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08.08.19 - 14:22
Tariff for oil pumping via Belarus up 3.7% from September until year-end (TASS)
The Russian deputy PM characterized Belarusian's proposals as "fair"...
06.08.19 - 19:41
Russia, Belarus negotiated oil transit tariff increase by 3.7% from September ” agency (TASS)
Neither the Russian nor the Belarusian side is able to unambiguously determine volumes of oil transportation in the fourth quarter of 2019, BelTA reports...
29.07.19 - 08:14
From Belarus to Bahrain, the small states going big on cryptocurrency (Reuters EN)
When Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko met entrepreneur Viktor Prokopenya in March 2017, their discussion was scheduled to last for an hour but went on for three times that long....
25.07.19 - 13:28
Dairy products from Belarus reach SW China via China-Europe freight trains (Xinhua)
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24.07.19 - 15:38
Belarus pipeline operator doubts it will fulfil 2019 oil flow plan (Reuters EN)
Belarusian pipeline operator Gomeltransneft Druzhba doubts that its oil flow plan will be fulfilled this year after the large Russian oil contamination via the Druzhba pipeline, it said on Wednesday. (Reporting by Andrei Makhovsky, Polina Ivanova...
22.07.19 - 01:57
Russia-Belarus integration should be example for processes within EAEU ” Russian minister (TASS)
Russian Minister of Economic Development Maxim Oreshkin said that the level of integration between Russia and Belarus is higher than that withing the Eurasian Economic Union...
21.07.19 - 22:15
Belarus, Russia plan to establish common industry markets by 2021 ” minister (TASS)
Belarusian Economic Minister Dmitry Krutoy said that a roadmap on unifying Russian and Belarusian markets will be developed by November this year...
21.07.19 - 18:20
Russia and Belarus should be in no hurry in introducing common currency - Russian minister (TASS)
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21.07.19 - 17:57
Moscow, Minsk to agree common business conditions by December - Russian minister (TASS)
According to Maxim Oreshkin, the sides have understanding that they need to move towards uniform documents...
08.07.19 - 18:09
Moscow to start gas talks with Minsk after completion of integration dialogue ” official (TASS)
The plans include creating a common gas market...
08.07.19 - 13:00
Treffen in Minsk: Selenskyj will mit Putin über die Krim reden (Spiegel)
In einer Videobotschaft hat sich der ukrainische Präsident Selenskyj an den russischen Präsidenten Putin gewandt: Man müsse darüber sprechen, zu wem die Krim gehöre. Kanzlerin Merkel soll auch dazu kommen....
28.06.19 - 15:03
Belarus says Russia′s Transneft obstructed access to oil samples - Belta (Reuters EN)
Belarus accused Russian pipeline monopoly Transneft of obstructing access to samples of oil following a major oil contamination issue this year, state-owned Belta news agency reported on Friday....
28.06.19 - 12:38
Minsk will go to court if Moscow does not compensate lost profits from low-quality oil (TASS)
, Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus Igor Lyashenko explained, "lost profits is a vision of one of the parties"...
28.06.19 - 12:03
Minsk to go to court if Moscow does not compensate for lost profits from low-quality oil (TASS)
Deputy PM of Belarus doubts the average annual volume of Russian oil supplies will be reached...
28.06.19 - 11:44
Belarus clears up oil pipeline from Mozyr refinery to Poland - Belta (Reuters EN)
The Druzhba oil pipeline section that runs from Belarus's Mozyr refinery to Poland has been fully cleared of contaminated oil, Belarusian news agency Belta cited the country's oil pipeline operator as saying on Friday. (Reporting by Andrei Makh...
28.06.19 - 11:26
Belarus received 250,000 T less oil due to contamination - official (Reuters EN)
Belarus received 250,000 tonnes less oil than it should have done from Russia due to a major pipeline contamination and Minsk expects Moscow to compensate it for that shortfall, Belarus's Deputy Prime Minister Igor Lyashenko said on Friday....
28.06.19 - 10:27
Belarus to press Russia for compensation for lost oil profits (Reuters EN)
Belarus will take Russia to court if Moscow refuses to compensate Minsk for profits it lost due to a major Russian oil contamination earlier this year, Deputy Prime Minister Igor Lyashenko said on Friday....
28.06.19 - 10:08
Belarus to finish pipeline clear-up by Aug. 15 - official (Reuters EN)
Belarus plans to finish clearing contaminated Russian oil out of its pipeline system by Aug. 15, Deputy Prime Minister Igor Lyashenko said on Friday....
21.06.19 - 20:15
Russia, Belarus may sign roadmaps on integration by November (TASS)
Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has met with Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko...
20.06.19 - 16:57
Belarus to attract $500 mln loan from China Development Bank by year end, says minister (TASS)
Belarusian Finance Minister Maxim Yermolovich declined to comment on the course of negotiations with the Russian side on attracting a $600 mln state loan this year...
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