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Hedgefonds investieren Kundengelder überwiegend in risikoreiche Assets, wie Derivate und spekulieren auf allen Märkten, insbesondere auch auf fallende Kurse. Die meisten Hedgefonds verlangen vom Anleger eine Verwaltungs- und Erfolgsprämie (Gewinnbeteiligung). Aufgrund der hohen Gebühren und der Intransparenz über ihre Assets und Strategien werden sie des Öfteren kritisiert. Ein Hedgefonds der in der Vergangenheit gute Erträge erzielt hat, kann zukünftig eine unterdurchschnittliche Performance aufweisen, insbesondere dann, wenn sich strukturelle Änderungen an den Finanzmärkten ergeben.
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14.08.20 - 03:16
Bridgewater Backs Chinese Assets In Polarized World (ZeroHedge)
Bridgewater Backs Chinese Assets In Polarized World Tyler Durden Thu, 08/13/2020 - 21:15 By Ye Xie, Bloomberg macro commentator There is some uneasiness seeping into the bond market. Yields on 30-year Treasuries rose to the...
13.08.20 - 22:02
We asked 7 alt data leads at big names like Bridgewater, Point72, and Man Group how to pitch them on new data feeds. Here′s how to win them over. (Business Insider)
The alternative data industry, the unique datasets used by investors to gain an edge, has surged in recent months due to the coronavirus pandemic. Business Insider profiled seven executives at some of the leading hedge funds, banks, and trading shops...
13.08.20 - 19:49
Tui und Lufthansa: Hedgefonds verdienen am Einbruch der Reisebranche (Manager-Magazin)
Die Umsatzausfälle und Kurseinbrüche bescheren den Leerverkäufern in der Corona-Krise Profite. Besonders lukrativ waren dabei Wetten gegen die Lufthansa, die gerade mit Steuermilliarden stabilisiert wird....
13.08.20 - 19:25
Hedge funds and private equity firms gave loans. Now they′re suing. (New York Times)
Um den gesamten Artikel unter nytimes.com zu lesen, klicken Sie bitte auf die Überschrift...
13.08.20 - 13:25
Hedge funds are scrambling to find data on Robinhood (Business Insider)
The weekend is almost here, folks.  As part of its ongoing transformation into your friendly neighborhood bank, Goldman Sachs is reportedly interested in buying General Motors' credit-card business, according to The Wall Street Journal.  G...
12.08.20 - 22:46
Short Activist Hedge Fund Says Buy This Japan-Listed Cybersecurity Stock (Forbes)
Gabriel Grego, managing partner at Quintessential Capital, is best known for his short-selling campaigns that have seen average returns of 83% over the last five years. He has now turned his attention to a stock that he thinks has been overlooked and...
12.08.20 - 02:40
Hedge Funds Warn Crowded Dollar Shorts in Danger of Backfiring (Bloomberg)
Hedge Funds Warn Crowded Dollar Shorts in Danger of Backfiring...
12.08.20 - 02:02
Steve Cohen′s Point72 and other hedge funds are sending urgent requests to find a replacement after Robinhood′s data on hot stock trades suddenly went dark (Business Insider)
Point72 has reached out to other trading platforms and investing apps in a hunt for new trading signals, according to people with direct knowledge of the outreach. The requests came just hours after popular trading app Robinhood restricted access to ...
11.08.20 - 16:19
Corona-Einbruch: Hedgefonds-Legende Jim Simons wird entzaubert (Handelsblatt)
Der Gründer des Hedgefonds Renaissance, Jim Simons, muss in diesem Jahr heftige Verluste hinnehmen. Das sind er und seine Branche nicht gewohnt....
10.08.20 - 20:07
Blackstone Backs Ex-JPMorgan Money Manager′s New Hedge Fund (Bloomberg)
Blackstone Backs Ex-JPMorgan Money Manager's New Hedge Fund...
10.08.20 - 15:52
Meet The Hedge Fund Manager Who Thinks Math Is Overrated (When It Comes To Investing) (Forbes)
Eric Chung, chief investment officer of Lighthaven Capital Management, says investors over-rely on math, financial models, and algorithms....
08.08.20 - 14:49
Hedge funds vs. Big Tech — Facebook′s mega office deal — Stocks for kids (Business Insider)
  Welcome to Wall Street Insider, where we take you behind the scenes of the finance team's biggest scoops and deep dives from the past week.  If you aren't yet a subscriber to Wall Street Insider, you can sign up here. The savviest hedge...
07.08.20 - 21:37
$34 billion Citadel is dominating 2020. Here′s a look at how it′s outperforming its rivals — and the hedge fund′s plan for its latest Goldman hire. (Business Insider)
Citadel's flagship Wellington fund is up more than 16% through July, and its standalone Global Fixed Income fund is up nearly 12% over the same time frame, sources tell Business Insider. Ken Griffin's $34 billion firm has five different strategies ...
07.08.20 - 20:07
Bridgewater′s Prince Says Bonds Are Risky in Zero-Rate World (Bloomberg)
Bridgewater's Prince Says Bonds Are Risky in Zero-Rate World...
07.08.20 - 18:07
Billionaire former hedge fund chief John Paulson to host big-money Hamptons fundraiser for Trump (CNBC)
Tickets for the Trump dinner event are priced up to $500,000 per couple, an invitation says....
07.08.20 - 15:44
Here are the firms that are winning the epic poaching war between hedge funds and big tech (Business Insider)
As hedge funds have become sophisticated, their talent needs have evolved — and top managers now are searching out people with engineering abilities or data science skills. This has put managers in direct competition with big tech firms, and a year...
06.08.20 - 21:19
Hedge Fund Beats 98% of Peers With Australian Data Centers Bet (Bloomberg)
Hedge Fund Beats 98% of Peers With Australian Data Centers Bet...
06.08.20 - 18:42
Hedge fund Third Point takes new positions in Amazon, Disney (CNBC)
CNBC's Leslie Picker breaks down hedge fund Third Point's new investment positions....
06.08.20 - 18:13
Sculptor Hedge Fund Outflows Diminish While CLO Deals Weaken (Bloomberg)
Sculptor Hedge Fund Outflows Diminish While CLO Deals Weaken...
06.08.20 - 17:31
THE TRUE TIGER KING: Inside the sprawling web of billionaire Julian Robertson, whose legendary Tiger Management has helped spawn hundreds of new hedge funds (Business Insider)
Julian Robertson's network is one of the most sprawling in any industry — the billionaire has seeded dozens of hedge funds, many of which have had their own spin-offs, creating a web of hundreds of names.  We've mapped out these connecti...
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