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CNBC (Consumer News and Business Channel) ist ein amerikanischer Wirtschafts- und Finanznachrichtensender mit weltweiten Vertretungen. Das gesamte Programm ist in seperaten Videos unter cnbc.com verfügbar.
27.06.19 - 09:56
Foriegn exhcngae is our Brexit hedge, strategist says (CNBC)
Chris Wyllie, chief investment officer at Connor Broadley Wealth Management, discusses his views on the British pound amid ongoing Brexit uncertainty....
27.06.19 - 09:56
US-led empire ending as we enter a multi-polar world, expert says (CNBC)
Michael O'Sullivan, author of "The Levelling: What's Next After Globalization," says globalization is ending to make way for a new world order....
27.06.19 - 09:56
Environmental and social issues impact corporates′ financial performance, strategist says (CNBC)
Peter Kellner, founder and CEO of Richmond Global Compass, discusses the increasing investment case for sustainable and ethical business....
27.06.19 - 09:32
Valuations in the Chinese market are compelling: JP Morgan (CNBC)
Ayaz Ebrahim of J.P. Morgan Asset Management says service sector growth in China will continue to hold up because the country's population and GDP per capita is still growing....
27.06.19 - 09:26
Many large tech firms are ′deeply uninnovative′: Web Summit CEO (CNBC)
Instead of innovating, Google has acquired companies while sitting on an "ever-growing cash pile," says Paddy Cosgrave of Web Summit and RISE. He also weighs in on how Facebook is trying to replicate China's WePay with Libra....
27.06.19 - 09:26
Don′t expect US tariffs on China to go away overnight: Economist (CNBC)
Carlos Casanova of Coface discusses possible outcomes from the U.S.-China meeting at the G-20. He also says Southeast Asian markets may have "more upside."...
27.06.19 - 09:26
Investor: We′re ′hopeful′ for a partial US-China deal (CNBC)
John Carey of Amundi Pioneer says a U.S.-China deal would be "very positive" for the market, especially for consumer, industrial, financials and technology sectors, which have been weighed down by tensions....
27.06.19 - 09:26
Why CryptoOracle says Facebook′s Libra is ′super exciting′ (CNBC)
Lou Kerner of CryptoOracle says Facebook's Libra "woke up" a large percentage of new people who are now interested in cryptocurrency. He also says cryptocurrency could be the "biggest thing," tech wise, in the history of humanity....
27.06.19 - 09:14
AI could help us reach our ′single-pilot operation′ target: Airbus (CNBC)
Grazia Vittadini of Airbus said artificial intelligence could relieve pilots from "mundane" and routine tasks, and could help the firm reach it target of running a single-pilot operation....
27.06.19 - 09:04
Bukalapak discusses possible expansion to the Middle East (CNBC)
Fajrin Rasyid of Bukalapak, an Indonesian start-up, says his company could provide unique products and services that can be tailored for Muslim populations such as those in the Middle East....
27.06.19 - 08:50
American politics ′played between the 40-yard lines,′ academic says (CNBC)
Thomas Gift, lecturer of political science at UCL, discusses the first Democratic election candidate debate....
27.06.19 - 08:50
Investors cannot rule out full escalation of US-China trade war, economist says (CNBC)
Seth Carpenter, U.S. chief economist at UBS, discusses the trade war between the U.S. and China....
27.06.19 - 08:50
Democrats spar over immigration and health care in election candidate debate (CNBC)
NBC News' Jay Gray discusses Wednesday evening's Democratic 2020 candidate debate....
27.06.19 - 08:14
Boris Johnson says chances of no-deal Brexit are ′a million-to-one′ (CNBC)
Boris Johnson, the favorite to become British prime minister, said the chances of Britain leaving the European Union without a deal are "a million-to-one" even as he repeated his promise to leave the bloc without a deal by the end of October....
27.06.19 - 08:08
Market believes there will be a compromise coming out of G-20, strategist says (CNBC)
Markets are not pricing in a whole deal between the U.S. and China, but they expect some progress, says Clive McDonnell, head of equity strategy at Standard Chartered Private Bank....
27.06.19 - 08:08
Collaboration is key for us, says Porsche (CNBC)
Anja Hendel of Porsche says the company is too small to do it alone and really likes to work with start-ups. She also weighs in on autonomous driving use cases for the auto firm....
27.06.19 - 07:56
Fintechs have ′increasing maturity′ in ability to scale: ANZ (CNBC)
Sreeram Iyer of ANZ Bank says it used to be difficult to find "adequately mature" fintechs who had options for corporate banking businesses, but there is now increasing maturity in their capability to scale up to work with bigger institutions....
27.06.19 - 07:56
There′s ′huge upside′ for digital transformation in EMEA: CEO (CNBC)
Richard Teng of Abu Dhabi Global Market says most regulators haven't spent enough time looking at the financial technology sector and ADGM needs to do "much more."...
27.06.19 - 07:44
Tech is an enhancement for jobs, not a replacement: Salesforce (CNBC)
Renzo Taal of Salesforce discusses the impact of artificial intelligence on jobs. He says it's important for employers to take concerns surrounding this issue "very seriously."...
27.06.19 - 07:34
Digitalization needs partnerships across regions: Singapore trade relations minister (CNBC)
We think of this as a work in progress, says S. Iswaran, Singapore minister-in-charge, trade relations....
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