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Wasser News

Ein deutscher Bundesbürger verbraucht etwa 120 Liter Wasser am Tag (sowohl direkt, als auch indirekt). Nur 3% der globalen Wassermenge ist Süßwasser und nur 10% davon sind als Trinkwasser verfügbar. Insbesondere in Afrika, Asien und im Nahen Osten ist die Versorgung mit sauberen Trinkwasser ein Problem mit Konfliktpotenzial. Steigende Bevölkerungszahlen in den genannten Gebieten werden die Situation tendenziell verschärfen. Innovative Methoden zur Versorgung, Verteilung und Aufbereitung von Wasser sind in Zukunft mehr denn je gefragt.
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Es sind 13 ETFs & Fonds zum Thema Wasser bekannt.
19.10.21 - 02:10
FEATURE-′Giving life to dying land′: Solar water pumps quench thirsty Kenyan farms (Reuters EN)
... MWITHINI, Kenya, Oct 19 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Even at 80 years old... the Thomson Reuters Foundation, the charitable arm of Thomson Reuters......
19.10.21 - 00:49
Kudrin pours cold water over the Kremlin′s budget optimism, says 3% growth unobtainable (IntelliNews)
Former Finance Minister and Audit Chamber head Alexei Kudrin poured cold water over the government's new budget, saying in a report the assumptions are overly optimistic and the forecast 3% growth for this year is “nowhere to be seen.”...
18.10.21 - 16:40
Italian police use water cannon to break up health pass protest at port (Reuters EN)
...TRIESTE, Italy (Reuters) - Italian police used water cannon... by Reuters last week. However, Puzzer has said around 40% of Trieste's port......
18.10.21 - 11:14
Cape Town fights alien trees threatening its water supply, biodiversity (Reuters EN)
...By Wendell Roelf CAPE TOWN (Reuters) - In South Africa's......
17.10.21 - 20:07
Iraq to reduce winter crop area by 50% due to water shortage - ministry statement (Reuters EN)
...(Reuters) - Iraq's agriculture ministry said on Sunday it would......
17.10.21 - 15:09
Iowa′s Water Crisis Offers a Glimpse of the Future (Bloomberg)
Iowa's Water Crisis Offers a Glimpse of the Future...
17.10.21 - 14:28
Tesla-Ausbau bei Berlin: Wasserverband warnt vor Trinkwasserknappheit (DPA-AFX)
STRAUSBERG (dpa-AFX) - Die Trinkwasserversorgung der Region ist bei einem weiteren Ausbau der Fabrik von US-Elektroautobauer Tesla in Grünheide bei Berlin nach Ansicht des zuständigen Wasserverbands noch nicht gesichert. ......
16.10.21 - 19:30
In South Texas, aging water system meets growing population (AP)
McALLEN, Texas (AP) — On a scorching afternoon in South Texas, Sonia Lambert looked out at an open-air canal that carries mud-green water from the Rio Grande to nearby towns and farmland, losing much......
16.10.21 - 00:32
Canadian Arctic city confirms ′exceedingly high levels′ of fuel in water supply (Reuters EN)
...By Moira Warburton Oct 15 (Reuters) - The Canadian city of Iqaluit......
15.10.21 - 16:27
How HydroJug Is Making It “Normal” To Walk Around With A 73 Ounce Water Bottle (Forbes)
In the crowded water bottle market, HydroJug stands out by giving consumers exactly what they are looking for. Instead of fancy colors or an abundance of features, HydroJug created a simple, 73 ounce water jug made for people who just need a lot of w...
15.10.21 - 16:06
Nestlé zieht umstrittenes Wasser Vittel zurück (Manager-Magazin)
Wegen der umstrittenen Wassergewinnung im französischen Vittel steht Nestlé seit Jahren in der Kritik. Jetzt scheint der Konzern zu reagieren: Als einer der wichtigsten Vertriebspartner in Deutschland wird Lidl das Mineralwasser künftig nicht mehr...
15.10.21 - 13:08
What′s our water trying to tell us. A global perspective (Reuters EN)
... // This panel discussion was part of Reuters IMPACT (Oct 4-6......
15.10.21 - 12:06
Organic Water-Saving Claims False, Declares Cotton Myth-Busting Report (Forbes)
The recent report Cotton: A Case Study in Misinformation published by Transformers Foundation provides the most current, peer-reviewed data on global cotton impacts, and offers an opportunity to steer more sustainable material decision-making by the ...
14.10.21 - 22:52
U.S. authorities disclose ransomware attacks against water facilities (Reuters EN)
...By Joseph Menn SAN FRANCISCO, Oct 14 (Reuters) - U.S. authorities......
14.10.21 - 21:45
Hidden Water Vapor Was Just Discovered On Europa′s Icy Surface (TechCrunch)
After studying years of old Hubble space observations, a scientist just discovered all-new signs of water vapor lingering on Europa. When it comes to our Solar System, there are certain destinations that tend to take up the spotlight. Mars is th...
14.10.21 - 20:52
Residents of Canadian Arctic capital told city water is unsafe to drink (Reuters EN)
...By Moira Warburton (Reuters) - The capital of Canada's Arctic......
14.10.21 - 19:27
′Our whole life depends on water′: Climate change, pollution and dams threaten Iraq′s Marsh Arabs (Reuters EN)
... (Reuters) - On an island surrounded by the narrow waterways......
14.10.21 - 15:15
Aris Water sets IPO terms, to raise up to $318 million (MarketWatch)
Aris Water Solutions Inc. has set terms for its initial public offering, in which the profitable Texas-based water handling and recycling company is looking to raise up to $317.7 million. The company said it is offering 1......
14.10.21 - 09:02
WIDER IMAGE-′Our whole life depends on water′: Climate change, pollution and dams threaten Iraq′s Marsh Arabs (Reuters EN)
... and Thaier Al-Sudani CHEBAYESH MARSHES, Iraq, Oct 14 (Reuters......
12.10.21 - 22:36
We′re treading water until the Fed meeting, but we′re still pretty bullish on stocks, says G Squared′s Greene (CNBC)
Victoria Greene from G Squared and Joe Terranova from Virtus Investment Partners join Closing Bell to discuss the markets and what they're telling their clients to invest in right now....
>Zitat des Tages: Gelassen und weitherzig ist der edle Mensch, ruhlos und stets gequält von Kümmernissen der niedrig Gesinnte. - Konfuzius
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