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Russische Rohstoffexporte werden üblicherweise in US-Dollar bezahlt, ebenso werden Dollar beim Zahlungsverkehr im Inland begrüßt. Der Rubel genießt innerhalb der Bevölkerung und bei ausländischen Investoren nur ein eingeschränktes Vertrauen, welches auf die Hyperinflation zum Ende der 90er Jahre und der allgemein hohen Inflationsrate zurückzuführen ist.
19.06.19 - 00:06
Russia, India should support their own currencies instead of using US dollar ” official (TASS)
Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yury Trutnev said that "there should not be only one dominant currency in the world"...
18.06.19 - 13:36
USD/RUB weaker, navigates lows near 64.30 (FXstreet)
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16.06.19 - 08:56
Russia′s central bank eyes launching its own digital currency (TASS)
According to regulator's chairperson Elvira Nabiullina, reliable technologies are important for implementing this project...
15.06.19 - 11:32
Turning away from the dollar: Russia & EU keen on switching to national currencies for mutual trade (RT)
Moscow and Brussels are keen on quickly extending the use of the ruble and the euro to bilateral payments, the Russian Finance Minister said, after a meeting with the European Commission for Energy Union's vice-president. Read Full Article at RT.com...
14.06.19 - 13:33
USD/RUB plunges to 3-week lows near 64.30 post-CBR (FXstreet)
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13.06.19 - 16:44
Russia′s gold & foreign exchange reserves exceed $500 billion (RT)
The Central Bank of Russia (CBR) reported Thursday that the country's international reserves amounted to $502.7 billion last week, thus exceeding the target level set by the regulator. Read Full Article at RT.com...
13.06.19 - 08:03
Putin Sets The Table To Leave The Dollar Behind (ZeroHedge)
Authored by Rory Hall via The Daily Coin, This is twice that Russian President Putin has said on the global stage the Federal Reserve Note no longer deserves the status and privilege of "world reserve currency that allows unlimited printing of the ...
11.06.19 - 15:04
Turkey Lashes Out At US Pressure Over Russian Missile Deal, Lira Slides (ZeroHedge)
After two weeks of torrid gains with the market now expecting a dip in the country's double-digit inflation, the Turkish lira is again lower on Tuesday, after Ankara lashed out at Washington, saying a U.S. House of Representatives' resolution conde...
09.06.19 - 11:04
The most-accurate ruble forecaster is more interested in Saudi Arabian oil officials than Washington lawmakers (Bloomberg)
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07.06.19 - 08:08
Russia keen to sell yuan bonds to deepen ties with China and further reduce US dollar dependence (SCMP)
Russia is again exploring selling yuan bonds again to deepen its financial market connections with China and to boost trade in yuan and roubles to counter the dominance of the US dollar.It first considered selling a yuan bond back in 2016, and after ...
06.06.19 - 07:21
Russia, China oppose currency blackmail on global market (TASS)
Moscow and Beijing also spoke against any manifestations of protectionism, including unilateral trade restrictions...
05.06.19 - 20:34
Russia, China will continue to develop settlements in national currencies, Putin says (TASS)
The Russian leader also touched upon certain areas of cooperation between the two countries - in particular, he praised the interaction in the energy sector...
05.06.19 - 19:15
Russia, China Prepare To Dump Dollar, Agree To Bilateral Trade In National Currencies (ZeroHedge)
Just one month after conducting joint military exercises, Russia and China are set to sign an agreement which would boost the use of their national currencies in bilateral and international trade in an attempt to mmove away from the current dollar-de...
05.06.19 - 17:44
Dollar dump? Russia & China agree to bilateral trade in national currencies during Putin-Xi meeting (RT)
Russia and China took another step away from the US dollar after the two countries agreed to develop bilateral trade using the ruble and the yuan. Read Full Article at RT.com...
05.06.19 - 16:45
Russia, China to sign agreement on payments in national currencies, says decree (TASS)
The draft agreement also stipulates that the two will cooperate in the field of functioning of national payments systems, as well as facilitate cross-border payments in national and other currencies...
04.06.19 - 14:38
USD/RUB drops to 4-day lows near 65.00 (FXstreet)
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31.05.19 - 17:27
Russian central bank raises reserve requirements for FX deposits (Reuters EN)
Russia's central bank said on Friday it would raise its reserve requirements for banks' foreign currency deposits by 1 percentage point from July 1....
31.05.19 - 09:20
Russia′s gold & foreign exchange reserves will soon top $500 billion - Central Bank boss (RT)
The Central Bank of Russia expects reserves to reach half-a-trillion dollars soon, according to the regulator's boss, Elvira Nabiullina, who says further accumulation of holdings is part of the national policy. Read Full Article at RT.com...
30.05.19 - 14:39
Lira Pares Gains As Turkey Mulls Using Russian Missile System In Med Gas Fight (ZeroHedge)
After rallying dramatically this morning (with some suggesting Erdogan's call with Trump may suggest he is pulling the S-400 deal), the Turkish Lira has given back some gains after a Bloomberg headline reports that Turkey is considering deploying a ...
30.05.19 - 14:21
The lira surges on speculation that Erdogan is working to break the impasse over the planned purchase of a Russian missile defense system (Bloomberg)
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