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Nachrichten mit dem Wort Krise begegnen uns am Finanzmarkt täglich. Dabei ist jede Krise auch eine Chance etwas zu verbessern. Wenn sich die Krisenmeldungen überschlagen, ist es historisch gesehen ratsam, antizyklisch vorzugehen und einen ausverkauften Aktienmarkt zu kaufen.
20.04.19 - 01:00
A Nobel Laureates Plan To Use Social Security To Fix The Retirement Crisis -- And Why It Wont Work (Forbes)
Richard Thaler unveiled a clever plan to turn Social Security into a low-cost annuity vendor. But the plan runs the risk of draining money from the Social Security Trust Fund while doing little to encourage better retirement savings....
20.04.19 - 00:14
USA riskieren Kuba-Krise mit EU (Telepolis)
Die Drohungen der USA gegen europäische Unternehmen in Kuba sind Ausdruck einer zunehmend aggressiven Geopolitik der Trump-Regierung...
19.04.19 - 18:25
China′s "JPMorgan" Hit By Sudden Debt Crisis As Cross-Default Chain Reaction Triggered (ZeroHedge)
Ever since Beijing allowed private Chinese companies (even certain state-owned enterprises) to officially fail for the first time in 2016, and file for bankruptcy to restructure their unsustainable debt loads, it's been a one-way street of corporate...
19.04.19 - 12:06
Spain Post-Crisis: The Precariousness In The Labor Market Forces Young People To Rent (Forbes)
The economic crisis continues to cause havoc among young people. Job insecurity and unemployment have been suffocating Spanish youth for years so that access to home ownership is presented as an unattainable dream for younger generations, who can onl...
19.04.19 - 04:31
Crisis at China's JPMorgan wannabe deepens with bond defaults (Bloomberg)
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18.04.19 - 23:49
The Next Financial Crisis Won′t Be Caused By Fraud: This Time Will Be Different (ZeroHedge)
Authored by Charles Hugh Smith via OfTwoMinds blog, Extreme levels of debt and overvaluation characterize the entire global economy, and are not limited to any one nation or sector. Financial crises come in two flavors: fraud and credit-valuation o...
18.04.19 - 21:42
Shortages hit Cuba, raising fears of new economic crisis (Japan Times)
Just after 8 a.m., Pura Castell got in line behind about 100 other people waiting for a chance to buy frozen chicken legs. For two ......
18.04.19 - 18:03
Furcht vor Lira-Krise: Erdogan wettert gegen westliche Medienberichte über türkische Wirtschaft (Handelsblatt)
Der türkische Präsident kritisiert westliche Berichte über die wirtschaftliche Lage seines Landes. Besonders eine Zeitung zieht sich seinen Zorn zu....
18.04.19 - 17:31
GOLDMAN SACHS: A trade crucial for stock-market survival is the cheapest it′s been since before the financial crisis. Here′s how you can get involved. (Business Insider)
The stock market may seem calm right now as it chugs towards a new record, but that's exactly the time traders should be seeking hedges at discount prices. The derivatives strategy team at Goldman Sachs has identified an attractive long-term hedge t...
18.04.19 - 16:36
Airbus sells longer-range A321, expects quick end to Boeing crisis (Reuters EN)
Airbus sales chief Christian Scherer said it is selling longer-range versions of its A321, while signaling a shift away from chasing market share at any cost and predicting Boeing will emerge quickly from the grounding of its rival 737 MAX....
18.04.19 - 15:24
Airbus sells longer-range A321s, sees quick end to Boeing crisis (Reuters EN)
The new sales chief at Europe's Airbus hinted at orders for an unannounced new version of its A321 jet, while softening market rhetoric and predicting rival Boeing will emerge quickly from a crisis over the grounded 737 MAX....
18.04.19 - 14:25
Pork prices are jumping globally because of China's hog crisis (Bloomberg)
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18.04.19 - 10:12
Bitcoin Swings From Bubble Crisis To China Crisis (Forbes)
The more efficient and pervasive cryptocurrencies become, the easier it is for the swelling ranks of billionaires to spirit money out of China....
17.04.19 - 20:19
Emirates NBD was among the hardest hit by Dubai′s debt crisis in 2009 (Bloomberg)
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17.04.19 - 19:54
The Student-Debt Crisis Hits Hardest at Historically Black Colleges (WSJ EN)
Long a path to financial security, traditionally African-American schools are now producing graduates who struggle with disproportionately high debt. "The odds are kind of stacked up against me....
17.04.19 - 19:49
Neues Stadtviertel: Londoner Großprojekt Battersea in der Krise - auch wegen des Brexits (Handelsblatt)
Das stillgelegte Kraftwerk an der Themse ist bereits Wahrzeichen, nun soll es Mittelpunkt eines Stadtviertels werden. Doch das Projekt lahmt....
17.04.19 - 19:07
There′s no crisis in German manufacturing - at least that′s what analysts′ revenue projections for the country′s industrial titans suggest (Bloomberg)
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17.04.19 - 17:37
Österreich: Krise in der ÖVP: Ex-Parteichef Mitterlehner bezeichnet Kanzler Kurz als "rechtspopulistisch" (Handelsblatt)
Der Ex-Vizekanzler greift Sebastian Kurz frontal an. Sorgen machen muss sich der Amtsinhaber nicht: Seine Politik ist vielen Menschen in der Alpenrepublik beliebt....
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