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TechCrunch ist ein amerikanisches Online- Medium, welches über neue Start-Ups, Internetprodukte und Technologienews berichtet. Das als Blog im Jahr 2005 gestartete Projekt von Michael Arrington beschäftigt heute 40 Mitarbeiter und wurde 2010 von AOL aufgekauft.
27.06.19 - 10:03
Founders Factory Africa and Netcare to fund 35 health-tech startups (TechCrunch)
Founders Factory Africa and South African healthcare company Netcare will select 35 African health-tech startups for an acceleration and incubation program. The partnership includes an investment (of an undisclosed amount) by Netcare in Founder’...
27.06.19 - 10:03
A Q&A with Talis Capital as it raises $100m for 2019 and hits it′s 10th year (TechCrunch)
Talis Capital - an early investor in Darktrace, Pirate Studios, Luminance and iwoca - announces today that it’s raised $100m for 2019, a record for the firm to date as it passes it's 10th year of operation. In those ten years it's done $600m ...
27.06.19 - 10:03
WeGift, the digital rewards platform, raises £4M Series A (TechCrunch)
WeGift, the U.K. startup that has developed a platform to let businesses easily issue e-gift cards and other digital rewards, has closed £4 million in Series A funding. Leading the round is Stride.VC — the relatively new early-stage venture cap...
27.06.19 - 07:03
India reportedly wants to build its own WhatsApp for government communications (TechCrunch)
India may have plans to follow France's footsteps in building a chat app and requiring government employees to use it for official communications. The New Delhi government is said to be pondering about the need to have homegrown email and chat apps,...
27.06.19 - 06:26
Warburg Pincus announces new $4.25 billion fund for China and Southeast Asia (TechCrunch)
Warburg Pincus, the private equity fund with over $60 billion under management, is doubling down on Asia after it announced a $4.25 billion fund dedicated to China and Southeast Asia. The firm has been present in China for 25 years, and it has invest...
27.06.19 - 06:09
Pinduoduo cements position as China′s second-largest ecommerce player (TechCrunch)
Alibaba and JD.com have been in a war over the Chinese e-commerce space for a decade or so, but a third player called Pinduoduo has managed to shake up the duopoly in recent times. The startup, which was founded in 2015 by an ex-Googler and went publ...
27.06.19 - 06:09
Taster raises another $8 million for its native food delivery brands (TechCrunch)
If you're an Instagram user, chances are you've encountered a ton of ads for companies trying to sell products directly to consumers, using social networks as storefronts paired with online stores. French startup Taster is doing the same thing with...
27.06.19 - 02:21
NTWRK moves into live IRL events (TechCrunch)
NTWRK, is a fascinating experiment in live video shopping for the iPhone set. It’s been described as a blend of QVC and Twitter and Twitch and they just got a new slice of money from investors like Drake and Live Nation to expand into physical ...
27.06.19 - 01:08
Spotify-owned Soundtrap adds unlimited storage to the free tier of its recording software (TechCrunch)
Soundtrap, the music and podcast software maker that Spotify acquired in 2017, is improving its free tier by adding unlimited storage. Previously, Soundtrap’s free users were limited to storing five projects at a time. In addition to introducin...
27.06.19 - 00:44
Jewelry startup AUrate raises $13M (TechCrunch)
AUrate, a startup selling gold jewelry directly to consumers, announced today that it has raised $13 million in Series A funding. The company’s co-founders Bouchra Ezzahraoui and Sophie Kahn said that AUrate’s prices range from $50 to $3,...
26.06.19 - 23:45
Skubana raises $5.4M for its e-commerce operations software (TechCrunch)
Skubana, a startup promising to help e-commerce business manage what can be a dizzying array of logistical challenges, is announcing that it has raised $5.4 million in Series A funding. The round was led by Defy Partners, with participation from Adva...
26.06.19 - 23:33
Apple hires leading ARM chip designer (TechCrunch)
Apple has clearly spent the last several years dreaming of a world where it didn't have to rely on third-parties to create its components. The hardware giant has already taken a number of steps in that direction with its own in-house chips, and a re...
26.06.19 - 22:38
VCs double down on data-driven investment models (TechCrunch)
New efforts could automate the role of an analyst....
26.06.19 - 22:38
Vertical market networks, effective startup names, Libra, Carbon, and Sidewalk Labs (TechCrunch)
The next service marketplace wave: Vertical market networks B2B service marketplaces (think translation as a service) are an extraordinarily lucrative startup category. But despite the incredible potential of these platforms to generate outsized retu...
26.06.19 - 22:09
New tickets available to the 14th Annual TechCrunch Summer Party (TechCrunch)
Could you use a little summer startup fun? We're rolling out our next round of tickets to the TechCrunch Summer Party at Park Chalet, San Francisco's coastal beer garden. If you want to join your startup peers to eat, drink and be merry, don't del...
26.06.19 - 22:09
Network with CrunchMatch at TC Sessions: Enterprise 2019 (TechCrunch)
Ready to tackle the colossus that is enterprise software? Join us and more than 1,000 attendees for TC Sessions Enterprise 2019 on September 5 at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco. We're talking founders, technologists and investo...
26.06.19 - 22:09
This new experimental robot gripping arm can ′taste′ what it touches (TechCrunch)
Okay do you know how we can taste things and that was pretty special? It’s not special anymore, because researchers at UC Davis working with colleagues Carnegie Mellon have developed a way for an experimental soft robotic gripper to ‘tast...
26.06.19 - 22:09
Google launches auto-delete controls for Location History on iOS and Android (TechCrunch)
Google has always argued that the data it collects does more than provide power for its targeted ad empire — it also makes its services more useful. But not everyone thinks that Google should be able to suck up a never-ending stockpile of perso...
26.06.19 - 21:51
Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony pen letter highlighting ′harm′ from Trump′s tariffs (TechCrunch)
It's not every day the three biggest competitors in a space join forces to denounced political action. Of course, this isn't the first time the Trump administration has had this impact on a category. Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony (collectively known...
26.06.19 - 21:28
Gender & compensation at VC-backed startups - Where are we today? (TechCrunch)
Compensation is the most intimate way a company can interact with its employees. For far too long, compensation managers and committees have operated behind closed doors, keeping pay guidelines......
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