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20.03.19 - 08:12
Chinese fishmeal plants leave fishermen in the Gambia all at sea | Hannah Summers (The Guardian)
Scientists and campaigners warn that factories in coastal villages are wreaking environmental and economic havocBefore the arrival of fishmeal factories in the Gambia, Musa Duboe would catch red snapper and barracuda to be sold at the local market. B...
28.12.18 - 18:21
Betrifft: Gambia, Wagner, Ausblick 2019 (Spiegel)
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11.12.18 - 06:42
U.S. Sanctions Gambia′s Former President (WSJ EN)
State Department sanctions against Gambia’s former President Yahya Jammeh, who was blacklisted last year for human-rights abuses, come days before a planned Trump administration announcement of a new Africa strategy....
30.06.18 - 19:11
Meet the Gambia dictator who ruled with fear, murder and juju... And the man determined to bring him to justice (The Telegraph)
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01.06.18 - 14:38
AIDS patients sue Gambia′s ex-president Jammeh over fake cures (AFP)
Three people living with AIDS in Gambia are suing former president Yahya Jammeh, alleging he detained and abused them as guinea pigs to test his supposed cure, one of their lawyers said."My clients are claiming damages for false imprisonment and (dec...
22.05.18 - 19:36
Gambia Gets $1.7 Billion in Funding Pledges to Reform Economy (Bloomberg)
International donors committed 1.45 billion euros ($1.7 billion) over three years to Gambia to help the West African nation's new government revive the economy and strengthen democratic institutions......
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