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19.06.19 - 02:08
Land tender: Hong Kong government must introduce guarantors, higher deposits to prevent another Kai Tak fiasco (SCMP)
The aborted sale of a HK$11.1 billion (US$1.4 billion) prime land has exposed a serious flaw in the tender process that may cause the Hong Kong government to suffer a huge loss if it is unable to sell the site for the same price in a depressed market...
19.06.19 - 02:08
As artificial intelligence and fintech come knocking, half of Asia-Pacific finance professionals fear for their jobs (SCMP)
Half of finance professionals in Asia-Pacific believe their jobs will either disappear or change substantially over the next decade, with some of their work taken over by artificial intelligence and other technologies, according to a poll by CFA Inst...
19.06.19 - 01:44
CK Asset sells 44 per cent of flats during weekend sale at Shanghai residential project as location, price controls draw buyers (SCMP)
Beijing’s policy of imposing curbs on how much developers can charge for homes has helped ignite sales, especially on the upper end of the market, as buyers snapped up nearly 500 units of a prime project in Shanghai at prices 10 per cent lower...
19.06.19 - 01:44
Is China’s concern over a possible US dollar shortage risk forcing companies to sell overseas assets? (SCMP)
This is the final article in a three-part series looking at China’s US dollar shortage risks in the trade war, as it aims to open up its markets.Anbang Insurance Group’s decision to sell its condos at the Waldorf Astoria hotel in New Yo...
19.06.19 - 01:32
Housing policy easing, falling yuan to attract young Hongkongers to ‘Greater Bay Area’ cities of Zhuhai, Zhongshan and Guangzhou (SCMP)
More young Hongkongers looking to get on to the property ladder are expected to seek homes in the “Greater Bay Area” cities of Zhuhai, Zhongshan and Guangzhou, as a result of policy easing and a depreciating yuan, property agents have s...
19.06.19 - 01:32
How China is counting on 5G to improve health care (SCMP)
This is the final instalment in a series analysing the impact of 5G mobile technology on people’s everyday lives.In Gaozhou, a city in China’s southwestern Guangdong province that is known for lychee, longan and banana farms, finding qu...
18.06.19 - 15:21
Mark it zero, dude! Facing tariff hike, family-run maker of bowling shoes and bags struggles to leave China (SCMP)
Brad Handelman has been trying to move his family’s business out of China for years, but has only come up with gutterballs.He has looked at Bangladesh, Cambodia, India and Vietnam for new manufacturers, but has had zero strikes in shifting his...
18.06.19 - 15:06
CK Asset says impact of protests on Hong Kong’s property market will be minimal, but trade war remains a long-term worry (SCMP)
The massive street protests triggered by the extradition bill will not have as big an impact on the city’s property market as the US-China trade war, according to a top executive of CK Asset Holdings, Hong Kong’s second largest develope...
18.06.19 - 12:18
How Chinese machine parts manufacturer Impro Precision is mitigating trade war tariffs (SCMP)
Impro Precision, a major Chinese maker of parts used in cars, construction and aerospace equipment, said it is localising its factories to reduce exposure to tariffs as the trade war intensifies.The Hong Kong-based precision manufacturing company, wh...
18.06.19 - 12:06
Hong Kong, China stocks end higher as political tensions over extradition bill subside (SCMP)
Hong Kong and China stocks rose on Tuesday, as investors remained cautiously optimistic ahead of a US Federal Reserve policy meeting and amid cooling political tensions over a controversial legislation in the city.The Hang Seng Index climbed 1 per ce...
18.06.19 - 10:54
China’s stockpile of US notes, bills and bonds shrinks to a two-year low as trade war rages on (SCMP)
The US government reported that China’s holdings of Treasuries fell to a two-year low, a slump that’s coincided with an escalation in tensions between the world’s two largest economies.China’s stockpile of US notes, bills ...
18.06.19 - 09:06
France’s BNP Paribas plans expanded push in China after trade war concession to ‘lift ownership limits’ on financial firms (SCMP)
BNP Paribas, France’s biggest lender, will enter into brokerage and wealth management services in China, after the trade war forced Beijing to speed the opening of its capital markets, creating unprecedented opportunities for foreign banks in ...
18.06.19 - 09:06
Tesla’s Chinese challenger Xiaopeng rolls out 10,000th SUV as electric vehicles chip away at China’s car market (SCMP)
The 10,000th electric vehicle bearing the stylised X logo of Guangzhou Xiaopeng Motors Technology rolled off the production line in Zhengzhou city today, a major milestone for the start-up that began deliveries in December.The white Xpeng G3 that eme...
18.06.19 - 08:04
China’s oldest brokerage Shenwan Hongyuan accuses cornerstone investor of defaulting on share payments in Hong Kong’s biggest IPO of 2019 (SCMP)
China’s oldest securities firm Shenwan Hongyuan has named and shamed one of its cornerstone investor for failing to pay for stock subscriptions made during its recent initial public offering (IPO) in Hong Kong.The brokerage said China Saite, a...
18.06.19 - 07:05
The Importance of Prospectus-based Disclosure in the Interpretation of IPO Pricing Outcomes (SCMP)
[Sponsored Article] My recent publication in the European Journal of Finance assesses the link between voluntary prospectus-based disclosure and a range of IPO pricing outcomes1 for issuers listing on HKEX. A significant amount of disclosure is nece...
18.06.19 - 07:05
Can the Wisdom of Crowds Correct Positive Bias of China’s State-run Media? (SCMP)
[Sponsored Article] Autocratic regimes control traditional media and use optimistically biased news reports – including corporate news – to strengthen their political power. This is because they know negative news can destabilise the e...
18.06.19 - 07:05
How the US-China Trade Dispute Will Move Forward (SCMP)
[Sponsored Article] There is growing uncertainty about how recent trade disputes between the United States and China will be resolved, and how it could affect the rest of the world. Academics from The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), City Un...
18.06.19 - 07:05
Business Groups Are Driving Economic Growth in Emerging Economies (SCMP)
[Sponsored Article] Our world is connected. This is true in all walks of life and the business world is no exception. According to a report by Forbes, 69 percent of the 2,533 firms in 26 emerging markets are family-owned. Hutchison Whampoa Limited, ...
18.06.19 - 06:06
Navigating the evolving risks in the real estate and hospitality industries (SCMP)
Recent events in Hong Kong have highlighted risks arising from social unrest. Property owners in affected areas are undoubtedly reviewing their insurance coverage, particularly “SRCC” clauses, relating to strikes, riots and civil commot...
18.06.19 - 05:41
Despite extradition protests, China’s economic stimulus and US monetary policy easing leave Hong Kong well placed (SCMP)
Markets always have to react. Attacks on oil tankers in the Middle East prompt a higher oil price. China unveils measures to boost automobile sales and the price of palladium is affected. But, while immediate market reactions are perfectly rational i...
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