Bruttoinlandsprodukt: 4 Mrd. USD
BIP – Wachstum zum Vorjahresquartal: 5.70%
BIP – Wachstum zum letzten Quartal: -
Leitzins: 16.50%
Inflationsrate: 19.23%
Arbeitslosenrate: 4.50%
Haushaltsdefizit in % des BIPs: -5.80%
Staatsverschuldung in % des BIPs: 60.30%
Letzte Datenerhebung: 04.12.2018
01.12.18 - 18:30
Iluka resumes operations at Sierra Leone rutile mine as strike ends (Reuters EN)
Mineral sands miner Iluka Resources resumed operations at its Sierra Leone project, Sierra Rutile, on Friday, after workers ended a strike that had stalled work for the last eight days, a senior union official told Reuters....
12.10.18 - 07:06
Das Ende eines Prestigeprojekts in Sierra Leone (NZZ)
400…Mio.…$ hätte der neue Mamamah-Flughafen im westafrikanischen Land Sierra Leone gekostet. Er sollte von China finanziert und gebaut werden. Nun hat der neue Präsident Bio das Projekt gestoppt....
11.10.18 - 19:20
Sierra Leone stoppt von China finanzierten Flughafen-Neubau (DPA-AFX)
FREETOWN (dpa-AFX) - Die neue Regierung in Sierra Leone hat den von China betriebenen Neubau eines knapp 300 Millionen Euro teuren Flughafens gestoppt. Ein Neubau sei wirtschaftlich nicht darstellbar, zumal der bestehende Flughafen der Hauptstadt Fre...
14.06.18 - 15:43
Sierra Leone in fourth bid to launch oil sector with licensing round (Reuters EN)
June 14 (Reuters) - Seeking to capitalise on higher oil prices, Sierra Leone has extended the deadline of a fourth oil licensing round for five deep water offshore blocks until September 27, officials told Reuters....
28.05.18 - 14:07
Sierra Leone war criminal to go free after ending jail term (AFP)
An ex-Sierra Leone militia leader was Monday to walk free after serving a 15-year sentence, the first to complete a term imposed for crimes in the country's civil war, a UN court said.The Residual Special Court for Sierra Leone "has reached a signif...
25.05.18 - 15:00
Sierra Leone president to push review of mining law, contracts (Reuters EN)
FREETOWN, May 25 (Reuters) - Sierra Leone's new president will follow through with campaign promises to review mining contracts and consider changes to the law that would ensure the West African nation benefits from its natural resources, his sp...
11.04.18 - 14:45
Sierra Leone suspends timber export over deforestation concerns (Xinhua)
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05.04.18 - 09:18
Sierra Leone Inaugurates Former Junta Head as President (WSJ EN)
A former military junta leader educated in the U.S. was sworn in as Sierra Leone’s new president after a narrow election victory, and now faces the task of rebuilding the resource-rich economy....
05.04.18 - 08:24
Wahlsieg - Oppositionskandidat Bio als neuer Präsident in Sierra Leone vereidigt (Der Standard)
Bio setzte sich gegen ehemaligen Außenminister durch und muss nun Wirtschaft in Schwung bringen...
05.04.18 - 08:20
Oppositionskandidat als neuer Präsident in Sierra Leone vereidigt (Reuters)
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05.04.18 - 05:42
Sierra Leone - Oppositionskandidat Bio siegt in Präsidentschaftswahl in Sierra Leone (Der Standard)
Ex-Juntachef gewinnt knapp mit 51,8 Prozent...
05.04.18 - 05:06
Präsidentschaftswahl: Oppositionskandidat siegt in Sierra Leone (20 Minuten)
Bei den Präsidentschaftswahlen in Sierra Leone hat Julius Maada Bio über 51 Prozent der Stimmen erhalten. Demonstranten wehren sich gegen das Ergebnis....
05.04.18 - 01:25
Former soldier Bio wins Sierra Leone presidential vote (AFP)
Sierra Leone's opposition challenger Julius Maada Bio secured his first term in office as a civilian Wednesday when he was declared the winner of a controversial presidential run-off.Bio, a former soldier who briefly led a military junta more than t...
05.04.18 - 01:24
Julius Maada Bio: Oppositionskandidat gewinnt Wahl in Sierra Leone (Spiegel)
1996 hatte er den damaligen Militärmachthaber gestürzt. Nun hat Ex-Juntachef Julius Maada Bio die Präsidentschaftswahl in Sierra Leone gewonnen....
31.03.18 - 10:33
Sierra Leone Holds Run-Off Vote as Opposition Shows Narrow Lead (Bloomberg)
Sierra Leone will hold a presidential run-off vote on Saturday for the right to rule the West African nation that's facing the challenge of reviving an economy battered by the Ebola outbreak and......
31.03.18 - 09:54
Wahlen - Zweite Runde der Präsidentschaftswahl im bitterarmen Sierra Leone (Der Standard)
Oppositionskandidat lag in erster Runde knapp vorne - Erste Ergebnisse zu Wochenbeginn...
31.03.18 - 07:45
Sierra Leone heads to polls after bitter campaign (AFP)
Voters in the West African state of Sierra Leone were called out to vote on Saturday in the final round of a presidential campaign marked by verbal sparring, sporadic violence and a last-minute legal battle.A wafer-thin margin separated the two front...
29.03.18 - 04:32
Sierra Leone picks new president after court delay (AFP)
Sierra Leone chooses a new president on Saturday following a delay caused by a ruling party-backed court case over alleged electoral fraud, spiking tensions following an already fractious campaign. The West African nation's 3.1 million voters will c...
26.03.18 - 21:42
Sierra Leone Delays Vote Even as Court Rejects Postponement Bid (Bloomberg)
Sierra Leone postponed Tuesday's presidential runoff by four days even after a court rejected a bid to have the vote delayed because of alleged voting irregularities.The declaration on Monday by......
26.03.18 - 17:55
Sierra Leone court lifts order halting presidential election (AFP)
Sierra Leone's High Court on Monday lifted an order that had halted the country's presidential runoff, although the electoral commission has requested a brief postponement after losing valuable time to prepare the vote.The High Court removed an inj...
25.03.18 - 04:42
Legal challenges threaten Sierra Leone presidential vote (AFP)
Sierra Leone is due to go the polls on Tuesday to pick a new president, but a court case could delay the vote following a campaign marked by violence and ethnic divisions.The West African nation's 3.1 million voters will choose between the ruling Al...
11.03.18 - 10:06
Sierra Leone Vote May See Run-Off After Half of Ballots Counted (Bloomberg)
Presidential elections in Sierra Leone will probably go to a second round as the two main political parties remain neck-and-neck with half the votes counted.Vote during the country's general elections......
11.03.18 - 04:32
Sierra Leone Holds World′s First "Free And Fair" Blockchain-Backed Election (ZeroHedge)
Cryptocurrency investors have endured a difficult week as reports that Japanese regulators are cracking down on local exchanges following a massive heist at CoinCheck - an unregistered local exchange - and the SEC is demanding that US-based cryptocur...
09.03.18 - 19:31
Sierra Leone parties spar as vote count continues (AFP)
Sierra Leone's two main parties traded verbal blows on Friday, with the opposition accusing the government of planning to announce an unconfirmed victory for its candidate in presidential elections.The West African country held presidential, parliam...
07.03.18 - 12:01
Sierra Leone, Struggling to Rebound, Votes for New President (WSJ EN)
A former military junta leader, an ex-U.N. official and a one-time foreign minister are facing off in a tight race for Sierra Leone’s presidency, as the West African nation seeks to rebound from years of conflict and a devastating Ebola epidemi...
07.03.18 - 11:27
Sierra Leone picks new president with hopes of economic turnaround (AFP)
Sierra Leoneans voted Wednesday in a general election to pick a new president, with many craving economic change and a boost to living standards in one of the world's poorest countries.Dozens of people joined queues at a polling station visited by A...
07.03.18 - 10:45
Sierra Leone Elects New Leader in Too-Close-to-Call Race (Bloomberg)
Voters in Sierra Leone are going to the polls to elect a successor for President Ernest Bai Koroma in a campaign where an unprecedented number of political parties is making the outcome too close......
06.03.18 - 07:55
Sierra Leone votes: little that glitters for gold miners (AFP)
Down a dirt road that slopes off a bridge, hundreds of men and women waist-deep in the river sift through gravel, separating specks of gold from the sludge.It may be the eve of a general election in Sierra Leone, but those who eke out a living here i...
05.03.18 - 09:37
Sierra Leone, cut down by war and Ebola (AFP)
The West African nation of Sierra Leone is among the world's poorest countries despite its significant mineral wealth, and scarred by a brutal civil war and the deadly Ebola virus.Here is some background about the country as it prepares to go to the...
04.03.18 - 12:03
Sierra Leone leader defends presidential candidate, record (AFP)
Sierra Leone's outgoing leader has defended the presidential candidate widely seen as his handpicked successor on amid accusations of personal interference, and hit out at opponents of an election day vehicle ban.The West African nation goes to the ...
25.01.18 - 17:09
U.S. has more truly destitute people than either Sierra Leone or Nepal, says Nobel economist Deaton (MarketWatch)
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22.12.17 - 04:06
Graff buys another giant diamond from Sierra Leone (
With this purchase, Graff Diamonds says it has acquired, cut and polished the majority of the top 21 largest stones of the 21st century. The post Graff buys another giant diamond from Sierra Leone appeared first on
22.12.17 - 04:02
Graff buys new giant diamond from Sierra Leone (
With this purchase, Graff Diamonds says it has acquired, cut and polished the majority of the top 21 largest stones of the 21st century. The post Graff buys new giant diamond from Sierra Leone appeared first on
19.12.17 - 03:42
Pastor who found giant diamond in Sierra Leone to get less cash than promised (
The government says the cleric violated the Mines and Minerals Act. The post Pastor who found giant diamond in Sierra Leone to get less cash than promised appeared first on
15.12.17 - 18:27
Sierra Leone health workers sue government in Ebola case (AFP)
Two Sierra Leonean health workers on Friday sued their government in a West African court, alleging its misuse of donor funds during the Ebola crisis had contributed to the deaths of thousands.The Ebola virus surfaced in Guinea in late 2013 and sprea...
05.12.17 - 16:55
Sierra Leone ′Peace Diamond′ sold for less-than-expected (
The egg-sized, 709-carat rough yellowish diamond was sold for $6.5 million to luxury jeweller Laurence Graff, chairman of Graff Diamonds. The post Sierra Leone 'Peace Diamond' sold for less-than-expected appeared first on
05.12.17 - 06:18
Sierra Leone:′Peace Diamond′ Undersells for Over U.S.$6 Million At Auction (AllAfrica)
[Deutsche Welle] A Christian pastor had given away the more than 709-carat diamond so the government could fund local development projects. Officials hope its sale will also help combat illicit smuggling in the modern industry....
05.12.17 - 00:15
Sierra Leone′s huge ′peace diamond′ fetches $6.5 mn (AFP)
A huge so-called "peace diamond" sold by the government of Sierra Leone to discourage crime-tainted "blood diamonds" fetched $6.5 million on Monday.The 709-carat stone, which was unearthed in March, is the largest discovered in Sierra Leone in almost...
29.11.17 - 14:45
Diamant mit 476 Karat in Sierra Leone gefunden (Miningscout)
Nachdem bereits im März ein Priester in der östlichen Provinz Kono einen Diamant von 709 Karat gefunden hatte, sorgt Sierra Leone erneut für Aufsehen über die internationale Bergbau-Szene hinaus. Unweit der ersten Fundstätte tauchte nun ein......
16.11.17 - 14:12
Sierra Leone:Govt to Develop Regulation for Compulsory Assets Declaration (AllAfrica)
[Concord] Deputy Commissioner of the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has disclosed that they are in the process of developing a regulation that will force senior public officials to declare their assets, income and liabilities....
13.11.17 - 01:36
Second large diamond in a year unearthed in Sierra Leone (
Another huge diamond has been released from the Earth's clutches following an astounding discovery in the West African country earlier this year. The post Second large diamond in a year unearthed in Sierra Leone appeared first on
12.11.17 - 00:55
Sierra Leone unearths 476-carat gem in new diamond find (AFP)
Sierra Leone said Saturday miners had unearthed a huge 476-carat diamond, eight months after an even more valuable find in the country's diamond-rich east.It appears to be the 29th largest diamond ever found, according to experts, but it is unclear ...




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