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17.08.19 - 20:20
Closing of Pacific Standard and Topic Shows Perils of Depending on a Rich Patron (New York Times)
With the loss of the two award-winning publications, digital media got a little less brainy in the summer of '19....
17.08.19 - 18:02
Trudeau, in Trouble in Much of Canada, Still Has Fans in Quebec (New York Times)
The prime minister's effort to help SNC-Lavalin, a Canadian company, has been well received in Quebec, where the business has its headquarters....
17.08.19 - 13:32
A Year of Stock Market Fury, Signifying Nearly Nothing (New York Times)
Despite wild swings stemming from the trade war, gains over the last 12 months have been tiny....
17.08.19 - 12:39
How the Recession of 2020 Could Happen (New York Times)
The freeze-up in business confidence, caused in part by the trade war, could wind up affecting consumer confidence....
17.08.19 - 11:14
The Completely Reasonable Reason People Are Flying With Mini Horses (New York Times)
The Department of Transportation's declaration that miniature horses should be prioritized as service animals has raised many questions....
17.08.19 - 00:27
Customs Computer Failure Snarls Passengers at U.S. Airports (New York Times)
United States Customs and Border Protection said it was experiencing "a temporary outage....
16.08.19 - 23:14
Older People Need Rides. Why Aren′t They Using Uber and Lyft? (New York Times)
Seniors need transportation alternatives more than ever, but many are intimidated by ride-hailing apps....
16.08.19 - 23:14
Student Loan Watchdog Job Given to an Industry Executive (New York Times)
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's new student loan ombudsman is a former compliance official at a loan servicer that government auditors have criticized....
16.08.19 - 23:14
Spraying Antibiotics to Fight Citrus Scourge Doesn′t Help, Study Finds (New York Times)
Researchers found spraying oxytetracycline on orange trees didn't halt a devastating infection called citrus greening, but a more expensive method ” injecting the trunks ” holds some promise....
16.08.19 - 23:14
Director of M.I.T. Media Lab Apologizes for Ties to Jeffrey Epstein (New York Times)
Joichi Ito, a member of The New York Times Company board, accepted donations to M.I.T. and investment money for outside funds from the financier....
16.08.19 - 22:14
Bill Konyk, 88, Pirogi Seller Whose Nickname Was a Fighting Word, Dies (New York Times)
After bringing Ukrainian food to Vancouver, he defeated a challenge to his company's name, Hunky Bill's, as an ethnic slur....
16.08.19 - 21:08
A $1 Million Penalty Brings Record Nursing Home Default Near an End (New York Times)
The financial failure of the Rosewood Care Centers underscored gaps in the oversight of a program that insures $20 billion in mortgages to more than 2,300 nursing homes....
16.08.19 - 19:56
Germany Has Powered Europe′s Economy. What Happens When Its Engine Stalls? (New York Times)
The economic woes afflicting the region's biggest economy will drag down the region, despite growth in countries like Greece, Portugal and Spain, analysts say....
16.08.19 - 18:56
The F.D.A.′s New Cigarette Warnings Are Disturbing. See for Yourself. (New York Times)
Weakened by court battles with major tobacco companies, the F.D.A. has softened its depictions of smoking-related illnesses required for cigarette packs....
16.08.19 - 18:26
A.I. Is Learning From Humans. Many Humans. (New York Times)
Artificial intelligence is being taught by thousands of office workers around the world. It is not exactly futuristic work....
16.08.19 - 17:56
Bad News for Germany′s Economy Might Be Good News for the Far Right (New York Times)
At a moment when populism is riding high in different corners of Europe, a slowdown in the Continent's richest democracy could add fuel to the fire....
16.08.19 - 16:50
As Politics Creep Into Philanthropy, Beneficiaries Come Under Fire (New York Times)
Charitable organizations can find themselves targets of protests caused by the actions of their benefactors....
16.08.19 - 15:14
Give Your Teenager a Credit Card? Some Financial Experts Say Yes (New York Times)
Parents should monitor spending and explain how to pay the bill on time. A financial planner says teenagers should get a card. "We live in a credit-driven society....
16.08.19 - 15:08
Wall St. Poised for Rebound as Turbulent Week Comes to a Close (New York Times)
Stock futures were up, suggesting that a rocky week could end on an upbeat note despite persistent worries about the American economy and the trade war between Washington and Beijing....
16.08.19 - 13:03
The World Has a Diamond Glut. Why Is That a Problem? (New York Times)
Mines are closing, and middlemen are being squeezed. But don't expect bargains at the jewelry counter....
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