Bruttoinlandsprodukt: 21 Mrd. USD
BIP – Wachstum zum Vorjahresquartal: 1.75%
BIP – Wachstum zum letzten Quartal: -0.20%
Leitzins: 11.50%
Inflationsrate: 6.40%
Arbeitslosenrate: 3.80%
Haushaltsdefizit in % des BIPs: -3.60%
Staatsverschuldung in % des BIPs: 34.40%
Letzte Datenerhebung: 05.04.2017
24.04.17 - 07:18
Uganda: New Report Cautions Banks On Agent Banking (AllAfrica)
[Monitor] Kampala -A new market report has revealed the opportunities that lie within agent banking but at the same time cautioned banks on the challenges of the model....
24.04.17 - 07:18
Uganda: How Global Corporate Takeover Is Eating Into Nile Breweries (AllAfrica)
[Monitor] Kampala -Mr Daniel Ogong, 43, had worked for Nile Breweries Limited (NBL) for the last 15 years until February 2017 when he threw in the towel and opted to resign....
24.04.17 - 07:18
Uganda: World Bank Cautions African Govts On Large Fiscal Deficits (AllAfrica)
[Monitor] Kampala -The World Bank Group has warned African governments against running large fiscal deficit because it may lead to over borrowing, and in turn lead to high public debt levels....
22.04.17 - 16:01
Uganda: Two More of Troubled Kampala Mogul′s Forex Bureaus Closed (AllAfrica)
[East African] Bank of Uganda has shut down another forex bureau belonging to troubled businessman Sudhir Ruparrelia....
22.04.17 - 09:31
East Africa: Uganda Registers U.S.$222 Million Surplus in Export Revenue (AllAfrica)
[East African] Increased earnings from commodity exports have helped Uganda to record a surplus on its balance of payments of Ush790 billion ($222 million) in the quarter first quarter of the year ending February 2017.Bank of Uganda said the surplus ...
21.04.17 - 12:31
Uganda: The Rattle of Poverty and the Challenge of Our Time (AllAfrica)
[Observer] I spent the Easter weekend visiting my parents in our ancestral village in Bubulo, Manafwa district....
21.04.17 - 08:48
Uganda: Interswitch Benefits From Crane Bank′s Network (AllAfrica)
[East African] The takeover of Uganda's troubled Crane Bank by DFCU Bank in January has indirectly boosted Interswitch -- the local banking switch operator -- through addition of 55 automated teller machines and a million customers....
21.04.17 - 08:36
Uganda: Works Takes Lion′s Share of Shs29 Trillion Budget (AllAfrica)
[Monitor] Parliament -Works and Transport docket will take a lion's share of the next financial year budget, with more than Shs4 trillion, going towards major infrastructure development projects such as roads and the railway....
21.04.17 - 07:18
Uganda: Uganda Registers Shs790 Billion Surplus in Export Revenue (AllAfrica)
[Monitor] Kampala -Increased earnings from certain commodity exports have helped Uganda to record a surplus on its balance of payments of $222 million (Shs790b) during the quarter ended February 2017....
21.04.17 - 07:13
Uganda: Why Butaleja Farmers Rejected the Shs26 Billion Rice Scheme Project (AllAfrica)
[Monitor] An article was published in Daily Monitor (March 14, 2017) about Butaleja District residents rejecting a Shs26b project. Before anyone can jump to conclusions and call these residents all sorts of names, it is important to realise that shor...
21.04.17 - 07:13
Uganda: Farmers Want Shs1 Trillion Agriculture Budget (AllAfrica)
[Monitor] Kampala -Farmers want the agriculture budget revised from the current Shs823.4b to at least Shs1trillion in next Financial Year (FY)....
20.04.17 - 09:42
Terrorismus - Uganda kündigt Ende der Jagd auf Rebellenführer Joseph Kony an (Der Standard)
Konys "Lord's Resistance Army" hat laut Militärsprecher nur mehr weniger als 100 Kämpfer - Anführer weiter auf der Flucht...
20.04.17 - 07:42
Uganda: Farmers Appeal to Government Over Armyworms (AllAfrica)
[Monitor] Amuru -Cereal farmers in Amuru District have appealed to government to provide them with free insecticides as they battle to contain the outbreak of armyworms....
19.04.17 - 11:31
Uganda: Govt Pays Billions in Taxes for Aya, Bidco, Quality Chemicals (AllAfrica)
[Observer] Just when the country is struggling to raise some stimulus packages for a limping economy, it has emerged that government is meeting the tax obligations of some companies, some of whom, from a public point of view, do not deserve any speci...
19.04.17 - 11:19
Uganda: Activists Run to Court Over SIM Card Registration (AllAfrica)
[Observer] As the clock ticks toward the April 20 deadline for registration and verification of all SIM cards, activists have run to court to halt the exercise....
19.04.17 - 10:24
Uganda: Telecom Sector Needs Fewer Players for Better Service Delivery - MTN CEO (AllAfrica)
[Independent (Kampala)] It's coming to year since Wim Vanhelleputte became Chief Executive Officer of MTN Uganda. He spoke to The Independent's Julius Businge about his experience so far and his plans for MTN operations....
19.04.17 - 09:06
Uganda: Govt Spends U.S.$2.8 Million Treating 140 Officials Abroad (AllAfrica)
[Monitor] Kampala -The government has over the past three years spent at least Shs10.08 billion ($2.8m) on the treatment of 140 senior government officials abroad, according to Auditor General John Muwanga's report for the period ending December 201...
19.04.17 - 09:01
Uganda: Communications Commission Dragged to Court Over SIM Card Verification (AllAfrica)
[Observer] Norman Tumuhimbise, the Jobless Brotherhood leader has made an application at the High court in Kampala seeking a temporary injunction against UCC-ordered directed sim card validation exercise....
19.04.17 - 07:36
Uganda: Gomba Herdsmen Reject Registration Order (AllAfrica)
[Monitor] Gomba -Herdsmen grazing in various forest reserves in Gomba District are reluctant to register as community development groups, National Forestry Authority (NFA) officials have revealed....
19.04.17 - 07:36
Uganda: Fighting ′Bad′ Vehicles Alone Is Not Enough to Secure Our Lives On Roads (AllAfrica)
[Monitor] In December last year, a Swiss company, Societe Generale de Surveillance (SGS), was contracted by government of Uganda to carry out mandatory vehicle inspections in order to curb the high rate of accidents and emissions caused by vehicles i...
19.04.17 - 07:31
Uganda: Reforms - Will Pensioners Benefit From NSSF′s Loss of Monopoly? (AllAfrica)
[Monitor] Kampala -The Finance Committee of Parliament has been receiving views on the proposed plans to liberalise the pension sector in Uganda. And what has been the dominant topic is ending the monopoly of the National Social Security Fund (NSSF)....
19.04.17 - 07:12
Uganda: One Killed As Floods Cut Off Mbale-Tirinyi Highway (AllAfrica)
[Monitor] Budaka/Kibuku -Heavy rains that have pounded some parts of the eastern region since mid-March on Monday washed away three bridges on the Mbale-Tirinyi road, leaving one person dead....
19.04.17 - 07:01
Uganda: Don′t Stampede Ugandans On SIM Card Re-Registration (AllAfrica)
[Monitor] The enforcers of the ongoing re-registration and verification of SIM cards should not stampede the country for their failure in harmonising critical national databases....
17.04.17 - 13:06
Uganda: SIM Card Registration Directive Illegal - Law Society (AllAfrica)
[Monitor] Kampala -Pressure is mounting on Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) to review its latest directives on sim card registration, barely three days before the commission switches off subscribers registered without using the National Identif...
15.04.17 - 10:08
Uganda: Blow to Rift Valley Railways As Investor Pulls Out of ′Takeover Talks′ (AllAfrica)
[East African] Uncertainty surrounding the future of the Kenya-Uganda Railway concession has claimed its first casualty, with a private equity firm pulling out of a deal to acquire the operator Rift Valley Railways from Qalaa Holdings of Egypt....
14.04.17 - 11:48
Uganda: Why Business Mogul Sudhir Lost 4 Forex Bureaus (AllAfrica)
[Observer] Business mogul Sudhir Ruparelia's footprint within Uganda's financial industry has been further cut short after the licenses to four of his forex bureaus expired at the end of last year and were not renewed....
13.04.17 - 14:01
East Africa: Uganda Too Considering Terminating Rail Deal With Kenya (AllAfrica)
[Observer] The government of Uganda could join Kenya in the push to terminate Rift Valley Railways (RVR) 25-year concession to run the Kenya-Uganda railway route....
13.04.17 - 13:31
Uganda: Bank of Uganda Halts Operations of Sudhir′s Forex Bureaus (AllAfrica)
[Monitor] Bank of Uganda has halted operations of four forex bureaus owned by businessman Sudhir Ruparelia....
13.04.17 - 08:01
Uganda: Mobile Users Given 7 Days to Register Afresh (AllAfrica)
[Monitor] Kampala -Seven days from today, the Uganda Communication Commission (UCC) and the police will switch off all subscriber identification module (SIM) cards that were registered without using the National Identification cards, and passports....
13.04.17 - 07:19
Uganda: Bank of Uganda′s Involvement in Securities Not Good for the Industry (AllAfrica)
[Monitor] On April 5, the Governor, Bank of Uganda published a statement inviting commercial banks to open central securities depository (CSD) accounts at Bank of Uganda for their clients, issue and accept bid submission forms on their behalf, settle...
13.04.17 - 07:19
Uganda: Nakumatt Katwe Outlet Closed Over Rent Arrears (AllAfrica)
[Monitor] Kampala -One of Nakumatt Supermarket's nine branches in Uganda has closed following rent arrears running into millions of shillings, highlighting the depth of the retailer's financial woes....
12.04.17 - 14:02
Uganda: Chinese Firm to Increase Stake in Ugandan Oil (AllAfrica)
[East African] Chinese oil firm CNOOC has expressed interest in the Ugandan oilfields that its partners Tullow Oil and Total had agreed to transfer in a $900 million deal....
12.04.17 - 11:32
Uganda: As Kenyan Academician Said - ′You′re a Thief If You′re Rich in This Country′ (AllAfrica)
[Observer] With the sudden burst of Hamis Kiggundu onto the scene as one of Uganda's top businesspersons, Kampala is rife with speculations over whether he actually owns the monies he is using to invest....
12.04.17 - 11:24
Uganda: KCB Gets Shs 38 Billion in European Credit (AllAfrica)
[Observer] KCB bank has sourced up to Shs 38bn in credit lines from the European Investment Bank, which it intends to channel to small and medium enterprises, the bank announced in a statement....
12.04.17 - 11:24
Uganda: Ministry of Health Set for Shs 1 Billion Budget Shortfall (AllAfrica)
[Observer] The ministry of health will face a huge underfunding in the 2017/18 financial year following cuts to its budget amounting to at least Shs 964 billion....
12.04.17 - 11:07
Uganda: Microfinance Companies Bet Big On Leasing of Boda Bodas (AllAfrica)
[Observer] A non-government organization has created a financial package for a cooperative group to buy commuter motorcycles, commonly known as boda boda, as a way of creating employment....
12.04.17 - 07:12
Africa: We Want to Promote Sports in Uganda - Kwese Free TV (AllAfrica)
[Monitor] In December last year, Uganda Revenue Authority announced that the WBS licence had been sold and the brand name of WBS TV had ceased to exist. This followed the media company's failure to pay Shs7 billion tax debt it owed the tax collector...
12.04.17 - 07:01
Uganda: Universities in Dilemma As Govt Parastatals Start Training Schools (AllAfrica)
[Monitor] Kampala -Universities and other tertiary institutions have warned government against duplicating their roles by establishing training institutions within parastatals to teach similar courses they are mandated to do as it wastes taxpayers' ...
10.04.17 - 16:57
Uganda Charges, Jails Academic for Insulting the President (Bloomberg)
Kampala, Uganda (AP) -- A prominent academic in Uganda has been remanded to a maximum-security prison after being charged with insulting the president....
10.04.17 - 12:12
British teacher moves to Uganda to adopt boy she met on gap year (The Telegraph)
Um den gesamten Artikel unter zu lesen, klicken Sie bitte auf die Überschrift...
10.04.17 - 11:54
Uganda: Company Invests Shs167 Billion to Boost Internet Services (AllAfrica)
[Monitor] Kampala -To meet growing demand for the Internet in the country, Smile Telecom says it has made an investment of $45 million (Shs167b) to expand its Internet network connectivity with high speed in 15 districts....
10.04.17 - 11:42
Uganda: KAA Admits 8 New Partners As Top Law Firms Embrace Mergers (AllAfrica)
[Observer] Eight new partners have been admitted at Kampala Associated Advocates (KAA), the law firm announced on April 7. The development fits into the current trend of law firms merging to offer a wide range of services....
10.04.17 - 10:18
Uganda: Not So Fast, Uganda Tells Kenya Over Decision to End Railway Concession (AllAfrica)
[East African] Uganda has differed with Kenya over the decision to terminate the management of their joint railway by Qalaa Holdings of Egypt, saying there are better alternatives to addressing the dispute on concession fee arrears....
10.04.17 - 08:25
Uganda: Call Me a Businessman - Herbert Shonga (AllAfrica)
[Monitor] Who is Shonga, is it even a Ugandan name?...
10.04.17 - 07:54
Uganda: IGG Orders Buliisa Civil Servants to Refund Shs13 Million (AllAfrica)
[Monitor] Buliisa -The Inspector General of Government (IGG), has directed three civil servants to refund Shs13m which they failed to account for....
10.04.17 - 07:24
Uganda: Consider Cyber Security and Protection of Civil Liberties (AllAfrica)
[Monitor] Daily Monitor of the March 2 reported that government has allowed telecoms to access confidential personal data held by the National Identification and Registration Authority (NIRA) in order to enforce new directives on sim card registratio...
08.04.17 - 09:42
Uganda: Drug Firm Ciplaqcil Plans to Sell 31pc Stake in IPO On Uganda Bourse (AllAfrica)
[East African] Ugandan drug manufacturer Cipla Quality Chemical Industries Ltd (CiplaQCIL) is to list 31.1 per cent of its shares on the local bourse, but the transaction value and share price remain unknown as the company awaits regulatory approvals...
07.04.17 - 07:42
Uganda: You Are Thieves, Museveni Tells Finance Officials (AllAfrica)
[Monitor] Kampala -Raging over the extraordinary scale of corruption in his Cabinet, President Museveni has described the Finance ministry as "a ministry of thieves" and volunteered more details on how senior government officials arrested last week, ...
07.04.17 - 07:36
Uganda: AfDB Sets Shs910 Billion for Roads (AllAfrica)
[Monitor] Kampala -The African Development Bank Group (AfDB) has approved $253m (Shs910 billion) of loans to Uganda and Kenya for upgrading roads linking the two countries....
07.04.17 - 07:24
Uganda: 57 Government Agencies May Miss Out On Budget Allocations (AllAfrica)
[Monitor] Kampala -A total of 57 government ministries, departments and agencies (MDAs) are set to miss out on Budget allocations, for failure to comply with gender and equity requirements for the financial year 2017/18, the Equal Opportunities Commi...




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