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29.05.20 - 18:10
Chile′s unemployment rate rose to the highest in more than a decade and retail sales slumped by almost a third (Bloomberg)
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29.05.20 - 18:04
Colombia National Jobless Rate: 19.8% (April) vs 12.6% (FXstreet)
29.05.20 - 17:13
Cramer: Trump should be focused on the unemployment numbers, not Twitter (CNBC)
President Trump signed an executive order on Thursday that seeks to limit some of the federal protections of online companies. The order marks a dramatic escalation in tensions between the White House and some big social media companies as they try t...
29.05.20 - 16:56
Washington recovers $300 million in fraudulent unemployment claims (MarketWatch)
Washington state has recovered $300 million paid to criminals who used stolen personal information to file fraudulent unemployment benefit claims amid the COVID-19 crisis, officials said Thursday....
29.05.20 - 16:22
$600 A Week Unemployment Benefits Unlikely To Be Extended (Forbes)
No more unemployment benefits?...
29.05.20 - 16:16
Record rise in unemployment casts a shadow over Trump’s re-election bid (MarketWatch)
If Americans vote their pocketbooks this November, it could be the end of Donald Trump’s short political career....
29.05.20 - 15:13
Chile Unemployment rate came in at 9%, above forecasts (8.5%) in April (FXstreet)
29.05.20 - 14:43
Japan’s low official jobless rate conceals deeper pain in its labor market (Japan Times)
The real unemployment rate is closer to 11 percent, one think tank says....
29.05.20 - 14:04
Unemployment Benefits Aren't Too High. Wages Are Too Low. (MarketWatch)
Some laid-off workers are getting more than their original pay in unemployment benefits. The solution isn't to cut those benefits; it's to increase their wages....
29.05.20 - 12:58
Japan′s unemployment rate hits 2-year high in April due to pandemic (Xinhua)
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29.05.20 - 12:46
Amazon Offers Full-Time Employment To 125,000 Workers Hired To Meet Increased Demand During Pandemic (Benzinga) Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN) is offering full-time employment to 125,000 workers it hired temporarily to meet the increased demand during the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the company announced Thursday. read more...
29.05.20 - 11:10
Social-distancing smart watches and plexiglass beach boxes: Old and new technologies are being employed to keep people apart (MarketWatch)
As countries easing lockdowns bring businesses and workers back online, these tech solutions are popping up to make sure people keep up social distancing...
29.05.20 - 10:02
Norway Registered Unemployment n.s.a below forecasts (6.9%) in May: Actual (6.4%) (FXstreet)
29.05.20 - 10:01
5 vor 10: Klimaschutz, Arbeitslosigkeit, Statistiken, EZB, Branchenhilfen (OekonomenBlog)
Heute in den Linktipps: Der Green Deal der EU, die Arbeitslosigkeit in Amerika und die Bedeutung von Statistiken für wirtschaftliche Entscheidungen. Außerdem geht es um den Streit um das EZB-Anleihekaufprogramm und Branchenhilfen in der Coronakrise...
29.05.20 - 08:01
Denmark Unemployment Rate: 5.1% (April) vs 3.6% (FXstreet)
29.05.20 - 07:16
From unemployment to oil, here are 20 charts that show how the coronavirus is changing our behavior (Bloomberg)
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29.05.20 - 06:06
Debate over $600 in jobless aid to intensify as claims rise (AP)
WASHINGTON (AP) — A debate in Congress over whether to extend $600 a week in federally provided benefits to the unemployed looks sure to intensify with the number of people receiving the aid now topping......
29.05.20 - 01:46
Here′s How ′Rare′ Trend Of Pay Cuts For Employed Nationwide Spells Doom For Rapid Recovery (ZeroHedge)
Here's How 'Rare' Trend Of Pay Cuts For Employed Nationwide Spells Doom For Rapid Recovery Tyler Durden Thu, 05/28/2020 - 19:45 Bloomberg has issued the latest deeply pessimistic report suggesting 'return to normal' wil...
29.05.20 - 01:31
Japan Unemployment Rate below expectations (2.7%) in April: Actual (2.6%) (FXstreet)
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