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RT (Russia Today) ist ein russisches Medienunternehmen mit weltweit empfangbaren TV- Sendern. Unter rt.com werden aktuelle News zu Politik, Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft publiziert, wobei sich der Schwerpunkt auf die Berichterstattung in Russland konzentriert.
17.08.19 - 12:34
China prepares its €nuclear option€ in trade war (RT)
As the trade war continues to escalate, China is becoming increasingly active in Iran and is considering retaliating with what has long been described as the country's 'nuclear option'. Read Full Article at RT.com...
17.08.19 - 10:26
WATCH China′s new commercial-use rocket delivers 3 satellites into orbit (RT)
A Chinese carrier rocket designed for commercial use has made its maiden flight, carrying three satellites into orbit. State media released footage of the successful launch. Read Full Article at RT.com...
16.08.19 - 17:03
Hong Kong banks say threat of massive cash withdrawals by protesters won′t cause problems (RT)
Banks in Hong Kong say they can cope with a sudden increase in demand for cash after reported calls by protesters to take out and convert their money to dollars in a bid to put pressure on the local authorities. Read Full Article at RT.com...
16.08.19 - 15:39
Huawei to unveil its own mapping service to challenge Google Maps (RT)
Shortly after launching its own operating system, HarmonyOS, to replace Google's Android, Chinese tech giant Huawei vowed to take on Google Maps, with plans to unveil a domestically-created alternative. Read Full Article at RT.com...
16.08.19 - 13:44
Over a barrel: Trump′s oil sanctions make Russian crude exporters $1 billion richer (RT)
US economic pressure on Iran and Venezuela has deprived world oil markets of two large exporters. However, this gap has been filled by Russian supplies, earning its oil firms at least $905 million in cash, according to Bloomberg. Read Full Article at...
16.08.19 - 10:56
Japan keeps gobbling up US debt as Russia keeps on dumping (RT)
China lost its status of top foreign holder of US debt securities in June for the first time in around two years, US Treasury Department data released on Thursday shows. Read Full Article at RT.com...
15.08.19 - 16:44
Trump says a trade agreement with China will be on US terms (RT)
The is no purpose to a trade deal with Beijing if it is not on Washington's terms, US president Donald Trump said, shortly after China threatened a retaliation to new US tariffs on its imports. Read Full Article at RT.com...
15.08.19 - 14:38
US must accumulate more & more debt in order to keep economy from collapsing - RT′s Keiser Report (RT)
Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the fact that the US Federal Reserve is stuck in a rate-cutting box of its own making. Read Full Article at RT.com...
15.08.19 - 14:26
China vows immediate retaliation if US proceeds with new tariffs (RT)
Beijing has refused to sit idle if Washington hits $300 billion worth of Chinese imports with additional 10 percent levies, calling the decision a violation of agreements reached by presidents Donald Trump and Xi Jinping. Read Full Article at RT.com...
15.08.19 - 12:03
Lost forests: Russia considers banning lumber exports to China over concerns about illegal logging (RT)
Moscow may impose a full embargo on lumber exports to its largest trade partner, China, if Beijing fails to deal with illegal logging, Russia's Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment has warned. Read Full Article at RT.com...
15.08.19 - 10:02
Russia says WTO would likely cease to exist if United States quits trade body (RT)
The US withdrawal from the World Trade Organization (WTO) could lead to the extinction of the regulating body, the Kremlin said following US President Donald Trump's warning that Washington may leave the organization. Read Full Article at RT.com...
14.08.19 - 18:53
DOW dips 650+ points amid signs of recession (RT)
Stock fell and demands for bonds rose as the markets interpreted Treasuries rates as a signal preceding a recession. Dow Jones has lost over 650 points, with other stock indexes plunging as well. Read Full Article at RT.com...
14.08.19 - 16:33
US stocks crash after bond market flashes strong recession warning (RT)
US markets opened in the red on Wednesday, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average losing more than 400 points, after the US bond market sparked new fears about a looming recession. Read Full Article at RT.com...
14.08.19 - 15:50
Russia & China set to double trade turnover to $200 billion in 5 years (RT)
Moscow and Beijing have eliminated all the barriers that can impede their fast-developing cooperation, China's new ambassador in Moscow said, announcing the timeline to reach the ambitious goal of doubling current trade volume. Read Full Article at ...
14.08.19 - 15:50
Trump blasts China & India for ′taking advantage′ of WTO′s developing nations tag (RT)
US President Donald Trump has questioned China and India's developing country status, saying they are "taking advantage of lenient treatment granted to them under global trade rules. Read Full Article at RT.com...
14.08.19 - 14:20
Mortgage debt in US exceeds 2008 financial crisis peak (RT)
US mortgage debt has hit a record in the second quarter of 2019, exceeding the peak it reached during the 2008 financial crisis. However, delinquencies are lower and debt defaults have become less frequent than in 2008. Read Full Article at RT.com...
14.08.19 - 12:02
Hong Kong super-rich take their money and escape to New York amid protests at home (RT)
Anti-government protests in Hong Kong are forcing local wealthy families to relocate to the US as they are seeking to buy property there instead of just investing in it, a New York-based real estate attorney has revealed. Read Full Article at RT.com...
14.08.19 - 11:38
The future of pedophile Jeffrey Epstein€s fortune clouded in mystery after his death (RT)
Millionaire sex offender Jeffrey Epstein's death has raised many questions. With his accusers seeking compensation, there is speculation about where his wealth came from, how much there is, and what happens to his fortune now. Read Full Article at R...
13.08.19 - 16:04
US postpones tariffs on some Chinese products, including cell phones & laptops (RT)
Further US tariffs on some Chinese imports are set to be delayed untill December 15, the United States Trade Representative (USTR) has announced. Read Full Article at RT.com...
13.08.19 - 15:44
Once upon a time in... Chelyabinsk: Tarantino ′helps′ Russian man sell his flat (PHOTOS) (RT)
A creative Russian used his Photoshop skills and added Quentin Tarantino to the images of the flat he is trying to sell shortly after the premiere of the famous director's new film 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood'. Read Full Article at RT.com...
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