Bruttoinlandsprodukt: 12 Mrd. USD
BIP – Wachstum zum Vorjahresquartal: 4.20%
BIP – Wachstum zum letzten Quartal: -
Leitzins: 9.50%
Inflationsrate: 7.30%
Arbeitslosenrate: 1.80%
Haushaltsdefizit in % des BIPs: -2.90%
Staatsverschuldung in % des BIPs: 41.90%
Letzte Datenerhebung: 04.12.2018
04.11.18 - 06:01
Madagascar wants to show charm at China′s import expo: minister (Xinhua)
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08.06.18 - 08:24
Why Madagascar′s dependency on vanilla extracts a high price on economic growth (SCMP)
As I slurped a sinfully satisfying ice cream last week to assuage the heat, I found myself thinking about the current vanilla boom that puts the drab black pod on a par with silver in value, helping put children through university in the poor norther...
04.06.18 - 17:19
Madagascar names technocrat as ′consensus′ PM in bid to end crisis (AFP)
Madagascar's president named a senior UN official on Monday to head a government of national unity in a bid to end a crisis sparked by electoral reforms.The Indian Ocean nation has been rocked by protests that initially sought to oppose new laws the...
04.06.18 - 11:00
Krise - Premierminister von Madagaskar tritt zurück (Der Standard)
Ministerpräsident tritt zurück, um politische Krise zu beenden...
31.05.18 - 19:45
Defence minister warns of intervention in Madagascar crisis (AFP)
Madagascar's defence minister, General Beni Xavier Rasolofonirina, threatened on Thursday to deploy security forces if the government and opposition failed to resolve a crisis sparked by controversial election laws.His warning came after crunch talk...
26.05.18 - 09:12
Regierungskrise - Madagaskar: Oberstes Gericht ordnete Bildung von Einheitsregierung an (Der Standard)
Vorgezogene Wahlen sollen Ausweg aus politischer Krise eröffnen...
20.05.18 - 06:01
Tackling the business of targeted kidnappings in Madagascar (AFP)
It happened five years ago but "Andre" remembers being kidnapped at gunpoint like it was yesterday.He was snatched from outside his home in Madagascar, kept captive and beaten for several days, until his desperate family raised the ransom money to se...
04.05.18 - 14:43
Top Madagascar court scraps contested clauses in electoral law (AFP)
Madagascar's top court has tossed out parts of new electoral legislation that sparked nearly two weeks of protests against President Hery Rajaonarimampianina, the court said.Several articles -- including revision of electoral rolls, the length of el...
02.05.18 - 15:33
Over 10,000 Endangered Tortoises Are Rescued in Madagascar (Bloomberg)
Johannesburg (AP) -- International conservationists in Madagascar have been treating more than 10,000 critically endangered radiated tortoises that were seized from traffickers who had crammed......
29.04.18 - 21:38
Madagascar′s president rules out resignation despite protests (AFP)
Madagascar's President Hery Rajaonarimampianina on Sunday refused to yield to opposition demands that he resign from office, following eight days of anti-government protests in the capital. "I am president by the will of the Malagasy people. There a...
13.03.18 - 08:18
Viehzucht - USA und Madagaskar: Diplomatische Spannungen um tote Kühe (Der Standard)
Ein US-Botschafter verärgerte die madagassische Regierung mit seinem Einsatz für leidende Milchkühe in einem Betrieb...
09.03.18 - 05:48
Madagascar′s hidden leprosy battle (AFP)
Joseph Ralaiharo has lived cut off from society in a remote village in central Madagascar for more than half a century.His battle with leprosy, an infection that causes unsightly sores, nerve damage as well as eye and respiratory problems, has left h...
22.02.18 - 12:54
Madagascar Lawmakers to Start Debate on Key Election Legislation (Bloomberg)
Madagascar's parliament will begin a special sitting next week to discuss legislation needed for the country to proceed with elections scheduled for December.Lawmakers will begin a 12-day session......
26.01.18 - 11:48
MINOR METALS-Cobalt hits 9-year highs, Madagascar disruption fuels rally (Reuters EN)
BENGALURU, Jan 26 (Reuters) - Prices of cobalt metal have climbed to their highest since July 2008 as worries about shortages were reinforced by output disruptions at the Ambatovy mine in Madagascar this month, European traders said....
26.01.18 - 04:51
Plague outbreak in Madagascar revived dread of a killer (AFP)
Most inhabitants of Madagascar thought the plague was a footnote of medical history until the disease dramatically returned last year, slaying more than 200 people.Fear and anxiety rippled across the Indian Ocean island nation. "People were afraid to...
22.01.18 - 11:49
Escape of jailed Frenchman triggers Madagascar outrage (AFP)
It's a tale worthy of a John le Carre novel.A French security expert who went to Madagascar to advise the island nation's president but subsequently fell out with his political master was jailed for three years for corruption and abuse of power.But...
11.01.18 - 03:03
Madagascar nickel mine halts output due to cyclone (Reuters EN)
* Japan's Sumitomo Corp on Thursday said it and partners Sherritt International Corp and Korea Resources Corp halted output at the Ambatovy nickel mine in Madagascar on Jan. 4, the day before Cyclone Ava hit the area...
03.01.18 - 16:07
Madagascar:Malagasy Government Workers Threaten Strike After Payroll Error (AllAfrica)
[East African] Madagascar's civil servants have threatened to go on strike in January if the government fails to pay their salaries....
20.11.17 - 09:36
Angola:Agriculture Binds Angola and Madagascar Together (AllAfrica)
[ANGOP] Luanda -Angola is available to gather the experience of Madagascar, an island country on the southeastern coast of Africa, whose economy is mainly based on the sectors of agriculture and livestock....
16.11.17 - 15:03
Madagascar wrestles with worst outbreak of plague in half a century (MarketWatch)
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