USD/RUB News     65.47509     -0.45%     (USD/RUB)

Russische Rohstoffexporte werden üblicherweise in US-Dollar bezahlt, ebenso werden Dollar beim Zahlungsverkehr im Inland begrüßt. Der Rubel genießt innerhalb der Bevölkerung und bei ausländischen Investoren nur ein eingeschränktes Vertrauen, welches auf die Hyperinflation zum Ende der 90er Jahre und der allgemein hohen Inflationsrate zurückzuführen ist.
19.02.19 - 16:06
USD/RUB within a tight range above 66.00 (FXstreet)
The Russian currency extends the sideline theme above 66.00. RUB appears decoupled from Brent dynamics. Russian Retail Sales, GDP figures due later in the week. USD/RUB is prolonging the sideline theme so far this week around the 66.00 handle, w...
12.02.19 - 18:25
Russian ruble turns negative on reports of new Russia sanctions (MarketWatch)
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12.02.19 - 12:25
USD/RUB drops to session lows near 65.50 (FXstreet)
The pair loses further ground to the mid-65.00s. Brent gains are sustaining the upbeat tone in RUB. API, EIA reports next of relevance. The better sentiment around the Russian Ruble is now propping up the down move in USD/RUB to fresh daily lows...
12.02.19 - 07:39
Rubel und Preissenkungen in Russland drücken Metro-Ergebnis (DPA-AFX)
DÜSSELDORF (dpa-AFX) - Negative Währungseffekte sowie Preissenkungen in Russland haben das Ergebnis des Handelskonzerns Metro (METRO (St)) zum Jahresauftakt belastet. Das um Immobilientransaktionen bereinigte operative ......
11.02.19 - 11:13
Kompromisse zwischen Paris und Berlin - Keine aus London (CB) (Solvecon)
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11.02.19 - 10:54
Ruble flexes its muscle after Moody′s lifts Russia′s rating to investment grade (RT)
The Russian ruble has been gaining ground on the US dollar and the euro after global credit rating agency Moody's upgraded Russia's sovereign rating to investment grade with a stable outlook. Read Full Article at
11.02.19 - 04:31
Real ruble exchange may slightly strengthen in 2019 due to current oil prices - experts (TASS)
Experts point out that such a trend will help maintain a significant positive current account...
08.02.19 - 06:31
Russian Gold Find Brightens Ruble′s Future (WSJ EN)
Beneath a plot of land in southeastern Siberia lie vast stores of gold, according to Russia’s biggest gold producer, Polyus PJSC, and tapping them could provide the Russian central bank with a huge and nearly sanction-proof backstop for its cur...
06.02.19 - 14:55
USD/RUB firmer post-CPI, still below 66.00 (FXstreet)
The pair is prolonging the up move to the vicinity of 66.00. Russian CPI came in below expectations in January. The CBR is expected to refrain from moving on rates on Friday. The persistent depreciation in the Russian currency is helping USD/RUB...
06.02.19 - 09:12
Russia & Iran ditching dollar for trade in favor of national currencies - Moscow′s envoy to Tehran (RT)
Moscow and Tehran have "essentially turned away from the greenback in bilateral trade, and are using the ruble and rial for payments, the Russian ambassador to the Islamic Republic has revealed. Read Full Article at
05.02.19 - 14:27
USD/RUB bounces off lows near 65.40, looks to oil, data (FXstreet)
The pair looks for direction in the mid-65.00s. Barrel of Brent crude retreats below the $62.00 mark. CBR expected to keep rates on hold on Friday. The Russian Ruble has given away part of its earlier gains vs. its American peer and is now takin...
05.02.19 - 10:51
EMERGING MARKETS-EM shares steady with Russian stocks at record high; FX mixed (Reuters EN)
Emerging market stocks steadied on Tuesday with Russian stocks testing all-time highs, while developing world currencies were mixed even as the U.S. Federal Reserve's dovish tone continued to build appetite for riskier assets....
01.02.19 - 14:37
Russian PM urges wider use of national currencies in EAEU mutual settlements (TASS)
Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has called for a wider use of national currencies in Eurasian Economic Union mutual settlements...
28.01.19 - 14:42
Ruble for whole caboodle: Russia phasing out US dollar in major arms deals with China (RT)
Russia's Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation announced the start of negotiations with its Chinese counterparts in an effort to counter off Washington's sanctions. Read Full Article at
28.01.19 - 12:57
USD/RUB: Descent to continue? - Commerzbank (FXstreet)
Axel Rudolph, senior analyst at Commerzbank, points out that the USD/RUB continues its descent towards the November low and the 200 day moving average at 65.42/29. Key Quotes “Once this area has given way, the October lows at 64.98/85 will be...
24.01.19 - 19:03
Rubel: Den Dollar vergessen (Sueddeutsche)
Bald darf der Kurs des Rubels zu anderen Währungen in Russland nicht mehr öffentlich gezeigt werden. Das hat ein Gericht so entschieden. Für Kritiker ist das ein Angriff auf die Freiheit....
23.01.19 - 14:19
USD/RUB drops to 2-day lows near the 66.00 mark (FXstreet)
The Russian Ruble gains traction on the back of Brent crude. Spot remains sidelined around the 66.00 handle so far. Russian Industrial Production expanded 2.0% YoY. The positive tone around the Russian currency is forcing USD/RUB to fade yesterd...
22.01.19 - 15:55
USD/RUB retreats from tops near 66.65, focused on Brent (FXstreet)
The Russian currency trims losses around 66.40. Spot moves higher after Monday’s YTD lows near 65.80. Brent tumbles more than 2% and helps with the upside. The softer tone around the Russian currency is picking up further pace on Tuesday a...
21.01.19 - 13:02
USD/RUB: Descent continues - Commerzbank (FXstreet)
Axel Rudolph, senior analyst at Commerzbank, points out that the USD/RUB continues its descent, and is now below the 55 day moving average at 67.09, and moving towards the December trough at 65.98. Key Quotes “Once this has given way, the Oct...
18.01.19 - 15:25
USD/RUB drops and tests 2019 lows near 66.00 (FXstreet)
RUB gains extra ground and drags spot to fresh yearly lows. Brent advance sustains the up move in the Russian currency. Russian trade surplus came in at nearly $19 billion in November. The Russian currency is extending its upbeat tone so far thi...
18.01.19 - 08:07
Russia′s central bank dumped $101 billion last year in its biggest-ever shift away from the U.S. currency (Bloomberg)
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16.01.19 - 12:12
Russia′s gold & foreign currency reserves surge for third consecutive year (RT)
The Central Bank of Russia reports that foreign exchange reserves saw a significant boost of 8.3 percent over the 12 months through January 1 of the current year. Read Full Article at
11.01.19 - 19:13
Russland setzt plötzlich auf den Euro (Die Presse)
Die Abkehr vom Dollar kommt Euro, Yuan und Yen zugute....
11.01.19 - 12:24
Burgernomics: Big Mac index shows Russian ruble still deeply undervalued (RT)
The Russian national currency is the most underrated against the greenback, according to the January 2019 Big Mac Index which provides an assessment of the purchasing power of currencies against each other. Read Full Article at
11.01.19 - 11:57
Russland schichtet seine Devisenreserven radikal um - weg vom Dollar (Die Welt)
Donald Trump gibt sich gerne als guter Freund Russlands. Doch aktuelle Bewegungen an den Devisenmärkten belegen: Der Kreml versucht alles, um sich ökonomisch von den USA loszusagen - mit weltweiten Folgen....
11.01.19 - 05:02
Russia dumps $101 billion from its dollar reserves, shifting into the euro and the yuan (Bloomberg)
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10.01.19 - 23:14
Russia De-Dollarizes Deeper: Shifts $100 Billion To Yuan, Yen, And Euro (ZeroHedge)
Authored by Mac Slavo via, Russia is continuing to ramp up its efforts to move away from the American dollar.  The country just shifted $100 billion of its reserves to the yuan, the yen, and the euro in their ongoing effort to ditch the...
10.01.19 - 15:00
Russland pfeift auf den Dollar und deckt sich mit Yuan ein (NZZ)
Die russische Notenbank verkauft Dollar-Reserven im grossen Stil. Das Geld legt sie in China an und hält nun ein Viertel der weltweiten Yuan Reserven. Doch die Wette klappt vorerst nicht so richtig....
10.01.19 - 10:55
Russia dumps $101 billion from its dollar reserves, shifting into the euro and the yuan (Bloomberg)
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10.01.19 - 09:48
Russia shifts $100bn of its reserves into yuan, yen & euro in a great dollar dump (RT)
The Central Bank of Russia has moved further away from reliance on the US dollar and has axed its share in the country's foreign reserves to a historic low, transferring about $100 billion into euro, Japanese yen and Chinese yuan. Read Full Article ...
08.01.19 - 16:21
USD/RUB tumbles below 67.00, news 3-week lows (FXstreet)
The Russian currency picks up extra pace to sub-67.00 levels. Brent up move continues to sustain the demand for RUB. US-China trade talks spark a bout of generalized optimism. The Russian Ruble is extending the rally so far this week and is now ...
07.01.19 - 15:01
USD/RUB comes under pressure near 67.50 on Brent up move (FXstreet)
The Russian Ruble accelerates its gains vs. the buck to the 67.50 region. Brent advances around 2% above the $58.00 mark. US Factory Orders, ISM Non-manufacturing next on tap. The positive momentum around the Russian Ruble is now dragging USD/RU...
03.01.19 - 17:02
Dollar-ruble exchange rate reaches three-year high (Xinhua)
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02.01.19 - 15:51
Petro Welt mit Gewinnwarnung für 2018 nach Rubel-Abwertung (Die Presse)
Der an der Wiener Börse notierte Erdöl- und Erdgasdienstleister muss den ersten drei Quartalen 2018 einen Gewinneinbruch hinnehmen....
29.12.18 - 03:13
A Stable Ruble Is The Key To Russia′s Survival (ZeroHedge)
Authored by Tom Luongo, The Russian ruble moved sharply this week as the global equity and commodities rout continues in the wake of the Federal Reserve raising interest rates. Russia's central bank over-reacted to a rise in inflation as the globa...
28.12.18 - 12:30
Russia shuts down foreign forex platforms specializing in moving money offshore (RT)
The Bank of Russia has revoked licenses of five out on nine foreign exchange dealers operating in the country - Alpari Forex, Forex Club, Fix Trade, Trustforex, and Teletrade Group. The decision comes into force on January 27. Read Full Article at R...
27.12.18 - 16:13
Forex dealers with revoked licenses used it to withdraw Russian customers abroad (TASS)
The head of the Securities Market and Commodity Market Department said the dealers "used the license of the Central Bank as an advertisement,aggressively involved Russian citizens in the forex market"...
27.12.18 - 14:49
Russia′s Central Bank revokes licenses of largest forex platforms (TASS)
The licenses of Forex Club, Fix Trade, Trustforex, Alpari Forex and Teletrade Group were revoked starting from January 27, 2019...
27.12.18 - 09:00
Neujahrsmünzen - damit nicht nur der Rubel rollt (LGT Group)
Immer nur Schweinchen und Schornsteinfeger als Glückssymbole zu Silvester? Neujahrsmünzen sind da echte Alternativen. Prosit Neujahr! Zum Jahreswechsel wünschen sich die Menschen Gesundheit, Glück, Erfolg und nicht zuletzt auch finanzielles Wohlergeh...
26.12.18 - 21:13
No reason for sharp currency fluctuations in ruble exchange rate in 2019 ” minister (TASS)
Russia's Finance Minister Anton Siluanov said that "there are no basic grounds for talking about the instability of the national currency"...
24.12.18 - 12:30
Russia phasing out US dollar in military contracts in favor of local currencies - trade minister (RT)
Moscow is dropping the greenback in major arms deals and switching to the Russian ruble and the national currencies of its partners, according to the country's trade minister Denis Manturov. Read Full Article at
20.12.18 - 15:24
As world turns away from US dollar, role of Russian ruble is growing - Putin (RT)
The reserve currency position of the Russian ruble is strengthening as countries turn away from the dollar due to US financial restrictions, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday during his annual Q&A session. Read Full Article at
20.12.18 - 10:00
5 vor 10: Italien, Rubel, Nachhaltigkeit, SAP, Plastik (OekonomenBlog)
In den Linktipps geht es heute um schwierige Entscheidungen der EU-Kommission, die Probleme des Rubel, Nachhaltigkeit als Geschäftsmodell, Schwierigkeiten mit SAP sowie das Verbot von Einwegplastik durch die EU. 1. Brüssel in der Zwickmühle (voxeurop...
20.12.18 - 07:37
Putin erases the truth about the ruble (Bloomberg)
Um den gesamten Artikel unter zu lesen, klicken Sie bitte auf die Überschrift...
14.12.18 - 12:49
Russia, Syria agreed on settlements in national currencies (TASS)
The Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry stressed that it was also necessary for Moscow and Damascus to agree on mutual settlements and transport logistics...
14.12.18 - 12:01
Ruble grows against Central Bank decision to raise key rate to 7.75% (TASS)
The Russian Central Bank decided to raise the key rate to 7.75%...
14.12.18 - 11:39
Russia raises the interest rate to 7.75%, USD/RUB dips (FXstreet)
Russia's central bank raised the interest rate from 7.50% to 7.75%. Markets had not anticipated the Moscow-based institution led by Governor Elvira Nabiullina to change rates.  USD/RUB trades a tad lower after the announcement, at arou...
13.12.18 - 12:24
Ekosem-Agrar AG trotzt schwachem Rubel und niedrigem Rohmilchpreis (Anleihen-Finder)
Die Ekosem-Agrar AG setzt ihr Wachstum in den ersten neun Monaten 2018 trotz schwächerem Rubel und niedriger Rohmilchpreise fort. So stieg die Betriebsleistung um 58 […] Der Beitrag Ekosem-Agrar AG trotzt schwachem Rubel und niedrigem Rohmilchp...
06.12.18 - 15:02
USD/RUB retreats from tops beyond the 67.00 handle (FXstreet)
The Russian currency keeps the sideline theme around 67.00. All eyes on the OPEC+ meeting starting today. Russian CPI came in at 0.5% MoM and 3.8% YoY. The Russian Ruble is trading on the defensive on Thursday, prompting USD/RUB to revert yester...
04.12.18 - 13:36
Two to tango: Russia & Argentina may dump dollar in favor of local currencies in mutual trade (RT)
Russia has proposed that Argentina turn to payments in national currencies for bilateral financial transactions, according to Russian Ambassador to the country Dmitry Feoktistov. Buenos Aires is reportedly considering the idea. Read Full Article at R...




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