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19.04.19 - 21:30
′It′s genuine, you know?′: why the online influencer industry is going ′authentic′ - podcast (The Guardian)
Calamities such as Fyre festival have tarnished the booming business of YouTube and Instagram stars. Now the industry's top tastemakers have a new plan: keeping it realRead the text version here Continue reading......
19.04.19 - 21:30
Half of UK consumers willing to pay more to avoid plastic packaging (The Guardian)
Exclusive: eight in 10 trying to cut plastic waste and 46% feel guilty about it, survey showsEight in 10 consumers are trying to reduce their plastic waste and half would be willing to pay higher prices for eco-friendly packaging, according to a surv...
19.04.19 - 21:18
Camera firm distances itself from Tiananmen Square advert (The Guardian)
Leica, whose biggest growth market is China, say short film was not officially sanctionedWestern companies trying to do business in China learned long ago that they must bow, at least in part, to the political demands of an authoritarian state. So wh...
19.04.19 - 18:18
Rockeries are back in fashion, say British garden centres (The Guardian)
With many gardeners short of weeding time, rocks and alpine plants are in vogue this EasterA rockery revival is under way. A new generation of gardeners, inspired by Instagram images, are once again buying boulders to build rock gardens that had unti...
19.04.19 - 18:18
Romford borrowed more in payday loans than Leeds in 2018 (The Guardian)
Town took out £15m, compared with £14.7m, despite vastly smaller population, data showsThe people of Romford in east London borrowed more money via payday loans in 2018 than the entire population of Leeds, according to official data.A study based on ...
19.04.19 - 18:00
Uber′s self-driving car unit valued at $7.3bn as it gears up for IPO (The Guardian)
US firm received $1bn from consortium including Toyota and Saudi ArabiaUber's self-driving car unit has been valued at $7.3bn (£5.6bn), after receiving $1bn of investment by a consortium including Toyota and Saudi Arabia's sovereign wealth fund.Wit...
19.04.19 - 17:48
Let′s move to Ely, Cambridgeshire: still haunted by its past (The Guardian)
'I can imagine a rather fabulous Nordic-noir inspired TV detective series being set there'What's going for it? It's an odd place, Ely. For a start they have an annual eel-throwing competition on Eel Day. (That's toy eels, animal lovers.) But tha...
19.04.19 - 17:18
US newsstand mogul James Cohen to buy National Enquirer (The Guardian)
Former head of Hudson News will reportedly pay $100m for weekly magazineThe National Enquirer is being sold to the former head of a US airport newsstand chain, after a rocky year in which the tabloid has been accused of burying stories that could hur...
19.04.19 - 17:18
′Companies are seldom treated like this′: how Huawei fought back (The Guardian)
To dispel US suspicions, Chinese telecom firm welcomed dozens of journalists into its labsA pillar box red electric train connects Paris, Verona and Grenada via Budapest's Liberty Bridge and on to Heidelberg Castle in a 120-hectare fantasy business ...
19.04.19 - 15:48
Schroders shareholders urged to rebel over CEO′s £6m bonus (The Guardian)
Adviser says re-election of chairman and appointment of Leonie Schroder should be blockedThe fund manager Schroders is at risk of a shareholder backlash after an influential advisory firm issued a warning about "excessive bonuses and the appointment...
19.04.19 - 09:42
Who owns the country? The secretive companies hoarding England′s land (The Guardian)
Multi-million pound corporations with complex structures have purchased the very ground we walk on - and we are only just beginning to discover the damage it is doing to Britain. By Guy ShrubsoleDespite owning 15,000 hectares (37,000 acres) of land, ...
19.04.19 - 09:42
Facebook security lapse affects millions more Instagram users than first stated (The Guardian)
News that the company had insecurely stored passwords came on the same day as the release of Robert Mueller's long-awaited report Facebook chose one of the busiest news days in American politics this year to admit that millions more Instagram users ...
19.04.19 - 09:30
Huge plans to expand Iceland′s fish farms risk decimating wild fish populations (The Guardian)
Scientists are warning against new legislation to grow Iceland's fish farming industry, but industry is pressuring for a go-ahead A five-fold expansion in open net fish farms that scientists believe could decimate Iceland's wild salmon stocks is pi...
19.04.19 - 09:12
So what are the chances of getting £300 off Mastercard? (The Guardian)
According to a former ombudsman, Mastercard owes that to pretty much everybodyMastercard charges allegedly resulted in consumers overpaying for goods in shops to the tune of £14bn, and if a class action is successful, it will mean payouts worth up to...
19.04.19 - 08:12
Homes with stained glass windows - in pictures (The Guardian)
From a converted chapel in Bristol to a Victorian church in North Yorkshire, here are some homes with colour Continue reading......
18.04.19 - 23:54
Why a former bankrupt Watford owner is in position to buy Bolton Wanderers | David Conn (The Guardian)
Laurence Bassini claims to have £20m to keep Bolton afloat after the paucity of the Ken Anderson yearsOne of many sad elements in Bolton's financial crisis and other current indignities is that for years they were supported by an owner most clubs wo...
18.04.19 - 23:54
New York City to force buildings to slash greenhouse gas emissions (The Guardian)
New law aims for 40% cut by 2030Buildings account for 67% of city's climate change emissionsNew York City has approved an ambitious plan to combat climate change by forcing thousands of large buildings to slash their greenhouse gas emissions.The leg...
18.04.19 - 23:36
The big four auditors are failing - and the watchdog′s report won′t change that | Prem Sikka (The Guardian)
The near-collapse of BHS, Carillion and the bailed-out banks wasn't spotted. The CMA's remedy shows it is not fit for purposeWhat do BHS, Carillion, Conviviality, Quindell, Aero Inventory, the Co-op Bank, and London and Capital Finance have in comm...
18.04.19 - 23:36
So 1% of the people own half of England. Inheritance tax reform could fix that | Peter Hetherington (The Guardian)
I interviewed private landowners across the UK - if we want to stop them trading what is morally ours, we need radical changeFour years ago I asked a simple question about our most basic resource that feeds, waters and houses the nation, while provid...
18.04.19 - 23:36
The north needs HS2 for its economic future | Letters (The Guardian)
Readers, including Andy Burnham and Steve Rotheram, the mayors of Greater Manchester and Liverpool city region respectively, respond to Simon Jenkins' article advocating the scrapping of HS2We write in response to Simon Jenkins' article (This is a ...
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