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17.08.19 - 10:38
Labour to give councils power to seize boarded-up shops (The Guardian)
Abandoned buildings could be turned into community centres in push to revive high streetsLabour will allow councils to seize abandoned shops to give them a new lease of life as cooperatives or community centres, a policy designed to revive struggling...
17.08.19 - 10:38
Hundreds of Google employees urge company to resist support for Ice (The Guardian)
Petition demands that the company not provide any technical services to US immigration agencies, citing 'system of abuse'Tech giant Google is facing a demand from hundreds of employees for an assurance that it will not bid on a government cloud com...
17.08.19 - 10:26
Private firms issue 86% of councils′ 250,000 fines for dropping litter (The Guardian)
Rise in number of local authorities using companies to police streets for littering The number of litter fines issued by councils has almost quadrupled in six years, with more than 250,000 handed out last year.The rise coincides with a growth in the ...
17.08.19 - 10:08
How to build a climate-proof home that never floods (The Guardian)
The Netherlands has found an ingenious way to combat rising water - build housing that does the sameCould climate change-resistant homes help solve the housing crisis? The Met Office's conclusion was unequivocal. There is "no doubt climate change p...
17.08.19 - 10:08
New life flows into Great Yarmouth as waterways reopen (The Guardian)
Volunteers hope restoration will return UK seaside town to its former glory and reverse its declineThere was a time, when Clare Cooper was a child, when she thought Great Yarmouth was "a magical world. Her family, from Biggleswade in Bedfordshire, c...
17.08.19 - 10:08
Less boom, more bust? Economic fears threaten Trump′s 2020 message (The Guardian)
Stock market dips and tariff uncertainty have the president anxious about the possibility of a recession on his watchDonald Trump has made the US economy a centerpiece of his re-election campaign, relishing reports of steady job growth and low rates ...
17.08.19 - 10:08
Aston Martin: uncertain fate awaits James Bond′s favourite carmaker (The Guardian)
With share prices at record low, luxury carmaker faces struggle to realise ambitious 'second century plan'The Aston Martin Lagonda chief executive, Andy Palmer, clearly had his eye on his place in automotive history when he launched a grandiose "se...
17.08.19 - 09:56
Oyak: Turkish buyer of British Steel with direct ties to the military (The Guardian)
Pension fund accused over labour rights and involvement in corruption scandalAtaer Holding, which is on course to buy British Steel, is a subsidiary of Oyak, a Turkish military pension fund set up shortly after the country's 1960 military coup.With ...
17.08.19 - 09:38
Oh so pretty ... political upheaval credited for Dr Martens sales boost (The Guardian)
Shoemaker enjoys revival as old classic wins fans among rebellious younger generationIts footwear has been stomping down British high streets for nearly 60 years but Dr Martens is reporting record sales as fresh political upheaval and a trend for chu...
17.08.19 - 09:38
UK officials tackling climate crisis took 4,500 domestic flights last year (The Guardian)
Number of flights taken by BEIS staff rises from 2,700 in previous year despite carbon footprintThe Whitehall officials responsible for tackling the climate crisis dramatically increased their domestic flights last year despite the huge carbon footpr...
17.08.19 - 08:21
Will a wet vacuum be enough to give our carpets a good clean? (The Guardian)
We can rent a RugDoctor for about £25, but we're worried that it may be a waste of time and moneyEvery week a Guardian Money reader submits a question, and it's up to you to help him or her out - a selection of the best answers will appear in next ...
17.08.19 - 08:21
Super deluxe student accommodation for wealthy parents (The Guardian)
The days when all students lived in pretty much the same standard of digs has long goneUniversity - you know the fees, but what about the costs?£6,000 a year for a room? If I were a student, I'd probably go on strike tooRich parents are being chased...
17.08.19 - 08:21
£6,000 a year for a room? If I were a student, I′d probably go on strike too | Patrick Collinson (The Guardian)
Rents paid by university students have been rising by about double the rate of inflation for yearsUniversity - you know the fees, but what about the costs?Super deluxe student accommodation for wealthy parentsWhen did it become acceptable to treat un...
16.08.19 - 18:50
James Bond Aston Martin DB5 sold at auction for £5.2m (The Guardian)
Car was once owned by JCB billionaire and Tory party donor Lord Bamford An Aston Martin DB5 used to promote the James Bond film Thunderball has sold for $6.4m (£5.2m) at the world's biggest classic car auction in California.The car, which was once o...
16.08.19 - 17:45
Let′s move to Helmsley, North Yorkshire: super sweet and picture perfect (The Guardian)
The town is straight off a box of fudge, all honeyed stone and pansies waving from prize-winning basketsWhat's going for it? Helmsley's so sweet I can feel the cavities forming in my teeth from 10 miles away. The town is straight off a box of fudge...
16.08.19 - 17:03
Forget a 2008 Lehman Bros-style crash - this is how a ′normal′ recession could start | Dan Davies (The Guardian)
Current political uncertainty or trade restrictions could shock business confidence, but policymakers are fixated on financeThere's a hoary old proverb in the financial markets that a crisis happens precisely when the institutional memory of the las...
16.08.19 - 15:45
London Stock Exchange hit by worst outage since 2011 (The Guardian)
Software glitch prevented investors trading for more than an hour and a halfThe London stock market has suffered its worst outage in eight years after a systems failure prevented investors from trading shares in Britain's biggest companies.A softwar...
16.08.19 - 13:44
London council saves gay fetish club from redevelopment (The Guardian)
Tower Hamlets says Backstreet bar is 'an important community asset' and blocks 46-flat towerThe UK's last remaining strict leather and rubber fetish gay club has been saved after a London council blocked plans to redevelop the East End site into a...
16.08.19 - 13:32
Norway halts Amazon fund donation in dispute with Brazil (The Guardian)
International concerns grow over deforestation surge since Jair Bolsonaro took powerNorway has followed Germany in suspending donations to the Brazilian government's Amazon Fund after a surge in deforestation in the South American rainforest. The mo...
16.08.19 - 12:27
Cathay Pacific boss quits after Hong Kong airport protests hit share price (The Guardian)
Rupert Hogg ousted and new management brought in to 'reset confidence', says chairCathay Pacific's boss has quit after protests in Hong Kong led to the airline's share price plunge, as it came under intense pressure from Chinese authorities to re...
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