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Erdgas ist ein brennbares Naturgas, welches überwiegend aus Methan besteht. Es ist vor Heizöl der wichtigste Rohstoff zur Beheizung von Häusern in Deutschland. Des Weiteren wird es in Gaskraftwerken und als Kraftfahrzeugtreibstoff verwendet. Aufgrund neuer Fördermethoden, dem sogenannten Fracking, konnte die Produktion von Erdgas insbesondere in den USA signifikant erhöht werden. Erdgas (Natural Gas) wird an der NYMEX gehandelt.
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1 Woche: +4,3%
1 Monat: +0,6%
3 Monate: -1,9%
6 Monate: -1,4%
1 Jahr: +60,0%
laufendes Jahr: +2,8%
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14.04.21 - 07:08
Natural Gas Futures: Corrective downside in the offing? (FXstreet)
14.04.21 - 04:18
Samsung Heavy completes pilot test of LNG regasfication system (Korea Herald)
The system, named S-REGAS, is the world's first LNG regasification system for LNG floating storage regasification unit (LNG-FSRU) combined with cold power generation technologies, the shipbuilder said. Cold power generation refers to electric power...
14.04.21 - 01:53
The 3 Nations Vying For Global LNG Dominance (ZeroHedge)
The 3 Nations Vying For Global LNG Dominance Authored by Alex Kimani via, Last year was an unprecedented year for natural gas and liquefied-natural-gas (LNG) markets. Whereas natural gas demand declined by 3%, LNG demand p...
13.04.21 - 11:01
Topsy-Turvey Trade World Strikes Again: New Top 2021 Export? Natural Gas (Forbes)
There has been enormous turbulence in U.S. trade over the last two years. A good bit of that is due to trade policies from former President Trump. A good deal of it is due to Covid-19. And some of is it due to innovation, particularly in the energy f...
13.04.21 - 07:03
Natural Gas Futures: Extra gains not favoured (FXstreet)
12.04.21 - 13:36
Russia′s Novatek ramps up natural gas production & shipments abroad in 2021 (RT)
Russian energy major Novatek said on Monday that gas production in the January-March period this year was up by 5.6%, amounting to 20.15 billion cubic meters (bcm). The company also reported increased exports. Read Full Article at
12.04.21 - 11:00
Nord Stream 2: Brauchen wir das Erdgas? (Wiener Zeitung)
Geopolitisches Werkzeug, transatlantischer Zankapfel oder Brücke in die grüne Zukunft - umstritten ist die zu 95 Prozent fertiggestellte Ostsee-Gaspipeline Nord Stream 2 allemal. Die USA wollen die Vollendung des rund 1.200 Kilometer langen Doppels...
12.04.21 - 08:42
Qatar could throw a wrench in America′s ambitious LNG plans (RT)
US domestic demand for natural gas has been falling for a year now, according to EIA data. The authority expects demand will continue down this year as well because of cheap renewables and coal. Read Full Article at
12.04.21 - 08:18
Natural Gas Futures: Look neutral/bearish near-term (FXstreet)
11.04.21 - 16:18
Russia ready to supply LNG to fuel-hungry Pakistan (RT)
Russia has offered Pakistan liquefied natural gas (LNG) supplies, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavov has revealed, as the South Asian nation is facing more gas shortages in the near future. Read Full Article at
09.04.21 - 14:12
′Dwindling trend′: Natural gas production in Europe plunged 23% last year (RT)
A new report by the European Commission (EC) reveals domestic gas output in the EU amounted to 54 billion cubic meters (bcm) in 2020, down from 70 bcm in the previous year. Production was down 22.8% year-on-year. Read Full Article at
09.04.21 - 09:37
US LNG exports fall from record highs (RT)
Maintenance at a Cheniere Energy facility was set to drag natural gas deliveries to US liquefied natural gas (LNG) export facilities on Thursday to the lowest level since the end of February, Reuters reports. Read Full Article at
09.04.21 - 07:42
Natural Gas Futures: Further recovery not favoured (FXstreet)
09.04.21 - 06:13
H-Energy′s Former Dubai-Based LNG Trading Unit Being Liquidated (Bloomberg)
H-Energy's Former Dubai-Based LNG Trading Unit Being Liquidated...
08.04.21 - 16:44
EIA reports a slightly smaller-than-expected weekly climb in U.S. natural-gas supplies (MarketWatch)
The U.S. Energy Information Administration reported on Thursday that domestic supplies of natural gas rose by 20 billion cubic feet for the week ended April 2. That compares with an average increase of 27 billion cubic fee......
08.04.21 - 07:24
Natural Gas Futures: Further upside not favoured (FXstreet)
08.04.21 - 07:14
The World′s Top LNG Buyers Are Already Preparing for Next Winter (Bloomberg)
The World's Top LNG Buyers Are Already Preparing for Next Winter...
07.04.21 - 10:26
Chevron U.S.A. Partners With Hokkaido Gas To Bring Chevron LNG Directly To Hokkaido Area (AFX)
SAN RAMON (dpa-AFX) - Chevron Corporation (CVX) said its unit Chevron U.S.A. Inc. has signed a binding Sale and Purchase Agreement with Hokkaido Gas Co. for the delivery of liquefied natural gas f......
07.04.21 - 07:27
Natural Gas Futures: Extra losses in the pipeline (FXstreet)
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