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Die staatliche russische Nachrichtenagentur TASS - früher ITAR-TASS - hat über 2000 Mitarbeiter weltweit. Insbesondere über wirtschaftliche, politische und gesellschaftliche Themen in Russland und den ehemaligen Ostblock- Staaten berichten die Redakteure vor Ort.
18.08.19 - 12:52
First flight arrives at new airport in Russia′s Saratov (TASS)
Russian State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin, Deputy Transport Minister Alexander Yurchik and Federal Air Transport Agency head Alexander Neradko arrived on the flight...
17.08.19 - 11:27
Quarter of Russians with children do not know about preferential mortgages - poll (TASS)
However, 88% of large families consider the possibility of acquiring an apartment in a mortgage in the next five years...
16.08.19 - 18:21
Putin to hold talks with president of Mozambique on August 22, says Kremlin aide (TASS)
Intergovernmental and interdepartmental documents, as well as business agreements will be signed following the talks...
16.08.19 - 16:37
Revenue from freight traffic on Hainan exceeds $4 bln in January-June 2019 (TASS)
About 25% of the total turnover accounted for industrial logistics...
16.08.19 - 13:04
Aviation officials begin decoding flight data recorders from belly-landed airliner (TASS)
The decoding effort won't take a lot of time, according to the source...
16.08.19 - 11:09
Russian oil companies earn nearly $1 bln thanks to US sanctions ” Bloomberg (TASS)
The demand for Urals oil in the Mediterranean region is at its historic peak, according to analysts polled by the agency...
16.08.19 - 09:16
Moscow′s belly-landed plane was fully operational before takeoff, airline says (TASS)
Shortly after takeoff both of the aircraft's engines sucked in birds and caught fire...
16.08.19 - 07:21
Ural Airlines cancels flights between Moscow and Novosibirsk after crash landing in field (TASS)
The decision was made due to lack of aircraft...
16.08.19 - 00:34
Moldovan president wants to discuss new gas supply contract with Putin (TASS)
Moldovan President Igor Dodon said he will meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin "in late August or early September"...
15.08.19 - 21:34
Export of Georgian wine to Russia down by 27% yoy in July ” National Wine Agency (TASS)
Due to apprehensions that Russia may introduce sanctions on Georgian wine imports, Georgian winemakers may cut the purchasing of grapes...
15.08.19 - 18:03
Russia to take part in China€s innovation week on Hainan (TASS)
Since 2013, Hainan has become the official venue for the event...
15.08.19 - 12:27
Beijing to respond to US′ $300 bln tariffs on Chinese imports, says State Council (TASS)
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14.08.19 - 22:51
Potential US pullout from WTO will not be fatal for organization ” Russian minister (TASS)
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14.08.19 - 19:36
Hearings on Naftogaz freezing Gazprom€s assets in Netherlands scheduled for December (TASS)
Court hearings on Gazprom contesting the arbitral award in the case of Naftogaz on gas transit are scheduled for September-October 2020...
14.08.19 - 18:18
St. Petersburg International Economic Forum 2020 to be held on June 3-6 (TASS)
Over the four-year period, the number of participants has gone up by 60%, according to the Forum organizer...
14.08.19 - 16:23
Hainan visited by 18% more people in the first half of 2019 (TASS)
In 2018, more than 76 mln Chinese and foreign tourists visited the Island of Hainan...
14.08.19 - 15:57
Rusnano to promote nanotechnology products in Gulf countries (TASS)
The Russian company signed a relevant agreement with Nano Imports General Trading LLC, registered in the UAE...
14.08.19 - 15:35
Polish authorities intend to increase price of Russian gas transit ” news agency (TASS)
The fee Poland currently receives from Gazprom is "actually equal to zero," according to the Polish energy security official...
14.08.19 - 14:51
Russian Transport Ministry considering proposal to restrict operation of old cars (TASS)
Major Russian car producers - Kamaz, Sollers and GAZ - have supported the proposal, according to the Kommersant newspaper...
14.08.19 - 14:11
Mail.ru Group, Huawei in talks about pre-installing apps on company€s smartphones (TASS)
TASS reported earlier that Huawei was in talks with Yandex about the possibility of integrating its voice assistant in Huawei smartphones...
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