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27.06.19 - 09:14
Would You Pay $30 a Month to Check Your Email? (New York Times)
One of Silicon Valley's buzziest start-ups, Superhuman, is betting its app's shiny features are worth a premium price....
27.06.19 - 06:14
Why Is Everyone Drinking Celery Juice as if It Will Save Them From Dying? (New York Times)
Wellness gurus have extolled its benefits, but there's no science that supports their claims....
27.06.19 - 01:26
Boeing′s 737 Max Suffers Setback in Flight Simulator Test (New York Times)
F.A.A. pilots, in at least one instance, were unable to quickly and easily follow Boeing's emergency procedures to regain control of the plane after the software was activated....
27.06.19 - 01:08
Google and the University of Chicago Are Sued Over Data Sharing (New York Times)
The lawsuit demonstrates the tension between building A.I. systems and protecting the privacy of patients....
26.06.19 - 23:32
U.S. Versus China: A New Era of Great Power Competition, but Without Boundaries (New York Times)
Under President Trump, national security concerns over China's rise have bled into trade and economic policy, and some officials see a long ideological struggle unfolding....
26.06.19 - 23:08
Trump Redoubles Attacks on Fed Chair, Saying ′I Made Him′ (New York Times)
President Trump blasted the Fed for raising rates, even as it considers cutting them, and voiced jealousy for the European Central Bank's policies....
26.06.19 - 22:56
For a TV Editor, 500 New Shows a Year Require a Fresh Script (New York Times)
Coverage is adapting to a flood of programming, and tools that Jeremy Egner relied on for "Game of Thrones (hello, fan wikis!) are now being applied to other shows....
26.06.19 - 22:50
Philip H. Geier Jr., Who Built an Advertising Giant, Dies at 84 (New York Times)
Over 20 years as Interpublic's chief executive, Mr. Geier acquired 200 companies to provide clients with an enormous breadth of services....
26.06.19 - 22:50
Wayfair Workers Walk Out, and the Specter of a Consumer Boycott Rises (New York Times)
Employees and consumers, with the help of activist groups on social media, are targeting companies that are doing business with detention facilities for migrant children....
26.06.19 - 22:50
Etika, a YouTube Personality, Is Mourned by Fans (New York Times)
The 29-year-old's death highlighted the way that social media networks handle posts by users who are struggling with mental illness....
26.06.19 - 22:02
N.R.A. Shuts Down Production of NRATV, and Its No. 2 Official Resigns (New York Times)
The N.R.A's top lobbyist, accused of plotting against its leader, has resigned. The group has also shut down its live broadcasting arm and severed ties with its ad firm....
26.06.19 - 18:14
I Like Working Retail. Why Am I Too Ashamed to Say So? (New York Times)
Class anxieties and ungenerous colleagues can make good work situations feel bad. Here's how to address both....
26.06.19 - 17:33
Target Pulls New Thread in Bikini Yarn (New York Times)
This swimsuit can't stop iterating....
26.06.19 - 16:20
′My Plan B Is Maybe My Plan A′: Trump Threatens New Tariffs on China (New York Times)
President Trump played down the importance of securing a trade deal with Beijing on Wednesday as he prepared to meet with President Xi Jinping of China this weekend....
26.06.19 - 12:08
DealBook Briefing: Sidestepping the Huawei Ban (New York Times)
U.S. chip makers are still selling products to Huawei, despite a Trump administration ban on the sale of American technology to the Chinese company....
26.06.19 - 11:08
Why Hong Kong′s Protesters Are Turning to G20 Leaders for Help (New York Times)
Beijing has already said that its leaders will not discuss Hong Kong at the upcoming G20 summit. But Hong Kong protesters still hope for global backing....
26.06.19 - 11:08
A Comprehensive Guide to Taking Your Smartphone Abroad for Cheap (New York Times)
For $15 to $40, you can easily bring your phone to a foreign country and enjoy access to apps, maps and the web. But it takes a lot of steps, hence this travel guide....
26.06.19 - 11:08
Buy Low-Tops, Sell High-Tops: A Sneaker Exchange Is Worth $1 Billion (New York Times)
StockX is one of several online marketplaces that have turned resales of shoes into a big ” and highly valued ” business....
26.06.19 - 01:56
Wayfair Workers Plan Walkout Over Sales to Migrant Detention Facilities (New York Times)
Some 500 Wayfair employees signed a letter asking the furniture giant to end business with a government contractor that operates shelters for migrant children....
26.06.19 - 01:56
Price-Fixing in the Poultry Aisle? Why Chicken Producers Are Under Investigation (New York Times)
Claims of price manipulation have been floating around for years, but a government filing means criminal charges could follow....
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