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19.02.20 - 08:22
India cracks down on use of VPNs in Kashmir to get around social media ban (Reuters EN)
Authorities in Indian Kashmir are cracking down on virtual private network (VPN) apps used to circumvent a months-long ban on social media, police said, as part of a broader effort to quell unrest over the withdrawal of the region's autonomy....
19.02.20 - 02:33
2 top execs stepping down at publisher Tribune amid turmoil (AP)
Two top executives at newspaper publisher Tribune are stepping down as the company deals with its largest shareholder, a hedge fund known for cutting newsroom jobs, andgrapples with a decline in revenue......
19.02.20 - 01:34
Michael Milken's pardon was supported by a veritable Who′s Who of private equity, hedge fund, real estate and media titans (Bloomberg)
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19.02.20 - 01:31
State Department Names Five Chinese Media Outlets as Foreign Diplomatic Missions in U.S. (WSJ EN)
The Trump administration is tightening restrictions on China's large state-owned media outlets in the U.S., designating them as foreign diplomatic missions, in a further effort to rein in Chinese government activity....
19.02.20 - 00:55
U.S. tightens rules on China state media amid ‘propaganda’ crackdown (Japan Times)
The United States on Tuesday tightened rules on Chinese state media organizations as it classified them as foreign missions, decrying what U.S. officials described as ......
18.02.20 - 23:01
Choice Hotels CEO Patrick Pacious on coronavirus impact on China business (CNBC)
Choice Hotels CEO Patrick Pacious discusses the impact of the coronavirus on the company's business in China....
18.02.20 - 22:38
SpaceX aims to launch tourists into super-high orbit by end of next year (MarketWatch)
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18.02.20 - 21:20
U.S. designates five Chinese media companies as "foreign missions (Bloomberg)
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18.02.20 - 20:49
SpaceX announces partnership to send four tourists into deep orbit (Japan Times)
SpaceX announced a new partnership Monday to send four tourists deeper into orbit than any private citizen in history has gone, without disclosing the date ......
18.02.20 - 20:46
VIP Cinema, which makes luxury movie theater seating, files for bankruptcy (Reuters EN)
VIP Cinema Holdings, the largest maker of luxury reclining seats for U.S. movie theaters, on Tuesday filed for bankruptcy, citing a glut of seating as box office receipts fell, screen growth slowed, and older seats lasted longer than expected....
18.02.20 - 20:25
Indian hospitality start-up Oyo fights to keep hotels open in China amid coronavirus outbreak (CNBC)
The hospitality chain is keeping locations open at reduced prices in the provinces most affected by the virus to support visiting doctors and people who've been stranded by travel restrictions....
18.02.20 - 19:51
SpaceX aims to launch up to 4 tourists into super high orbit (AP)
CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) ” SpaceX aims to launch up to four tourists into a super high orbit, possibly by the end of next year....
18.02.20 - 19:25
Shuttered Stores, Fewer Tourists: Luxury Feels Coronavirus Effects (New York Times)
Luxury retail is dependent on Chinese buyers at home and abroad, and it is now facing a crisis....
18.02.20 - 19:25
Coronavirus Empties European Cities of Chinese Tourists (New York Times)
Hotels, stores and destinations across the Continent have come to rely on visitors from China. Quarantine measures have changed all that....
18.02.20 - 18:32
10 Best Family-Friendly Hotels in New York City (The Street)
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18.02.20 - 17:51
State media in Russia is reveling in the sex scandal that punctured the political career of one of Emmanuel Macron′s top allies (Bloomberg)
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18.02.20 - 16:07
Axios media reporter: Bloomberg should be careful about social media meme use (CNBC)
Facebook adjusted its ad disclosure policy following a series of sponsored memes made by the Bloomberg campaign. Sara Fischer, Axios media reporter, joins "Squawk Box" to discuss social media and political advertising....
18.02.20 - 16:02
SpaceX signs deal to fly 4 space tourists around Earth in about two years (CNBC)
SpaceX will fly four privately-paying people to orbit in its Crew Dragon capsule....
18.02.20 - 12:00
Indian police open case against Kashmir social media users (AP)
NEW DELHI (AP) ” Authorities in Indian-controlled Kashmir have registered a case against unidentified internet users who employed virtual private networks, or VPNs, to circumvent a social media ban in......
18.02.20 - 09:02
Bhutan tourism stung by new fees on tourists from India (Nikkei)
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