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1 Monat: -5,4%
3 Monate: +22,3%
6 Monate: +37,2%
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laufendes Jahr: +60,4%
Land:  USA
Sektor:  Dienstleistungen
ISIN/ Wkn:  US0231351067 / 906866
Symbol/ Ticker:  AMZ (Frankfurt) / AMZN (NASDAQ)
Index:  S&P500, Nasdaq100
Marktkapitalisierung:  1360000 Mio. EUR
Umsatz:  272979.46 Mio. EUR
EBITDA:  33568.89 Mio. EUR
Gewinn je Aktie:  22.091 EUR
Schulden:  77538.45 Mio. EUR
Liquide Mittel:  60563.13 Mio. EUR
Umsatz-/ Gewinnwachstum:  40.20% / 99.70%
KGV/ KGV lG:  123.2 / 109.89
KUV/ KBV/ PEG:  5.05 / 21.78 / 2.26
Gewinnm./ Eigenkapitalr.:  4.10% / 20.79%
Dividende je Aktie:  -
Dividendenrendite/ -schätzung:  - / -
Letzte Datenerhebung:  09.08.20
>AMAZON Eigentümer
Aktien: 500.89 Mio. St.
f.h. Aktien: 426.14 Mio. St.
Insider Eigner: 15.12%
Instit. Eigner: 57.69%
Leerverk. Aktien: 0.85%
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11.08.20 - 02:51
Apple to Amazon Line Up Against Trump′s Immigrant Visa Ban (Bloomberg)
Apple to Amazon Line Up Against Trump's Immigrant Visa Ban...
11.08.20 - 01:01
Every New Movie Coming To Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO Max And Apple TV+ This Week (Forbes)
Here are all 14 movies coming to the biggest streaming platforms this week....
11.08.20 - 00:37
Daily Crunch: Trying on Apple′s watchOS 7 (TechCrunch)
The public beta of watchOS 7 is here, Amazon may be looking to turn malls into distribution centers and Skillshare raises $66 million. This is your Daily Crunch for August 10, 2020. The big story: Trying on Apple’s watchOS 7 Brian Heater walks us t...
11.08.20 - 00:07
Amazon Ditches Twitch in Gaming Service Rebranding (Fool)
The company's offering is now known as Prime Gaming....
10.08.20 - 23:37
After a Flop, Amazon Makes Another Foray Into Video Games (New York Times)
Amazon said it was rebranding Twitch Prime, in another attempt to crack the video game market after a big-budget game effort failed....
10.08.20 - 23:37
Big Tech Makes Inroads With the Biden Campaign (New York Times)
While Joe Biden has criticized the largest tech companies, his campaign and transition teams have welcomed allies of Facebook, Google, Amazon and Apple onto its staff and policy groups....
10.08.20 - 22:58
Amazon faces the music over unlicensed streaming (DailyMail)
Artists say hits by stars such as Ariana Grande (pictured) have been used without permission, in breach of copyright laws. The Amazon founder said he did not know about the issue....
10.08.20 - 22:32 Inc. stock falls Monday, underperforms market (MarketWatch) Inc. stock falls Monday, underperforms market...
10.08.20 - 21:25
Amazon tops 1 million Prime subscribers in India; reports record seller participation in Prime Day (TechCrunch)
Amazon has amassed at least 1 million subscribers for its Prime loyalty service in India, the e-commerce giant revealed today in a long rundown of how its platform fared during last week's Prime Day in the world’s second largest internet market. M...
10.08.20 - 20:18
Musicians are coming after Jeff Bezos for copyright infringement after the Amazon CEO told Congress he′s not sure if Twitch pays royalties (Business Insider)
Musicians wrote Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos a letter demanding a response for how the company's Twitch streaming platform is combatting the use of unlicensed music, per a report from The Telegraph. Twitch, which Amazon acquired in 2014 for almost $1 billi...
10.08.20 - 19:43
Dow Jumps as Boeing and Caterpillar Trounce Amazon and Facebook (MarketWatch)
Economically sensitive ‘cyclical’ stocks are beating tech stocks....
10.08.20 - 19:43
The ′two pizza rule′ is a secret to productive meetings that helped Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos become one of the world′s richest men. Here′s why it′s smart. (Business Insider)
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is the richest person in the world, with a net worth of $189.2 billion. Bezos has said that he keeps meetings to a minimum. But when he does take meetings, two pizzas should be enough to feed everyone present. Research suggests ...
10.08.20 - 19:25
Amazon Finally Finds a Good Fit at the Mall (Bloomberg)
Amazon Finally Finds a Good Fit at the Mall...
10.08.20 - 18:55
Is Amazon Coming To A J.C. Penney And Sears Store Near You? (Forbes)
Amazon is in talks with Simon Property Group to place distribution hubs in former Sears and JC Penney stores. Here's what it could mean for malls....
10.08.20 - 18:52
Amazon renames Twitch Prime to Prime Gaming (SeekingAlpha)
Um den gesamten Artikel unter zu lesen, klicken Sie bitte auf die Überschrift...
10.08.20 - 18:40
Amazon Ties Video Games Deeper Into Prime Subscription Program (Bloomberg)
Amazon Ties Video Games Deeper Into Prime Subscription Program...
10.08.20 - 18:31
Simon shares jump on reported talks with Amazon, but converting stores to warehouses may face hurdles (CNBC)
Real estate analysts say a deal between Amazon and Simon Property Group could be positive for the biggest U.S. mall owner in the near term, but there would be hurdles....
10.08.20 - 18:28
How Adam Smith Might Have Valued Amazon, Netflix, Tesla, And Tiny Bio-Techs (SeekingAlpha)
Um den gesamten Artikel unter zu lesen, klicken Sie bitte auf die Überschrift...
10.08.20 - 17:58
Amazon Prime relaunches Twitch Prime as Prime Gaming (TechCrunch)
Amazon Prime is highlighting its offerings for gamers today with the launch of a service called Prime Gaming. This is a new version of Twitch Prime, a service that Amazon launched four years ago tied to the popular game streaming service that it acqu...
10.08.20 - 17:54
Prime Gaming is the new name for Amazon Prime′s free video games and rewards program, delivering all the benefits of Twitch Prime (Business Insider)
  Prime Gaming is the new name for Amazon's video game rewards program for Amazon Prime subscribers. Prime Gaming originally started as Twitch Prime in 2016, giving free games and in-game bonuses to viewers on Twitch, Amazon's video game streaming...
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