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26.04.19 - 13:12
DealBook Briefing: Uber Is Lowballing Its I.P.O. (New York Times)
The ride-hailing giant plans to disclose this morning that its I.P.O. could value it at $90 billion — less than it had told some investors to expect....
26.04.19 - 13:12
Uber Aims for Valuation of Up to $91 Billion in I.P.O. (New York Times)
The world’s largest ride-hailing company, which has not yet made a profit, kicked off the last stage of its journey to list on public stock markets....
26.04.19 - 12:06
What to Watch For in Friday’s G.D.P. Report (New York Times)
The initial reading on first-quarter growth is expected to be healthy, only weeks after economists were forecasting a weak showing....
26.04.19 - 12:06
Women Did Everything Right. Then Work Got ‘Greedy.’ (New York Times)
How America’s obsession with long hours has widened the gender gap....
26.04.19 - 08:06
Magic Leap Raises $280 Million From NTT DoCoMo (New York Times)
The maker of augmented-reality goggles said it has garnered $280 million from NTT Docomo of Japan, as part of a new partnership with the telecommunications giant....
26.04.19 - 02:06
Regulators Around the World are Circling Facebook (New York Times)
Facebook revealed that it expects a record fine from the F.T.C. That could be one of many moves against the company by governments on four continents....
26.04.19 - 02:06
Uber Said to Plan I.P.O. Price Range Valuing Company as High as $90 Billion (New York Times)
The world’s largest ride-hailing company was said to be planning an initial pricing of $44 to $50 a share....
25.04.19 - 23:30
Morgan Stanley to Pay California $150 Million Over Mortgage Crisis Claims (New York Times)
The case was the last remaining government lawsuit against the bank over financial crisis-era issues....
25.04.19 - 23:30
Microsoft Touches $1 Trillion Value, Signaling Big Tech’s Stock Market Comeback (New York Times)
Big tech stocks including Microsoft have been leading the market higher, a rally that would have been hard to imagine at the end of 2018....
25.04.19 - 23:30
TPG Says Executive Introduced Colleagues to College Admissions Scheme’s Leader (New York Times)
William E. McGlashan Jr., who was fired after being named in the scandal, connected members of the deal team to William Singer for business discussions, but nothing came of them, the investment firm said....
25.04.19 - 21:30
Sweetgreen Scraps Its Cashless Policy as Criticism Grows (New York Times)
The announcement comes amid a rising backlash to cashless stores, and new laws against them in New Jersey and Philadelphia....
25.04.19 - 21:30
Sooner or Later Your Cousin’s DNA Is Going to Solve a Murder (New York Times)
The Golden State Killer case was just the start. Hundreds of cold cases are hot again thanks to a new genealogy technique. The price may be everyone’s genetic privacy....
25.04.19 - 18:31
Thinking of Going Off the Grid After Winning the Lottery? Not So Fast (New York Times)
Some states allow the winners of large jackpots to remain anonymous, but is it ever possible to retain your privacy after a life-changing windfall?...
25.04.19 - 18:31
Canada Says Facebook Broke Privacy Laws (New York Times)
An investigation by Canadian regulators found that Facebook did not protect user data in the Cambridge Analytica scandal and has ignored recommendations since....
25.04.19 - 17:30
Work Friend: Don’t Be Distressed You Are Distressed (New York Times)
Sometimes you have to throw money at a problem, or at the very least laugh in H.R.’s face....
25.04.19 - 14:06
Carlos Ghosn Awaits Release From Jail After Posting Bail (New York Times)
Carlos Ghosn, the former car executive charged in Tokyo with financial wrongdoing, posted $4.7 million bail but the prosecutor’s office said it would appeal....
25.04.19 - 14:06
Who Owns Huawei? The Company Tried to Explain. It Got Complicated. (New York Times)
The Chinese tech giant wants to put to rest concerns that it is susceptible to influence by the country’s government. That has been no easy task....
25.04.19 - 13:06
DealBook Briefing: Is a $5 Billion Facebook Fine Enough? (New York Times)
The social network expects to pay the F.T.C. a huge fine for privacy violations, but critics say that further action is required....
25.04.19 - 13:06
Wheels: Souvenirs From Europe You Can’t Sneak Through Customs (New York Times)
French cheese or Spanish ham? Maybe. That sweet Citroën or Peugeot? Even if you can get it on a ship, it probably won’t be allowed into the U.S....
25.04.19 - 11:48
Cannabis, Marijuana, Weed, Pot? Just Call It a Job Machine (New York Times)
As legalization spreads, listings for cannabis-related positions on recruitment sites have soared. But working in the industry comes with caveats....
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