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27.06.19 - 10:56
Israel raises longest ever debt (Globes)
The state has made a €500 million placement for 50 years with a European institution....
27.06.19 - 09:32
Amazon gearing up for Israel site launch within weeks (Globes)
The gobal online retailing giant is on a recruitment drive among sellers for its Local Delivery program....
27.06.19 - 09:32
Discount Investment announces NIS 300m buyback program (Globes)
The company says that given the market prices of its bonds, repurchasing them represents an appropriate use of its cash....
27.06.19 - 05:38
Channel 13 poll: Netanyahu bloc loses majority (Globes)
The return of Ehud Barak has had a dramatic impact on the election results according to the latest opinion poll....
26.06.19 - 19:50
Ehud Barak returns to the political fray (Globes)
Israel's former Prime Minister has set up a new party with the aim of toppling Benjamin Netanyahu....
26.06.19 - 16:03
Cybersecurity co Vulcan Cyber raises $10m (Globes)
The Israeli company enables enterprises to solve and repair security breaches....
26.06.19 - 16:03
Israeli AI chip developer NeuroBlade raises $23m (Globes)
NeuroBlade is developing an artificial intelligence chip for the inference stage for both data centers and end-devices....
26.06.19 - 15:32
Olmert: My case is dwarfed by Netanyahu′s (Globes)
Former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert told "Globes" editor Naama Sikuler that Netanyahu would be unable to form the next government....
26.06.19 - 14:08
Danino: Decriminalize cannabis but don′t legalize it (Globes)
Former Israel Police Commissioner and cannabis company Together chairman Yohanan Danino spoke at the "Globes" Cannabis conference in Tel Aviv....
26.06.19 - 14:08
Israir to launch Tel Aviv - Odessa flights (Globes)
The Ukrainian city offers a vacation combining sunbathing on the beach with Jewish history and a vibrant cultural and nightlife....
26.06.19 - 13:44
Shekel gains despite dollar rally on world markets (Globes)
Since the beginning of February, the Israeli currency has moved through a narrow trading band of less than 3% between NIS 3.57/$ and NIS 3.66/$....
26.06.19 - 12:44
Personalized nutrition co DayTwo raises $31m (Globes)
The Israeli company provides personalized nutritional recommendations through a smartphone based on analyzing intestinal microbiome to maintain balanced blood sugar....
26.06.19 - 12:14
Bahrain meet starts as US believes money will prevail (Globes)
The Palestinians stand to gain $6.5 billion for infrastructure projects....
26.06.19 - 10:26
Elbit unit wins US border tower deal (Globes)
Elbit's US unit has been awarded a $26 million contract for the protection of the Arizona-Mexico border....
26.06.19 - 07:02
Leumi moving HQ from Tel Aviv, shedding 700 staff (Globes)
The Israeli bank's management and workers committee have agreed an 8% cut in Leumi's workforce by the end of 2020....
26.06.19 - 06:14
SpaceIL cancels Israel′s Beresheet2 moonshot (Globes)
Although the first spacecraft crashed on landing, SpaceIL said the project was perceived as a success and repeating it was not a big enough challenge....
25.06.19 - 21:02
Netanyahu considers canceling Knesset elections (Globes)
The Prime Minister is mulling support for Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein's attempts to revoke the law dispersing the Knesset....
25.06.19 - 18:08
Israel Aerospace sees Rafael merger as inevitable (Globes)
IAI is eager to merge but Rafael is unenthusiastic about putting its "healthy head into a sickbed."...
25.06.19 - 16:56
Gamida Cell raising $30m in Nasdaq secondary offering (Globes)
The Israeli clinical stage biopharmaceutical company leveraging its proprietary technology to develop cell therapies....
25.06.19 - 16:56
Nintendo second worldwide store opens in Israel (Globes)
2,500 shoppers waited in line for the store to open in Tel Aviv's Dizengoff Center....
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