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Soziale Netzwerke ermöglichen eine schnelle Kontaktaufnahme und einen effizienten Austausch von Informationen mit nahestehenden Personen oder der Öffentlichkeit über das Internet. Registrierte Nutzer eines sozialen Netzwerkes können sich mit anderen Usern, bzw. der Öffentlichkeit vernetzen und Informationen in Form von Postings, Chats, Bildern oder Videos austauschen. Innerhalb der letzten Jahre hat eine starke Marktbereinigung stattgefunden und etliche Anbieter wurden übernommen oder sind von der Bildfläche verschwunden. Interessant ist insbesondere die Frage ob die Unternehmen neben der klassischen Bannerwerbung mit Nutzerdaten oder anderen Diensten zukünftig Geld verdienen.
15.04.21 - 00:06
Bernie Madoff′s Passing Openly Mocked On Social Media (Forbes)
After the Federal Bureau of Prisons confirmed that Madoff passed away, the news was greeted with open condemnation and mockery on social media....
14.04.21 - 23:40
Amazon claims social network Parler is trying to conceal its ownership (MarketWatch)
Amazon has accused Parler, the social network known as a conservative alternative to Twitter, of trying to conceal its ownership amid a legal dispute between Amazon and Parler stemming from the U.S. Capitol riots....
14.04.21 - 21:18
Trading Nation: Social media stocks are seeing a split, here′s how to trade the names (CNBC)
Matt Maley of Miller Tabak and Delano Saporu of New Street Advisors Group discuss the run social media stocks have had with Seema Mody....
14.04.21 - 19:33
Facebook: Irland ermittelt gegen Social Media – Giganten wegen Datenschutzverstößen durch Lecks (IT-Times)
PALO ALTO/ KALIFORNIEN (IT-Times) - Der Social Media Anbieter Facebook hatte zuvor bereits einige Tochtergesellschaften in Irland abgewickelt, die dazu dienten,......
14.04.21 - 17:18
Amazon claims social network Parler trying to conceal owners (AP)
SEATTLE (AP) — Amazon has accused Parler, the social network known as a conservative alternative to Twitter, of trying to conceal its ownership amid a legal dispute between Amazon and Parler stemming......
14.04.21 - 14:01
New Avatar-Based Social Network, Itsme, Raises $15.2 Million From Alexis Ohanian, Others (Forbes)
Itsme hopes to turn total strangers into friends without them ever meeting in real life....
14.04.21 - 13:31
Mike Lindell has launched VIP access to his social-media site Frank, which he says will block swearing, porn, and death threats (Business Insider)
Summary List PlacementYou can now sign up for VIP access to Frank, the social-media site being launched by MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell but if you choose to join, you'll still have to be careful about what you post. Although the site supports free spee...
13.04.21 - 18:06
Social media platforms have a continued role to play: Dick Costolo on J&J (CNBC)
Dick Costolo, former Twitter CEO and 01Advisors General Partner, joins 'Tech Check' to discuss social media's role in vaccination hesitancy after the FDA caused for the pause of Johnson and Johnson's vaccination rollout....
12.04.21 - 22:39
Will Social Media Lead To Police Reform Following Recent High Profile Events? (Forbes)
Even as one of the most high profile criminal cases involving a former law enforcement officer continues to unfold in Minnesota, two other recent police-related events are now in the spotlight this week. Both have gone viral on social media....
12.04.21 - 18:18
Benzinga Cannabis Hour: MassRoots CEO, Dosist CMO Discuss Social Media In Cannabis (Benzinga)
With the cannabis industry expanding exponentially, cannabis marketing experts have their hands full. Isaac Dietrich, chairman and CEO of MassRoots, Inc. (OTCQX: MSRT), is one of those seasoned cannabis professionals. read more...
12.04.21 - 15:01
MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell′s social-media site Frank is now set to launch on April 20 (Business Insider)
Summary List PlacementMyPillow CEO Mike Lindell has said that his social-media site Frank is launching on April 20 after a series of delays. Lindell first announced his plans to launch the site in early March after being barred from Twitter for sprea...
11.04.21 - 05:30
Social Media Etiquette Review (New York Times)
Despite your best efforts, you may cause someone pain with that Tweet or Facebook post. Here's a refresher on social media best practices, along with advice for some pandemic-only dilemmas....
10.04.21 - 17:52
Social Media Buzz: Alibaba′s Record Fine, WSJ′s Tensions, SCOTUS (Bloomberg)
Social Media Buzz: Alibaba's Record Fine, WSJ's Tensions, SCOTUS...
10.04.21 - 12:42
Trump′s plan to start his own social media platform is doomed to failure, say experts (Business Insider)
Summary List PlacementDonald Trump's plan to create a new social media platform is doomed to fail, experts have told Insider, with the former president unlikely to extend his following beyond a dwindling number of his remaining supporters. Kicked of...
09.04.21 - 16:06
Tributes And Mockery To Prince Philip Shared On Social Media (Forbes)
The news of Prince Philip's death was shared on social media – a true first for the Royal Family....
09.04.21 - 07:55
Studie: Gaming und Social-Media-Nutzung haben zugenommen (Heise)
Kinder und Jugendliche hängen in Corona-Zeiten länger am Handy, Computer und an der Spielekonsole, hat eine Studie der Forsa im Auftrag der DAK ergeben....
09.04.21 - 07:14
Umfrage: In Corona-Zeiten mehr Gaming und Social-Media-Nutzung (DPA-AFX)
BERLIN (dpa-AFX) - Kinder und Jugendliche verbringen in Corona-Zeiten im Schnitt deutlich mehr Zeit am Handy, am Computer oder an der Spielkonsole. Das zeigen Ergebnisse einer Forsa-Befragung im Auftrag der Krankenkasse DAK-Gesundheit in Zusammenarbe...
09.04.21 - 06:48
Fake news on social media is hampering vaccine efforts in Papua New Guinea (CNBC)
Many people are hesitant about inoculation due to false information being spread about the vaccines even as coronavirus cases are surging....
08.04.21 - 21:18
3 British soccer teams boycott social media over racism (AP)
LONDON (AP) — Three British soccer clubs announced week-long boycotts of social media on Thursday over the racist abuse sent on the platforms....
08.04.21 - 13:33
Welsh soccer team Swansea boycotts social media over racism (AP)
SWANSEA, Wales (AP) — Swansea City and its players will boycott social media over the racist abuse sent on the platforms, the club announced on Thursday....
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