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Im Durchschnitt trinkt jeder Deutscher zwei Tassen Kaffee am Tag, dies entspricht einen Verbrauch von fast 5 kg Kaffee im Jahr. Die weltweit dominierenden Kaffeesorten Arabica und Robusta werden in Lateinamerika, Afrika und in Südostasien geerntet. Zu den größten Kaffeeproduzenten zählen Brasilien, Vietnam, Kolumbien und Indonesien. Für viele Entwicklungsländer ist der Export von Kaffee die wichtigste Einnahmequelle. Kaffee wird an der Futurebörse ICE gehandelt.
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6 Monate: +10,5%
1 Jahr: +18,5%
laufendes Jahr: -9,0%
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14.08.20 - 02:19
Blue Bottle Coffee tries Tokyo vending machines to boost sales (Nikkei)
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Inside UTA′s venture arm that helps build consumer businesses like Emma Chamberlain′s coffee brand for its influencer and celeb clients (Business Insider)
Consumer products are a staple among influencers, and often signal the next step in a growing business. But launching a company as an extension of a personal brand can be tricky. United Talent Agency has a division, called UTA Ventures, that works di...
11.08.20 - 18:51
Some coffee with your coffee? Dunkin€ launching cereal line (AP)
CANTON, Mass. (AP) — As if 2020 wasn't weird enough, Dunkin' is getting into the cereal game....
11.08.20 - 11:37
From Cocoa to Coffee and Sugar, Soft Commodities Stage Simultaneous Rally (WSJ EN)
The raw ingredients for goods including chocolate have rebounded, lifted by supply constraints and investors' bets that a recovering economy will boost consumer demand....
07.08.20 - 22:55
PwC in £60m lawsuit after ′leaking secrets′ over a ′quiet coffee′ (DailyMail)
The Big Four auditor was supposed to be acting as an adviser to Quindell when the scandal-hit insurer was selling its professional services arm to legal business Slater & Gordon....
07.08.20 - 11:43
Ethiopia: A Product of Ethiopian Taste and a Foreign Skill - Melange Coffee (AllAfrica)
[Ethiopian Herald] Melange Coffee Roasters Factory Owner, Solomon Kassa had recently a stay with The Ethiopian Herald. Solomon had been to overseas over 34 years of which for 26 years he lived in Holland and for 8 years in UK....
06.08.20 - 16:07
Uganda Passes Coffee Farming Law to Boost Quality (Bloomberg)
Uganda Passes Coffee Farming Law to Boost Quality...
06.08.20 - 16:07
Kevin O′Leary: Prioritize paying off debt before spending money on coffee (CNBC)
Shark Tank judge, Kevin O'Leary, shares his insights into why you should avoid extraneous spending, such as buying coffee, when in debt....
06.08.20 - 10:02
Kaffee: ICO dreht Bilanz 2019/20 zurück in Defizit (GodmodeTrader)
Statt eines Überschusses von rund 1,9 Millionen Sack Kaffee erwartet die Internationale Kaffeeorganisation ICO der Saison 2019/20 nun ein globales Defizit von knapp 500.000 Sack....
05.08.20 - 14:07
Zucker/Kaffee: Kräftiger Preisanstieg trotz Überangebot (GodmodeTrader)
Die Teilnehmer einer Reuters-Umfrage rechnen für 2020/21 mit einem Angebotsüberschuss am globalen Zuckermarkt von 3,5 Millionen Tonnen, bei Kaffee wird ein Überschuss von fünf Millionen Sack erwartet....
05.08.20 - 05:46
Woman Throws Coffee In Man′s Face For Not Wearing A Mask, Gets Boyfriend′s Ass Beat (ZeroHedge)
Woman Throws Coffee In Man's Face For Not Wearing A Mask, Gets Boyfriend's Ass Beat Tyler Durden Tue, 08/04/2020 - 23:45 A woman in Manhattan Beach has been caught on video after throwing a hot cup of coffee in a man's fac...
04.08.20 - 16:02
Peet’s Coffee Parent Reports Profit Thanks to Booming At-Home Sales (MarketWatch)
The Dutch coffee group saw record growth in its at-home coffee sales over the period, as consumers were stuck indoors and coffee shops and cafes were closed....
04.08.20 - 14:40
Panera′s Coffee Subscription Is Such A Success, The Chain Wants To Do More Such Programs (Forbes)
Panera has so far managed to break the 835,000-subscriber level on its fledgling, $8.99-a-month coffee program, including over 700,000 sign-ups alone in July....
04.08.20 - 01:28
Chicago Man Arrested For Spitting In Cop′s Coffee At Dunkin′ Donuts (ZeroHedge)
Chicago Man Arrested For Spitting In Cop's Coffee At Dunkin' Donuts Tyler Durden Mon, 08/03/2020 - 19:25 Authored by Jonathan Turley, We recently discussed the arrest of a Starbucks employee for spitting in the coffee of...
03.08.20 - 19:56
′Coffee, cigarettes, journalists′: video shows hostage-taker captured in Ukraine bank (Reuters EN)
Ukrainian security forces disguised as part of a TV news crew captured a suspected hostage-taker at a bank branch in Kyiv on Monday, while he was lounging in a chair speaking to journalists whose presence he had demanded along with coffee and cigaret...
03.08.20 - 19:31
Luckin Coffee asked to reverse boardroom changes after co-founder’s ouster, as China prepares to wield big stick for accounting fraud (SCMP)
Luckin Coffee, the coffee chain dubbed as China’s Starbucks, has been asked by some shareholders to reverse some of the boardroom changes in July following the ouster of its co-founder and chairman, as Chinese regulators prepare to clamp down on ac...
03.08.20 - 13:37
Coffee Drinkers Stay Home, Hitting Some Beans Harder Than Others (WSJ EN)
The coffee bean market has bifurcated since lockdowns forced a shift in consumer behavior. Futures linked to arabica beans, which are popular in cafes and restaurants, have fallen much more than those tied to robusta beans, which are used largely for...
03.08.20 - 12:07
China gives its 160 million individual investors the green light for class action lawsuits in historic reform after scandals involving Luckin Coffee, Kingold Jewelry (SCMP)
China will allow the nation’s army of small investors for the first time in history to file class action lawsuits in cases such as fraud and price manipulation, as policymakers stiffen penalties in the wake of scandals involving local businesses on...
03.08.20 - 07:16
Coffee prices seen rising slightly by end-2020 despite higher surplus: Reuters poll (Reuters EN)
Coffee prices, both for arabica and robusta futures, are seen rising slightly by the end of 2020 from current values despite an overall view of a larger surplus in the 2020-21 season, a Reuters poll of nine traders and analysts showed on Monday....
02.08.20 - 19:49
Hold the coffee: Tea shop craze brews in Japan (Nikkei)
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