Bruttoinlandsprodukt: 2 Mrd. USD
BIP – Wachstum zum Vorjahresquartal: 2.50%
BIP – Wachstum zum letzten Quartal: -
Leitzins: 13.00%
Inflationsrate: 26.30%
Arbeitslosenrate: 2.40%
Haushaltsdefizit in % des BIPs: -4.10%
Staatsverschuldung in % des BIPs: 28.80%
Letzte Datenerhebung: 04.12.2018
20.09.18 - 14:07
Liberia Investigates Central Bank′s Missing $104 Million (WSJ EN)
Authorities in Liberia said they were investigating the disappearance of newly-printed bank notes worth $104 million intended for the central bank in a possible fraud worth 5% of gross domestic product....
20.09.18 - 08:44
Liberia probes disappearance of $100 million in new bank notes (Bloomberg)
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23.08.18 - 09:00
Kann eine öffentlich-private Partnerschaft das Bildungssystem in Liberia retten? (LGT Group)
Nach dem jahrzehntelangen Bürgerkrieg und der Ebola-Epidemie 2014-15 kollabierte das Liberias Bildungssystem. 2015 gingen 42 Prozent der Kinder nicht zur Schule. Für das westafrikanische Land drohen nun verheerende Folgen. Die Lage spitzt sich mit je...
03.07.18 - 16:32
Chinese firm aims to build "artificial hair hub" in Liberia (Xinhua)
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10.06.18 - 07:09
Liberia′s leader looks abroad for help tackling poverty (AFP)
After stoking expectations among Liberia's voters for rolling back poverty, President George Weah is facing the twin pressures of time and money to carry out his promises.On January 22, Weah became president of the one of the world's poorest countr...
20.04.18 - 01:45
Liberia ex-warlord ′Jungle Jabbah′ jailed for 30 years in US (AFP)
A Liberian former warlord whose forces committed atrocities including murders and cannibalism during the country's civil war was sentenced Thursday to 30 years in US prison -- for immigration-related fraud and perjury.Nicknamed "Jungle Jabbah," 51-y...
29.03.18 - 06:49
Liberia struggles with past as UN peacekeepers exit (AFP)
As UN peacekeepers leave Liberia after 14 years, headway in reforming the security forces is being undermined by lack of progress in tackling the country's traumatic legacy of war crimes, officials say. Liberia's 1989-2003 conflict killed around a ...
21.02.18 - 17:49
Ebola effects on Liberia health system ′killed more than virus′ (AFP)
The devastating effect of Ebola on Liberia's fragile health system may have killed more people than the virus itself, a new study says, many of them pregnant women and malaria patients.The West African nation was the worst-hit by the haemorrhagic vi...
12.02.18 - 15:42
Liberia′s Former President Wins $5 Million African Leadership Prize (WSJ EN)
Former Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf was awarded a $5 million award for African leaders who relinquish power at elections, becoming the first winner after several years where no one was deemed worthy of the prize....
12.02.18 - 13:27
Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf: Liberias Ex-Präsidentin für gute Regierungsführung geehrt (Spiegel)
Der Preis wird nur verliehen, wenn es einen wirklich würdigen Empfänger gibt: Nun gingen fünf Millionen Dollar für gute Regierungsführung in Afrika an Liberias Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf....
12.02.18 - 10:49
Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf: Liberias Ex-Präsidentin bekommt Preis für gute Regierungsführung (Handelsblatt)
Der Mo-Ibrahim-Preis für gute Regierungsführung geht an Liberias Ex-Präsidentin Johnson-Sirleaf. Sie ist erst der fünfte Preisträger....
24.01.18 - 05:01
Liberia′s youth betting on Weah economic miracle (AFP)
New President George Weah is nothing less than revered among Liberia's youth, who view his rise from the slums to stellar success in European football as proof he can also turn around their fragile economy.In his inaugural address on Monday, Weah th...
23.01.18 - 14:45
Liberia′s Weah makes first cabinet appointments (AFP)
New Liberian President George Weah has appointed the first members of his cabinet, all of them men, largely naming party allies but picking a foreign minister close to former president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.Ex-international footballer Weah was sworn ...
22.01.18 - 20:25
Liberia: Ex-Weltfußballer George Weah als neuer Präsident vereidigt (Handelsblatt)
Der ehemalige Weltfußballer George Weah ist neuer Präsident im westafrikanischen Liberia. Damit ist in dem Land der erste friedliche und demokratische Machtwechsel seit Jahrzehnten vonstatten gegangen....
22.01.18 - 16:18
Former football star George Weah sworn in as president of Liberia (The Telegraph)
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22.01.18 - 14:54
Ex-Soccer Star George Weah Sworn in as President of Liberia (Bloomberg)
Former soccer star George Weah took office as the new president of Liberia with pledges to fight corruption and revive the economy of the small West African nation that was hit by the worst-ever......
21.01.18 - 19:42
Liberia - Neuer liberianischer Präsident George Weah tritt Amt an (Der Standard)
Früherer Fußballstar tritt die Nachfolge der langjährigen Staatschefin und Friedensnobelpreisträgerin Ellen Johnson Sirleaf an...
21.01.18 - 17:48
Away from the adoring crowds, an elusive George Weah is leading Liberia into the unknown (The Telegraph)
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21.01.18 - 07:13
Liberia′s Sirleaf: Africa′s first elected female leader (AFP)
Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, who shared the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize as a champion of women's rights, is stepping down after making history as Africa's first elected female president in Liberia.Taking the reins of a nation that had just emerged from a civi...
20.01.18 - 13:36
Liberia:Millennium Challenge Account Liberia Clarifies Signing of LEC Management Service Agreement (AllAfrica)
[FrontPageAfrica] Monrovia -The Senior Management of the Millennium Challenge Account Liberia (MCAL) has distanced itself from a FrontPageAfrica publication claiming that Mr. Monie Captan, head of MCAL, was part of a Management Service Contract for t...
20.01.18 - 13:30
Liberia:31 LRA Retirees Protest for Benefits (AllAfrica)
[Observer] At least 31 retirees of the Liberia Revenue Authority yesterday staged a protest in demand of their retirement benefits at the headquarters of the LRA. The demonstration was sparked by what the group termed as management's refusal to pay ...
20.01.18 - 12:37
Liberia:CBL to Introduce National Payment System Soon (AllAfrica)
[Observer] Central Bank Governor, Milton A. Weeks has said that the bank is about to implement the long-awaited National Payment System Policy, which is aimed at driving the unbanked population to the banking sector....
18.01.18 - 14:01
Liberia:Liberia Electricity Corporation Turns Over Management to Foreign Company (AllAfrica)
[FrontPageAfrica] Monrovia -A FrontPageAfrica investigation has uncovered that the incoming CDC-led government headed by George Manneh Weah is on the verge of inheriting a three-year Management Service Contract with a two-year renewal option for the ...
16.01.18 - 16:49
Liberia:Orange Megaprize Winner Drives Away in U.S.$35,000 Vehicle (AllAfrica)
[NEWS] Twenty-five winners of the "With Orange, Christmas Starts in October" campaign have hailed the company as being "... a truly transformative corporation working to transform the lives of Liberians." The winners made the assertions at a major pr...
15.01.18 - 00:31
Liberia party drops Sirleaf after Weah poll win (AFP)
Liberia's ruling party said Sunday it had expelled outgoing President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf for not backing her vice-president, Joseph Boakai, in a presidential election run-off lost to former footballer George Weah.Sirleaf, 79, will formally hand o...
14.01.18 - 13:24
Liberia Ruling Party Expels Outgoing President Sirleaf, AP Says (Bloomberg)
Liberia's ruling party expelled outgoing President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, saying she violated the party's rules by not supporting her vice president in last month's election, Associated Press reported......
08.01.18 - 13:01
Liberia:Soldiers Threaten to Protest ′Salary Deductions′ (AllAfrica)
[Observer] Credible information reaching the Daily Observer have it that some soldiers of the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) are threatening to stage a peaceful public protest should the Ministry of Defense fail to reimburse what they claim is money "...
08.01.18 - 11:42
Liberia:Conservation Agriculture Protects Nimba Forest Reserve (AllAfrica)
[Observer] The Agriculture Relief Services (ARS) and the Rural Integrated Center For Community Empowerment (RICCE), both based in Nimba County, have hailed the outgoing biodiversity manager of ArcelorMittal Liberia (AML) for her numerous contribution...
08.01.18 - 11:42
Liberia:Maritime Opens Modern Training Facility (AllAfrica)
[Observer] A modern maritime training facility has berthed in Liberia with a promise to address capital flight associated with overseas training of the manpower needs of the maritime industry....
04.01.18 - 14:13
Liberia:Father of 12 Wins L$1 Million From Lonestar Cell MTN (AllAfrica)
[Observer] Mr. Daramie presents the symbolic check to Mr. Abdul Jalloh, winner of the Discount Store on behalf of Lonestar Cell MTN CEO, Abbad Reda....
03.01.18 - 19:20
Neuer Staatschef von Liberia : "King George" - Präsident und Fußballstar (Handelsblatt)
Reichtum, Ruhm, Weltfußballer: George Weah hat in seinem Leben viel erreicht. Nun steht er vor seiner größten Aufgabe. Als Präsident von Liberia muss er einem der ärmsten Länder der Welt helfen. Eine Weltgeschichte....
02.01.18 - 16:31
Liberia:Orange Announces Big Plans for 2018 (AllAfrica)
[Observer] The Chief Executive Officer of Orange Liberia, Mr. Mamadou Coulibaly, has issued a special statement commending the government and people of Liberia for making Orange's entry into the Liberian telecommunications market in 2017 a resoundin...
31.12.17 - 09:24
Staatsoberhaupt - Liberias neuer Präsident will Lebensstandard der Bevölkerung heben (Der Standard)
Das gab der Präsident in seiner ersten öffentliche Erklärung bekannt...
30.12.17 - 22:13
Liberia′s Ellen Sirleaf: women′s icon with nerves of steel (AFP)
Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, who shared the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize as a champion of women's rights, made history in 2005 when she became Africa's first elected female president in Liberia.On January 22, she will also preside over the West African country...
30.12.17 - 02:06
George Weah confirmed as Liberias president (The Telegraph)
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30.12.17 - 01:39
UN chief congratulates Liberia′s next president (AFP)
UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Friday congratulated George Weah on his victory in Liberia's presidential election and praised the peaceful conduct of the vote.Guterres "applauds all Liberians for the successful completion of the elections ...
29.12.17 - 17:30
Wahlsieg - George Weah: Vom Weltfußballer zu Liberias Staatschef (Der Standard)
Der Job als Präsident des bitterarmen Landes wird alles andere als leicht...
29.12.17 - 16:32
Idol von ganz unten: Ex-Weltfußballer George Weah will Liberia voranbringen (Handelsblatt)
George Weah hat die Präsidentschaftswahl im westafrikanischen Liberia gewonnen. Der einstige Weltfußballer des Jahres steht vor einer schweren Aufgabe. Ein Porträt....
28.12.17 - 20:51
Ex-Fußballstar gewinnt Stichwahl: George Weah wird Liberias Präsident (N-TV)
Nach seiner großartigen Karriere als Fußballer steht George Weah nun vor einer noch größeren Herausforderung. Der 51-Jährige wird in den kommenden Jahren das arme Liberia führen. Weah ist bereits seit 2014 Senator in seinem Land....
28.12.17 - 20:30
Liberia - Ex-Fußballstar Weah neuer Präsident Liberias (Der Standard)
Vizepräsident Boakai bei Wahl weit abgeschlagen...
28.12.17 - 20:26
George Weah: Ex-Fußballstar wird Präsident von Liberia (Handelsblatt)
Der frühere Weltfußballer George Weah wird neuer Präsident der westafrikanischen Republik Liberia. Der 51-Jährige setzte sich bei der Stichwahl mit mehr als 60 Prozent der Stimmen durch....
28.12.17 - 20:18
George Weah, former world footballer of the year, set to become president of Liberia (The Telegraph)
Um den gesamten Artikel unter zu lesen, klicken Sie bitte auf die Überschrift...
28.12.17 - 20:08
George Weah: Liberia wählt einen Fussballstar zum Präsidenten (20 Minuten)
Mit 61,5 Prozent Stimmenanteil ist der ehemalige Fussballstar George Weah zum neuen Präsidenten Liberias gewählt worden....
28.12.17 - 19:57
Ex-Fußballstar: George Weah gewinnt Präsidentschaftswahl in Liberia (Spiegel)
Er ist einer der populärsten Sportler Afrikas - nun ist Ex-Fußballer George Weah in seinem Heimatland Liberia zum Präsidenten gewählt worden. Es könnte der erste demokratische Führungswechsel seit 1944 werden....
28.12.17 - 09:36
Liberia:Bea Mountain Unveils Housing Units, Clinic in Cape Mount County (AllAfrica)
[FrontPageAfrica] Kinjor, Cape Mount County -As a fulfillment of its corporate social responsibility to the people of Grand Cape Mount County, particularly residents of the gold mining town of Kinjor, the Bea Mountain Mining Corporation (BMMC) has tu...
27.12.17 - 20:48
George Weah claims he is set to win Liberias presidential election (The Telegraph)
Um den gesamten Artikel unter zu lesen, klicken Sie bitte auf die Überschrift...
26.12.17 - 13:52
Stichwahl in Liberia: Ex-Fußball-Profi George Weah verspricht Armutsbekämpfung (Handelsblatt)
Die Stichwahl um das Präsidentenamt in Liberia läuft. Der Nachfolger von Amtsinhaberin Sirleaf tritt ein schwieriges Erbe an. Im Rennen sind der frühere Fußballstar Weah und Vizepräsident Boakai....
26.12.17 - 11:31
Liberia, scarred by war and Ebola (AFP)
Liberia, which elects a new president in a run-off on Tuesday, is an English-speaking nation in West Africa that still bears the scars of a gruesome civil war and a devastating Ebola outbreak.Here is a snapshot of the country:- Oldest republic in Afr...
26.12.17 - 11:09
Liberia′s Howard-Taylor: the Jewel in George Weah′s crown (AFP)
Liberian presidential candidate George Weah's running mate Jewel Howard-Taylor began life in politics as first lady to former warlord leader Charles Taylor, but has since established a formidable political reputation in her own right.Howard-Taylor w...
26.12.17 - 10:49
George Weah: ex-football star who could be Liberia′s next leader (AFP)
George Weah emerged from Liberia's slums to become a superstar footballer in the 1990s, and has leveraged his status as a revered figure among the country's young and poor in his second run for the presidency.Weah faces Vice President Joseph Boakai...




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