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18.04.19 - 12:12
Positive Profit Alert: OCEAN LINE PORT (08502.HK) Expects NP to Surge 1.7x YoY in 1Q19 (AAStocks)
OCEAN LINE PORT (08502.HK) issued a positive profit alert, expecting to record a significant increase in the revenue and net profit for the three months ended 31 March 2019 by approximately more than 70% and 170%, respectively, as compared to the rev...
18.04.19 - 12:12
MEITU (01357.HK): Respects Shareholders' Decision Despite Game Co. Acquisition Proposal Vetoed (AAStocks)
MEITU (01357.HK)'s proposal to buy into LEYOU TECH H (01089.HK)'s Dreamscape Horizon Limited by placing was voted down at the EGM. In response, the CFO Gary Ngan said in a phone interview that the company respects the shareholders' decisi...
18.04.19 - 12:03
YANZHOU COAL (01171.HK)1Q Saleable Coal Sales Dip 3.5% YoY to 26.44M Tons (AAStocks)
YANZHOU COAL (01171.HK) announced that the production volume of saleable coal dipped 4.53% year-on-year in 1Q19 to 23.19 million tons, while the sales volume of saleable coal dropped 3.54% yearly to 26.44 million tons. ~AAStocks Financial NewsWeb Sit...
18.04.19 - 12:03
Fernando Chui: Confident of Public Tender of All Gaming Licenses (AAStocks)
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18.04.19 - 12:00
STELLA HOLDINGS 1Q Consolidated Revenue About US$310M, Up 6.1% YoY (AAStocks)
STELLA HOLDINGS (01836.HK) announced that for the three months ended 31 March 2019, the unaudited consolidated revenue was approximately US$312.6 million, representing an annual increase of approximately 6.1%.Looking forward, the Group continues to s...
18.04.19 - 12:00
SH-HK Connect Southbound Capital Inflows to Ping An, Bank of China, China Tower (AAStocks)
Southbound Trading of Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect recorded a net influx of RMB1.402 billion. Southbound Trading of Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect recorded a net influx of RMB263 million.The most active stocks with capital inflow to the Southbo...
18.04.19 - 12:00
YUXING INFOTECH (08005.HK) Intends to Set Up Internet Data Center in US (AAStocks)
YUXING INFOTECH (08005.HK) announced that, with a view to expanding the group’s internet data center business globally, the group proposes to construct an internet data center over its land situated in San Jose California, U.S.A.. The project is cu...
18.04.19 - 11:48
External Mkt: Major European Mkts Recede 0.1%-0.8% in Early Session (AAStocks)
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18.04.19 - 11:48
Short Selling Turnover $13.39B, or 18.72% of Eligible Securities Turnover at Close (AAStocks)
The short selling turnover of HK market at close amounted to $13.388 billion, or 18.72% of the turnover of securities eligible for short selling, against 17.92% on the last trading day. The short selling ratio of TENCENT (00700.HK) was 17.9%. The s...
18.04.19 - 11:45
CHINA LOTSYN (01371.HK) Proposes '10 to 1' Shr Consolidation, Change of Board Lot Size to 10K Shrs (AAStocks)
CHINA LOTSYN (01371.HK) announced the proposed share consolidation on the basis that every ten issued and unissued existing shares will be consolidated into one consolidated share. As at the date of the announcement, the existing shares are traded on...
18.04.19 - 11:33
SFC Reprimands, Fines Nine Masts $1.2M over Naked Short Selling (AAStocks)
The Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) has reprimanded and fined Nine Masts $1.2 million for failures relating to the short selling of YUZHOU PPT (01628.HK) shares in May 2015.On 12 May 2015, YUZHOU PPT announced its proposed placing of new shar...
18.04.19 - 11:24
HK End-Mar Composite Interest Rate 0.82%, Up 2 Bps MoM (AAStocks)
The Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) announced that the composite interest rate increased by 2 basis points from 0.80% at the end of February 2019 to 0.82% at the end of March 2019. The increase in composite interest rate reflected increases in th...
18.04.19 - 11:24
MEITU (01357.HK)'s Game Co. Acquisition Proposal Vetoed (AAStocks)
MEITU (01357.HK)'s earlier proposal to acquire about 31% interest in LEYOU TECH H (01089.HK)'s Dreamscape Horizon Limited by placing was voted down with 73.74% of votes at the EGM.As each of Ordinary Resolutions was not passed by the Sharehol...
18.04.19 - 11:24
Spot USD/CNY Closes Down 182 bps (AAStocks)
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18.04.19 - 11:18
North Korea Rejects US Secretary of State Pompeo for Nuclear Talks (AAStocks)
North Korea no longer wishes to have US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo participating in the nuclear talks and has requested the US to send another representative who is more prudent and mature in terms of communication, Korean Central News Agency ...
18.04.19 - 11:18
Tencent Approved as Agent for Nintendo's Switch Console (AAStocks)
Tencent is going to act as the agent for Nintendo's Switch console, according to news from the Department of Culture of Guangdong Province. Switch is a game console launched by Nintendo in March 2017, being available in Hong Kong since 3 March 20...
18.04.19 - 11:06
DFZQ 1Q Net Profit RMB1.27B, Up Over 1.9x YoY (AAStocks)
DFZQ (03958.HK) announced the preliminary financial data for the first quarter ended 31 March 2019. Net profit burgeoned 191.06% yearly to about RMB1.27 billion, with basic EPS of 18 fen.~AAStocks Financial NewsWeb Site: www.aastocks.com...
18.04.19 - 11:06
Gucci Parent Kering Dives Over 7% in Early Session, Dragged by Poor Sales Data (AAStocks)
Kering, the parent company of the Gucci brand, announced that 1Q19 Gucci sales ballooned 24.6% yearly to EUR2.326 billion. Sales for Bottega Veneta receded 5% annually to EUR248 million, representing a -8.9% growth on a comparable basis.Kering, once ...
18.04.19 - 11:06
On Debut: WAI HUNG GROUP (03321.HK) Opens Up 7.1% at $1.5 in Gray Market, Last Down 7.1% (AAStocks)
WAI HUNG GROUP (03321.HK), whose shares will be listed on 23 April, opened at $1.5 in gray market, up 7.1% against the listing price of $1.4, PhillipMart data showed. It was last at $1.3, down 7.1% from the listing price, on volume of 2.19 million sh...
18.04.19 - 11:00
MoC: Ongoing Progression in PRC-US Trade Talks (AAStocks)
Ongoing progression has been achieved in the negotiations about the text of trade pact with America, although certain missions remain yet to complete, CCTV citing MoC Spokesperson Gao Feng at a standing press conference.~AAStocks Financial NewsWeb Si...
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