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21.04.19 - 16:03
China Taiping Insurance reports premium income growth of subsidiaries in Q1 (Xinhua)
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21.04.19 - 14:37
Anglo American has hired three investment banks to fend off a potential takeover bid from the billionaire owner of Vedanta Resources (Bloomberg)
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21.04.19 - 04:13
China Life insurance premiums grow over 11 pct (Xinhua)
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20.04.19 - 20:24
Banken und Versicherungen: Das Klima braucht das Kapital (FAZ)
Der Finanzsektor spielt eine wichtige Rolle für den Klimaschutz. Doch die EU-Politik schafft Unsicherheit. Soll der schnell überforderte Privatanleger jetzt auch noch die Welt retten? Ein Gasbeitrag....
20.04.19 - 09:36
Hacker - "WannaCry-Held" gesteht Entwicklung von Banken-Trojaner (Der Standard)
Britischer Hacker 2017 in den USA festgenommen...
19.04.19 - 18:06
Aktionäre - In der Drei-Banken-Gruppe bahnt sich Streit an (Der Standard)
Die Bank Austria beantragt eine Sonderprüfung aller Kapitalerhöhungen der Kärntner BKS Bank - BKS sieht "Angriff" auf Regionalbank...
19.04.19 - 11:37
Germany′s financial markets regulator ended a controversial ban on investors making bets against Wirecard shares (Bloomberg)
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19.04.19 - 10:55
40% of Japan’s health insurance unions on course to dissolve by 2022 as costs for elderly rise (Japan Times)
Over 40 percent of health insurance unions known as kenpo, mainly for employees of large companies, are facing increased pressure to dissolve themselves by fiscal ......
19.04.19 - 01:18
Cramer Remix: Big banks have kicked off earnings season in a surprising fashion (CNBC)
Jim Cramer details how the group is doing better than expected and remains cheap even after the latest leg higher....
19.04.19 - 01:00
Cramer: Banks are doing better than thought and stocks are still cheap (CNBC)
Jim Cramer reviews the past week of bank earnings....
18.04.19 - 22:48
Exclusive: New York Fed cracks down on Puerto Rico banks following Venezuela sanctions (Reuters EN)
U.S. sanctions on Venezuela have led the New York Federal Reserve to crack down on Puerto Rico's $50 billion offshore banking industry, according to four sources and a document seen by Reuters....
18.04.19 - 22:48
Banks ordered to disclose bondholder information to Puerto Rico board (Reuters EN)
A judge on Thursday ordered banks to comply with a request from Puerto Rico's federally created financial oversight board to disclose customer information related to certain debt issued by the bankrupt U.S. commonwealth....
18.04.19 - 22:18
Goldman Shuffles Private-Equity Executives (WSJ EN)
Rich Friedman, one of Goldman Sachs Group's longest-serving partners and head of its private-equity arm, is stepping back as part of a reorganization of the firm's alternative-investing businesses....
18.04.19 - 21:18
U.S. regulators propose rule to ease leverage rule for custody banks (Reuters EN)
U.S. banking regulators on Thursday proposed a rule that would allow custody banks to exclude deposits with central banks from a stringent capital requirement....
18.04.19 - 21:15
India′s Formerly Largest Airline Plummets As Banks Pull Liquidity, Bankruptcy Imminent (ZeroHedge)
Jet Airways, once India's largest airline by market cap, has been forced to immediately halt operations after Indian banks refused to furnish emergency funds, leading to a liquidity crisis that looks to have bankrupted the airline. The Indian carrie...
18.04.19 - 21:15
Are Central Banks Softening Us Up For Higher Inflation? (ZeroHedge)
Authored by John Rubino via DollarCollapse.com, There was a time when "price stability - that is, money that buys the same amount of stuff every year - was considered a good thing. But as debts began to pile up around the world, it became clear to p...
18.04.19 - 20:18
Exclusive: Banks shun Tereos attempt to secure wider funding - sources (Reuters EN)
An attempt by French sugar group Tereos to spread risk on a 250 million euro ($281 million) loan secured earlier this year has failed to attract bidders, leaving three main creditor banks with exposure, sources familiar with the matter said....
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