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CNBC Nachrichten

CNBC (Consumer News and Business Channel) ist ein amerikanischer Wirtschafts- und Finanznachrichtensender mit weltweiten Vertretungen. Das gesamte Programm ist in seperaten Videos unter verfügbar.
18.01.22 - 04:48
Cryptocurrency: The big drivers of innovation are happening in the Ethereum ecosystem, says EY (CNBC)
Paul Brody of the professional services firm says the "story of 2022" will be a shift from cryptocurrencies to a digital technology ecosystem that transforms banking, finance and ultimately all other industries....
18.01.22 - 04:30
Smaller frontier markets will be particularly vulnerable to U.S. Fed′s rate hikes: Fitch Ratings (CNBC)
James McCormack of the credit ratings agency says that compared with emerging markets, frontier markets such as Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Laos will be particularly vulnerable to the U.S. Federal Reserve's interest rate hikes....
18.01.22 - 04:06
Fines for breaches of EU privacy law spike sevenfold to $1.2 billion, as Big Tech bears the brunt (CNBC)
EU data protection authorities have handed out a total of $1.2 billion in fines over breaches of the bloc's GDPR law since Jan. 28, 2021....
18.01.22 - 03:36
Cost of hiring has gone up, but attrition rate is stabilizing: Wipro CFO (CNBC)
Jatin Dalal, CFO of Wipro discusses business outlook and sustaining profit margins for the next quarter....
18.01.22 - 02:24
Russia-Ukraine crisis could spark a surge in Europes gas prices, topping last year′s highs (CNBC)
Tensions between Russia and Ukraine have cast a shadow over energy markets, and the uncertainty could mean prolonged high gas prices for Europe, analysts say....
18.01.22 - 02:24
From 6G to big data, China is looking to boost techs share of its economy (CNBC)
The ambition highlights China's push to get ahead in new technology as it continues a rivalry with the U.S. in areas from semiconductors to AI....
18.01.22 - 02:06
Preserving the Connecticut farm that influenced Martin Luther King (CNBC)
CNBC's Valerie Castro joins Shep Smith to remember Martin Luther King and report on the efforts to preserve the Connecticut tobacco farm where he worked as a teenager....
18.01.22 - 01:48
Autonomous driving start-up Wayve bags $200 million from Microsoft, Virgin and Baillie Gifford (CNBC)
London-based Wayve has been backed by a host of big name investors in a funding round that brings total investment in the company up to $258 million....
18.01.22 - 01:48
Crypto billionaires head to Puerto Rico for tax benefits (CNBC)
CNBC's MacKenzie Sigalos joins Shep Smith to report on crypto billionaires moving to Puerto Rico and what's driving the move....
18.01.22 - 01:48
I′m hoping this is the transition variant, says Dr. Ashish Jha (CNBC)
Brown School of Public Health Dean Dr. Ashish Jha joins Shep Smith to discuss the latest Covid wave, where cases have peaked around the country and what the CDC can do to keep the public better informed....
18.01.22 - 01:36
Tensions rise between Hong Kong activists and mainland China (CNBC)
Benedict Rogers, Hong Kong Watch, joins Shep Smith to discuss the changes in Hong Kong since China tightened its grip on the territory....
18.01.22 - 01:36
Populist politics lost support globally during the pandemic, research finds (CNBC)
Populist parties and politicians lost support all over the world during the pandemic, a survey of more than half a million people has found....
18.01.22 - 01:36
King family rallies for voting rights legislation on MLK Day (CNBC)
CNBC's Shep Smith reports on Martin Luther King and his family celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr. Day by marching and holding a rally in support of voting rights legislation....
18.01.22 - 01:24
Texas synagogue hostage-taker said to suffer from mental illness (CNBC)
NBC's Sam Brock joins Shep Smith to report on the Texas synagogue crisis and the mental health struggles the hostage-taker is said to have experienced....
18.01.22 - 01:24
Airline executives sound alarm over 5G concerns (CNBC)
Veteran airline pilot Les Abend joins Shep Smith to report on the difficulties airlines execs say 5G service could cause for airplane navigation systems....
18.01.22 - 01:00
Asia-Pacific markets set to trade higher as expectations for faster central bank tightening rise (CNBC)
Australia's ASX 200 eked out a 0.21% gain in early trade. Meanwhile, Nikkei futures pointed to a slightly higher open in Japan at the top of the hour....
18.01.22 - 00:12
U.S. stock futures are little changed ahead of more earnings reports (CNBC)
U.S. stock futures were little changed Monday night as traders braced for the latest batch of corporate earnings reports....
18.01.22 - 00:06
Billionaire investor Chamath Palihapitiya says nobody cares about Uyghur genocide in China (CNBC)
The Chinese government has previously denied any wrongdoing or human rights abuses in Xinjiang....
17.01.22 - 19:18
Omicron surge shows signs of easing in states hit early by the fast-spreading variant (CNBC)
To be sure, cases are rising in the majority of states with 23 reporting record-high infection levels as of Sunday....
17.01.22 - 17:54
Ralph Lauren CEO says metaverse is way to tap into younger generation of shoppers (CNBC)
Ralph Lauren CEO Patrice Louvet said participating in the virtual world extends the brand's reach and creates new money-making opportunities....
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