Bruttoinlandsprodukt: 35 Mrd. USD
BIP – Wachstum zum Vorjahresquartal: 2.40%
BIP – Wachstum zum letzten Quartal: 6.10%
Leitzins: 2.50%
Inflationsrate: 0.50%
Arbeitslosenrate: 3.70%
Haushaltsdefizit in % des BIPs: -13.20%
Staatsverschuldung in % des BIPs: 90.60%
Letzte Datenerhebung: 04.12.2018
02.12.18 - 16:36
Autoritäre Monarchie - Unabhängige Kandidaten dominieren Parlamentswahl in Bahrain (Der Standard)
Die vom Königshaus mundtot gemachte Opposition boykottierte den Urnengang. Nur sechs von 40 Abgeordneten gehören einer Partei an...
02.12.18 - 13:48
Golf-Staaten - Unabhängige Kandidaten dominieren Parlamentswahl in Bahrain (Der Standard)
Die vom Königshaus mundtot gemachte Opposition boykottierte den Urnengang...
15.11.18 - 11:32
Airbus erhält Auftrag über 10 A320neo aus Bahrain (Dow Jones)
FRANKFURT (Dow Jones)--Der Flugzeugbauer Airbus hat einen Auftrag aus der Golfregion erhalten. Al-Qahtani Aviation hat für seine Fluggesellschaft Saudigulf Airlines eine Vereinbarung zum Kauf von zehn Maschinen des Typs A320neo unterzeichnet, wie Air...
15.10.18 - 16:54
Bahrain minister backs boycott of Uber over Khashoggi case (CNBC)
Bahrain's foreign minister called for a boycott of the Uber Technologies after its CEO said he will not attend a business conference in the kingdom's ally Saudi Arabia. JP Morgan Chase & Co and Ford Motor Co also cancelled plans to attend t...
15.10.18 - 13:58
Bahrain backs a campaign to boycott Uber after the CEO pulled out of an investment conference in Saudi Arabia (Bloomberg)
Um den gesamten Artikel unter zu lesen, klicken Sie bitte auf die Überschrift...
15.10.18 - 10:42
Bahrain minister backs boycott of Uber over Khashoggi case (Reuters EN)
Bahrain's foreign minister called for a boycott of the ride-hailing company Uber Technologies [UBER.UL] after its chief executive officer said he will not attend a business conference in the kingdom's ally Saudi Arabia....
11.10.18 - 08:48
LS C&S to provide $125m extra-high voltage cable to Bahrain (Korea Herald)
LS Cable & System signed a contract with Bahrain Electricity and Water Authority for its extra-high voltage cable projec...
06.10.18 - 00:19
The Saudis Purchase A Colony: Bahrain′s $10 Billion Bailout By Gulf Neighbors (ZeroHedge)
Bahrain's slumping economy and mushrooming public debt have been given a fresh lifeline as Saudi Arabia and other Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) allies have agreed to inject billions in order to stabilize the tiny island gulf nation and prevent a lo...
04.10.18 - 19:00
Bahrain promised $10 bln of support from Gulf neighbours (Reuters EN)
* Support to be made via long-term, interest-free loan -source...
01.10.18 - 10:21
The cost of insuring Bahrain′s debt against default falls to the lowest in 5 months (Bloomberg)
Um den gesamten Artikel unter zu lesen, klicken Sie bitte auf die Überschrift...
26.09.18 - 10:30
Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Bahrain and Kuwait eligible for JP Morgan key bond index (Reuters EN)
Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Kuwait will become eligible for the JP Morgan emerging market government bond indexes starting from Jan. 31, 2019, acording to a JP Morgan statement sent to investors and reviewed by Reut...
20.09.18 - 11:12
Bahrain sees ′growing interest′ from Chinese tech firms (CNBC)
Chinese tech companies are recognizing that Bahrain is a great hub for e-commerce, says Simon Galpin of the Bahrain Economic Development Board....
20.09.18 - 08:25
Bahrain is preparing itself for a digital future (CNBC)
Simon Galpin of the Bahrain Economic Development Board notes that the country has been experiencing strong growth in the start-up and fintech sectors....
03.09.18 - 10:42
Bahrain oil minister: The era of cheap oil is over (CNBC)
The price has to be right for investments, says Sheikh Mohammed bin Khalifa Al Khalifa, Bahrain's minister of oil....
16.08.18 - 08:06
Bahrain′s Gulf Allies Review Aid Program in Show of Support (Bloomberg)
Bahrain's Gulf Arab allies met to review a financial support program designed to help the country repair its finances and stave off a possible currency devaluation that could roil regional markets......
09.08.18 - 15:42
Bahrain Is Making Progress in Aid Talks With Gulf Allies (Bloomberg)
Bahrain and its Gulf Arab allies are said to be making progress on an aid program to help the island-kingdom repair its finances and avoid a devaluation that could roil neighboring markets.Officials......
07.08.18 - 07:21
Bahrain fund Mumtalakat exits U.S. firm Nobel Learning Communities-CEO (Reuters EN)
Bahrain's sovereign wealth fund, Mumtalakat, has sold its investment in U.S. private education provider Nobel Learning Communities, as another U.S. school operator Spring Education Group acquired Nobel earlier this month....
17.07.18 - 16:57
Bahrain Bond Rally Fizzles Out as Gulf Bailout Remains Elusive (Bloomberg)
Bondholders' relief over a Gulf pledge to prop up Bahrain's struggling economy has given way to anxiety now that three weeks have passed without any sign aid is on the way.Saudi Arabia, Kuwait......
17.07.18 - 15:30
MIDEAST STOCKS-Bahrain′s Ahli United jumps on merger news amid weak Gulf markets (Reuters EN)
Most Middle East stock markets shed value on Tuesday, hit by a drop in oil prices and reflecting a slump in global stocks....
16.07.18 - 08:27
Bahrain Needs Proper Reforms, Renaissance Capital Says (Bloomberg)
Source: Bloomberg, 05:16 Bahrain needs a comprehensive package of reforms......
16.07.18 - 07:12
IMF Says Bahrain Needs Comprehensive Package of Economic Reforms (Bloomberg)
Bahrain needs a comprehensive package of reforms to reduce its fiscal deficits over the medium term, the IMF said, as the island kingdom seeks to secure crucial support from rich neighbors to avoid......
01.07.18 - 06:39
Bahrain Promises to Repair Finances as Kingdom Awaits Gulf Aid (Bloomberg)
Bahrain pledged to implement steps to repair its strained finances widely seen as crucial to help the kingdom receive support from Gulf Arab allies.Prime Minister Khalifa Bin Salman Al Khalifa......
28.06.18 - 15:00
Bahrain: Abwendung des ersten staatlichen Sukuk-Ausfalls (M&G)
Die Spreads für Bahrain haben sich in den letzten Monaten trotz des Ölpreisanstiegs geweitet. Der Markt fokussiert sich auf die Sukuk-Anleihen aus Bahrain in Höhe von 750 Millionen US-Dollar, die am 22. November 2018 fällig werden. Wenn man bedenkt, ...
28.06.18 - 12:02
Bahrain′s allies offer aid, but it′s likely to come with strings attached (CNBC)
Bahrain's neighbors and allies have said they are discussing a program to support the kingdom's public finances, but one analyst told CNBC that the support is likely to come at a political price....
28.06.18 - 07:45
Too Early to Say Bahrain Is Out of The Woods, Nomura Says (Bloomberg)
Source: Bloomberg, 02:55 Tarek Fadlallah, chief executive officer at Nomura......
27.06.18 - 23:24
Exclusive: Bahrain Steel says Anglo declared force majeure on contract after spills (Reuters EN)
RIO DE JANEIRO/DUBAI (Reuters) - Anglo American has suspended a contract to supply Bahrain Steel with iron ore, the Gulf-based company said, in the latest headache for the miner's troubled Brazilian project after spills from a pipeline that carries...
27.06.18 - 07:39
Bahrain Debt Risk Rises Most on Record (Bloomberg)
Source: Bloomberg, 03:20 The cost of insuring Bahrain's debt against default......
27.06.18 - 07:24
Bahrain says Gulf neighbors will provide economic aid (AP)
DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) ” Bahrain said Wednesday its Gulf neighbors Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates will offer new aid to strengthen the island nation's "fiscal stability"......
26.06.18 - 11:06
Debt Risk Rises Most on Record for Bahrain Amid Gulf Aid Silence (Bloomberg)
The absence of any signal of financial aid from Bahrain's neighbors sent the kingdom's credit risk rising the most in emerging markets this month.The cost of insuring Bahrain's debt against default......
25.06.18 - 15:09
Lockheed Martin to create up to 200 new jobs as it builds new F-16s for Bahrain (MarketWatch)
Um den gesamten Artikel unter zu lesen, klicken Sie bitte auf die Überschrift...
25.06.18 - 10:51
Oddity in Bahrain Bonds a Sign Faith in Gulf Aid Not Enough (Bloomberg)
There's an anomaly forming in Bahrain's debt market.The yield on the island kingdom's dollar bonds maturing July 2022 is about 150 basis points higher than Islamic securities due two years later......
21.06.18 - 11:15
Bahrain opposition leader acquitted in Qatar spy case: activists (AFP)
A Bahraini court acquitted the head of the Shiite opposition of all charges Thursday in his trial for alleged spying for regional rival Qatar, a judicial source and activists said. Sheikh Ali Salman, head of Bahrain's largest -- and now banned -- Sh...
06.06.18 - 22:18
Franklin Templeton Sheds Bahrain Debt, Warns of Economic Crisis (Bloomberg)
Franklin Templeton Investments has cut back its debt holdings in Bahrain, citing the "very serious threat that the cash-strapped nation will experience an economic crisis in the next 12 months......
31.05.18 - 10:48
IMF Asks Bahrain to Consider Corporate Tax as Risk Climbs (Bloomberg)
Bahrain should consider implementing corporate income tax to shore up its finances as rising interest rates hinder its ability to borrow, the International Monetary Fund said."Notwithstanding notable......
27.05.18 - 11:42
Bahrain sees ′no glimmer of hope′ for ending Qatar crisis soon (CNBC)
Bahrain sees no resolution in sight to a diplomatic row between Qatar and its neighbors, which cut diplomatic and trade ties with the tiny Gulf Arab state nearly a year ago....
15.05.18 - 16:36
Terrorvorwürfe - 115 Menschen in Bahrain Staatsbürgerschaft entzogen (Der Standard)
Dutzende Menschen wurden wegen Terrorvorwürfen zu 25 Jahren Gefängnis verurteilt...
15.05.18 - 15:45
Bahrain strips 115 of nationality over ′terrorism′ (AFP)
A Bahrain court Tuesday sentenced 115 Bahrainis to jail terms ranging from three years to life and stripped them of their nationality for forming an Iran-linked "terrorist" group, the public prosecutor said.A judicial source told AFP the group were a...
15.05.18 - 10:03
NYC Hedge Fund Eyes Its Next Distressed-Debt Target: Bahrain (Bloomberg)
Greylock Capital Management LLC, a hedge fund that holds the distressed bonds of Mozambique and Venezuela, says Bahrain is its next potential target.The cash-strapped Gulf nation has been slow......
12.05.18 - 04:12
Glen Carey on Bahrain (Bloomberg)
Source: Bloomberg, 01:56 Bahrain has a plan to revamp its economy. @gccarey1......
10.05.18 - 09:36
Inventis CEO: Tourism would be good for Bahrain (CNBC)
Bahrain will be a very good place to set up a hub of our investment activities, said Yong Kwek Ping, the CEO of Inventis Investment Holdings....
10.05.18 - 08:54
The investment has not quite returned, says Bahrain oil minister (CNBC)
Sheikh Mohammed bin Khalifa Al Khalifa, Bahrain's oil minister, warned that investment in the sector is still not quite at optimal levels, which could cause supply concerns in the future....
10.05.18 - 08:06
Bahrain can be like the Hong Kong of the Middle East, commerce minister says (CNBC)
Bahrain is well positioned to benefit from an expected trade boost brought about by the liberalization and economic growth of Saudi Arabia, a minister said....
10.05.18 - 07:42
Bahrain′s oil minister warns of a potential ′supply crunch′ following an investment slowdown (CNBC)
Sheikh Mohammed bin Khalifa Al Khalifa, Bahrain's oil minister, said markets are mostly balanced but U.S. shale is still an unknown factor that could affect the price....
10.05.18 - 06:24
Bahrain Has Enough Reserves to Keep Dollar Peg, Central Bank Governor Says (Bloomberg)
Bahrain has enough foreign reserves to maintain its currency's peg to the U.S. dollar, central bank Governor Rasheed Al-Maraj said, as higher oil prices help the island-kingdom ease pressure on......
09.05.18 - 14:30
Bahrain′s vast oil find is a ′gift from God′ ” but it won′t stop our diversification, minister says (CNBC)
Bahrain's Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, Zayed Al Zayani, insisted the country would not be distracted from its economic reforms by the find....
09.05.18 - 10:30
Tamkeen chairman: Bahrain wants to be ′good neighbors′ with Iran (CNBC)
Sheikh Mohammed bin Essa Al Khalifa discusses relations with Iran, as well as opportunities for investment and growth in the region....
09.05.18 - 10:00
EDB Bahrain chief: We see a lot of interest from China (CNBC)
We want to be able to talk to both Chinese and our traditional allies in the U.S. and Europe, Khalid Al Rumaihi, chief executive at the Economic Development Board Bahrain told CNBC....
09.05.18 - 08:12
′Greed usually overcomes fear′ when it comes to investing in the Gulf, says Bahrain development head (CNBC)
Al Rumaihi's comments come after President Donald Trump said the U.S. would withdraw from the Iranian nuclear deal....
09.05.18 - 08:00
Bahrain is a bridge into Saudi Arabia, says Investcorp exec (CNBC)
Hazem Ben-Gacem of Investcorp talks to CNBC about business opportunities in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia....
08.05.18 - 07:48
Bahrain is betting on 80 billion barrels of oil to help clear its budget deficit (CNBC)
A new, massive oil discovery in Bahrain could help the island kingdom dramatically improve its economic and fiscal strength, according to analysts at Moody's credit ratings agency....




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