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Durch die zunehmende dezentrale Stromversorgung und die schwankenden Energieströme von erneuerbaren Energiequellen entstehen Probleme bei der zuverlässigen Versorgung mit Elektrizität. Durch die kommunikative Vernetzung und Steuerung von Stromerzeugern, Speichern, elektrischen Verbrauchern und Netzbetriebsmitteln in Energieübertragungs- und -verteilungsnetzen soll die zuverlässige Energieversorgung für den Verbraucher gewährleistet werden.
18.04.19 - 10:32
Great Power, Trina Solar set up JV for PV power storage, smart grid business (Digitimes)
China-based lithium iron (ferrous) phosphate (LFP) battery maker Guangzhou Great Power Energy & Technology and Trina Solar (Changzhou) Science & Technology, a subsidiary of China-based vertically-integrated PV maker Trina Solar, have established a jo...
05.04.19 - 00:27
The Evolving Energy Ecosystem: Smart Grids To Smart Energy (Forbes)
As technologies like AI, IoTs, and blockchain digitize, automate, communicate, integrate, and decentralize the energy ecosystem, what impact will it have on each nations economy: its survival, security, and sustainability?...
04.04.19 - 22:42
Marubeni to help build smart grid in Philippines (Nikkei)
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04.04.19 - 07:06
′I liked my smart meter but now it′s gone dumb′, says SIMON LAMBERT (DailyMail)
My household is now one highlighting the haphazard rollout of smart meters; the future of energy bills sits dormant at my home. We are one of the 1million households whose smart meter has gone dumb....
03.04.19 - 22:57
Energy supplier SSE fined £700,000 after failing to install enough smart meters in customers′ homes (DailyMail)
The meters provide real-time data on a household's energy use, while readings can be sent automatically to their supplier. SSE hit its target two months late, says regulator Ofgem....
03.04.19 - 17:33
Is my provider fobbing me off to install a smart meter? (DailyMail)
My energy firm has contacted me to say my meter needs updating for safety reasons but how can I find out if this is actually the case? I'm worried it's an excuse to give me a smart meter....
03.04.19 - 12:12
SSE has been fined £700k by Ofgem after energy supplier failed to meet smart meter target (DailyMail)
Ofgem said that although SSE met its electricity smart meter installation target for 2018, the supplier only reached its gas target in February of this year....
30.03.19 - 10:09
Smart meter installation is stalling despite Government deadline of 2020 (DailyMail)
There has been a 2 per cent decrease in domestic smart meter installation in the final quarter of 2018 when compared to the three months before, BEIS said....
20.03.19 - 21:51
The Role Of Smart Grids And AI In The Race To Zero Emissions (Forbes)
A "Smart grid is more than just power delivery. The main pillar of a smart grid is a two-way connection of energy and information. For maximum effectiveness and efficiency, a smart grid infrastructure should also include two more pillars: distribut...
19.03.19 - 23:06
Don′t fall for a ′dumb′ smart meter: Energy firms to continue offering first generation devices (DailyMail)
First-generation meters often stopworking when you switch suppliers. But British Gas, SSE, EDF Energy, Eon, npower and Scottish Power have confirmed they are still installing the older meters....
19.03.19 - 04:33
China Southern Power Grid to boost investment in smart grid construction (Xinhua)
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15.03.19 - 16:48
Intelligentes Stromnetz: Verbraucher sind noch zurückhaltend (IT-Times)
Jeder Dritte sieht Elektroautos als Möglichkeit, das Stromnetz zu stabilisierenZwei Drittel würden Geräte automatisch steuern lassen, um Schwankungen bei regenerativen......
14.03.19 - 09:33
Best energy tariffs that don′t require a smart meter revealed (DailyMail)
To keep in line with the government's target of having a meters fitted by 2020, many customers can only access certain Big Six fixed tariffs if they have a device installed....
08.03.19 - 08:54
Can I specifically request a second generation smart meter? (DailyMail)
I would like a smart meter, but want a more advanced second generation version as I fear the device will go dumb and make it hard to switch supplier - can I request one?...
01.03.19 - 03:15
Why are smart meters being pushed onto households? (DailyMail)
The Government's £11bn scheme to install 53m smart meters in homes and small businesses by the end of 2020 has been plagued by problems....
19.02.19 - 08:45
Must I get a smart meter in order to get the cheapest energy deal? (DailyMail)
My energy deal is about to expire so I have started searching for different tariffs online with my provider Eon. However, to get any of the cheapest deals, it says I will have to have a smart meter....
24.01.19 - 11:24
Netzpolitik - Smart Meter: Wer den Einbau verweigert, sitzt im Dunklen (Der Standard)
Netz Burgenland drehte Kundin den Strom ab - die Installation der Geräte kann de facto nicht mehr abgelehnt werden...
24.01.19 - 11:06
Neue Stromzähler - So kann der Kunde den Umstieg auf Smart Meter verweigern (Der Standard)
Darf der Strom abgedreht werden, wenn jemand einen Smart Meter ablehnt? Was man über intelligente Stromzähler wissen sollte...
23.01.19 - 14:42
Kampf gegen das Smart Meter: Österreicherin wird Strom abgedreht (WinFuture)
Die EU befürwortet intelligente Stromzähler, überlässt vorerst aber den Mitgliedstaaten die Prüfung und Durchführung in sinnvollen Einsatz­feldern. Deutschland will die Messeinrichtungen bis 2032 flächendeckend eingeführt haben. In Österreich zeigt j...
23.01.19 - 12:31
Österreich: Smart-Meter-Verweigerer verlieren Stromanschluss (Heise)
Eine burgenländische Unternehmerin bekommt keinen Strom mehr. Sie verweigert standhaft den Einbau eines "Smart Meters"....
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