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Letzte Datenerhebung: 05.04.2017
24.04.17 - 02:36
Incidents of Piracy on Upswing Off Somalia, Prompting Concern (WSJ EN)
Piracy has made a worrisome return to the waters off Somalia after a five-year hiatus, U.S. defense officials said, prompting commercial shippers, the military and others to revisit the issue....
24.04.17 - 02:20
U.S. warns piracy has returned to waters off Somalia (MarketWatch)
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23.04.17 - 22:30
Somalia - Neun somalische Sicherheitskräfte bei Minenexplosion getötet (Der Standard)
Al Shabaab bekennen sich zur Attacke...
21.04.17 - 16:42
Somalia - AU-Friedenstruppen in Somalia töteten 52 Terroristen (Der Standard)
Keine Toten aufseiten der kenianischen Armee...
15.04.17 - 23:36
US sends regular troops to Somalia for first time since Black Hawk Down  (The Telegraph)
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15.04.17 - 20:42
USA stationieren dutzende Soldaten in Somalia (AFP)
Die USA stationieren einige Dutzend Soldaten in Somalia zur Unterstützung der dortigen Armee und zur Durchführung von "Sicherheitsoperationen". Wie eine Sprecherin des Afrikanischen Kommandos der Vereinigten Staaten (Africom) in Stuttgart am Samstag ...
15.04.17 - 14:30
East Africa: Indian Seamen Travel Home After Somalia Piracy Ordeal (AllAfrica)
[East African] Mogadishu -Ten Indian seamen freed Somali pirates have been allowed to travel home....
12.04.17 - 11:36
Somalia: Police Question Opposition Leader in Motorcade Spat (AllAfrica)
[VOA] A notorious Somali pirate leader is missing following an attempt Saturday to hijack a cargo ship, maritime sources and villagers said....
10.04.17 - 14:26
Terror in Somalia: Al-Shabaab-Miliz beansprucht Anschläge für sich (Handelsblatt)
Bei Anschlägen in Somalia sind mindestens sechs Menschen getötet worden. Ziele der Terrorattacken waren eine Militärakademie und das Fahrzeug eines Regierungsbeamten. Die Al-Shabaab-Miliz ist mit der Al-Kaida verbunden....
09.04.17 - 14:00
Somalia - Mindestens acht Tote bei Selbstmordanschlag in Mogadischu (Der Standard)
Anschlag galt offenbar neuem Armeechef...
06.04.17 - 09:49
Somalia: Pakistani Vessel Hijacked By Somali Pirates (AllAfrica)
[Shabelle] A Pakistan-owned cargo vessel, which was carrying food, was hijacked off the coast of central Somalia, Somali officials said on Tuesday, according to the New York Times....
05.04.17 - 17:33
Terror in Somalia: Mehrere Tote bei Anschlag in Mogadischu (Spiegel)
Bei einem Anschlag in der somalischen Hauptstadt Mogadischu sind mindestens sieben Menschen getötet und weitere verletzt worden. Die islamistische Terrormiliz Schabab soll für die Tat verantwortlich sein....
05.04.17 - 14:01
Somalia: Multi-Million U.S.$ Deal for Somaliland′s Historic Port Sparks Land Rush (AllAfrica)
[Thomson Reuters Foundation] Berbera -The land along the road into Berbera is barren and empty. Somaliland's small, rusty Gulf of Aden port which for centuries made the town prosperous rises suddenly out of the ground as the road hits the coast....
05.04.17 - 12:42
Somalia - Sieben Tote bei Anschlag auf Café in Mogadischu (Der Standard)
Ein mit einer Bombe drapiertes Auto raste in das Lokal und explodierte...
05.04.17 - 11:42
Car bomb explodes near restaurant in Somalia′s capital (AP)
Somalia's police say a car bomb blast hit a restaurant near the youth and sports ministry in Mogadishu, the capital. Captain Mohamed Hussein said the car bomb was detonated Wednesday near a busy restaurant. ......
05.04.17 - 11:01
Somalia: Piracy Resurges (AllAfrica)
[VOA] Observers warn piracy is making a comeback along the coast of Somalia, after gunmen hijacked two ships in 48 hours and took them to an area known as a pirate haven....
05.04.17 - 10:18
Somalia: Recent Attacks Show Pirates Still a Potent Threat - UN Agency (AllAfrica)
[UN News] Noting that recent attacks on commercial ships off the coast of Somalia highlight the continued threat of piracy, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) has urged ships to follow advice of navies and that of the International ...
03.04.17 - 13:18
Somalia: Somali Pirates Hijack Indian Cargo Ship With 11 Crew Members (AllAfrica)
[Shabelle] An Indian cargo ship Al Kaushar with 11 crew members on board has been hijacked by Somali pirates on its way to Al Mukala port in Yemen from Dubai....
02.04.17 - 09:18
Somalia: Diaspora Now Investing in Mogadishu as Security Improves (AllAfrica)
[East African] Authorities in Mogadishu say that the city is now ready for full scale foreign investment since security and infrastructure have significantly improved, despite some lingering challenges....
30.03.17 - 13:36
Somalia: A Solution to Somali Piracy Is in Sight - Local Communities Hold the Key (AllAfrica)
[The Conversation Africa] The recent hijacking of an oil tanker by alleged Somali pirates raises a number of important questions. The MT Aris 13 was the first commercial vessel to be hijacked since 2012. For the international community, the question ...
27.03.17 - 10:36
Kenyan Army Says 31 Al-Shabaab Militants Killed in Somalia Raid (Bloomberg)
Kenya's army said it killed 31 al-Shabaab fighters in a raid on two of the Islamist militants' bases in southern Somalia....
25.03.17 - 07:01
Somalia: Official Says 80 Percent of Livestock Dead in Somaliland (AllAfrica)
[VOA] Authorities in the breakaway republic of Somaliland say at least 80 percent of the region's livestock have died due to the crippling drought that has also killed dozens of people and forced thousands into displaced persons camps....
23.03.17 - 15:45
Islamic State Group Routed in Somalia′s Puntland, President Says (Bloomberg)
An Islamic State faction in Somalia's Puntland region numbers a maximum of 300 fighters and doesn't pose a serious threat after its militants were driven out of a port town last year, President Abdiweli ......
23.03.17 - 12:39
Somalia: Zehn Tote bei Angriff von Islamisten auf Hafenstadt (Handelsblatt)
In der Nacht zum Donnerstag griff die islamistische Terrorgruppe Al-Shabaab die somalische Hafenstadt Barawe an. Bei den Kämpfen zwischen Militär und Terroristen sind mindestens zehn Menschen getötet worden....
21.03.17 - 17:36
Somalia - Tote nach Terroranschlag in Hauptstadt Mogadischu (Der Standard)
Terrormiliz Al-Shabaab bekannte sich zu Attentat - Mindestens sechs Tote...
20.03.17 - 15:01
Somalia: Somalia Calls On NATO to Prevent the Illegal Fishing (AllAfrica)
[Shabelle] Somali officials said that NATO must do more to prevent the illegal fishing that sparked the latest pirate hijacking....
19.03.17 - 22:27
Nach Jahren der Ruhe: Somalier kehren zur Piraterie zurück (Handelsblatt)
Lange war es ruhig in den Gewässern am Horn von Afrika. Nun haben Piraten wieder ein großes Schiff gekapert. Ein Grund ist die illegale Fischerei vor der Küste, die den Fischern die Lebensgrundlage nimmt....
18.03.17 - 20:09
Somalia blames Saudi-led coalition for deadly strike on boat (AP)
MOGADISHU, Somalia (AP) ” Somalia's government on Saturday blamed the Saudi-led coalition for Friday's attack on a boat that killed at least 42 Somali refugees, calling the assault by a military vessel and a helicopter gunship "horrific."...
18.03.17 - 17:48
Somalia: Somali Pirates Release Oil Tanker and Crew (AllAfrica)
[Al Jazeera] Somali pirates have released a hijacked oil tanker and its eight Sri Lankan crew, according to Somali security official and the pirates, bringing the first hijacking since 2012 to a conclusion, apparently without the payment of a ransom....
17.03.17 - 10:12
Somalia: Pirates Release Oil Tanker, Crew Without Ransom (AllAfrica)
[VOA] Somali pirates on Thursday released a hijacked oil tanker and its eight-man Sri Lankan crew without any conditions or ransom payments. The release followed a gunfight earlier in the day between the pirates and a marine force, and then intensive...
16.03.17 - 22:36
Küste vor Somalia: Piraten geben gekaperten Öltanker wieder frei (Spiegel)
Somalische Piraten haben den Öltanker "Aris 13" und die acht Besatzungsmitglieder wieder frei gelassen. Die Männer hatten das Schiff am Mittwoch gekapert. Lösegeld ist offenbar nicht geflossen....
16.03.17 - 15:50
Piraterie: Feuergefecht vor Somalias Küste (Handelsblatt)
Die verzweifelte humanitäre Lage in Somalia lässt die berüchtigten Piraten wieder aktiv werden. Nach der Enterung eines Frachters kam es nun zu einem Schusswechsel mit Sicherheitskräften....
16.03.17 - 15:24
Somalia: Puntland Forces Attack Pirates Hijacked Fuel Tanker (AllAfrica)
[Shabelle] Maritime police in Somalia's semi-autonomous region of Puntland said on Thursday they would attack hijackers holding an oil tanker to free the vessel if efforts by local elders to get them to surrender did not work....
15.03.17 - 08:54
Somalia: Seized Oil Tanker with Eight Crew Anchored Off Somalia Coast (AllAfrica)
[VOA] The hijackers who seized an oil tanker and its eight-man crew off Somalia are demanding "compensation" for a rise in illegal fishing in Somali waters....
13.03.17 - 09:42
′Dying one by one:′ Somalia drought crushes herders′ lives (AP)
Ahmed Haji turns from his visibly dehydrated animals and whispers: "I am lost." Trying to flee the worsening drought, he trekked thousands of kilometers with a herd that once numbered 1,200. ......
11.03.17 - 11:24
African Union Force in Somalia Needs Troop Surge, Chief Says (Bloomberg)
Mogadishu, Somalia (AP) -- The head of the African Union mission in Somalia is seeking a surge in troops to help the country's military control areas won back from extremist group al-Shabab, saying the ......
07.03.17 - 16:57
Somalia: Zehntausende Kinder vom Hungerstod bedroht (Spiegel)
Eine schwere Dürre plagt Somalia. Angesichts einer drohenden Hungersnot und einer Cholera-Epidemie ist Uno-Generalsekretär Antonio Guterres nun in das Land im Osten Afrikas gereist....
07.03.17 - 11:14
Dringlichkeitsbesuch in Somalia: UN-Chef wegen Hungerkrise in Mogadischu (Handelsblatt)
Nachdem Somalia in der vergangenen Woche eine nationale Katastrophe ausgerufen hat, ist nun UN-Sekretär Guterres vor Ort um die bestehende Hungerkrise einzudämmen. Seine Hoffnungen liegen auf der internationalen Hilfe....
07.03.17 - 10:24
UN chief in Somalia on emergency visit to focus on famine (AP)
United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres met Somalia's new President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed in Mogadishu Tuesday to start of what he calls an emergency visit to Somalia to highlight the country's ......
05.03.17 - 01:24
Somalia prime minister: 110 dead from hunger in past 48 hours in drought (The Telegraph)
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04.03.17 - 17:06
Somalia: 110 dead from hunger in past 48 hours in drought (AP)
Somalia's prime minister announced Saturday that 110 people have died from hunger in the past 48 hours in a single region as a severe drought threatens millions of people across the country. It was the ......
03.03.17 - 09:06
US steps up in Somalia as al-Shabab proves a stubborn foe (AP)
With frequent suicide bombings and assaults on Somalia's hotels and military targets, the Islamic extremist group al-Shabab has proved more resilient than expected, leading President Donald Trump's administration ......
28.02.17 - 23:06
Hilferuf - Somalia verhängt wegen Hungerkrise den Ausnahmezustand (Der Standard)
Präsident appelliert an die internationale Gemeinschaft...
27.02.17 - 22:06
Somalia - WHO will wegen drohender Hungersnot Hilfseinsatz in Somalia ausweiten (Der Standard)
Weltgesundheitsorganisation braucht dringend zehn Millionen US-Dollar für Einsatz...
27.02.17 - 16:16
WHO will wegen drohender Hungersnot Hilfseinsatz in Somalia ausweiten (DPA-AFX)
MOGADISCHU (dpa-AFX) - Angesichts einer drohenden Hungersnot in Somalia will die Weltgesundheitsorganisation (WHO) ihren Einsatz in dem Land am Horn von Afrika deutlich ausbauen. Rund 1,5 Millionen Menschen solle künftig geholfen werden, teilte die O...
26.02.17 - 08:30
Pentagon seeks to expand fight against extremists in Somalia (AP)
WASHINGTON (AP) ” The Pentagon wants to expand the military's ability to battle al-Qaida-linked militants in Somalia, potentially putting U.S. forces closer to the fight against a stubborn extremist group that has plotted attacks against America,...
20.02.17 - 15:19
Somalia: IMF to Help Print First Banknotes in 25 Years (AllAfrica)
[Shabelle] The International Monetary Fund is backing Somalia's plans to replace tattered currency notes that were printed before the Horn of Africa nation plunged into civil war almost three decades ago....
20.02.17 - 07:15
Mindestens 39 Tote bei Anschlag auf Markt in Somalia (Reuters)
Um den gesamten Artikel unter zu lesen, klicken Sie bitte auf die Überschrift...
20.02.17 - 00:36
IMF to Help Somalia Print First Banknotes in a Quarter Century (Bloomberg)
The International Monetary Fund is backing Somalia's plans to replace tattered currency notes that were printed before the Horn of Africa nation plunged into civil war almost three decades ago....
19.02.17 - 23:39
Anschlag auf Markt in Somalia: Selbstmordattentäter reißt 39 Menschen mit in den Tod (Handelsblatt)
Somalia ist erneut Schauplatz von Terror: Ein Selbstmordattentäter sprengt auf einem Marktplatz in der Hauptstadt Mogadischu ein Auto in die Luft. Dabei sterben 39 Menschen, etwa 50 Personen sind verletzt....




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