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TechCrunch ist ein amerikanisches Online- Medium, welches über neue Start-Ups, Internetprodukte und Technologienews berichtet. Das als Blog im Jahr 2005 gestartete Projekt von Michael Arrington beschäftigt heute 40 Mitarbeiter und wurde 2010 von AOL aufgekauft.
26.04.19 - 13:33
New York Attorney General probes crypto exchange Bitfinex over alleged $850M fraud (TechCrunch)
In what seems like a historic moment in crypto, New York State Attorney General (NYSAG) office has announced that it is investigating iFinex, the company behind exchange Bitfinex and stablecoin Tether, over an alleged $850 million fraud. Attorney Gen...
26.04.19 - 13:20
Uber prices IPO at $44-50, to raise $7.9-9B, PayPal takes $500M stake in strategic partnership (TechCrunch)
Uber filed an updated S-1 today where it announced that it would be pricing its initial public offering at $44-50 per share. Selling 180,000,000 common shares, it plans to raise between $7.9 billion and $9 billion ahead of its public debut on the NYS...
26.04.19 - 12:55
China′s Ctrip now owns half of India′s MakeMyTrip following share swap with Naspers (TechCrunch)
China’s Ctrip, the world’s second largest online travel company, is doubling down on India after it announced a deal to increase its ownership of travel company MakeMyTrip to nearly half. Ctrip will boost its ownership of MakeMyTrip, whic...
26.04.19 - 12:01
RosieReality, a Swiss startup using AR to get kids interested in robotics and programming, scores £2.2M seed (TechCrunch)
RosieReality, a startup out of Zürich developing consumer augmented reality experiences, has raised $2.2 million in seed funding led by RedAlpine. Other backers include Shasta Ventures, Atomico Partners Mattias Ljungman and Siraj Khaliq (both of whom...
26.04.19 - 12:01
Wheely raises $15 million for its luxury ride-hailing app (TechCrunch)
London-based startup Wheely has raised a $15 million Series B round led by Concentric with Oleg Tscheltzoff, Misha Sokolov and other investors also participating. The company wants to build an Uber competitor focused on the luxury market. It's a bit...
26.04.19 - 08:43
FT parent Nikkei confirms it has acquired new media startup Deal Street Asia (TechCrunch)
It’s official: Nikkei, the Japanese media firm that owns the FT, has confirmed that it has acquired Singapore-based new media startup Deal Street Asia. (The Nikkei announcement is buried behind a paywall — make of that what you will!) The...
26.04.19 - 08:07
Facebook says it filed a US lawsuit to shut down a follower-buying service in New Zealand (TechCrunch)
Facebook is cracking down on services that promise to help Instagram users buy themselves a large following on the photo app. The social network said today that it has filed a lawsuit against a New Zealand-based company that operates one such ‘...
26.04.19 - 07:25
U.S. slams Alibaba and its challenger Pinduoduo for selling fakes (TechCrunch)
China’s biggest ecommerce company Alibaba was again on the U.S. Trade Representative’s blacklist over suspected counterfeits sold on its popular Taobao marketplace that connects small merchants to consumers. Nestling with Alibaba on the U...
26.04.19 - 07:25
Grocery delivery startup Honestbee is running out of money and trying to sell (TechCrunch)
Honestbee, the online grocery delivery service in Asia, is nearly out of money and trying to offload its business. The company has held early conversations with a number of suitors in Asia, including ride-hailing giants Grab and Go-Jek, over the pote...
26.04.19 - 03:06
Wireless broadband startup Starry files to raise up to $125 million (TechCrunch)
The never-ending quest to kill Comcast is poised to receive some renewed investment as an ambitious startup readies to secure some new cash. Starry, a Boston-based wireless broadband internet startup, has filed to raise up to $125 million in Series D...
26.04.19 - 02:24
Carbon, the fast-growing 3D printing business, is raising up to $300M (TechCrunch)
Carbon is issuing new shares at a valuation of $2.5 billion....
26.04.19 - 01:37
Amazon beats optimistic profit expectations for Q1 (TechCrunch)
Amazon announced today that it has beat Wall Street's already optimistic Q1 projections. The e-commerce giant's revenues have slowed a bit, contributing to moderate fluctuations in after hours trading, but the company's greatly benefit by ever-inc...
26.04.19 - 00:37
Uber will reportedly seek up to $90 billion valuation in IPO (TechCrunch)
Uber is reportedly looking to sell shares between $44 to $50, aiming to raise $8 to $10 billion in the offering. This would value the company between $80 billion to $90 billion, Bloomberg reports. Previous reports had pegged Uber's valuation at arou...
26.04.19 - 00:37
Movie subscription service Sinemia is ending US operations (TechCrunch)
Over the past few months, Sinemia has gone from promising MoviePass competitor to the source of frustration for moviegoers across the country. After rumors surfaced earlier this week that it would be backing away from its troubled subscription based ...
26.04.19 - 00:06
Facebook hit with three privacy investigations in a single day (TechCrunch)
Third time lucky ” unless you’re Facebook. The social networking giant was hit by a trio of investigations over its privacy practices Thursday following a particularly tumultuous month of security lapses and privacy violations ” the latest in a...
25.04.19 - 23:18
Tesla to open up Model 3 orders in UK, other right-hand drive markets (TechCrunch)
Tesla is poised to open up orders for the Model 3 in several right-hand drive markets, starting with the UK by early May, according to a tweet from CEO Elon Musk. The Model 3 order page will go live May 1 or 2 in the UK, followed by Japan, Australia,...
25.04.19 - 23:03
Amazon Prime′s dominance is spurring new startup opportunities (TechCrunch)
Amazon has made two-day shipping the new industry standard -- a standard most competitors can't meet. Fortunately, some exciting new logistics startups are emerging to help them compete with Amazon....
25.04.19 - 22:49
Zwift CEO Eric Min on fitness-gaming and bringing esports into the Olympics (TechCrunch)
The rumored IPO plans of $4 billion spinning brand Peloton marks the rise of a wave of interactive fitness startups like Mirror, Tonal, Hydrow, and At Home 360 that combine a monthly subscription to recorded and/or live video classes with workout har...
25.04.19 - 22:43
Luminary ′retooling′ after podcasters request removal from service (TechCrunch)
Last month, a New York Times piece heralded the arrival of Luminary. The story focused on the startup's healthy funding (almost $100 million) and its "subscription-based business model that it hopes will push the medium into a new phase of growth. ...
25.04.19 - 22:37
A quick look at how fast Series A and seed rounds have ballooned in recent years, fueled by top investors (TechCrunch)
Wing, a nine-year-old, Silicon Valley venture firm co-founded by veteran VCs Peter Wagner and Gaurav Garg, produces interesting research about its own industry every now and then, based on a smaller data set than firms like Pitchbook or CB Insights t...
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