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BIP – Wachstum zum Vorjahresquartal: 5.10%
BIP – Wachstum zum letzten Quartal: -
Leitzins: 13.50%
Inflationsrate: 6.56%
Arbeitslosenrate: 9.50%
Haushaltsdefizit in % des BIPs: -3.90%
Staatsverschuldung in % des BIPs: 65.60%
Letzte Datenerhebung: 04.12.2018
11.12.18 - 06:42
U.S. Sanctions Gambia′s Former President (WSJ EN)
State Department sanctions against Gambia’s former President Yahya Jammeh, who was blacklisted last year for human-rights abuses, come days before a planned Trump administration announcement of a new Africa strategy....
30.06.18 - 19:11
Meet the Gambia dictator who ruled with fear, murder and juju... And the man determined to bring him to justice (The Telegraph)
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01.06.18 - 14:38
AIDS patients sue Gambia′s ex-president Jammeh over fake cures (AFP)
Three people living with AIDS in Gambia are suing former president Yahya Jammeh, alleging he detained and abused them as guinea pigs to test his supposed cure, one of their lawyers said."My clients are claiming damages for false imprisonment and (dec...
22.05.18 - 19:36
Gambia Gets $1.7 Billion in Funding Pledges to Reform Economy (Bloomberg)
International donors committed 1.45 billion euros ($1.7 billion) over three years to Gambia to help the West African nation's new government revive the economy and strengthen democratic institutions......
19.02.18 - 20:09
Westafrika: Gambia verspricht Ende der Todesstrafe (Spiegel)
In Westafrika ist die Todesstrafe auf dem Rückzug. Gambia hat angekündigt, keine Straftäter mehr zu exekutieren. Präsident Barrow erließ ein Moratorium, dem die Abschaffung folgen soll....
08.02.18 - 20:06
Gambia rejoins the Commonwealth after democratic election (The Telegraph)
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08.02.18 - 11:25
Gambia rejoins Commonwealth after democratic election (AFP)
The Gambia was readmitted to the Commonwealth on Thursday, welcomed back into the fold after its sudden pullout in 2013 and following the democratic election last year of President Adama Barrow.Former president Yahya Jammeh dramatically withdrew the ...
25.01.18 - 11:18
Gambia Leader Favors Former Dictator Facing Abuse Charges (Bloomberg)
Gambian President Adama Barrow said he will favor the extradition of his predecessor, Yahya Jammeh, if a commission of inquiry into human-rights abuses during the former ruler's 22-year reign recommends......
19.01.18 - 19:18
Gambias former dictator could be extradited (The Telegraph)
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20.12.17 - 18:48
Gambia:"We Will Have to Increase Taxes If... ." - Finance Minister (AllAfrica)
[Foroyaa] Mr. Amadou Sanneh, the Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs has said Government will have to increase taxes as there is no other way of funding the national budget. "Next budget if I come and I don't have the resources, there is no sup...
27.11.17 - 09:48
Gambia:NAWEC Launches Road Map as Energy Crisis Deepens (AllAfrica)
[Foroyaa] The National Water and Electricity Company (NAWEC), launched its roadmap to address emergency and temporal utility problems. The roadmap according to experts, is aimed at providing clarity to stakeholders in the electricity sector, on the p...
27.11.17 - 09:48
Gambia:64th MPC Meeting Held (AllAfrica)
[Foroyaa] The Central Bank of The Gambia has convened its 64th Monetary Policy Committee meeting yesterday, 23rd November 2017, to assess development in the domestic and international economy and policy rate that has been set....
27.11.17 - 09:42
Gambia:Janneh Commission Visits Airport, Green Industry, MCG (AllAfrica)
[Foroyaa] Malick Njock Jagne, an Aviation Safety Inspector yesterday revealed that the Gambia Government has recommended for sale, three aircrafts purchased by the former regime, given that they are too old and not airworthy. Mr. Jagne made this disc...
25.11.17 - 08:06
Gambia:Nawec to Introduce Smart Metres to Customers (AllAfrica)
[The Point] As part of their new measures in the electricity sector roadmap, the National Water and Electricity Company (NAWEC) will soon start distributing smart metres to their 300 largest customers....
24.11.17 - 19:00
Gambia:Central Bank to Replace Jammeh′s Face On Currency (AllAfrica)
[The Point] The governor of the Central Bank of The Gambia, Bakary Jammeh, has said that the country will begin replacing currencies bearing former leader's face with ones called family notes....
22.11.17 - 22:24
Gambia:′Nearly U.S.$10 Million Spent On Maintenance of Aircrafts, Over D72 M On Hajj Packages′-Lamin Cham (AllAfrica)
[Foroyaa] The Managing Director of the Gambia International Airline (GIA), Lamin Cham, yesterday revealed to the 'Janneh' Commission that about ten Million US Dollars was spent on the maintenance of some of the States Aircraft's, within a period o...
20.11.17 - 10:12
Gambia:Livestock Census Results Validated (AllAfrica)
[Foroyaa] The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture, on Wednesday 15th November 2017, validated the Livestock Census Results at a local Hotel in Kololi....
19.11.17 - 04:25
Soldiers held without trial threaten ′new Gambia′ reputation (AFP)
When strongman Yahya Jammeh left The Gambia for exile after 22 years, new foreign minister Ousainou Darboe pledged the tiny nation would become the "human rights capital of Africa".His remarks came days after Jammeh's forced departure in January, an...




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