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Durch die zunehmende dezentrale Stromversorgung und die schwankenden Energieströme von erneuerbaren Energiequellen entstehen Probleme bei der zuverlässigen Versorgung mit Elektrizität. Durch die kommunikative Vernetzung und Steuerung von Stromerzeugern, Speichern, elektrischen Verbrauchern und Netzbetriebsmitteln in Energieübertragungs- und -verteilungsnetzen soll die zuverlässige Energieversorgung für den Verbraucher gewährleistet werden.
11.06.19 - 23:08
Government′s new solar panel and wind power offer will only be for those with smart meters  (DailyMail)
The Government has announced that those with small-scale solar and wind power generators will be paid for each unit sold to the grid - if they have a smart meter to track it....
08.06.19 - 10:39
Millions of vulnerable households face higher bills after delays to the smart meter rollout  (DailyMail)
The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) said households with pre-payment meters were unlikely to have one of the new digital meters by 2020....
05.06.19 - 00:04
More than 1 in 4 smart meters from small energy firm Bulb are not working properly (DailyMail)
The problem means that thousands of customers have been unable to see energy consumption figures for gas or electricity readings. Bulb says it has identified the problem and it is working to fix it....
31.05.19 - 13:38
British Gas customers charged extra £300 for refusing smart meter (DailyMail)
Households opting for British Gas's lowest-cost fixed tariff, Energy Plus Protection Green, who agree to have a meter installed will be charged £938 a year for average consumption....
30.05.19 - 14:02
Smart meter rollout is still ′miles away′ from its 2020 target with only 14m devices installed (DailyMail)
There was a huge 6.7 per cent decrease in domestic smart meter installations compared to the previous quarter with just over a million meters installed by large suppliers in the first quarter of 2019....
24.05.19 - 08:26
Will second generation smart meters affect prepayment customers? (DailyMail)
I heard the new second generation smart meters don't have the keypad the first generation meters do, that lets you top up manually if the network goes down. Is it true?...
20.05.19 - 13:38
Honda and GM join in smart grid and electric car research (Nikkei)
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13.05.19 - 14:18
Smart-Meter für Photovoltaikanlagen (SolarServer)
ComMetering und Discovergy kooperieren beim Smart-Meter-Rollout für PV-Anlagenbetreiber. Eine passgenaue Smart-Meter-Infrastruktur gilt als Voraussetzung für zukünftige Geschäftsmodelle in der digitalisierten Energiewelt....
10.05.19 - 13:12
Energy companies will soon be able to access all your smart meter data (DailyMail)
This is Money can reveal that energy suppliers could soon have full access to all of your smart meter data, leaving energy customers with little choice but to put an increasing amount of trust in their provider....
08.05.19 - 22:30
Energy giant SSE axes 444 jobs after receiving a lukewarm welcome for its smart meters (DailyMail)
The FTSE 100-listed firm blamed stiff competition, higher costs and the introduction in January of a cap on how much it can charge....
28.04.19 - 09:30
Netzpolitik - Smart Meter: Nur 1,4 Prozent der Kunden wählen Opt-Out (Der Standard)
Parlamentarische Anfragebeantwortung liefert Daten - Fünfmal so viele lassen hingegen freiwillig genauer auslesen...
26.04.19 - 09:45
Smart meter questions answered: Truth behind common concerns (DailyMail)
The devices have been a bone of contention since their introduction with many customers distrustful of the new method of calculating energy bills....
18.04.19 - 10:32
Great Power, Trina Solar set up JV for PV power storage, smart grid business (Digitimes)
China-based lithium iron (ferrous) phosphate (LFP) battery maker Guangzhou Great Power Energy & Technology and Trina Solar (Changzhou) Science & Technology, a subsidiary of China-based vertically-integrated PV maker Trina Solar, have established a jo...
05.04.19 - 00:27
The Evolving Energy Ecosystem: Smart Grids To Smart Energy (Forbes)
As technologies like AI, IoTs, and blockchain digitize, automate, communicate, integrate, and decentralize the energy ecosystem, what impact will it have on each nations economy: its survival, security, and sustainability?...
04.04.19 - 22:42
Marubeni to help build smart grid in Philippines (Nikkei)
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04.04.19 - 07:06
′I liked my smart meter but now it′s gone dumb′, says SIMON LAMBERT (DailyMail)
My household is now one highlighting the haphazard rollout of smart meters; the future of energy bills sits dormant at my home. We are one of the 1million households whose smart meter has gone dumb....
03.04.19 - 22:57
Energy supplier SSE fined £700,000 after failing to install enough smart meters in customers′ homes (DailyMail)
The meters provide real-time data on a household's energy use, while readings can be sent automatically to their supplier. SSE hit its target two months late, says regulator Ofgem....
03.04.19 - 17:33
Is my provider fobbing me off to install a smart meter? (DailyMail)
My energy firm has contacted me to say my meter needs updating for safety reasons but how can I find out if this is actually the case? I'm worried it's an excuse to give me a smart meter....
03.04.19 - 12:12
SSE has been fined £700k by Ofgem after energy supplier failed to meet smart meter target (DailyMail)
Ofgem said that although SSE met its electricity smart meter installation target for 2018, the supplier only reached its gas target in February of this year....
30.03.19 - 10:09
Smart meter installation is stalling despite Government deadline of 2020 (DailyMail)
There has been a 2 per cent decrease in domestic smart meter installation in the final quarter of 2018 when compared to the three months before, BEIS said....
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