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31.10.20 - 03:04
US & China Hold Military Talks To Deescalate Ratcheting War Rhetoric (ZeroHedge)
US & China Hold Military Talks To Deescalate Ratcheting War Rhetoric Tyler Durden Fri, 10/30/2020 - 22:00 The US and Chinese militaries are holding "crisis communications" talks after days of escalating 'war rhetoric' betwe...
31.10.20 - 02:52
Estrella Media Launches 24/7 Spanish-Language U.S. News Channel (Forbes)
The new Spanish-language multiplatform news network will be available on Tubi and will soon launch on other OTT services....
31.10.20 - 02:43
′Dangerous period′ ahead for US and China, Australia′s Rudd warns (Nikkei)
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31.10.20 - 02:32
Canada border agent says he received unusual FBI phone call in Huawei CFO U.S. extradition case (Reuters EN)
A Canadian border official testified on Friday he received an "out of the ordinary" request from the FBI for the phone number of the supervisor on duty the next day when Huawei Chief Financial Officer Meng Wanzhou was to arrive in Canada....
31.10.20 - 01:22
Why Victor Davis Hanson Thinks Trump Will Win (ZeroHedge)
Why Victor Davis Hanson Thinks Trump Will Win Tyler Durden Fri, 10/30/2020 - 20:20 Authored by Oliver Wyman via, To those who see an intellectual case for Donald Trump as a contradiction in terms, Victor Davi...
31.10.20 - 01:19
U.S. only at the beginning of the steep part of the coronavirus pandemic, Dr. Scott Gottlieb says (CNBC)
Dr. Scott Gottlieb warned that the United States is only "at the beginning of the steep part of the epidemic" as the number of coronavirus infections and hospitalizations across the country break grim records....
31.10.20 - 01:04
As U.S. Fiscal Needs Grow, the Market Is Starting to Worry About Increasing Treasury Supply (MarketWatch)
Treasury-auction metrics are getting more attention amid concerns that new supply will push up long interest rates. Plus, investment newsletter commentary on GDP, demand-side economics, holiday sales, and storage REITs...
31.10.20 - 01:02
Iran Accused of Hacking U.S. Voter Data Before Election Day (Bloomberg)
Iran Accused of Hacking U.S. Voter Data Before Election Day...
31.10.20 - 01:01
The 2020 election race is still tight between Trump and Biden (CNBC)
NBC's Steve Kornacki joins Shep Smith to talk about what would happen if polls are as inaccurate as the last presidential election in 2016. He also talks about data on early voting in Texas....
31.10.20 - 00:49
Sudan says agrees with U.S. on restoring of sovereign immunity (Reuters EN)
Sudan and the United States signed an agreement to restore the African country's sovereign immunity, the Sudanese Ministry of Justice said on Friday....
31.10.20 - 00:37
Africa: Digital Press Briefing About the U.S. Government Prosper Africa Initiative (AllAfrica)
[State Department] A digital press conference with Victoria Whitney, COO of the U.S. government's Prosper Africa Initiative discussing how Prosper Africa is unlocking billions of dollars of U.S. investment across the African continent and share exc...
31.10.20 - 00:37
Indoor dining banned in Chicago (CNBC)
As coronavirus cases continue to increase, the city of Chicago has banned indoor dining. Some 5,000 restaurants in Illinois have gone out of business since the pandemic began. NBC's Cal Perry reports....
31.10.20 - 00:28
U.S. Lifts Cruise Ship Ban; Deaths in France Surge: Virus Update (Bloomberg)
U.S. Lifts Cruise Ship Ban; Deaths in France Surge: Virus Update...
31.10.20 - 00:25
President Trump holds rally in Minnesota despite the state setting a record for Covid-19 hospitalizations (CNBC)
NBC's Garrett Haake joins Shep Smith to report on President Trump's last chance to appeal to voters. Trump held rallies in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota....
31.10.20 - 00:08
Trump derides doctors as COVID surges, Biden says Trump ′giving up′ on virus (Reuters EN)
President Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden on Friday sought support in Midwestern states where the coronavirus has roared back, with Trump falsely accusing doctors of profiting from COVID-19 deaths while Biden said Trump had surrender...
31.10.20 - 00:08
Factbox: Russian, Iranian and other hackers target 2020 U.S. election (Reuters EN)
U.S. intelligence officials and researchers at major internet firms say hackers from around the globe have targeted the 2020 U.S. election, including the campaigns of President Donald Trump and his challenger, Joe Biden....
30.10.20 - 23:58
Labor Department finalizes U.S. rule curbing sustainable investing by pension funds (Reuters EN)
The U.S. Department of Labor on Friday finalized a rule clarifying that pension fund managers must put retirees' financial interests first when allocating investments, rather than other concerns such as climate change or racial justice....
30.10.20 - 23:55
In a Trumpian world where the US is the No 1 trade victim, no country is safe (SCMP)
If there is a single issue on which Donald Trump and his administration have been consistent, it is their obsession with trade, and their allergy to bilateral trade deficits.And by trade, the US president means trade in manufactured goods, not servic...
30.10.20 - 23:40
U.S. says Iranian hackers behind threatening emails accessed voter data (Reuters EN)
U.S. officials said late Friday that Iranian hackers behind the threatening emails sent to thousands of Americans earlier this month successfully accessed voter data....
30.10.20 - 23:38
Number of active U.S. drilling rigs increases this week (Xinhua)
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>Zitat des Tages: Man weiß, wie wichtig es ist, Schwangeren harmonische Verhältnisse zu schaffen. Sollte es anders sein mit der Menschheit, die sich fortwährend im Zustande der Mutterschaft befindet? - Christian Morgenstern
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