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21.02.19 - 16:00
Nike shares slip, faces Twitter storm after sneaker fail (Reuters EN)
Shares of Nike Inc fell nearly 2 percent on Thursday, a day after a sneaker worn by emerging basketball star Zion Williamson split in half 33 seconds into a hotly anticipated game between Duke University and North Carolina....
21.02.19 - 15:36
Option-trading opportunities on Alibaba, eBay, Micron, AT&T, and Twitter (PR Newswire)
NEW YORK , Feb. 21, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- InvestorsObserver issues critical PriceWatch Alerts for BABA, EBAY, MU, T, and TWTR....
21.02.19 - 14:36
Former Nasdaq CEO on Lyft going public, SEC IPO rule change (CNBC)
Bob Greifeld, former Nasdaq chairman and CEO, joins "Squawk Box" to give his perspective on Lyft's plan to go public in March, the new rule the SEC is considering and Elon Musk's use of Twitter....
21.02.19 - 13:01
JUST IN: Dublin Airport's Twitter account announced a temporary suspension of flights because of a drone sighting (Bloomberg)
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21.02.19 - 12:25
Facebook and Twitter could be fined for not taking down racist or violent content fast enough under a potential new French law (Bloomberg)
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21.02.19 - 08:25
Twitter users take a shot at Nike after a star basketball player sprained a knee mid-game because one of his shoes split (Bloomberg)
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21.02.19 - 06:57
Samsung's new foldable, $2,000 Galaxy phone is sparking mixed reviews among analysts and Twitter observers (Bloomberg)
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21.02.19 - 03:12
Twitter: Strong Q4, But Warning Signs Of A Future Slowdown (SeekingAlpha)
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20.02.19 - 23:06
Twitter opens applications for its beta program, first tests to focus on fixing conversations (TechCrunch)
Twitter today is opening up applications for its new testing program, first announced at CES in January. The program potentially can cover any and every aspect of the Twitter experience, but the first set of tests will focus on how interactions betwe...
20.02.19 - 21:13
Twitter significantly revises its data on Russian trolls and their 2017 activity (Bloomberg)
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20.02.19 - 16:00
EU governments endorse copyright reform - statement (Reuters EN)
Representatives of European Union governments endorsed on Wednesday a deal reached with the EU Parliament on the overhaul of the bloc's copyright rules, the Romanian presidency of the EU said in a statement on Twitter....
20.02.19 - 14:33
Tesla General Counsel Quits After Just Two Months (ZeroHedge)
Just moments after we reported that Elon Musk was engaged in what appeared to be yet another round of premeditated disinformation if not fraud on Twitter, one which we are confident the SEC will completely ignore, when he published a clearly wrong pr...
20.02.19 - 13:55
Musk Taunts SEC By Tweeting Fake 2019 Auto Production Forecast; Retracts Hours Later (ZeroHedge)
It's safe to assume that yesterday was a very busy day for Tesla's new General Counsel Dane Butswinkas, and whoever is tasked with babysitting Elon Musk's Twitter account (as set forth in a court order following the SEC's fraud lawsuit settlement...
20.02.19 - 10:27
Tesla: Musk revidiert Twitter-Kommentar über Produktionszahlen für 2019 (IT-Times)
PALO ALTO (IT-Times) - Der US-amerikanische Elektrofahrzeug- und Batterie-Hersteller Tesla Inc. baut zurzeit seine Elektrofahrzeug-Produktion mit großen Schritten......
20.02.19 - 09:48
Games - Mann entdeckt Apple IIe am Dachboden und spielt Game nach 30 Jahren weiter (Der Standard)
Fund von Uni-Professor John Pfaff fand viel Anklang auf Twitter...
20.02.19 - 08:39
Tesla: 100.000-Auto-Missverständnis: Elon Musk twittert: 400.000! Und BMW und Daimler? (Der Aktionaer)
Elon Musk sorgt auf Twitter wieder einmal für Irritationen. Zunächst hatte er geschrieben, dass man 2019 "rund 500.000" Autos bauen will - was Medien wie Bloomberg begeistert aufgegriffen hatten. Doch einige Stunden später die Richtigstellung des Tes...
19.02.19 - 23:12
Twitter follows Facebook and Google, tightens EU political ad rules before election (Japan Times)
Twitter said Tuesday it is tightening up rules for European Union political ads ahead of bloc-wide elections this spring, following similar moves by fellow tech ......
19.02.19 - 19:01
Twitter is the most popular social media platform for members of Congress ” but prominent Democrats tweet more often and have larger followings than Republicans (Business Insider)
Lawmakers are increasingly building up their personal brands on social media, including Twitter, in order to advance their policy goals and political ambitions.  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the most-followed member of Congress by a large margin, boas...
19.02.19 - 17:15
Twitter: Mehr Transparenz für politische Werbung in der EU, Indien, Australien (Heise)
In den USA hatte Twitter schon 2018 Vorgaben für mehr Transparenz bei politischen Werbeanzeigen gemacht. Nun gelten die Regeln auch in allen EU-Staaten....
19.02.19 - 17:03
Twitter tightens up EU political ad rules ahead of election (AP)
LONDON (AP) ” Twitter says it's tightening up rules for European Union political ads ahead of bloc-wide elections set for the spring, following similar moves by fellow tech giants Facebook and Google.......
19.02.19 - 15:51
Cybersleuth Claims To Uncover Over 10,000 Unsold Tesla Model 3s in US Inventory (ZeroHedge)
Twitter user @JakeLangford6, who posts under the "$TSLA" cashtag on Twitter, has done some cyber-sleuthing and claims to have uncovered a "massive" Tesla Model 3 inventory stockpile. In a thread posted early this week, Jake, a self-proclaimed member ...
19.02.19 - 15:01
Twitter names first international markets to get checks on political advertisers (TechCrunch)
Twitter has announced it’s expanding checks on political advertisers outside the U.S. to also cover Australia, India and all the member states of the European Union. This means anyone wanting to run political ads on its platform in those region...
19.02.19 - 14:55
Twitter plans to introduce extra checks and publish more information around political ads in Europe (Bloomberg)
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19.02.19 - 13:54
Xiaomi Mi 9: Fast alle Details bekannt (ZDNet)
Xiaomi hat auf Twitter mehrere Fotos veröffentlicht und verrät kurz vor der Vorstellung des Mi 9 zahlreiche Details zu seinem neuen Smartphone. Angaben zu Preisen und Akku liegen noch nicht vor....
19.02.19 - 13:06
Twitter launches political ad tracking tools in Europe ahead of key EU polls (CNBC)
Twitter said its political campaigning ads policy, introduced during the U.S. midterm elections, is coming to Europe on March 11....
19.02.19 - 08:24
Indian journalist condemns Twitter for blocking account after abuse online (Reuters EN)
One of India's best-known women journalists, Barkha Dutt, launched a scathing attack on Twitter Inc on Tuesday for temporarily locking her account after she posted details of men who allegedly stalked and threatened her....
19.02.19 - 07:20
Netflix cancels "Friends From College after two seasons (TechCrunch)
Netflix comedy series "Friends From College will not return for a third season. The show's co-creator Nicholas Stoller announced the news earlier today on Twitter. Friends from College will not be returning for a third season. Thanks to everyone wh...
18.02.19 - 15:42
Facebook Vs. Twitter Vs. Snapchat: How Do Key Statistics Compare? (Benzinga)
With the reporting season being over for social media companies, it may be time to take stock of how the major platforms performed through the lens of key metrics. read more...
18.02.19 - 14:18
Why Is Facebook Up, Twitter Down This Earnings Season? (Fool)
Stock for the two social-media companies is being affected by new data points, changing expectations in 2019....
18.02.19 - 13:03
Bericht: Twitter verwahrt gelöschte Direktnachrichten für mehrere Jahre (ZDNet)
Sie finden sich im Datenarchiv, das Twitter seinen Nutzern zum Download anbietet. Darin sind unter Umständen auch Daten von gelöschten und sogar gesperrten Konten enthalten. Twitter prüft die Vorwürfe derzeit noch....
18.02.19 - 12:09
Wie rassistisch kann ein Smoothie sein? (Die Welt)
Adidas hat zum "Black History Month" einen Turnschuh in Weiß designt. Die Empörung auf Twitter veranlasste das Unternehmen zum Handeln. Ein Smoothie-Hersteller spielt genau mit dieser Empörung - und sagt: "F*** You". Was die Videobloggerin Tamara Wer...
18.02.19 - 05:06
Social Media Roundup: Instagram Follower Bug, Twitter Considers Clarification, Bumble Spotlight (Forbes)
In this week's "Social Media Roundup, you will learn about Bumble's Spotlight feature, Facebook's acquisition of GrokStyle, Instagram working on DMs on the web, Reddit's funding news and Twitter considering a clarification feature....
17.02.19 - 15:57
Trump To Europe: Take Back 800 ISIS Foreign Fighters Or We′ll Be Forced To Release Them (ZeroHedge)
Late Saturday evening President Trump lashed out at allies Britain, France, and Germany via twitter related to the United States' Syria withdrawal. He urged European nations to take responsibility for their own captured foreign fighters in Syria by ...
16.02.19 - 19:45
Thanks For The Memories, Twitter (Forbes)
Is Twitter breaking the law by keeping our messages? I guess you could object to the company keeping deleted messages, or those from closed accounts, suspended or disabled, but I see absolutely no problem in Twitter allowing me access to direct messa...
16.02.19 - 16:12
These 3 Value Stocks Are Absurdly Cheap Right Now (Fool)
Twitter, ExxonMobil, and Abbvie are companies you need to look at today....
16.02.19 - 01:51
Climate Change Religion And Related Cover-Ups: What The Hell Is NASA Hiding? (ZeroHedge)
Authored by Mike Shedlock via MishTalk, The shrill voices of climate change hucksters get louder every day. Supposedly the world will end in 12 years. It won't. Someone asked me on Twitter today "who are you to debate climate scientists." Well, w...
16.02.19 - 01:18
3 Top Large-Cap Stocks to Buy in February (Fool)
Procter & Gamble, Twitter, and Take-Two Interactive are on track to get even bigger....
15.02.19 - 23:48
Tax refunds disappear in wake of tax reform bill (CNBC)
Senior Personal Finance Correspondent Sharon Epperson discusses the outrage on Twitter from taxpayers who are seeing changes in their tax returns this year....
15.02.19 - 20:48
Twitter Management Talks Video, Daily Users, and More (Fool)
Here are three must-see quotes from Twitter's fourth-quarter earnings call....
15.02.19 - 20:01
Even years later, Twitter doesn′t delete your direct messages (TechCrunch)
When does “delete” really mean delete? Not always or even at all if you’re Twitter . Twitter retains direct messages for years, including messages you and others have deleted, but also data sent to and from accounts that have been d...
15.02.19 - 18:19
Twitter Bans User Who Claims Ocasio-Cortez Hired Boyfriend As Congressional Staffer (ZeroHedge)
Twitter banned a user who tweeted on Thursday that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez "put her boyfriend on staff," posting a screenshot of publicly available information showing that Riley Roberts has a "" email address and is listed as "staff."...
15.02.19 - 17:21
Twitter considering a tweet ′clarifying′ function (TechCrunch)
Clarification hasn't always been Twitter's strong suit. Fittingly, there's a bit of confusion around the long standing succession that the service could add an "edit button in order to save users from silly typos and, well, much much worse. At a ...
15.02.19 - 15:51
Diese eine Zahl verrät, weshalb Facebook viel wertvoller ist als Twitter oder Snap - und es sind nicht die Nutzer (Der Aktionaer)
Facebook hat sich nach einem schlimmen Jahr 2018 mit einem lauten Knall an der Börse zurück gemeldet. Die bärenstarken Q4-Zahlen trieben die Aktie zuletzt um 15 Prozent in die Höhe und DER AKTIONÄR sieht weiteres Potenzial. Doch was macht den Konzern...
15.02.19 - 02:24
Netflix office goes on lockdown over report of a potential shooter, suspect now in custody (TechCrunch)
Alarming reports popped up on Twitter late Thursday of incident involving an armed individual at Netflix’s Hollywood office on Sunset Blvd. TechCrunch has confirmed with the Los Angeles Police Department that a call reporting a man with a gun f...
15.02.19 - 00:31
StayTuned Digital helps video creators publish and measure everywhere (TechCrunch)
If you’re a video creator in 2019, you’re probably thinking about a long list of publishing destinations: YouTube, of course, but also Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and more. StayTuned Digital is a new startup trying to help vide...
14.02.19 - 21:33
TWITTER - Sehen Aktionäre bald neue Mehrjahreshochs? (GodmodeTrader)
Die Twitter-Aktie kommt seit Monaten nicht von der Stelle. Doch die aktuelle Korrektur verläuft im Rahmen des übergeordnet weiter intakten Aufwärtstrends. Auch die aktuellen Quartalszahlen zeigen eine.....
14.02.19 - 20:19
Amazon′s decision to pull out of New York is being hailed as a success for activists (Business Insider)
Amazon announced on Thursday that it has scrapped plans to open a second headquarters in New York City. The news comes after Amazon has faced opposition from local politicians and residents regarding the decision. Early reactions on Twitter suggest t...
14.02.19 - 17:54
First look at Twitter′s Snapchatty new Camera feature (TechCrunch)
Twitter has been secretly developing an enhanced camera feature that’s accessible with a swipe from the home screen and allows you to overlay captions on photos, videos, and Live broadcasts before sharing them to the timeline. Twitter is alread...
14.02.19 - 16:27
How To Potentially Earn A 35% Dividend Yield On Twitter (SeekingAlpha)
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14.02.19 - 15:48
Twitter: Neue Nachricht könnte den Kurs antreiben - Aktienanalyse (Aktiencheck)
Kulmbach ( - Twitter-Aktienanalyse von "Der Aktionär": Martin Weiss, stellvertretender Chefredakteur vom Anlegermagazin "Der Aktionär", nimmt die Aktie des Kurznachrichtendienstes Twitter Inc. (ISIN: US90184L1026, WKN: A1W6XZ, Tic...




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