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14.08.20 - 18:22
Retail Bankruptcies Soar As July Fashion Sales Reveal An Annual Decline - We Have A Problem (Forbes)
The oxygen in our retail capsule is diminishing, retail doors are closing, the credit markets are drying up, and our flight director is missing in action....
14.08.20 - 18:07
For Consumer Spending, This May Be as Good as It Gets (WSJ EN)
The harrowing decline and heartening rebound in consumer spending is over. Now comes the hard slog....
14.08.20 - 17:49
Just Eat will stop using gig economy workers to deliver food, firm′s boss says (DailyMail)
Jitse Groen, chief executive of the food delivery giant, revealed he would prefer to give his staff more benefits in light of the difficulties they have faced since the coronavirus pandemic....
14.08.20 - 17:22
Stunning Photos: Desperate For Provisions, Thousands Of Cars Line Up At Texas Food Bank (ZeroHedge)
Stunning Photos: Desperate For Provisions, Thousands Of Cars Line Up At Texas Food Bank Tyler Durden Fri, 08/14/2020 - 11:15 Stunning images released this week show thousands of cars - stretching across miles - lining up for ...
14.08.20 - 16:34
Yes, organic food is purer. But is it eco-friendly too? (MarketWatch)
Digging into pesticides, land use, and carbon footprint...
14.08.20 - 14:31
Five Opportunities To Impact Our Food System (Forbes)
There's no better time than the present to dive in -- and no shortage of opportunities to engage. ...
14.08.20 - 13:43
Chinese shoppers wary of frozen food imports after virus found (Reuters EN)
Chinese shoppers on Friday expressed dismay at news that traces of the coronavirus had been found on imported frozen food, with some saying they would avoid the products....
14.08.20 - 13:19
The pandemic is a good time to be in the cat food business – and many others (The Guardian)
Coronavirus has brought human suffering and economic pain but there are always opportunities for entrepreneursThere's a global pandemic going on. Hundreds of thousands of people have died. Millions are sick. Economic disaster has struck nations worl...
14.08.20 - 12:26
ICICI Securities: Aditya Birla Fashion And Retail Poised For Gradual Recovery; Better Risk-Reward  (Bloomberg)
ICICI Securities: Aditya Birla Fashion And Retail Poised For Gradual Recovery; Better Risk-Reward...
14.08.20 - 12:02
Food, Drugmakers Seen Winners in Jokowi′s $185 Billion Budget (Bloomberg)
Food, Drugmakers Seen Winners in Jokowi's $185 Billion Budget...
14.08.20 - 09:32
WPI inflation falls 0.58% in July, food prices spike (Times of India)
The wholesale price-based inflation declined 0.58 per cent in July, even as food items turned costlier. WPI inflation in June was at (-) 1.81 per cent, while for the month of May and April it was (-) 3.37 per cent and (-) 1.57 per cent respectively....
13.08.20 - 23:56
Chinese cities find coronavirus in frozen food imports, WHO downplays infection risk (Reuters EN)
Two cities in China have found traces of the new coronavirus in cargoes of imported frozen food, local authorities said on Thursday, although the World Health Organization downplayed the risk of the virus entering the food chain....
13.08.20 - 23:25
Stir-Crazy Travelers Are Ordering Airline Food to Relive the Flying Experience (WSJ EN)
Chicken or fish? Surplus snacks and microwavable meals can be purchased online for those who want to re-create the taste of a trip that might have been....
13.08.20 - 22:31
Can You Catch the Coronavirus from Frozen Food? Experts Say No. (New York Times)
Reports that the virus was detected in a trans-continental shipment of frozen chicken wings sparked concerns online. But experts aren't worried....
13.08.20 - 22:22
Impossible Foods raises $200 million in fresh funding (Reuters EN)
Plant-based burger maker Impossible Foods said on Thursday it secured $200 million in funding, less than six months after it raised the largest investment ever for a food tech startup, bringing total funds raised since its founding in 2011 to $1.5 bi...
13.08.20 - 21:48
Bank of America: Consumer spending is improving (CNBC)
U.S. weekly jobless claims fell below 1 million for the first time since mid-March. Bank of America President of Retail Steve Boland joins "Closing Bell" to talk about consumer spending, homeownership and the $1 billion initiative to advance racial e...
13.08.20 - 21:14
People should not fear spread of COVID-19 in food, packaging: WHO (Reuters EN)
The World Health Organization said on Thursday it saw no evidence of coronavirus being spread by food or packaging and urged people not to be afraid of the virus entering the food chain....
13.08.20 - 21:02
Impossible Foods gets $200 million in funding (MarketWatch)
The maker of plant-based meat products has now raised about $1.5 billion since its founding in 2011. It said it intends to use the funds to expand research and development programs, accelerate manufacturing, increase its r......
13.08.20 - 20:43
There′s no evidence Covid-19 can be transmitted by food: WHO (CNBC)
Dr. Maria van Kerkhove and Dr. Michael Ryan of the World Health Organization respond to a question about whether Covid-19 can be transmitted on food and food packaging....
13.08.20 - 20:22
Impossible Foods Raises $200 Million in Series G Funding (Bloomberg)
Impossible Foods Raises $200 Million in Funding Round...
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