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ZeroHedge ist ein investigatives Online- Medium, welches über wirtschaftliche, finanzielle und politische Themen berichtet. Die Redaktion publiziert ihre Beiträge ausschließlich anonym unter dem gemeinschaftlichen Pseudonym "Tyler Durden".
17.08.19 - 23:45
Mass Media′s Phony Freakout Over Bernie′s WaPo Criticism Is Backfiring (ZeroHedge)
Authored by Caitlin Johnstone, After days of ridiculous, hysterical garment rending by mass media talking heads in response to Senator Bernie Sanders' utterly undeniable assertion that The Washington Post has displayed unfair bias against his campa...
17.08.19 - 23:21
Circular Investing 101: Softbank To Lend Billions To Founder, Employees To Invest In Second Fund (ZeroHedge)
The Soft Bank Vision Fund Pt. II is supposed to pick up whee is predecessor left off. With some $108 billion from a smattering of corporate giants, pension funds and sovereign wealth fund already committed, the VFPt2 is expected to start putting mone...
17.08.19 - 22:51
The Writing′s On The Wall (ZeroHedge)
Authored by EconomicPrism's MN Gordon, annotated by Acting-Man's Pater Tenebrarum, Not Adding Up One of the more disagreeable discrepancies of American life in the 21st century is the world according to Washington's economic bureaus and the worl...
17.08.19 - 22:27
Are Grisly Warning Labels Coming To US Cigarettes? (ZeroHedge)
Soon US smokers could see the shocking visual warning labels on cigarette packets that Americans have come to identify with Europe. US health officials are making a new push to require graphic images to be placed on every cigarette pack by law across...
17.08.19 - 22:04
Why ′Common Knowledge′ Changes The World (ZeroHedge)
Authored by Adam Taggart via PeakProsperity.com, The private understanding that we're in trouble is suddenly becoming realized by the public... For those paying attention, there have been plenty of signs indicating that financial asset prices are ...
17.08.19 - 21:39
 Auto Bust At Heart Of Global Downturn Hits Oil Demand (ZeroHedge)
John Kemp, the senior market analyst of commodities at Reuters, published a new report that details how global vehicle production is falling at the fastest rate since the financial crisis, leading to depressed manufacturing output, freight, and the c...
17.08.19 - 21:15
Pay Attention To The Message The Yield Curve Is Sending (ZeroHedge)
Authored by Lance Roberts via RealInvestmentAdvice.com, Do you love #volatility yet?  Last week the market swung wildly back on forth on "trade talks, "tariff relief, inverted yield curves, and recession fears to finish the week on "hopes banks ...
17.08.19 - 20:51
China Readies ′Giant Forks′ To Subdue Hong Kong Protesters (ZeroHedge)
Hong Kong protesters may be in for an electrifying experience after Chinese riot police were pictured training with 'terrifying giant fork devices' designed to subdue humans and pin them to the ground, according to the Mirror.  While unconfirmed, ...
17.08.19 - 20:17
Iraq Closes Airspace Even To US Coalition Flights After Suspected Israeli Raid (ZeroHedge)
In what is a severely under reported but perhaps the most alarming development out of the Middle East this week, Iraq's government has said it's ready to down any aircraft violating its airspace amid a blanket ban on 'unauthorized' flights not sp...
17.08.19 - 19:51
Portland Braces For Violent Clashes Between Antifa And Proud Boys; Trump Puts Mayor On Notice (ZeroHedge)
Portland, Oregon is preparing for more violence between the right-wing group Proud Boys and leftists from Antifa - a group of black-clad left-wing extremists who have instigated several bloody brawls with conservatives.  Police learned of the unlice...
17.08.19 - 19:21
The CPI Constantly Understates Inflation: Why This Will Lead To Catastrophe (ZeroHedge)
Submitted by Bruce Wilds of Advancing Time The purpose of the consumer price index (CPI) is to reflect just how much inflation is eating into both our incomes and our savings. Consumer inflation has been estimated since the 1700s, by measuring price...
17.08.19 - 18:51
PetroChina Suspends Venezuelan Oil Imports In Huge Blow To Maduro (ZeroHedge)
Even if China continues to thwart US sanctions on Iran, in the case of Venezuela Trump appears to be gaining the upper hand.  Bloomberg reported Friday that China National Petroleum Corp. (parent company of oil giant PetroChina Ltd) ” the country's...
17.08.19 - 18:21
Cover Up? Epstein Shipped $100K Cement Mixer To ′Pedo Island′ Weeks Before Crushing Exposé (ZeroHedge)
Approximately three weeks before a series of damning articles hit in the Miami Herald, Jeffrey Epstein paid up front to have a $100,000 cement mixer express-shipped to his infamous Little St. James 'pedo island' at great expense, according to the D...
17.08.19 - 17:51
"Alarms Raised" After Request For "Permanent Reauthorization" Of NSA Surveillance Program Exposed By Snowden (ZeroHedge)
Authored by Jake Johnson via CommonDreams.org, Civil liberties groups and privacy advocates raised alarm Thursday after the Trump administration called on Congress to reauthorize an NSA mass surveillance program that was exposed by whistleblower Edw...
17.08.19 - 17:15
Power Grid Chaos Jolts Texas On Friday, Energy Costs Triple Amid Heat Wave (ZeroHedge)
The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) has been asking customers to conserve energy this week as spot power prices in Texas triple to a record on Friday. The state's power grid operator that serves most of Texas declared an energy conser...
17.08.19 - 16:36
Trump Renews License Allowing US Companies To Do Business With Huawei (ZeroHedge)
After unexpectedly conceding to China last week, when Trump announced he would delay imposing the bulk of the 10% tariffs on $300BN in mostly consumer-focused goods from September 1 until mid-December, a move that surprised analysts as it was not bas...
17.08.19 - 15:57
Twitter Briefly Bans Scaramucci For Calling President Trump "Fattest President Since Taft" (ZeroHedge)
Now that the BFF affair between President Trump and former communications director Anthony Scaramucci has clearly fizzled out,  from a social media standpoint it appears that Trump is getting the best of Scaramucci at least for now, according to the ...
17.08.19 - 15:29
Climate Activist Greta Thunberg′s Yacht Trip To America More Harmful To Environment Than Flying (ZeroHedge)
Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via Summit News, Climate activist Greta Thunberg's virtue signalling trip on a $4 million dollar yacht to lecture Americans about climate change will be more harmful to the environment than if she had flown via aircra...
17.08.19 - 14:45
Midwest Farm Loan Repayment Issues Hit Highest Level Since 1999 (ZeroHedge)
Reuters examined a new farm survey by the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago on Thursday that detailed farm loans at Midwest banks are having the most repayment difficulties in 20 years in 2Q19. Following six years of falling farm income and rising deb...
17.08.19 - 14:23
The Uniqueness Of The Finnish Race (ZeroHedge)
Authored by Guillaume Darocher via The Unz Review, The European peoples have long thought and felt that each of them was unique, reflecting the particularly history and struggles the successive generations of their ancestors. The cultural difference...
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