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CNBC Nachrichten

CNBC (Consumer News and Business Channel) ist ein amerikanischer Wirtschafts- und Finanznachrichtensender mit weltweiten Vertretungen. Das gesamte Programm ist in seperaten Videos unter verfügbar.
01.08.21 - 15:24
Why you will want to be back in the office more than you think: Human behavior expert (CNBC)
Dan Ariely, behavioral economics and psychology guru, says human nature will make workers want to be back in the office more than they may think....
01.08.21 - 15:12
The 15 states most affordable states for millennials (CNBC)
WalletHub ranked the best and worst states based on affordability, education and health, quality of life, economic health and civic participation....
01.08.21 - 15:12
Utilities are struggling to keep the lights on as fires, drought plague California (CNBC)
Droughts, wildfires and other extreme events fueled by climate change have put grid operators in the Western U.S. under pressure....
01.08.21 - 15:12
Top Wall Street analysts are betting on more gains for these stocks as earnings continue (CNBC)
TipRanks analyst ranking service pinpoints Wall Street's best-performing stocks, like Tesla & Nike...
01.08.21 - 14:42
There′s an unemployment cliff coming. More than 7.5 million may fall off (CNBC)
Programs paying expanded unemployment benefits are ending nationally on Sept. 6. It doesn't appear lawmakers will extend the deadline again....
01.08.21 - 14:06
What the sell-off on Big Tech′s earnings means for investors (CNBC)
Big Tech including Apple, Microsoft, Facebook and Alphabet saw earnings beat analyst expectations yet most received a negative response from investors. Nicholas Colas, co-founder of DataTrek Research, explains the market's reaction to Big Tech&#...
01.08.21 - 13:06
We′ll likely be back in the office more than you think, says human behavior expert Dan Ariely (CNBC)
Psychology and behavioral economics professor Dan Ariely answers some big questions about how the U.S. will return to work. He suggests that it may take time for many to get comfortable coming back to an office due to health concerns, as well as chan...
31.07.21 - 20:42
Judge gives Trump time to challenge tax return disclosure to Congress (CNBC)
Neither Trump nor his lawyers have said if they will challenge Friday's order....
31.07.21 - 18:18
This 19-year-old earns $54,000 a year mining bitcoin as a full-time job — heres what its like (CNBC)
Nick Sears became a bitcoin miner at age 17. He now sleeps at a mining farm in Washington state....
31.07.21 - 17:06
Disney, WarnerMedia and NBCUniversal wrestle with balancing the value of cable networks and streaming services (CNBC)
The largest traditional media companies are confusing consumers as they decide what programming should go toward streaming video....
31.07.21 - 16:54
Traveling this summer? 5 things to consider now that delta is dominant (CNBC)
The more transmissible delta variant is dominant in the U.S. So should you put your summer travel plans on hold?...
31.07.21 - 15:18
The national ban on evictions expires today. Heres whos most at risk (CNBC)
A historic wave of evictions could be coming. Most at risk are people of color, single mothers and those who haven't been vaccinated yet....
31.07.21 - 13:54
Here′s what could happen to markets if Wall Street shifted to a 4-day workweek (CNBC)
The idea of a four-day workweek has been pulled back into the spotlight thanks to the Covid pandemic shifting America's perspective on work. A November 2020 survey of more than 2,000 office workers worldwide found that 74% of respondents said th...
31.07.21 - 06:48
Chinese augmented reality glasses maker Nreal looks to go public within 5 years, CEO says (CNBC)
Nreal's flagship product is a pair of mixed reality glasses called Nreal Light. The company hopes to free people from being tied to their small phone screens....
31.07.21 - 06:06
News Update - The Look Ahead (CNBC)
CNBC brings you fast, accurate, and actionable business news and market updates....
31.07.21 - 03:12
SEC slaps new disclosure requirements on Chinese IPOs amid Beijings crackdown (CNBC)
The Securities and Exchange Commission said Friday it will now require additional disclosures from Chinese companies seeking a listing on U.S. stock exchanges....
31.07.21 - 02:18
There will be no nationwide mandate, says CDC′s Walensky (CNBC)
CNBC's Shep Smith reports on what the CDC director said regarding the possibility of a federal mask mandate....
31.07.21 - 02:18
First group of Afghan evacuees arrive in the U.S. (CNBC)
The first group of Afghan translators, allies and their families arrived in the U.S., but there are many who are still in danger and remain in Afghanistan. The Truman Project's Matt Zeller joins Shep Smith to discuss....
31.07.21 - 02:18
Millions face eviction as federal ban ends tomorrow (CNBC)
NBC's Vaughn Hillyard reports on families who are facing the threat of eviction as the federal ban on eviction is slated to end tomorrow....
31.07.21 - 02:18
The metaverse is a ′great idea,′ but that′s it so far, says Swisher (CNBC)
Bringing the physical together with the digital. Recode's Kara Swisher joins Shep Smith to discuss Zuckerberg's talk about the 'metaverse' and just how real it is...or isn't....
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