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AllAfrica berichtet über Wirtschaft, Politik und gesellschaftliche Themen des schwarzen Kontinents. Das Unternehmen aggregiert überwiegend News von 130 afrikanischen Newsquellen und publiziert diese kategorisiert auf seiner Webseite unter allafrica.com.
16.06.19 - 17:08
Malawi: Countries Postpone Trade Fair Participation Due to Political Instability (AllAfrica)
[Nyasa Times] Malawi Confederation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry (MCCI) has postponed the Malawi International Trade Fair after five countries pulled out due to political uncertainty in the country....
16.06.19 - 15:20
East Africa: East African States Count Losses Over Uganda, Rwanda Row (AllAfrica)
[East African] Kampala has lost more than $664 million's worth of exports to Rwanda while Kigali has lost $104 million during the three months the Gatuna border has been closed, according to Uganda's East African Community Ministry....
16.06.19 - 14:38
Zimbabwe: Fresh Bread Scarcity Fears As Wheat Stocks Dwindle (AllAfrica)
[New Zimbabwe] THE Grain Millers Association of Zimbabwe (GMAZ) reports that wheat stocks in the country have "drastically" reduced amid fears this could impact on the availability of bread in the country....
16.06.19 - 14:32
South Africa: ′Ramaphosa Not Too Stupid to Allow South Africa Turn Into a Zimbabwe′ (AllAfrica)
[New Zimbabwe] A TOP South African politician, businessman and peace consultant says President Cyril Ramaphosa will not be too "stupid" as to allow South Africa to regress into another Zimbabwe....
16.06.19 - 14:14
Zimbabwe: Positive Response to Interbank Forex Market (AllAfrica)
[Zimbabwe Standard] THE Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) says the interbank market has, as at June 13, handled about US$154,7 million, with voluntary sales contributing the largest amount....
16.06.19 - 14:08
Zimbabwe: Death of Cotton Farming Spells Doom for ′White Gold′ Zone (AllAfrica)
[Zimbabwe Standard] In his prime, Mattress Maribha would carry wads of cash to a local shopping centre, which earned him the moniker "Maputumaputu" from fellow villagers in the Goredema area under Chief Chireya in Gokwe North district....
16.06.19 - 14:08
Zimbabwe: Bleak Future for Tobacco Farming (AllAfrica)
[Zimbabwe Standard] The future of tobacco farming in Zimbabwe is bleak due to viability challenges, and farmers are calling for an emergency meeting with the regulatory body and government to solve the issues affecting them....
15.06.19 - 23:02
Zimbabwe: South Africa Set Tough Conditions for Rand Monetary Union (AllAfrica)
[New Zimbabwe] President Emmerson Mnangagwa has revealed that neighbouring South Africa imposed "unacceptable" conditions for Zimbabwe to join the Rand Monetary Union....
15.06.19 - 22:56
Zimbabwe: Hope of Dialogue Dead After Mnangagwa Gaffe - Chamisa (AllAfrica)
[New Zimbabwe] MDC leader Nelson Chamisa will not join President Emmerson Mnangagwa's Political Actors Dialogue (POLAD) just to massage the Zanu PF frontman's ego....
15.06.19 - 17:50
Zimbabwe: Partnerships Boost Agric Productivity - Mnangagwa (AllAfrica)
[The Herald] Government has pledged to continue supporting partnerships between private sector and the State to boost agricultural productivity that ensures food security and economic development. The State will also continue to implement innovative ...
15.06.19 - 17:44
Uganda: Statistician Counts Money in Garden (AllAfrica)
[Monitor] He is young, determined and passionate about farming. The youthful farmer is popular on social media due to his inspiring posts accompanied by photos about the various farming enterprises he is engaged in....
15.06.19 - 16:50
Uganda: Use Rabbit Urine to Repel Pests (AllAfrica)
[Monitor] Farmers can reduce the money they spend on pesticide by using rabbit urine to wipe out whiteflies, sap-sucking insects that attack crops such as vegetables, coffee, macadamia, bananas and avocadoes, among others....
15.06.19 - 15:44
Kenya: Kenya′s New Plan to Wipe Out Financial Criminal Enterprise Faces a Litmus Test (AllAfrica)
[East African] Kenya's decision to withdraw its Ksh1,000 ($10) notes from circulation by October 1 was last week facing strong legal headwinds in the form of two legal suits against the Central Bank of Kenya....
15.06.19 - 15:44
Botswana: Making High-Quality TV (AllAfrica)
[Balancing Act] London -Everybody knows about Africa's high-profile production markets like Nigeria and South Africa but how does a production company thrive in a small market like Botswana? Russell Southwood spoke to Mohau Mannathoko, Managing Dire...
15.06.19 - 15:38
South Africa: Why the Activist Who Stopped a $76-Billion Nuclear Deal Is Still Fighting (AllAfrica)
[African Arguments] Makoma Lekalakala says the campaign against nuclear is ongoing and that water may be the next front in South Africa's environmental struggle....
15.06.19 - 15:38
Tanzania: Zanzibar Plans to Use Its Own Funds On Huge Projects (AllAfrica)
[Daily News] FOLLOWING delays to get financial support from development partners, the Zanzibar government plans to use its own funds to complete construction of terminal II at its airport on Unguja Islands and a proposed new port....
15.06.19 - 15:32
Africa: Iata Predicts Losses for African Airlines (AllAfrica)
[East African] It's going to be yet another year of losses for African airlines -- the fourth in a row -- as the global airline industry braces for higher fuel prices and weaker global trade during 2019....
15.06.19 - 14:14
Africa: MTN Group Launches Africa′s First AI Service for Momo (AllAfrica)
[Ghanaian Times] The MTN Group has launched Africa's first Mobile Money (MoMo) Artificial Intelligence (AI) service or "chatbot"....
15.06.19 - 13:56
South Africa: The Ts and Cs of Joburg′s Consumer Debt Write-Off (AllAfrica)
[Daily Maverick] The City of Johannesburg is offering a 50% debt write-off on qualifying residents' municipal accounts in an attempt to build long-term compliance. The catch? You have to pay your rates and services going forward....
15.06.19 - 13:50
South Africa: Labour On Small and Medium Enterprise (AllAfrica)
[Govt of SA] A South African company, ANAX Logistics, established in 2007 as a Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) and started off with only 5 employees has grown to now employ 260 people and has been selected by the Japan International Cooperation Age...
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