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13.12.18 - 12:00
On Debut: FOSUN TOURISM (01992.HK) Closes at $15.6 in Gray Market, Flat vs Listing Price (AAStocks)
FOSUN TOURISM (01992.HK), whose shares will be listed tomorrow, closed at $15.6 in gray market, same as the listing price, on volume of 358,000 shares, PhillipMart data showed. ~AAStocks Financial NewsWeb Site:
13.12.18 - 11:42
SINO LAND (00083.HK) Sells All 488 Units of Grand Central Launched in First Round of Sale (AAStocks)
SINO LAND (00083.HK) launched its first round of sale for Grand Central, a residential project located in Kwun Tong. this morning. All of the 488 units launched have been sold on the first day, according to the developer. ~AAStocks Financial NewsWeb ...
13.12.18 - 11:30
SH-HK Connect Southbound Capital Outflows from Sunac, Tencent, China Res Beer with Net Outflow RMB456M (AAStocks)
At close, HSI spiked 337 pts to 26,524, on a turnover of HKD79.31 billion. Southbound Trading of Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect recorded a net outflow of RMB456 million. Southbound Trading of Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect recorded a net influx o...
13.12.18 - 11:24
IPO News: Sino Gas (01759.HK): Mobilise Resources Wisely to Stabilise GPM in Future (AAStocks)
Sino Gas (01759.HK) intends to move one step further into the LPG wholesale market in Guangdong Province. The gross profit margin of the company slipped to 19.7% in 2017 from 25.6% recorded in 2016. At a press conference, the company revealed that it...
13.12.18 - 11:15
IPO News: FOSUN PHARMA Spins Off Shanghai Henlius, Main Board Listing Application Submitted (AAStocks)
FOSUN INTL (00656.HK) and FOSUN PHARMA (02196.HK) jointly announced that they have applied to the Stock Exchange for the approval of the proposed spin-off and separate listing of Shanghai Henlius, a non wholly-owned subsidiary of Fosun Pharma, on the...
13.12.18 - 11:12
Short Selling Turnover $10.16B, or 16.74% of Eligible Securities Turnover at Close (AAStocks)
The short selling turnover of HK market at close amounted to $10.163 billion, or 16.74% of the turnover of securities eligible for short selling.The short selling ratio of CCB (00939.HK) was 28.36% against the 3-day average of 34.32%. The short selli...
13.12.18 - 11:06
Result Ann: V.S. INT'L (01002.HK) 1Q Loss Widens to RMB24.88M (AAStocks)
V.S. INT'L (01002.HK) announced results for the first quarter ended October 2018. The turnover declined 19.7% year-on-year to RMB189 million. The loss widened to RMB24.881 million from RMB24.01 million in the corresponding period of the previous ...
13.12.18 - 11:06
2 Subsidiaries of CPIC Pose Gross Premium Income Hike 14.7% to RMB302.55B in Jan-Nov (AAStocks)
CPIC (02601.HK) announced that the accumulated gross premium income of China Pacific Life Insurance Co., Ltd. and China Pacific Property Insurance Co., Ltd., both of which are subsidiaries of the company, for the period between 1 January 2018 and 30 ...
13.12.18 - 11:06
TRULY INT'L Subsidiary Receives Court Notice on 2 Other Civil Complaints (AAStocks)
TRULY INT'L (00732.HK) announced that in relation to the civil complaint on patent infringement initiated by Shenzhen Goodix against its subsidiary Truly Opto-Electronics, it has recently received two notices of response to action from the court,...
13.12.18 - 11:00
HAITONG SEC Approved to List Non-publicly Issued Corporate Bonds on SSE (AAStocks)
HAITONG SEC (06837.HK) announced that it had received a notification from the Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE), pursuant to which SSE did not object to the company's proposal to list its non-publicly issued corporate bonds of up to RMB20 billion on ...
13.12.18 - 10:54
External Conditions: 3 Major European Indices Soften; Spanish, Italian Bourses 0.4% Higher (AAStocks)
Major European bouses were in a mixed bag on the eve of ECB's announcement of interest rate meeting results.CAC 40 and DAX receded 0.2% to 4,899 and 10,905; FTSE 100 eased back 4 pts to 6,875. In contrast, Italy's FTSE MIB continued 0.4% high...
13.12.18 - 10:54
SSE Documents for Granting Barclays Right of Handling SH-LDN Stock Connect Conversion (AAStocks)
Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) unveiled the temporary measures regarding global depositary receipt (GDR) transactions via Shanghai-London Stock Connect and also documented for granting Barclays Bank PLC the status as a UK institution that could handle...
13.12.18 - 10:54
SINOPEC SSC (01033.HK) Subsidiary Renews Drilling Rigs Services Contract with Saudi Aramco (AAStocks)
SINOPEC SSC (01033.HK) announced that its subsidiary Sinopec International Petroleum Services Corporation renewed a five-year contract on four drilling rigs services with Saudi Aramco, which has a contract value of about US$286 million.~AAStocks Fina...
13.12.18 - 10:48
Apple to Invest US$1B in New Austin Campus (AAStocks)
Apple will invest US$1 billion in a 133-acre Austin campus to accommodate 5,000 employees at first, with a total capacity for 15,000 members.The new campus will be located in the proximity of the existing Austin facilities, housing engineering, R&...
13.12.18 - 10:36
MOC: CN & US In Contact, Good Progress for Detailed Trade Talk (AAStocks)
Chinese Vice Premier Liu He has exchanged thoughts with US counterparts on the schedule and road-map for next steps during conversation, with decent progress for negotiating trade details, said Ministry of Commerce (MOC) spokesman Gao Feng.Currently,...
13.12.18 - 10:30
NCI Gross Premium Income Spikes 11.7% YoY to RMB116.12B in Jan-Nov (AAStocks)
NCI (01336.HK) announced that the accumulated gross premium income of the company for the period between 1 January 2018 and 30 November 2018 was RMB116.122 billion, up 11.73% year-on-year. ~AAStocks Financial NewsWeb Site:
13.12.18 - 10:30
Positive Profit Alert: ITP HOLDINGS Expects Profit to Surge Approx. 110-120% for 1H of Financial Yr (AAStocks)
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13.12.18 - 10:21
IPO News: Sino Gas (01759.HK) to Start IPO Tmr; Entry Fee $3,434.26 (AAStocks)
Sino Gas (01759.HK), to be listed on 28 December, will start IPO from tomorrow (14 December) through next Wednesday (19 December).Offer prices range $2.8-3.4. Entry fee is $3,434.26 per board lot of 1,000 shares.~AAStocks Financial NewsWeb Site: www....
13.12.18 - 10:15
PRC Politburo Holds Meeting to Prepare for 2019 Econ Development (AAStocks)
China's Politburo held a meeting today to prepare for the economic works for the year 2019 and the meeting was chaired by President Xi Jinping, Xinhua News Agency reported. During the meeting, it was emphasized that the Central Government has to ...
13.12.18 - 10:12
RMB3.241B Net Influx from Northbound Trading of SZ-HK Connect at Close (AAStocks)
At close, the remaining balance of Northbound Trading quota of Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect equaled RMB48.759 billion, indicating net influx of RMB3.241 billion.The remaining balance of Southbound Trading quota equaled RMB41.21 billion, indicatin...
13.12.18 - 10:12
RMB3.65B Net Influx from Northbound Trading of SH-HK Connect at Close (AAStocks)
At close, the remaining balance of Northbound Trading quota of Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect equaled RMB48.35 billion, indicating net influx of RMB3.65 billion.The remaining balance of Southbound Trading quota equaled RMB42.456 billion, indicating...
13.12.18 - 10:06
Warrant Mkt: Warrant Accounts for 13% of Market Turnover at Close (AAStocks)
Hong Kong market turnover at close amounted to HKD79.31 billion, with warrants amounting to HKD10.281 billion, which accounted for 13% of the market turnover.Blue chips and SOE-shares totaled HKD31.665 billion and HKD25.747 billion, representing 39.9...
13.12.18 - 10:06
HK Govt FY17/18 Accrual Based Surplus $320.1B (AAStocks)
The Government published its accrual-based consolidated accounts for the financial year 2017-18.The accrual-based Consolidated Statement of Financial Performance reports a surplus of HK$320.1 billion, whereas the cash-based accounts show a surplus of...
13.12.18 - 10:06
SWIRE PACIFIC A to Sell Paints Biz Stake, Estimated Gain $2.7B (AAStocks)
SWIRE PACIFIC A (00019.HK) announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary Swire Industrial and the purchaser entered into the sale and purchase agreements on 13 December for the sale of all stake in the paints business (i.e. Swire Industrial’s entire 1...
13.12.18 - 10:00
HK Wrap-up: HSI Spikes 337 Pts; CN & HK Developers, Casinos Shiny (AAStocks)
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13.12.18 - 10:00
3rd Silver Bond Over-subscription Over 1x, Up to 8 Units/Application (AAStocks)
The Government announced the subscription and allocation results of the third Silver Bond.As at the close of the subscription period at 2 pm on December 6, a total of 45,488 valid applications were received for a total of HK$6.221 billion in principa...
13.12.18 - 09:57
Spot USD/CNY Closes Up 203 bps (AAStocks)
Spot USD/CNY closed at 6.8690, up 203 bps. As at 16:34, USD/CNY jumped 114 bps in the night session. USD/CNH stood at 6.8657, up 33 bps. Surging euro and sterling bolstered more positive mood for risk-taking, pressing the greenback while shoring up y...
13.12.18 - 09:51
GUOTAI JUNAN I (01788.HK) Controlling Shareholder Buys 560M Shrs in 9 Months (AAStocks)
GUOTAI JUNAN I (01788.HK) announced that its controlling shareholder Guotai Junan Holdings (GTJAH) has acquired on the market in aggregate 562 million shares of the company since March 2018 to 12 December 2018. As at 12 December 2018, GTJAH holds aro...
13.12.18 - 09:51
On Debut: HUAKANG BIOMED (08622.HK) Closes at $0.47, Down 6% vs Listing Price (AAStocks)
On debut, HUAKANG BIOMED (08622.HK) closed at $0.47, down 3 cents or 6% against the listing price $0.5, on volume of 125 million shares and turnover of $64.06 million.Excluding the handling fees, a book loss of $240 was reported per board lot of 8,00...
13.12.18 - 09:51
MOC: China FDI Drops 26.3% YoY in Nov (AAStocks)
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13.12.18 - 09:45
On Debut: WUXI APPTEC (02359.HK) Closes Flat at $68 (AAStocks)
On debut, WUXI APPTEC (02359.HK) finished the trades at $68, flattish with the listing price, on volume of 20.21 million shares and turnover of $1.355 billion.~AAStocks Financial NewsWeb Site:
13.12.18 - 09:45
On Debut: FOSUN TOURISM (01992.HK) Opens at $15.52 in Gray Market, Down 0.5% vs Listing Price (AAStocks)
FOSUN TOURISM (01992.HK), whose shares will be listed tomorrow, opened at $15.52 in gray market, down 0.5% against the listing price of $15.6, and last stood at $15.14, down 2.9% against the listing price, on volume of 61,000 shares, PhillipMart data...
13.12.18 - 09:39
Govt: 4100 MHz Spectrum to Used for 5G Services as Soon as Apr 19; to Auction 3.5, 3.3, 4.9 GHz Bands (AAStocks)
The Commerce and Economic Development Bureau and the Communications Authority announced today (December 13) their decisions after public consultations to assign the first batch of 4100 MHz of spectrum that can be used for the 5G services in April nex...
13.12.18 - 09:36
CVI Down 1.04 Pts WoW; Property Mkt Downside to Persist (AAStocks)
Wong Leung Sing, senior associate director at research department of Centaline Property, pointed out that the Centa Valuation Index (Major Banks) (CVI) sank 1.04 pts weekly to 4.43.The index breached below 10 for five straight weeks and even stayed a...
13.12.18 - 09:36
JP Plant: Orders from Huawei On Hold after Sabrina Meng's Arrest (AAStocks)
Huawei is putting its orders to a Japanese supplier on shelf after the arrest of CFO Sabrina Meng, Bloomberg reported.Huawei has internally been turned upside down, according to the impacted supplier Yaskawa Electric, whereas the Chinese tech giant r...
13.12.18 - 09:27
HSBC Global Asset Mgmt Bullish on CN Financials, Bearish on Auto, Handset Makers (AAStocks)
HSBC Global Asset Management revealed at a press conference that it has a preference for Chinese financial stocks with profit stability amongst locally listed equities, including banking and property stocks. The institutions held cautious view on aut...
13.12.18 - 09:21
CN Official Press: Canadian Probed for Harming CN State Security (AAStocks)
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13.12.18 - 09:21
HKTDC: HK Export Sector to See Volatility, More Variables in 1Q19 (AAStocks)
For the first ten months of this year, export data is not able to reflect impact of Sino-US trade war as local exporters make advance shipment to avoid the new tariffs, according to the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC). HKTDC foresees the ...
13.12.18 - 09:15
HK Property Sees 2019 Home Price Fluctuation 5-8% (AAStocks)
Hong Kong Property CEO Richard Lee opined that home price correction is yet to embrace a full stop, with a forecast for stabilization in first-hand property and recession in second-hand property markets next year.Lee modeled approximately 5-8% fluctu...
13.12.18 - 09:12
Full-day Takeaway: HSI rose 337pts; GREATWALL MOTOR up over 6% (AAStocks)
At close, HSI rose 337 pts or 1.3% to 26,524. HSCEI gained 139pts or 1.3% to 10,556. Market turnover reached $79.31 billion.Active Heavyweights:HSBC HOLDINGS (00005.HK) closed at $65.2, up 1.9%HKEX (00388.HK) closed at $234.2, up 1.8%ICBC (01398.HK) ...
13.12.18 - 09:09
57% Interviewees Foresee Home Price Fall Next 12 Months (AAStocks)
Citigroup unveiled the findings of a survey regarding property purchase intentions of local citizens. More than 500 Hong Kong residents participated in the survey through telephone interview. 57% of the respondents believed Hong Kong's property p...
13.12.18 - 09:06
Research Report: Daiwa: Beijing Eases Credit, Positive to CN Developers; Top-picks CR Land, COLI, Longfor, Shimao (AAStocks)
Daiwa issued a research report in response to the announcement by National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) that the latter would support quality enterprises to issue bonds.The investment bank believes this is a positive news for Mainland dev...
13.12.18 - 09:06
Research Report: Citi Cuts HENGAN INT'L TP to $50 on Concerns about Ongoing High Operating Margin (AAStocks)
HENGAN INT'L (01044.HK) halted trading yesterday, as Bonitas Research accused it of fabricating napkin operating profit, bank accounts and interest income. In this regard, Citigroup is mainly concerned about Hengan's ability to maintain a hig...
13.12.18 - 08:51
HSBC Global Asset Mgmt Bullish on Asia, Emerging Mkt Equities (AAStocks)
HSBC Global Asset Management projected that the global economy would grow at a reasonable pace of around 3.2% while revealing its bullish outlook upon Asia and emerging market equities as well as short-term renewable bonds. The institution also felt ...
13.12.18 - 08:51
Asian Mkt: Nikkei Leaps 213 Pts to 1-week High at Close (AAStocks)
At close, Nikkei 225 Stock Average rallied 213 pts or 1% to notch a week high at 21,816. JPY/USD last stood at 113.44.Market optimism on PRC-US trade talks sent Japanese stocks onto the second day of upswing.~AAStocks Financial NewsWeb Site: www.aast...
13.12.18 - 08:45
NDRC Not Supportive of Commercial Property Projects in Co. Bond Financing: Report (AAStocks)
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13.12.18 - 08:42
SH & SZ Mkt: SHCI Jumps 1.23% at Close (AAStocks)
At close, Shanghai Composite Index and Shenzhen Component Index climbed 1.23% and 1.43% to 2,634 and 7,808. CSI 300 Index leaped 1.55% to 3,219, while ChiNext Index lifted 0.73% to 1,348. Market turnover in the two bourses increased to RMB304.8 billi...
13.12.18 - 08:36
Bonitas Research: Hengan Fails to Refute Report Evidence, Evasive of Key Pts (AAStocks)
Bonitas Research is selling HENGAN INT'L (01044.HK), believing the company has fabricated net income worth RMB11 billion since 2005. Hengan recorded near-term financial liability balance of RMB17.8 billion as of end-June, and raised near-term deb...
13.12.18 - 08:33
HKTDC: HK 10M18 Export Value Up Nearly 10%, Cautiously Upbeat on 2019 Exports (AAStocks)
Nicholas Kwan, Director of Research at HKTDC, in a press conference disclosed that Hong Kong exports during the first ten months this year have hiked 9.8% to $3.46 trillion on robust global demands, as well as advance shipment to America in a bid to ...
13.12.18 - 08:12
Softbank Mulls Shunning Huawei Equipment: Wire (AAStocks)
SoftBank is pondering over replacement of Huawei's 4G, as well as next generation 5G, network equipment with hardware from Nokia and Ericsson, the Nikkei reported.~AAStocks Financial NewsWeb Site:




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