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181.24 EUR    -0.6%    (Tradegate)
Ask: 181.36 EUR / 1500 Stück
Bid: 181.30 EUR / 1500 Stück
Tagesumsatz: 16156 Stück
Land:  USA
Sektor:  Elektronik & Software
ISIN/ Wkn:  US0378331005 / 865985
Index:  DowJones,Nas100,S&P500
Webseite:  http://www.apple.com
Marktkapitalisierung:  829300 Mio. EUR
Umsatz:  229341.8 Mio. EUR
EBITDA:  68618.88 Mio. EUR
Gewinn je Aktie:  10.549 EUR
Umsatz-/ Gewinnwachstum:  -5.10% / -16.40%
KGV/ KGV lG:  15.23 / 16.11
KUV/ KBV/ PEG:  3.21 / 7.88 / 1.47
Gewinnm./ Eigenkapitalr.:  22.12% / 49.13%
Dividende je Aktie:  1.271 EUR
Dividendenrendite/ -schätzung:  0.7% / 1.53%
Letzte Datenerhebung:  15.07.19
18.07.19 - 02:10
Earnings Watch: Why Microsoft is suddenly the most valuable company in Big Tech (MarketWatch)
It was just a year ago that the debate about trillion-dollar market caps focused on Apple Inc. and Amazon.com Inc., but Microsoft has held that title to itself for more than a month....
18.07.19 - 01:14
Three Exciting Reasons To Worship Apples Boring iPhone (Forbes)
Although Apple is planning a number of revolutionary changes to the iPhone in 2020, there is the small matter of 2019's update to the iPhone portfolio. Here are three reasons many are getting excited over the upcoming iPhone 11 smartphones....
18.07.19 - 00:50
Technology Stock Roundup: Products, Patents and More (Zacks)
Some of the product news from last week were about Apple services and iPhones, Facebook Oculus, Intel's 5G patents and Amazon's satellites....
18.07.19 - 00:03
Apple′s Next Move to Take on Spotify (Fool)
The iPhone maker might invest in some slightly different original content....
17.07.19 - 22:59
Apple gives a sneak peak of its new Peanuts series with ′Snoopy in Space′ trailer (TechCrunch)
As the U.S. commemorates the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, Apple took to the internet to give audiences a peak into the first of its new Peanuts series, “Snoopy in Space”. The series will follow Charles M. Schulz’s character...
17.07.19 - 22:07
Dialog Semiconductor profitiert von Apple-Effekt (Boersen-Zeitung)
Börsen-Zeitung, 18.7.2019 igo Stuttgart - Der deutsch-britische Chipentwickler Dialog Semiconductor hat im zweiten Quartal von den zu Jahresbeginn umgesetzte ......
17.07.19 - 20:54
Apple, Google continue inclusive push with new emoji (AP)
Apple and Google are rolling out dozens of new emoji that include cute critters, of course, but also expand the number of images of human diversity....
17.07.19 - 20:29
For World Emoji Day, the Unicode Consortium redesigns its site to be more user-friendly (TechCrunch)
Ahead of World Emoji Day on Wednesday, July 17, Apple and Google announced plans to bring an expanded set of emoji to their respective platforms. Today, the Unicode Consortium, the nonprofit organization responsible for determining which emoji get th...
17.07.19 - 20:26
Apple Is Shifting Production of One of Its Hottest Products (Fool)
AirPods take a trip to Vietnam....
17.07.19 - 19:10
Apple′s new emojis are awesome, but searching for them will still be a nightmare (AAPL) (Business Insider)
iOS 13, coming later this year, is packed with useful new features for your iPhone. But there's still no way to search through the hundreds of emojis that are available through your phone's keyboard — even though other services like Slack hav...
17.07.19 - 18:27
Tesla Claims Secret Project Has Fallen Into Chinese Rival′s Hands (ZeroHedge)
Authored by John LeSage via OilPrice.com, Tesla and Apple both suspect that their self-driving car technology has been stolen by engineers who went over to a Chinese competitor. That's a very time-sensitive claim, with intellectual property theft b...
17.07.19 - 18:24
Apple: Bewertung wird dem Marktniveau angepasst! - Aktienanalyse (Aktiencheck)
New York (www.aktiencheck.de) - Apple-Aktienanalyse des Analysten Rod Hall von Goldman Sachs: Laut einer aktuellen Aktienanalyst bestätigt Rod Hall, Analyst bei Goldman Sachs, seine neutrale Haltung in Bezug auf die Aktien von Apple Inc. (ISIN: US03...
17.07.19 - 18:20
Do You Know If Apples iPhone 11 Will Be 5G? YouGov Finds 91% Get The Answer Wrong (Forbes)
Apples new iPhone 11 is expected in September. And, according to a new survey, 91% of consumers are in for a serious surprise when it launches....
17.07.19 - 17:55
Apple and Google roll out new emojis highlighting human diversity (MarketWatch)
Apple and Google say the emojis will be available later this year....
17.07.19 - 17:42
Apple and Google are rolling out dozens of new emojis that of course include cute critters, but also expand the number of images of human diversity (Bloomberg)
Um den gesamten Artikel unter bloom.bg zu lesen, klicken Sie bitte auf die Überschrift...
17.07.19 - 17:41
Apple App Store Growth Is Slowing Dramatically, Analyst Says (MarketWatch)
Apple stock will not rise due to slowing sales growth in its App Store business, according to Goldman Sachs....
17.07.19 - 17:32
60 neue Emojis: Apple und Google wollen es diverser und inklusiver (WinFuture)
Für die Einen sind es nur kindische bunte Bildchen, für Andere eine tolle Methode, um Emotionen, Situationen und mehr mit einem einzigen Zeichen darzustellen. Zur Feier des "World Emoji Day" haben Google und Apple einer Erweiterung des Mini-Bilder-Ka...
17.07.19 - 17:00
Apple: Podcasts werden immer beliebter - Aktienanalyse (Aktiencheck)
Kulmbach (www.aktiencheck.de) - Apple-Aktienanalyse vom Online-Anlegermagazin "Der Aktionär": Nicola Hahn von "Der Aktionär" nimmt in einer aktuellen Aktienanalyse die Aktie des US-Technologiekonzerns Apple Inc. (ISIN: US0378331005, WKN: 865985, Tic...
17.07.19 - 16:27
Goldman Sachs raises its price target for Apple, citing overall market momentum (AAPL) (Business Insider)
Goldman Sachs upgraded its Apple price target to $187 per share, up from $171, attributing the boost to updated calculations that reflect the S&P 500's price-to-earnings ratio. Apple stock last closed at $204.50 per share. The investment bank al...
17.07.19 - 16:23
Apple vs. Spotify: Kampf um die Podcast-Krone (Der Aktionaer)
Podcasts werden immer beliebter. Zwischen 2016 und 2018 ist der Anteil der Podcast-Hörer in Deutschland von 14 auf 22 Prozent gestiegen. Marktführer ist mit großem Abstand Apple. Laut einem Bloomberg-Bericht plant Apple nun die Produktion exklusiver ...
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