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RT (Russia Today) ist ein russisches Medienunternehmen mit weltweit empfangbaren TV- Sendern. Unter werden aktuelle News zu Politik, Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft publiziert, wobei sich der Schwerpunkt auf die Berichterstattung in Russland konzentriert.
10.12.18 - 16:00
EU will soon establish mechanism allowing Iran to bypass US sanctions - Mogherini (RT)
Brussels will create a special purpose vehicle to facilitate financial transactions between the European Union and Iran in the nearest future to bypass US sanctions, the EU's top diplomat, Federica Mogherini, has announced. Read Full Article at RT....
10.12.18 - 15:42
Australia borrows crown from Qatar as world€s top LNG exporter (RT)
In November, Australia became the biggest exporter of liquefied natural gas (LNG), overtaking the small Arab nation of Qatar, that has over recent years been the world's top producer, the latest data from Refinitiv Eikon shows. Read Full Article at ...
10.12.18 - 15:25
Large silver deposit discovered in central China (RT)
One of the world's largest silver producing countries, China, has announced the discovery of a huge deposit with estimated reserves of at least 1,500 tons. Read Full Article at
10.12.18 - 14:25
Russia beats out China in top 3 emerging economies list (RT)
Despite years of EU and US sanctions, Russia has secured second place in the Bloomberg rating of emerging economies, behind Malaysia and just ahead of China. Read Full Article at
10.12.18 - 12:18
Japan may be taking sides with US in trade war against China, halts purchases of Huawei & ZTE tech (RT)
Tokyo has announced plans to halt government purchases of Huawei and ZTE network equipment, citing security issues. The claims come amid a brewing diplomatic row over the Huawei CEO detained by Canada at Washington's request. Read Full Article at RT...
10.12.18 - 11:49
Bear market already here, brace for 20% stock plunge - Ned Davis Research (RT)
The wild trading that has gripped Wall Street is no ordinary stock market correction but an official bear market, according to Ned Davis Research. It warned the market may soon get hit with another batch of discouraging news. Read Full Article at RT....
10.12.18 - 11:42
Ex-Nissan boss formally charged for financial misconduct (RT)
Japanese prosecutors have charged former Nissan head Carlos Ghosn with financial misconduct for under-reporting his income by 5 billion yen ($44 million). Nissan has also been indicted for filing false financial statements. Read Full Article at
09.12.18 - 15:42
Ice fields & polar bears: Icebreaker voyages around Russia′s Arctic sea route sold out (RT)
Russia's state nuclear corporation Rosatom has no intention of abandoning its adventurous tours to the North Pole, especially since cruise tickets for the entire 2019 season have been snapped up. Read Full Article at
09.12.18 - 14:06
China to crack down on extravagant weddings & rising ′bride prices′ (RT)
Plans for a Chinese bride's dream wedding, as marvelous as her groom can afford, may have to be put on hold. Authorities say that extravagant and pricey ceremonies do not fall in line with national moral values. Read Full Article at
09.12.18 - 09:36
Europe′s glitziest €Christmas tree€ made of pure gold unveiled [PHOTO, VIDEO] (RT)
Ahead of the much-anticipated festive season German gold dealer Pro Aurum has erected the most expensive Christmas tree in all of Europe. The unusual decoration is made of gold coins worth '‚¬2.3 million ($2.6 million). Read Full Article at RT.c...
09.12.18 - 07:36
Bye-bye dollar: India & UAE agree to trade in local currencies (RT)
New Delhi and Abu Dhabi have inked a currency swap agreement to boost trade and investment without involvement of a third currency like the US dollar. Read Full Article at
08.12.18 - 18:36
Gazprom kicks major Arctic gas field into maximum overdrive (RT)
Russian gas major Gazprom has launched the final unit of a major national gas field in the Arctic that is projected to produce for more than 100 years. Read Full Article at
08.12.18 - 17:36
Chinese debt market to see $80bn inflow in 2019 - Morgan Stanley (RT)
Foreign demand, from both active and passive managers, for Chinese government bonds should help fund the country's present account deficit next year and stablilize the yuan, according to Morgan Stanley analysts. Read Full Article at
08.12.18 - 16:00
France is the new tax hell in Europe and beyond (RT)
While the dust has not yet settled in the streets of Paris, after sweeping protests against fuel tax hikes, it just so happens that France has taken the crown from Denmark as the most taxed country in 2017, the OECD found. Read Full Article at
08.12.18 - 15:48
′Quite realistic′: Putin doesn′t rule out extending Turkish Stream pipeline into Greece (RT)
Russia is ready to cooperate with Athens in the energy sector, President Vladimir Putin has said, not ruling out the prospect of extending the Turkish Stream gas pipeline into Greece. Read Full Article at
08.12.18 - 10:00
Scientists succeed in melting gold at room temperature (RT)
A team of researchers, including from Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden, has made a scientific breakthrough making the surface of gold melt at room temperature under a transmission electron microscope. Read Full Article at
08.12.18 - 07:12
St. Petersburg ranks as world′s best cultural destination ... for 3rd year in a row! (RT)
Russia's northern capital, Saint Petersburg, has been named the world's leading cultural city destination for the third consecutive year. The award is traditionally handed out by the World Travel Awards (WTA). Read Full Article at
07.12.18 - 15:12
Russia ready to switch off Visa & Mastercard ahead of tougher US sanctions (RT)
Moscow faces prospects of harsher sanctions this coming January as the US Congress is set to discuss a new package of anti-Russian penalties. The Russian central bank has warned the country's lenders over potential risks. Read Full Article at
07.12.18 - 14:54
Oil prices jump 5% as OPEC reaches production cut deal (RT)
Read Full Article at
07.12.18 - 14:12
Kuwait oil minister leaves OPEC meeting amid deadlock in oil production cut talks - reports (RT)
OPEC talks have resulted in no agreement so far as the delegations failed to agree on oil output cuts aimed at boosting crude prices. Saudi Energy Minister has earlier warned that the meeting may end with no deal. Read Full Article at
07.12.18 - 12:54
Bloomberg may sell Bloomberg if he runs for president (RT)
Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, one of the world's richest men, is to decide on his presidential ambitions in early 2019. If he decides to run, it would mean his company could be sold. Read Full Article at
07.12.18 - 12:00
India to switch from dollar to rupee to pay for Iranian oil (RT)
New Delhi and Tehran sealed an agreement to switch to a rupee payment mechanism to pay for Iranian crude imports, according to a Reuters source. It said half of those payments will be used for exporting items to Tehran. Read Full Article at
07.12.18 - 11:24
George Soros fined over naked short selling by Hong Kong (RT)
Hong Kong's securities regulator has fined a George Soros-controlled fund for compliance failures in the short selling trade. In China's autonomous region, the billionaire is synonymous with excessive shorting activities. Read Full Article at
07.12.18 - 10:18
Bitcoin crashes to new 2018 low as crypto market continues nosedive (RT)
Bitcoin plunged more than 12 percent on Friday, falling below $3,400, its lowest point in over a year. The world's most popular cryptocurrency is worth six times less than it was last December, when it traded at $20,000. Read Full Article at
06.12.18 - 16:48
Russia & Venezuela sign $5bn investment contracts ′to increase oil production′ - Maduro (RT)
Caracas and Moscow have signed a 5 billion US dollars' worth of contracts related to oil production during President Nicolas Maduro's visit to Russia, according to Maduro's tweet posted a day after he met President Vladimir Putin. Read Full Articl...
06.12.18 - 16:30
Stocks plummet as arrest of Huawei executive brings US-China relations into question (RT)
The Dow Jones fell 505 points on Thursday, as news broke of Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou's arrest and planned extradition to the US. The drop brings the Dow's 2-day losses to over 1,300 points. Read Full Article at
06.12.18 - 14:18
Putin calls for common dollar-less payment system as key for economic sovereignty (RT)
Russian President Vladimir Putin opened the meeting of the Eurasian Economic Council Thursday by calling on the member states of the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) to consider the idea of creating a common payment infrastructure. Read Full Article at ...
06.12.18 - 13:36
Massive solar flare to bring chaos & inflict $2 trillion in damage - bank€s outrageous prediction (RT)
Danish Saxo Bank, famous for making 'outrageous' predictions published each December, and not meant to be taken seriously, has once again astonished humanity with its annual forecast. Read Full Article at
06.12.18 - 13:18
Saudi Arabia doesn′t need US permission to cut oil output - energy minister (RT)
The US is not in a position to tell OPEC or Saudi Arabia what to do, Saudi Energy Minister Khalid al-Falih told journalists when asked about Donald Trump's reaction to curbing production of crude by the kingdom or the oil cartel. Read Full Article a...
06.12.18 - 12:18
China ′confident′ trade agreement with US can be reached within 90 days - official (RT)
Beijing wants to strike a trade deal with Washington within three months, China's commerce ministry announced Thursday in its first comment on US-China trade negotiations since presidents Xi and Trump met in Argentina. Read Full Article at
06.12.18 - 11:36
Russia & OPEC poised to cut oil production despite US pressure (RT)
The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and major oil producers lead by Russia are expected to agree on Thursday on price-boosting output cuts. That's despite US pressure on OPEC to reduce the cost of crude. Read Full Article at...
06.12.18 - 10:36
Asian stocks sink after US orders arrest of senior Huawei executive in Canada (RT)
Major Asian stock markets plunged as much as 2.5 percent on Thursday after a senior Chinese executive was arrested in Canada, and is now facing extradition to the US. Investors fear an escalation of the US-China trade war. Read Full Article at
06.12.18 - 08:48
World Bank: Russia can withstand oil price volatility in 2019 (RT)
Russia is well-positioned to withstand external shocks, The World Bank said in its most recent version of Russia Economic Report, cited by TASS. Read Full Article at
06.12.18 - 08:30
Exxon & Chevron to dump Azeri oil project meant to save Europe from Russian energy reliance - report (RT)
Major American energy companies, Exxon Mobil and Chevron, are seeking to sell their stakes in Azerbaijan's largest oilfield once meant to help Europe be less dependent on Russian gas and oil supplies, according to Reuters. Read Full Article at
06.12.18 - 08:18
Breaking the ice: China launches its 1st all-season Arctic LNG tanker (RT)
China's first ice-breaking tanker capable of carrying liquefied natural gas (LNG) through the icy Arctic waters all-year round at minus 50 degrees temperatures, has officially been launched. Read Full Article at
05.12.18 - 14:54
Russian Arctic sea route expected to see ′explosive growth′ in cargo shipping (RT)
Year-round cargo navigation is expected along Russia's Northern Sea Route (NSR) in the near future, according to NSR's developer Rosatom. It expects rapid growth of cargo turnover on the route. Read Full Article at
05.12.18 - 14:12
Marlboro wants to get into pot business with legal cannabis industry booming (RT)
The owner of legendary Marlboro cigarette company, Altria, is reportedly in takeover talks with Canadian cannabis maker Cronos as slowing cigarette sales are pushing the Virginia-based firm to seek new business opportunities. Read Full Article at RT....
05.12.18 - 12:54
Boom Bust asks what€s the deal with US-China trade deal as Dow sinks 800 points (RT)
The US stock market crashed on Tuesday amid confusion over Trump-promised concessions by Beijing in the US-China trade conflict. RT's Boom Bust talks to a market expert to find out what is happening. Read Full Article at
05.12.18 - 11:30
Palladium threatens gold′s reign as king of metals (RT)
Palladium prices have skyrocketed, hitting record highs over the past year due to a growing deficit of the precious metal. The auto industry, the key consumer of the metal, is expected to bear the biggest impact of rising costs. Read Full Article at ...
05.12.18 - 11:00
OPEC′s worst nightmare? Iraq could be next to abandon oil cartel (RT)
If any country is to follow in Qatar's footsteps and break ranks with the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), it will be Iraq, says Michael Cohen, head of energy markets research at Barclays bank. Read Full Article at
05.12.18 - 08:24
Bitcoin mining rig maker holds fire sale after cryptocurrency crash (RT)
The world's second largest bitcoin mining hardware maker has held a flash sale of its products to "celebrate the recent crash of the most popular cryptocurrency, while minor players are being squeezed from the market. Read Full Article at
05.12.18 - 08:18
India to boost energy cooperation with Russia amid US moves against Iran - official (RT)
New Delhi is planning to expand Indian partnership with Russia in the energy sector, according to India's ambassador to Russia, Bala Venkatesh Varma. Read Full Article at
04.12.18 - 16:42
Back on track: South Africa pulls out of recession as economy surges (RT)
South Africa emerged from its first post-crisis recession, with the economy growing by 2.2 percent in the three months through September compared with a revised 0.4 percent contraction in the prior quarter. Read Full Article at
04.12.18 - 13:36
Two to tango: Russia & Argentina may dump dollar in favor of local currencies in mutual trade (RT)
Russia has proposed that Argentina turn to payments in national currencies for bilateral financial transactions, according to Russian Ambassador to the country Dmitry Feoktistov. Buenos Aires is reportedly considering the idea. Read Full Article at R...
04.12.18 - 11:54
Maduro defends Venezuela′s right to sell gold amid US sanctions push (RT)
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro insists that national gold exports should continue despite sweeping US sanctions targeting the industry. It comes after the UK refused to release around $550 million in gold owned by Caracas. Read Full Article at R...
04.12.18 - 11:42
Dollar-free monetary union: Russia-led free trade zone may adopt single currency (RT)
The members of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) may abandon border procedures and adopt a common currency in the future by analogy with the European Union (EU), according to the President of Kyrgyzstan Sooronbay Jeenbekov. Read Full Article at RT.c...
04.12.18 - 08:12
′The most hated precious metal′ to finally rise from ashes in the next few months (RT)
After a terrible year, silver is finally a great buying opportunity for investors, according to Boris Mikanikrezai, a precious metals analyst at Metal Bulletin. He forecasts silver to finally rise in the next few months. Read Full Article at
03.12.18 - 16:12
Qatar quitting OPEC bad for oil cartel€s and Saudi credibility - experts to RT (RT)
Qatar leaving the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) is largely a symbolic step, experts tell RT, as the Gulf state is a marginal player in the oil trade. But they say repercussions will be felt in Riyadh. Read Full Article at R...
03.12.18 - 13:36
Canada€s Alberta province orders drastic oil production cuts to fight price crisis (RT)
Canada's oil-producing province, Alberta, has announced an 8.7-percent reduction in oil production, about 325,000 barrels daily, beginning next year in a bid to raise "historically low prices in the sector and protect jobs. Read Full Article at RT....
03.12.18 - 13:36
Germany against withdrawal from Russian gas pipeline project, move would only hurt Ukraine - FM Mass (RT)
Berlin won't scrap the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project after the latest conflict between Moscow and Kiev, says German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas, adding it would reduce Germany's ability to allocate gas supplies to Ukraine. Read Full Article at...




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