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Unter der Cloud versteht man eine IT-Infrastruktur, welche Speicherplatz, Rechenleistung oder Software gegen Bezahlung zur Verfügung stellt. Anstatt Daten oder Anwendungen auf lokalen Endgeräten zu speichern/ zu betreiben, übernimmt die Cloud diese Aufgabe. Um auf die Daten zugreifen zu können, ist eine Internetverbindung notwendig. Die Daten in der Cloud werden üblicherweise auf verschiedenen Servern parallel gespeichert, somit wird ein Verlust der Daten ausgeschlossen. Private Anwender nutzen die Cloud insbesondere um Musik, Videos, Bilder oder Dokumente abzulegen. Auf diese Daten kann man weltweit mittels einer Internetverbindung zugreifen.
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31.10.20 - 00:25
Five9 CEO talks strong Q3 results, digital transformation and cloud transition (CNBC)
Five9 CEO Rowan Trollope, appearing on "Mad Money" to discuss the cloud contact center provider's results, explained how the digital transformation and enterprise cloud transition drove the 34% growth the company experienced last quarter....
30.10.20 - 23:13
Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian tells employees it isnt helping with virtual border wall (CNBC)
Employees raised concerns about how the company's recent government contract will be enforced on refugees....
30.10.20 - 21:49
Google Cloud′s earnings show that it′s in ′investment mode′ and gearing up for even stronger growth, analysts say (GOOGL, GOOG) (Business Insider)
Summary List Placement Google Cloud grew 45% year-over-year and generated over $3.4 billion in revenue in Q3, the company announced Thursday, along with the news that it plans to break out the unit as a separate reporting segment next quarter. This m...
30.10.20 - 21:19
How Amazon, Microsoft, and Google′s cloud businesses stack up, in the wake of their blockbuster earnings this week (MSFT, AMZN, GOOG) (Business Insider)
Summary List Placement Top cloud computing players Amazon, Microsoft, and Google all reported earnings this week. The companies each report their numbers in different ways, which makes it hard to know exactly how their cloud revenues stack up, but th...
30.10.20 - 19:42
Under Policymaker Scrutiny, Amazon, Microsoft And Google Add $2 Billion To Their Combined Cloud Revenue In Just 3 Months (Forbes)
Amazon, Microsoft and Alphabet collectively generated almost $2 billion more in cloud revenue during the third quarter....
30.10.20 - 18:32
Facebook entering cloud gaming offers another chance for advertisers to get in front of a new audience (Business Insider)
Summary List Placement Advertisers have long wanted to crack the premium video game market. But when it comes to shoving ads in front of gamers while they're actually playing games, brands have been uber cautious, opting to instead hanging around th...
30.10.20 - 18:19
Arista Gets Two Upgrades, Driven by Cloud Demand (MarketWatch)
Morgan Stanley and MKM Partners raise their ratings before the networking hardware company’s earnings on Monday....
30.10.20 - 18:01
Snowflake CEO Frank Slootman on the growing cloud war (CNBC)
Frank Slootman, CEO of Snowflake, talks about the company's IPO and the cloud computing war as part of CNBC's Technology Executive Council summit....
30.10.20 - 17:20
Promise of transparency on Google Cloud results cheers Wall Street, Alphabet stock climbs (MarketWatch)
Google parent Alphabet Inc. shares were on track for their best day in over six months after the tech giant blew past Wall Street estimates with a return to revenue growth and a promise to be more transparent about cloud p......
30.10.20 - 16:31
Cloud infrastructure revenue grows 33% this quarter to almost $33B (TechCrunch)
The cloud infrastructure market kept growing at a brisk pace last quarter, as the pandemic continued to push more companies to the cloud with offices shut down in much of the world. This week the big three — Amazon, Microsoft and Google — all rep...
30.10.20 - 13:37
Big Bets on Ship Exhaust Systems Cast a Cloud Over Vessel Owners (WSJ EN)
Shipowners have invested billions of dollars retrofitting vessels with sulfur trapping exhaust systems to abide by stricter clean air rules, but their investment may not pay off as oil prices stay low and cleaner fuels become more available....
30.10.20 - 09:58
Cloud-Speicher: Google-One-Kunden bekommen ein VPN (Golem)
Google wirbt für seinen Cloud-Speicher mit einem Extra-Schutz per VPN. Das kann auch mit mehreren Personen geteilt werden. (Google One, Google)...
30.10.20 - 09:31
Amazon: E-Commerce - und Cloud-Plattform peilt erstmals mehr als 100 Mrd. Dollar Quartalsumsatz an (IT-Times)
SEATTLE (IT-Times) - Der Online-Händler und E-Commerce-Spezialist Inc. hat heute seine Ergebnisse für das dritte Quartal des Geschäftsjahres 2020 vorgelegt......
30.10.20 - 00:54
Google wants to show how serious it is about the cloud (CNBC)
Alphabet will begin reporting operating income for its cloud business, showing the scale of its expenditure....
30.10.20 - 00:03
CEO Bill McDermott says that ServiceNow′s strong earnings show how cloud software has the speed advantage, as the pandemic economy drags down his former company SAP (CRM, SAP, IBM) (Business Insider)
Summary List Placement A year ago, Bill McDermott stepped down as CEO of tech giant SAP to lead ServiceNow, the newer, smaller competitor in enterprise software. That career move appeared particularly smart this week as the two companies posted drast...
29.10.20 - 23:36
Google is making a change to its earnings report next quarter that shows just how important cloud computing has become to its business (GOOG, GOOGL) (Business Insider)
Summary List Placement Starting next quarter, Google parent company Alphabet plans to break out Google Cloud as a separate reporting segment, underscoring the opportunity the search giant is seeing in its cloud business. Google CEO Sundar Pichai anno...
29.10.20 - 23:25
Marvell Technology kündigt 10 Mrd. Dollar schwere Akquisition des Big-Data Spezialisten Inphi für Cloud und 5G an (IT-Times)
SANTA CLARA/SAN JOSE (KALIFORNIEN) (IT-Times) - Der Chiphersteller Marvell Technology übernimmt in einer Milliarden-Dollar-Transaktion den kleineren Kontrahenten......
29.10.20 - 22:07
Five9 stock rallies 7% after cloud company's Q3 sales up 34% (MarketWatch)
Shares of Five9 Inc. rose more than 7% in the extended session Thursday after the cloud software provider reported third-quarter adjusted earnings and sales that topped Wall Street views. Separately, the company said it h......
29.10.20 - 21:49
Fastly: CDN Cloud-Provider verliert TikTok als Großkunden - Aktie fällt (IT-Times)
SAN FRANCISCO (IT-Times) - Fastly, Anbieter von Cloud-Software zur Beschleunigung des Internets, hat die Ergebnisse für das dritte Quartal 2020 vorgelegt und ein......
29.10.20 - 21:44
Google Cloud′s revenue growth picked back up slightly in Q3, and it′s continuing to help drive Google′s strength overall (GOOG, GOOGL) (Business Insider)
Summary List Placement Google Cloud's growth showed slight acceleration again, as parent-company Alphabet reported cloud revenue of $3.4 billion in the third quarter, a 45% increase year-over-year. Last quarter, the unit reported only 43% growth fro...
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