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Tagesumsatz: 7128 St.
Aktienname: Inc.
Land: USA
Sektor: Handel
ISIN: US0231351067
Wkn: 906866
Index: NASDAQ COMP.,NASDAQ 100,S&P 500
Marktkapitalisierung: 375710 Mio. EUR
Umsatz: 135990 Mio. EUR
EBITDA: 11670 Mio. EUR
Gewinn je Aktie: 4.9 EUR
KGV/ KUV/ KCV: 160.69 / 2.76 / 19.47
KGV lG/ KGV nG: 117.77 / 67.33
Dividendenrendite: -
Letzte Datenerhebung: 26.03.17
28.03.17 - 02:20
Amazon′s Plans for Bricks-and-Mortar Stores are Still Young, But It′s Clearly Dreaming Big (The Street)
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28.03.17 - 01:06, Inc. Puts Its Cashier-Less Grocery Concept on Hold (Fool)
Disrupting Wal-Mart's proven grocery model won't be easy....
28.03.17 - 01:01
Setbacks Aside, Amazon Has its Sights Set on Groceries (Fool)
Will the grocery industry be the next casualty of the e-commerce behemoth's continuing domination of retail?...
27.03.17 - 22:57
Almost Everyone Will Start Paying U.S. Sales Tax on Amazon--Tech Roundup (The Street)
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27.03.17 - 22:27
Tax-Free No More: Amazon To Begin Collecting Sales Tax Nationwide On April 1 (Forbes)
In a major change, Amazon will begin collecting sales taxes from all states with a sales tax as of April 1, 2017....
27.03.17 - 22:01
Amazon Go Is Not A Go After All. At Least Not Yet. (Forbes)
Youd think the store would be open by now, given the speed and panache with which Amazon typically rolls out new products and new ventures. But no, Amazon Go is, for now, stuck in neutral....
27.03.17 - 21:06
Amazon Stores: The Next Big Thing? (SeekingAlpha)
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27.03.17 - 20:57
Amazon Has Secretly Opened These Tiny Stores In Nearly 30 Malls Across the U.S. (The Street)
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27.03.17 - 19:18
Facebook, Amazon And Twitter Bidding For NFL Games (Alliance)
WASHINGTON (Alliance News) - Four major tech companies are reportedly bidding for the streaming rights of NFL's "Thursday Night Football" games next season.According to a report by tech blog Recode, citing......
27.03.17 - 18:31
′Amazon Go′ slowdown: Tech giant delays grocery store opening (CNBC)
CNBC's Deirdre Bosa discusses the latest reports on how Amazon has delayed the launch of it's cash-less convenience stores due to technical complications....
27.03.17 - 18:14
5 Retailers Amazon Could Crush if it Opens Furniture and Appliance Stores (The Street)
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27.03.17 - 18:14
Amazon′s cashier-less convenience store delayed to work out technical glitches (MarketWatch)
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27.03.17 - 17:50
Amazon Could Crush These 5 Retailers If It Opens Furniture and Appliances Stores (The Street)
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27.03.17 - 17:48
Tech Today: Pain for Alphabet, Dueling Apple Views, Amazon′s Agenda (Barrons)
Anthony DiClemente with Instinet reiterates a Buy rating, but cuts his price target to $925 from $950, after cutting estimates because "the direct cumulative negative impact to revenue could ultimately approximate $750 million, not to mention increa...
27.03.17 - 17:24
Amazon gives Prime Air public demo (Business Insider)
This story was delivered to BI Intelligence IoT Briefing subscribers. To learn more and......
27.03.17 - 17:06
Video-Streaming: Diese neuen Serien und Filme kommen im April zu Amazon und Netflix (Stern)
Saul Goodman ist wieder da - und bringt noch jede Menge Material für Film- und Serienfans mit. Wir zeigen, was die Streaming-Anbieter im April Neues auf Lager haben....
27.03.17 - 17:03
Tech Glitch Delays Opening of Amazon′s Cashier-Less Store (The Street)
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27.03.17 - 16:48
Better Buy: J.C. Penney Company, Inc. vs. Amazon (Fool)
In this edition of our Better Buy series, we take a look at a traditional retailer and a disrupter....
27.03.17 - 16:36
Amazon has bigger brick-and-motar plans than just grocery stores (CNBC)
The tech giant plans on conducting several ambitious experiments that could change the face of retail....
27.03.17 - 16:15
Amazon′s Alexa and Apple′s Siri are waging war over the hotel room (TechCrunch)
 As the hotel industry wages war against Airbnb, companies making voice-powered assistants are also heading to battle in the hotel room itself. Bloomberg reports that Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri are vying for a spot in Marriott ...
27.03.17 - 16:12
Amazon (AMZN) Defeats IRS in Courtroom, Saves $1.5 Billion (Zacks), Inc. (AMZN) has managed a big win over Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in a court battle that has saved it a massive $1.5 billion in tax bill....
27.03.17 - 16:06
Technical issues are forcing Amazon to delay the public launch of its cashier-less grocery store (Business Insider)
Technical difficulties have delayed the public opening of Amazon's futuristic new grocery store......
27.03.17 - 15:48
Tabubruch in Hollywood: Können wir Kinofilme bald schneller bei Amazon und Netflix sehen? (Stern)
Amazon und Netflix setzen die Filmbranche unter Zugzwang: Die wachsende Auswahl der Streamingdienste mindert die Lust der Zuschauer, einen Kinofilm erst Monate nach dem Debüt auf dem heimischen Bildschirm zu sehen. Deshalb könnte es bald "Premium-Vid...
27.03.17 - 15:24
Amazon Delays Convenience Store Opening to Work Out Kinks (WSJ EN) is delaying the public opening of its first cashier-less convenience store because of technical complications....
27.03.17 - 15:18
Amazon′s retail ambitions include furniture and appliances, plus groceries in India (TechCrunch)
 Amazon’s brick-and-mortar retail plans currently focus on its ongoing roll-out of physical book stores, as well as its very limited experiments with cashier-less convenience, but it could expand those ambitions significantly with a number...
27.03.17 - 15:18
US-Markt: AstraZeneca, Disney, Apple, Amazon, Dow Jones (Der Aktionaer TV)
Zudem gibt Viola Grebe, Korrespondentin an der Börse Frankfurt, einen Überblick, was die Märkte in Deutschland heute bewegt....
27.03.17 - 15:01
Facebook Is Partnering With to Take on Google (Fool)
Facebook is opening up header bidding to all publishers using its ad network....
27.03.17 - 12:09
Ist Lending Club wirklich wie Amazon? (Dow Jones)
2016 war ein furchtbares Jahr für Lending Club (WKN:A12DRP). Das Unternehmen wurde von einem Skandal heimgesucht. Der Gründer Renaud Laplanche, wurde dazu gezwungen zurückzutreten und Scott Sanborn übernahm den Posten als CEO. Auf der letzten Lendit...
27.03.17 - 11:30
Privates war auf Microsofts gar nicht so privat (Tagesanzeiger)
Dank der Suchfunktion fand man Passwortlisten und andere vertrauliche Dokumente. Und Amazon plant weitere Läden....
27.03.17 - 11:06
Bieterwettstreit um bekommt offenbar Konkurrenz (IT-Times)
DUBAI (IT-Times) - Schon in der Vorwoche wurde publik, dass sich der Online-Händler für den arabischen E-Commerce-Spezialisten interessiert -......
27.03.17 - 10:45
Emaar Malls offers $800M for amid Amazon rumors (AP)
DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) ” A subsidiary of the state-backed developer Emaar says it made an $800-million offer to purchase the online retailer amid rumors of a possible acquisition of the website by Amazon....
27.03.17 - 10:06
Online-Handel - Amazon plant Möbelhäuser mit virtueller Kaufhilfe (Der Standard)
Laut einem Bericht könnte das Unternehmen auch Shops für Elektrogeräte eröffnen...
27.03.17 - 09:17
Amazon′s Bid for Challenged by Emaar Malls (The Street)
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27.03.17 - 08:54
UPDATE 1-Emaar Malls′ $800 mln bid for to challenge Amazon (Reuters EN)
* Emaar chairman has invested in e-commerce firms (Adds background, details)...
27.03.17 - 08:45
Triby Family: Portabler Lautsprecher mit E-Paper-Display wird Alexa-fähig (Golem)
Der tragbare Lautsprecher Triby Family erhält Zugriff auf Amazons digitalen Assistenten Alexa. Das Gerät hat ein kleines E-Paper-Display und kann für Telefonate verwendet werden. Triby Family ist derzeit der erste nicht von Amazon stammende Alexa-Lau...
27.03.17 - 07:39
Press Roundup (StockMarketWire)
A summary of Monday's business headlines. Coverage of Brexit, tax, crude oil, Samsung, Uber, Dyson, Ladbrokes, Old Mutual, Tesco, Sainsbury, Amazon, Twitter, Pret, sterling, crude oil, and much more ... FINANCIAL TIMES Millions of expats caught in B...
27.03.17 - 06:01
Albertsons Hoping To Sprout Wings, Whole Foods Gets Stuck, Amazon Suits Up (Forbes)
Its a very fragmented industry with high overhead, crushing labor costs, and terrible margins. The biggest players (Walmart, with 3,500 stores), Kroger and Albertsons (2,400 stores apiece) face scrappy competition from dozens of regional brands,...
27.03.17 - 05:38
Während du schliefst: Uber stoppt nach Unfall Tests mit selbstfahrenden Autos (Gründerszene)
Amazon plant weitere Filialen, Postmates entlässt 30 Mitarbeiter, Tesla startet Vorbestellungen für Solar-Dach, WhatsApp und der Anschlag in London....
26.03.17 - 17:48
Amazon Can′t Hide It...It′s Betting Big on Alexa (Fool)
A partnership with higher education is the latest step toward building up Alexa and its AI....
26.03.17 - 17:42
The High-Speed Trading Behind Your Amazon Purchase (WSJ EN)
Beneath the placid surface of product pages lies an unseen world of bots, algorithms, flash crashes and fierce competition....
26.03.17 - 10:00
Emaar Malls Bids for Dubai′s to Challenge Amazon (Bloomberg)
Emaar Malls PJSC, the shopping-center unit of Dubai's largest publicly-traded property developer, bid for online retailer in a challenge to an offer made by Inc., according to people ......
25.03.17 - 14:06
Amazon wants to crush your store with its technology might (CNBC)
Amazon is taking the fight directly to retailers where it is slowly building a fleet of physical stores....
25.03.17 - 14:06
Amancio Ortega Now Worlds Third-Richest Person As Net Worth Soars $1.2 Billion (Forbes)
Ortega, now worth $75 billion, surpassed Amazons Jeff Bezos to take third place on FORBES billionaire rankings....
25.03.17 - 10:13
Zu Besuch bei Gründerszene: Video-Interview: Dieser Lebensmittel-Lieferdienst freut sich auf Amazon Fresh (Gründerszene)
Das Berliner Startup Gegessen wird immer liefert Lebensmittel von kleinen Erzeugern. Nach unserem Test kam Gründerin Beatrice von Wrede für ein Interview vorbei....
24.03.17 - 23:43
Weekly Roundup: Apple acquires Workflow, Uber loses its president (TechCrunch)
 This week, Apple and Amazon both made big acquisitions, the U.S. Senate voted to repeal broadband privacy rules created by Obama’s FCC and Uber lost its president. These are the top tech headlines from this week, plus some good long-form ...
24.03.17 - 23:43
Wal-Mart Acquires Niche Sites, to the Dismay of Hipsters (WSJ EN)
Wal-Mart is rapidly buying up hip, small online retailers that appeal to wealthier shoppers in hopes of finally taking on Amazon. The deals give Wal-Mart access to new groups of shoppers, but some have balked at the change....
24.03.17 - 20:45
Amazon Gives First Sneak Peek of its U.S. Drone Delivery Service (The Street)
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24.03.17 - 20:02
Wal-Mart is beating the pants off Amazon in apparel, and they′re fighting to keep it that way (MarketWatch)
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24.03.17 - 19:39
Amazon Is Not the Only Retailer Testing Drones: Walmart Wants to Bring Them Into Stores! (The Street)
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24.03.17 - 18:09
Amazon Is Winning at Credit Cards Too (Barrons)
Credit card issuers are dialing up the perks to gain new customers and get them to spend more. This "is likely to drive more consumer dollars toward Amazon and away from other retailers, Morgan Stanley's analyst team wrote in its report. Accordin...




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