power to heat homes in the area. Read Full Article at RT.com...
17.06.19 - 16:42
Putin orders simplified e-visa for foreigners visiting Russia (RT)
Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed an order to ensure the introduction of an electronic single-entry visa from 2021 for foreigners visiting Russia. Read Full Article at RT.com...
17.06.19 - 15:51
UK-listed firms become 1st foreigners to sell stocks in mainland China (RT)
A new stock exchange connection between Britain and China launched on Monday, which will see UK-listed companies become the first foreign firms permitted to list stocks in mainland China. Read Full Article at RT.com...
17.06.19 - 13:08
Russian aviation makes return to Paris Air Show after 5-year hiatus (RT)
Russia's aircraft manufacturers are taking part in the 2019 Paris Air Show which kicked off on Monday at Le Bourget airport. Russia has not participated in the show since 2014 due to Western sanctions. Read Full Article at RT.com...
17.06.19 - 10:26
Russia pushes back against America′s expensive ′Freedom Gas′ (RT)
So far this year, Russia has been flooding the European markets with an oversupply of natural gas despite the fact that the glut is pushing natural gas prices lower. Read Full Article at RT.com...
17.06.19 - 06:50
US tech giants are losing billions, quietly lobby to ease Huawei ban - report (RT)
Highly concerned over an imminent loss of billions of dollars in trade with Huawei, Silicon Valley giants have been quietly lobbying the Trump administration to ease its ban on sales of components to the Chinese tech firm. Read Full Article at RT.com...
17.06.19 - 06:38
China to roll out new rare earths policy ′as soon as possible′ (RT)
Amid the ongoing trade war with the US, the Chinese development and reform commission is currently developing new state policies on rare earth metals, and intends to make them public as soon as possible. Read Full Article at RT.com...
16.06.19 - 16:50
No hard stuff: London Metal Exchange bans traders from boozing during work hours (RT)
In an attempt to improve the image of its industry, the world's largest metals bourse, the London Metal Exchange (LME), is planning to enforce an official ban on alcohol consumption for its floor traders during their working day. Read Full Article a...
16.06.19 - 13:32
Russia builds dozens of airports while Berlin′s Brandenburg still unfinished after 13 years (PHOTOS) (RT)
Renowned German punctuality doesn't apply when it comes to the Berlin Brandenburg Airport. Its opening, originally scheduled for 2011, has been postponed several times and there are doubts it will finally open its doors in 2020. Read Full Article a...
16.06.19 - 10:26
Beware! Two ′black swans′ may come out of nowhere & kill stocks this summer, experts warn (RT)
The aftermath of the spiraling US-China trade war tariffs could be a "clear and present danger to the markets, according to Barry Knapp, managing partner of Ironsides Macroeconomics. Read Full Article at RT.com...
16.06.19 - 07:38
All decked out: Russia′s shipbuilding major unveils its plans for Arctic cruise liners (RT)
United Shipbuilding Corporation, a state-run Russian holding company, has revealed design-projects for several cruise ships, aimed at transporting travelers through the waters of the Russian Arctic. Read Full Article at RT.com...
15.06.19 - 16:56
Foreign banks willing to join Russia′s alternative to SWIFT (RT)
Banks based in several states are planning to participate in the Russian-developed money transfer network that serves as an alternative to the traditional SWIFT system, according to the head of the Central Bank of Russia (CBR). Read Full Article at R...
15.06.19 - 15:08
Spain rolls out 5G network using Huawei gear despite US blacklisting Chinese tech giant (RT)
Spain became one of the first European countries to roll out a 5G network as Vodafone Spain commercially launched the service in 15 cities, including Madrid and Barcelona, in cooperation with Chinese telecom giant Huawei. Read Full Article at RT.com...
15.06.19 - 11:32
Turning away from the dollar: Russia & EU keen on switching to national currencies for mutual trade (RT)
Moscow and Brussels are keen on quickly extending the use of the ruble and the euro to bilateral payments, the Russian Finance Minister said, after a meeting with the European Commission for Energy Union's vice-president. Read Full Article at RT.com...
14.06.19 - 17:02
India may slap retaliatory tariffs on American goods next week (RT)
New Delhi is preparing to respond against unfriendly US trade policies directed at it, by hiking levies on 29 American goods, in all worth up to $290 million, Indian media has reported, citing its sources. Read Full Article at RT.com...
14.06.19 - 16:50
Tehran offers economic privileges for SCO member states (RT)
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said on Friday that his country is ready to provide incentives for economic activity to the member states of the SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organization). Read Full Article at RT.com...
14.06.19 - 13:14
Surprise! Biggest investor in the Russian economy is... the United States (RT)
US investment in Russia was 13 times bigger than official numbers show, statistics released by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) have revealed. Read Full Article at RT.com...
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