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Der Internationale Währungsfond (IWF) ist eine Sonderorganisation der Vereinten Nationen. In der Öffentlichkeit ist der IWF insbesondere wegen der Vergabe von Krediten an notleidende Staaten bekannt. An die Kreditvergabe sind üblicherweise Strukturreformen gebunden, welche vom jeweiligen Land umgesetzt werden müssen. Weitere Aufgaben des IWF´s sind die staatenübergreifende Förderung der Währungspolitik und des Welthandels.
18.06.19 - 17:44
IMF Head Christine Lagarde On Closing The Gender Gap And Navigating Leadership In A Room Full Of Suits (Forbes)
The IMFs Christine Lagarde on why closing the gender gap is essential for global growth and the three qualities every good leader should cultivate....
18.06.19 - 09:58
ECB can′t fight a recession on its own, says former IMF economist (CNBC)
Olivier Blanchard, senior fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics, discusses European monetary policy....
18.06.19 - 09:06
ECB cannot fight a recession alone, says former IMF economist (CNBC)
There are growing doubts on whether the central bank will be able to deploy the same level of intervention whenever the next crisis hits....
14.06.19 - 15:39
Nations must protect spending on the vulnerable, says IMF chief (The Guardian)
Shift in stance comes as more countries raise concerns about inequality - Christine LagardeThe International Monetary Fund is urging countries to protect spending on health, education and vulnerable groups amid growing concern among its members about...
13.06.19 - 22:56
Brexit, trade wars and national debts pose a threat to Eurozone recovery, IMF warns (DailyMail)
Economic growth in the region is expected to pick up later this year after slowing in second half of 2018, but the IMF said this could be derailed. Trade tensions could push down demand for EU products....
13.06.19 - 15:09
IMF′s Lagarde: Euro zone fiscal rules should be simplified, anchored to debt (FXstreet)
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13.06.19 - 13:40
Risks to Tunisia′s push to revive its economy remain "very high, the IMF warns as it signs off on a sorely needed loan installment (Bloomberg)
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12.06.19 - 21:33
IMF leader Christine Lagarde calls on governments to de-escalate "tit-for-tat" trade disputes and instead work to fix the global system (Bloomberg)
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12.06.19 - 20:09
Weltweiter Handel: IWF-Chefin Lagarde mahnt zur Deeskalation von Handelskonflikten (Handelsblatt)
Die Chefin des Währungsfonds fordert Besonnenheit, insbesondere von China und den USA. Lagarde sieht in Handelskonflikten eine nachhaltige Gefahr....
12.06.19 - 12:45
IMF′s Lagarde: US-China trade tensions could just be the ′beginning′ (CNBC)
Christine Lagarde, managing director of the IMF, says trade tensions could especially impact the Central and Eastern European region....
12.06.19 - 11:45
IWF-Chefin Lagarde mahnt zur Deeskalation von Handelskonflikten (DPA-AFX)
FRANKFURT (dpa-AFX) - IWF-Chefin Christine Lagarde mahnt angesichts wachsender internationaler Handelskonflikte zur Deeskalation. "Wir sollten alle dazu beitragen, die gegenwärtigen Handelsstreitigkeiten zu entschärfen und den konstruktiven Dialog fo...
12.06.19 - 08:51
Lebanon′s Prime Minister Saad Hariri ridiculed suggestions that his debt-laden country should seek a bail-out from the IMF (Bloomberg)
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11.06.19 - 18:52
What Modern Monetary Theory gets ‘plain wrong’ - former IMF chief economist (MarketWatch)
Olivier Blanchard, the former IMF chief economist, and a leading expert on fiscal policy, on Tuesday said Modern Monetary Theory gets some things right but also gets some things wrong....
11.06.19 - 14:51
IMF head Christine Lagarde warns of the dangers of big tech′s push into finance (GOOGL, AAPL, AMZN, BABA) (Business Insider)
This is an excerpt from a story delivered exclusively to Business Insider Intelligence Digital Health Pro subscribers. To receive the full story plus other insights each morning, click here. The head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Christi...
11.06.19 - 10:57
Here′s what to look for in Pakistan′s first budget since its IMF bailout (Bloomberg)
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11.06.19 - 02:33
Fintech development challenges need to be addressed by international policymakers: IMF official (Xinhua)
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10.06.19 - 09:15
S. Korea should continue expansionary actions: finance minister, IMF chief (Korea Herald)
South Korea’s top fiscal policymaker and the chief of the International Monetary Fund have agreed that Asia’...
10.06.19 - 08:21
IMF′s Lagarde warns trade wars will damage global growth - The Telegraph (FXstreet)
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