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CNBC (Consumer News and Business Channel) ist ein amerikanischer Wirtschafts- und Finanznachrichtensender mit weltweiten Vertretungen. Das gesamte Programm ist in seperaten Videos unter verfügbar.
18.01.21 - 17:36
FBI investigating woman said to have stolen Pelosis laptop during Capitol riot to sell to Russia (CNBC)
The FBI is investigating a woman alleged to have stolen Pelosi's laptop with the intention of selling it to the Russian equivalent of the CIA....
18.01.21 - 17:24
Richard Branson′s Virgin Orbit successfully blasts satellites into space after failed first attempt (CNBC)
Virgin Orbit, the rocket company founded by billionaire Richard Branson, successfully put its first satellites into space using its novel air launch system....
18.01.21 - 17:24
Google defends its partnership with Facebook, denies states claim of anticompetitive advantage (CNBC)
Google's director of economic policy Adam Cohen called the lawsuit from 10 Republican-led states "misleading."...
18.01.21 - 17:18
World′s fourth-largest carmaker rallies on first day of trade after $52 billion merger (CNBC)
Stellantis, the product of the $52 billion merger between FCA and Peugeot, was well received by European investors on its first day of trading Monday. ...
18.01.21 - 16:06
Tesla delivers its first Shanghai-made Model Y crossovers in China (CNBC)
China – the world's largest EV market – is critically important to Tesla and its growth plans....
18.01.21 - 15:54
Free college could become a reality under a Biden administration (CNBC)
President-elect Biden promised to make community college tuition-free. Such a plan could increase the number of students and their incomes over time....
18.01.21 - 15:54
Zooms stock has two traders at odds as it builds on its triple-digit rally (CNBC)
Zoom just closed out its best week since October, but where it goes next is up for debate, per two traders....
18.01.21 - 15:18
Here are the most anticipated movies of 2021 and how to watch them (CNBC)
A look at the most anticipated movies of 2021, when they debut and how moviegoers and streamers can watch them....
18.01.21 - 15:12
Russian authorities to detain Kremlin critic Navalny for 30 days, spokesperson says (CNBC)
Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny is widely regarded as the most prominent critic of President Vladimir Putin....
18.01.21 - 14:48
Parler′s website shows signs of life but mobile apps remain offline (CNBC)
The website of Parler — a social media platform popular with conservatives and supporters of President Donald Trump — is back online....
18.01.21 - 14:12
Why ultra-low cost carrier Spirit Airlines is falling behind (CNBC)
With passenger traffic down due to Covid-19 airlines like ultra-low cost carrier Spirit Airlines have struggled with falling sales....
18.01.21 - 13:36
The UAE is on track to have half its population vaccinated by the end of March (CNBC)
More than 1.8 million people in the UAE have already received the Chinese Sinopharm vaccine — more than quadruple the per capita vaccination rate in the U.S....
18.01.21 - 12:54
UAE boasts the world′s second-fastest vaccine campaign (CNBC)
CNBC's Hadley Gamble takes a look at one of the UAE's first vaccination centers in Abu Dhabi....
18.01.21 - 12:24
Who do German voters want to replace Angela Merkel? (CNBC)
Civey co-founder and CEO, Janina Mutze, discusses key voter trends ahead of the German federal election in September....
18.01.21 - 12:24
No lasting damage to EU-U.S. relationship over last four years: Eurogroup president (CNBC)
Irish Finance Minister and Eurogroup President Paschal Donohoe discusses the prospect of improving US-EU relations ahead of this week's Eurogroup meeting....
18.01.21 - 12:18
World on the brink of catastrophic moral failure due to unfair vaccine rollouts, WHO chief says (CNBC)
The WHO called on wealthier countries that had pre-ordered millions of doses of coronavirus vaccines, such as the U.S., U.K. and Europe, to share a portion of those vaccines with COVAX....
18.01.21 - 12:12
Stock weakness should serve as ′buying opportunity,′ strategist says (CNBC)
Ben Gutteridge, director of model portfolio services at Invesco, says investors should not be concerned by short-term weakness in equity markets, and should treat a brief pullback for stocks as a buying opportunity....
18.01.21 - 12:12
Economic recovery will continue throughout 2021 despite Covid pressures, economist says (CNBC)
Sharmila Whelan, deputy chief economist at Aletheia Capital, discusses China's economic rebound....
18.01.21 - 12:12
What markets should be watching in Germany now after the CDU leadership election (CNBC)
Holger Schmieding, chief economist at Berenberg, discusses the political landscape in Germany following the ruling CDU party's leadership election....
18.01.21 - 12:12
Former NBA star explains why Shaq is giving back (CNBC)
From Shaq-a-claus to Back to School, Shaquille O'Neal has used his fame to help those in need and now he's set up a foundation bearing his name. The former professional basketballer tells CNBC's Tania Bryer about why he feels it is imp...
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