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25.04.19 - 17:00
Israel to take part in Expo 2020 Dubai (Globes)
Israel's Foreign Ministry: We will share Israeli innovation and entrepreneurship and present breakthrough Israeli technologies....
25.04.19 - 14:48
Mellanox CEO in line for $31.5m golden parachute (Globes)
It's unclear if Eyal Waldman will stay at Mellanox after Nvidia completes its acquisition. Shareholders are being asked to add $31.5 million to his $230 million worth of shares....
25.04.19 - 11:30
Delek close to buying Chevron North Sea fields for $2b - report (Globes)
Delek's North Sea oil and gas unit Ithaca Energy could reach an agreement within days, two sources have told "Reuters."...
25.04.19 - 11:30
Store navigation co Oriient raises $4m (Globes)
The Israeli company, which pioneers high-performance indoor GPS is already working with the world’s largest retailers....
24.04.19 - 21:00
OPPO puts DSP Group′s SmartVoice in new smartphone (Globes)
The Chinese company has integrated its SmartVoice technology into its OPPO Reno smartphone, which was launched last week....
24.04.19 - 17:18
Ceragon wins $14m in Latin American orders (Globes)
The Israeli wireless backhaul specialist is providing the operator with network design, rollout and optimization services using the company's complete IP-20 platform portfolio....
24.04.19 - 16:18
Selina, where WeWork meets Airbnb, raises $100m (Globes)
CEO Rafael Museri: “We’ll continue to invest in our technology innovation team in Tel Aviv as we explore digitally-driven ways to disrupt the hospitality industry....
24.04.19 - 15:30
Better late than never, or too little too late (Globes)
Israel is trying harder than ever to improve standards of services provided to tourists. But not everyone is convinced that enough is being done....
24.04.19 - 12:06
Israeli IoT cybersecurity co VDOO raises $32m (Globes)
The Tel Aviv-based company aims to become the industry’s first end-to-end security solution for embedded devices of any type....
24.04.19 - 11:18
Insulin replacement co Betalin Therapeutics raises $2.5m (Globes)
The Jerusalem-based company provides diabetes treatment with a one-time transplant of the proprietary Engineered Micro Pancreas (EMP), which would replace insulin therapy....
24.04.19 - 10:06
Work underway on Ramla bypass (Globes)
The road will link the city's new western neighborhoods with Road 431 and Road 44 north of Ramla....
24.04.19 - 09:48
Shekel weaker in thin holiday trading (Globes)
Rising oil prices will lift inflation in Israel and means the next interest rate hike will be sooner rather than later....
24.04.19 - 09:24
Netanyahu: We′ll name Golan settlement for Trump (Globes)
"We must express our appreciation for Donald Trump recognizing Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights," Benjamin Netanyahu said....
24.04.19 - 09:18
Brown Hotels to open two Tel Aviv pod hotels (Globes)
Each pod will include a wardrobe and work desk, making it slightly larger than the classic Japanese capsule....
23.04.19 - 19:48
Teva abandons fremanezumab cluster headache trial (Globes)
An analysis of the Phase III study in episodic cluster headache revealed that the study’s primary endpoint is unlikely to be met....
23.04.19 - 19:06
Israeli AI-powered voice search co Audioburst raises $10m (Globes)
The next-gen voice-search company plans to build unique advertising and in-car voice-based experiences with new investors Hyundai and Dentsu....
23.04.19 - 18:54
ForeScout to expand Israel development center (Globes)
The cybersecurity company currently has 20% of its 1,100 employees worldwide in Tel Aviv, and is believed to be planning to increase the number by dozens in the near future....
23.04.19 - 18:54
Israir CEO: Oil price rises could push up air fares by 25% (Globes)
Uri Sirkis sees a 20-25% rise in prices of tickets and vacation packages for the summer and the Jewish High Holy Days....
23.04.19 - 17:18
Intel launches Israel-developed 9th Gen laptop chip (Globes)
The fastest, most powerful processor for gamers and creators was developed at Intel's Haifa development center....
23.04.19 - 17:06
InterCure′s Canndoc sets up second cannabis farm (Globes)
Cannabis growing will be introduced gradually to the area, which is already used for agriculture....
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