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26.10.20 - 23:22
JM Smucker to Sell Crisco to B&G Foods for $550 Million (Bloomberg)
JM Smucker to Sell Crisco to B&G Foods for $550 Million...
26.10.20 - 22:31
Yelp Says Restaurants — Yes, Restaurants — Are Opening At A Strong Pace (Forbes)
If you think the restaurant business is tanking, think again. The online rating service Yelp says the industry is adapting and opening new places almost at last year's pace...
26.10.20 - 20:46
The RealReal, New York State And Fashion Designers Are Fighting The COVID-19 Pandemic Creatively (Forbes)
New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo and his daughter Maria Kennedy Cuomo today announced the partnership during the Governor's daily COVID-19 briefing....
26.10.20 - 20:07
California restaurants ask for $100 million back for liquor permits and health fees (MarketWatch)
'Somebody has to tell them this is wrong and to return the money'...
26.10.20 - 19:57
Fed up: California restaurants seek booze, health fee refund (AP)
LOS ANGELES (AP) — California's financially battered restaurants filed government claims Monday to recover more than $100 million in fees for liquor and health permits and tourism charges that they say......
26.10.20 - 18:37
Yandex to launch food delivery services in Israel (Globes)
The Russian tech giant is hiring ahead of the launch of its food delivery operations in Tel Aviv....
26.10.20 - 17:58
Bild - Merkel plant Lockdown Light - Restaurants sollen schließen (Reuters)
Dabei sollen Schulen und Kitas außer in Regionen mit katastrophal hohen Corona-Infektionszahlen geöffnet bleiben..
26.10.20 - 17:31
The Local Culinary Offers Restaurants Extra Revenue Opportunities With Ghost Kitchen Franchise (Forbes)
The Local Culinary aims to help restaurants create extra revenue by adding virtual restaurants to their kitchens from its list of brands....
26.10.20 - 16:43
AirAsia India resumes in-flight food, beverage service (Times of India)
AAIL now has range of hot meals in the sky, with nine options including vegan, vegetarian, pescetarian, eggetarian and Jain meal options for guests, apart from sandwiches and desserts. AAIL will also serve complimentary 200ml Aava disposable water bo...
26.10.20 - 16:20
Offers of free food to needy English children put government in awkward spot (Reuters EN)
Businesses and charities across England offered free meals for children on Monday, in a public relations fiasco for the Conservative government which voted last week not to provide food vouchers for poor families during a school holiday....
26.10.20 - 14:19
McDonald′s, Manchester United And How Restaurants Stepped Up To Feed A Nation′s Hungry Kids (Forbes)
Amid the COVID crisis, an unlikely set of heroes are emerging in a highly politicized row over how best to feed children from poorer families during the U. K. school vacations....
26.10.20 - 13:49
The Smart Way Circular Economy Companies Are Reducing Waste In The Food Industry (Forbes)
Over a third of all food produced globally goes to waste, that's 1.3 billion tonnes every year. Find out which circular economy companies are tackling the problem head on and how....
26.10.20 - 13:02
Miss airline food? Finnair selling business class meals in supermarket (Reuters EN)
Finland's national carrier Finnair has started selling its business class meals in a supermarket to prevent job cuts at its catering unit due to COVID-19....
26.10.20 - 12:44
Coca-Cola-Abfüller fusionieren - Europa schluckt Australien (Reuters)
Um den gesamten Artikel unter zu lesen, klicken Sie bitte auf die Überschrift...
26.10.20 - 11:22
ICICI Securities: Flipkart Investment To Strengthen Aditya Birla Fashion & Retail′s Balance Sheet  (Bloomberg)
ICICI Securities: Flipkart Investment To Strengthen Aditya Birla Fashion & Retail's Balance Sheet...
26.10.20 - 10:30
Corona-Krise: Gastgewerbe verbucht massive Umsatzverluste (Spiegel)
Restaurants und Kneipen haben den Umsatzverlust in den Monaten des Shutdowns nicht ausgleichen können. Die geringe Zahl von Insolvenzen ist kein Grund zur Entwarnung....
26.10.20 - 10:04
Impossible Foods′ burgers to be launched in Canadian grocery stores (Reuters EN)
Impossible Foods' burgers will be introduced in nearly 600 Sobeys Inc stores in Canada and on the retailer's online grocery home delivery service starting this week, the plant-based burger maker said on Monday....
26.10.20 - 09:46
Corona-Krise bremst Gastgewerbe - Ausschank von Getränken stark betroffen (Reuters)
Um den gesamten Artikel unter zu lesen, klicken Sie bitte auf die Überschrift...
26.10.20 - 09:25
Gastronomie-Umsätze um 40 Prozent gesunken (FAZ)
Im Lockdown-Monat April sind die Umsätze um fast 70 Prozent gefallen, doch auch in den anderen Monaten seit Ausbruch der Corona-Krise verzeichnen die Gastronomen viel weniger Geschäft. Besonders hart trifft es Kneipen und Bars....
26.10.20 - 07:49
U.K. Trade Talks, China′s U.S. Challenge, Food Prices: Eco Day (Bloomberg)
U.K. Trade Talks, China's U.S. Challenge, Food Prices: Eco Day...
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