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07.10.20 - 10:44
Japan Airlines aims for discount network to capture post-coronavirus tourism (Reuters EN)
Japan Airlines wants to create a low-cost carrier network with three of its discount carriers to tap leisure travel that, unlike business travel, could rebound as the coronavirus wanes, the company president said on Wednesday....
05.10.20 - 08:07
COVID forces Japan Airlines onto new flight path, president says (Nikkei)
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29.09.20 - 12:37
No More ′Ladies and Gentlemen′ on Japan Airlines (New York Times)
The carrier pledged to use inclusive language in a country where gender roles are entrenched....
29.09.20 - 07:25
Japan Airlines ditches ‘ladies and gentlemen’ for gender-neutral greetings (Japan Times)
The announcement comes as gender-equality advocates say corporate support for LGBT rights is growing in socially conservative Japan....
24.09.20 - 10:37
Japan Airlines and ANA to resume flights between Narita and Guangzhou (Japan Times)
Demand for business trips to Guangzhou from Japan is high as the Chinese city hosts many Japanese companies....
29.08.20 - 08:55
Japan Airlines tests touchless check-in kiosks at Haneda to ease coronavirus concerns (Japan Times)
The kiosk lets passengers scroll through text and "press" digital buttons by holding their fingers over the motion-sensor screen like a touch-screen panel....
14.08.20 - 12:43
JAL and ANA to make big domestic flight cuts as pandemic hits demand (Japan Times)
Japan’s two major air carriers will substantially reduce their domestic flights next month due to weak demand amid a resurgence of novel coronavirus infections.Japan Airlines ......
05.08.20 - 03:55
Japan Airlines Posts Biggest Loss Since 2012 Listing (Bloomberg)
Japan Airlines Co. posted its biggest quarterly net loss in at least eight years....
03.08.20 - 12:26
Japan Airlines Posts Biggest Loss Since Re-Listing in 2012 (Bloomberg)
Japan Airlines Posts Biggest Loss Since Re-Listing in 2012...
03.08.20 - 09:25
Japan Airlines posts ¥93.7 billion net loss in April-June over pandemic (Japan Times)
JAL logged an operating loss of ¥131.01 billion in the quarter on revenue of ¥76.39 billion, down 78.1 percent from a year earlier....
27.07.20 - 11:07
Japan Airlines to record $1.1bn quarterly loss on pandemic (Nikkei)
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07.07.20 - 11:40
Japan Airlines Retires First Long-Range Jet During Covid-19 Travel Downturn (Forbes)
JAL may already be more right-sized for coming years as travel recovers, despite most airlines reining in ambitious international networks....
02.07.20 - 05:19
JAL to fully resume domestic flights as early as October (Japan Times)
Japan Airlines Co. said Wednesday it is planning to fully restart its domestic flights as early as October amid signs of a recovery in travel ......
21.06.20 - 13:19
JAL eyes extending ¥150,000 allowance to each employee (Japan Times)
Japan Airlines Co. plans to provide up to ¥150,000 ($1,400) in special allowances to some 36,000 people, or almost all employees of the carrier and ......
19.06.20 - 08:37
Japan Airlines aims to raise ¥500 billion as it struggles in pandemic (Japan Times)
The airline has already borrowed ¥200 billion from financial institutions but says it expects demand to start recovering this month....
19.06.20 - 05:37
ANA, JAL to operate more domestic flights through July as coronavirus controls ease (Japan Times)
All Nippon Airways and Japan Airlines announced Thursday that they would increase their domestic flights in July, expecting a recovery in demand thanks to the ......
16.06.20 - 04:25
Japan Airlines to ramp up services for domestic flights at Haneda Airport (Japan Times)
Japan Airlines Co. said Monday it will resume at full capacity boarding and security operations for domestic flights at Tokyo’s Haneda Airport in July, with ......
10.06.20 - 14:37
JAL to ease domestic flight cuts in June on expected travel recovery (Japan Times)
Japan Airlines Co. said Wednesday it will ease domestic flight reductions from later this month as it expects a recovery in travel demand following the ......
03.06.20 - 05:43
Japan Airlines eyes halving summer bonuses due to coronavirus (Japan Times)
The airline operator has informed employees about the plan and intends to secure a labor union agreement this month, the sources said....
28.05.20 - 07:31
Japan Airlines to suspend recruitment of new graduates in 2021 (Japan Times)
The major carrier is reviewing hiring plans as the coronavirus pandemic continues to wreak havoc on the global business environment for air travel....
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