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Hedgefonds investieren Kundengelder überwiegend in risikoreiche Assets, wie Derivate und spekulieren auf allen Märkten, insbesondere auch auf fallende Kurse. Die meisten Hedgefonds verlangen vom Anleger eine Verwaltungs- und Erfolgsprämie (Gewinnbeteiligung). Aufgrund der hohen Gebühren und der Intransparenz über ihre Assets und Strategien werden sie des Öfteren kritisiert. Ein Hedgefonds der in der Vergangenheit gute Erträge erzielt hat, kann zukünftig eine unterdurchschnittliche Performance aufweisen, insbesondere dann, wenn sich strukturelle Änderungen an den Finanzmärkten ergeben.
17.08.19 - 16:36
The story behind GE's biggest plunge in 11 years and how it ambushed hedge funds (Bloomberg)
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17.08.19 - 13:41
Buy Uber, sell Microsoft. Those were some of the biggest bets hedge funds made in the second quarter. (Bloomberg)
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17.08.19 - 00:33
Hedge fund hires ex-CIA spies to look into Burford executives′ statements (DailyMail)
Burford executives' words were probed by consultant QVerity to 'measure' if they were deceptive, as part of Muddy Waters' wide-ranging attack on the firm....
16.08.19 - 19:04
GE was the most popular industrial stock for hedge funds last quarter. Here are 9 firms that likely took a beating after the stock tanked on fraud claims. (GE) (Business Insider)
Hedge funds scooped up more shares of General Electric in the second quarter than any other company in the industrial sector.  The funds were most likely trying to buy the dip as the stock has shed more than 60% of its market value over the last...
16.08.19 - 18:52
Here′s where hedge funds are investing in the stock market right now (Bloomberg)
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16.08.19 - 14:33
Founder Of World′s Largest Hedge Fund Sees ′40%′ Odds Of Recession Before 2020 Election (ZeroHedge)
After focusing his attention on his new charitable giving initiative involving Connecticut's schools, Bridgewater founder Ray Dalio is turning his attention back to global markets, and has delivered more of the economic doomsaying that has character...
16.08.19 - 13:34
‘Monetary policy lunacy’ means there has never been a better time for this asset, says hedge fund analyst (MarketWatch)
Our call of the day from Otavio Costa, global macro analyst at hedge fund Crescat Capital advises buying gold ahead of “monetary policy lunacy.”...
16.08.19 - 04:04
Bridgewater founder Ray Dalio says there′s a 40% chance of a US recession before the 2020 election (CNBC)
"Recessions are always inevitable, the only question is: 'When?'," says Ray Dalio, founder of Bridgewater Associates....
15.08.19 - 23:05
Boardroom clear-out at Burford: Legal firm wields knife after hedge fund′s attack  (DailyMail)
The company, which came under attack from short-selling hedge fund Muddy Waters last week, will remove its boss's wife from the position of chief financial officer....
15.08.19 - 21:15
Why this hedge fund manager doesn′t see an issue with US economy (CNBC)
Larry Glazer of Mayflower and Steve Massocca of Wedbush discuss the U.S. economy amid an inverted yield curve in the 10-year treasury note with CNBC's "Power Lunch" team....
15.08.19 - 20:24
This Is What Hedge Funds Bought And Sold In Q2 (ZeroHedge)
Once upon a time, the quarterly publication of hedge fund 13F statements was a momentous event, more important even than corporate earnings, creating a frenzy of activity within the buyside community as hedge funds scrambled to figure out who is buyi...
15.08.19 - 17:26
Hedge funds are cozying up to Uber but snubbing Lyft (UBER, LYFT) (Business Insider)
Big name hedge funds bought up big Uber stakes during or shortly after the company's initial public offering in May, regulatory filings disclosed this week show.  Lyft, meanwhile, saw many managers trim their stakes.  Both stocks have sank...
15.08.19 - 17:26
Bill Ackman′s hedge fund reveals new stake in Warren Buffett′s Berkshire Hathaway (BRK) (Business Insider)
Activist investor Bill Ackman has purchased a stake worth about $696 million in Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway, according to a new filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Ackman's Pershing Square Capital Management owned 3.51 milli...
15.08.19 - 14:38
Hedge funds take stakes in recent IPOs in Q2 (CNBC)
Investors are learning more about some big hedge fund moves from quarterly filings. CNBC's Leslie Picker joins "Squawk Box" with the details....
15.08.19 - 11:04
Hedge funds are turning to gold for refuge (Bloomberg)
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14.08.19 - 18:05
Brazil′s top hedge fund has notched another win by helping turn one of last year′s worst-performing stocks into one of this year′s best (Bloomberg)
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