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ZeroHedge ist ein investigatives Online- Medium, welches über wirtschaftliche, finanzielle und politische Themen berichtet. Die Redaktion publiziert ihre Beiträge ausschließlich anonym unter dem gemeinschaftlichen Pseudonym "Tyler Durden".
19.06.19 - 05:51
China Unveils New Radar System To Detect US Stealth Jets   (ZeroHedge)
China, the rising power, has designed a new radar system that can detect American stealth warplanes and is also immune to their "radar killer" missiles, its creator told Naval and Merchant Ships magazine, first published by Global Times. The new rad...
19.06.19 - 05:27
Declassified: The Sino-Russian Masterplan To End U.S. Dominance In Middle East (ZeroHedge)
Authored by Yossef Bodansky via OilPrice.com, Russian Pres. Vladimir Putin's early June 2019 summit in Moscow with People's Republic of China (PRC) Pres. Xi Jinping seems likely to have a disproportionate influence on the next phases of the crises...
19.06.19 - 05:09
Diarrhea In The Dominican; Teens Fall Ill At Same Hotel Where Tourists Mysteriously Died (ZeroHedge)
A group of seven Oklahoma teens fell ill during their senior trip to the Dominican Republic after eating dinner at the beleaguered Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Punta Cana, where at least two Americans have died recently and others have reported fallin...
19.06.19 - 04:51
Tanker War In Persian Gulf And US-Iranian Conflict (ZeroHedge)
Submitted by SouthFront The Persian Gulf region has turned into a new hot point in the Middle East. On May 12, a supposed sabotage attack targeted very large crude carrier Amjad and crude tanker Al Marzoqah (both owned by Saudi shipping firm Bahri)...
19.06.19 - 04:27
New Zealand Man Gets 21 Months In Prison For Sharing Mosque Shooting Video (ZeroHedge)
A New Zealand businessman who pleaded guilty to two charges of distributing footage of the March 15 Christchurch mosque shootings was sentenced to 21 months in prison on Tuesday, according to the Straits Times.  44-year-old Philip Arps admitted that...
19.06.19 - 04:09
All The Cyber-Attack Stories From The Past Few Days Can′t Be Linked...Can They? (ZeroHedge)
Authored by Daisy Luther via The Organic Prepper blog, A very important skill for anyone who hopes to be in the know is the ability to put together seemingly unrelated stories for consideration. Over the past few days, stories about grid incursions...
19.06.19 - 03:52
Poll Finds Maduro′s Domestic Support Stronger After Coup Attempt & US Pressures (ZeroHedge)
A new poll has found that after emerging victorious in Venezuela's recent US-backed failed coup attempt led by opposition leader Juan Gaido, socialist leader Nicolas Maduro commands a popular majority of Venezuelans' recognition as the legal head o...
19.06.19 - 03:27
America′s Managerial Elite Has Failed, But We Can′t Get Rid Of Them (ZeroHedge)
Authored by Charles Hugh Smith via OfTwoMinds blog, The system is broken, and the managerial elite will keep it broken because it serves their interests to keep it broken. America's managerial elite came to do good and stayed to do well--at the ex...
19.06.19 - 03:20
FOMC Preview: Will Powell Rock Or Shock The Market (ZeroHedge)
Over the weekend, we laid out an extended case from Goldman Sachs - whose base case is still for no rate cuts in 2019 and one rate hike in 2020 - why the Fed will likely disappoint tomorrow. In a nutshell, the main reason why Goldman's Jan Hatzius h...
19.06.19 - 02:45
Stay In The Game! (ZeroHedge)
Via AlbertBridgeCapital.com, This is going to be an uncharacteristic departure for me.  This story is deeply personal, for our family, and for our oldest son in particular.  But it is a story he's letting me tell, because it is a story he wants peo...
19.06.19 - 02:29
$1 Billion Worth Of Cocaine Seized At Philadelphia Port (ZeroHedge)
Several thousand traders on Wall Street may be extra jittery tomorrow when the FOMC announcement hits at 2:00pm. The reason: shipping containers full of illegal drugs - mostly blow - were found and seized at a Philadelphia port in what authorities de...
19.06.19 - 02:09
Illinois Farmers Have "Given Up" On Planting (ZeroHedge)
Authored by Mac Slavo via SHTFplan.com, Farmers in Illinois whose land has been thrashed by flooding have given up on planting.  Instead of growing food, they decided to throw a party. And who could blame them? The storms that have caused major flo...
19.06.19 - 01:51
Senators Reach Bipartisan Deal On Trump Border Funding (ZeroHedge)
In what appears to be a win for President Trump, a bipartisan agreement has been reached in the Senate Appropriations Committee on a $4.6 billion funding package to address the "humanitarian crisis" at the southern border with Mexico. CNN reports th...
19.06.19 - 01:27
Scientists Warn "Geoengineering" Could Start WW3 (ZeroHedge)
Authored by Mac Slavo via SHTFplan.com, Scientists are warning that plans to "hack the Earth's weather could result in a third world war. If some countries take to the destruction of the Earth in the name of "climate change, war could break out. ...
19.06.19 - 01:09
JP Morgan: Forget About Auto Sales Rebounding In The Second Half Of 2019 (ZeroHedge)
In a new note out early this week, J.P. Morgan has shot down the idea of a second half resurgence in the automotive sector that many had expected would be the turning point for the industry, which is now mired in recession. "We see a challenging 2H ...
19.06.19 - 00:51
Ron Paul Warns: Medical IDs Are The Enemy Of Privacy, Liberty, & Health (ZeroHedge)
Authored by Ron Paul via The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity, Last week, the House of Representatives voted in favor of a Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education appropriations bill amendment to repeal the prohibition on the use of...
19.06.19 - 00:34
"Bums, Get A Job!": Instagram Influencer Couple Slammed After Begging For $11,000 For A Vacation (ZeroHedge)
A German couple that was using Instagram to try and solicit money for a trip to Africa, is being slammed and ridiculed by the Internet.  Cat and Elena of the Instagram account Another Beautiful Day have requested more than $11,000 to help them go on ...
19.06.19 - 00:06
25% Of Americans Are "Worse Off" Than They Were Before The Great Recession (ZeroHedge)
Authored by Mac Slavo via SHTFplan.com, For many, the economic recovery being touted by the mainstream media has not yet affected them. About 25% of Americans say that a decade after the housing bust that caused the Great Recession, they are doing w...
18.06.19 - 23:45
Feinstein Becomes Gun Expert; Proclaims AR-15s Not ′Used For Hunting′ Or ′Viable For Home Protection′ (ZeroHedge)
Senator Dianne Feinstein, who employed a Chinese spy for two decades, is suddenly an expert on firearms - particularly which ones American plebs shouldn't be able to own based on their use and effectiveness in home defense scenarios.  In a June 14 ...
18.06.19 - 23:33
Buchanan Warns, War With Iran Would Become "Trump′s War" (ZeroHedge)
Authored by Patrick Buchanan via Buchanan.org, President Donald Trump cannot want war with Iran. Such a war, no matter how long, would be fought in and around the Persian Gulf, through which a third of the world's seaborne oil travels. It could tr...
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