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Die staatliche russische Nachrichtenagentur TASS - früher ITAR-TASS - hat über 2000 Mitarbeiter weltweit. Insbesondere über wirtschaftliche, politische und gesellschaftliche Themen in Russland und den ehemaligen Ostblock- Staaten berichten die Redakteure vor Ort.
22.04.19 - 11:12
Gazprom eyeing gas project in Argentina (TASS)
It was reported earlier that Gazprom showed interest in the Estacion Fernandez Oro deposit...
22.04.19 - 10:06
Samsung delays media events for Galaxy Fold smartphone in China ” media (TASS)
The Galaxy Fold is the first foldable smartphone produced by Samsung Electronics...
22.04.19 - 09:49
Gazprom plans to grow shelf gas reserves by 2 trillion cubic meters in 2019-2022 (TASS)
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20.04.19 - 21:37
Yalta forum has helped Crimea win over more friends, says Crimea′s head (TASS)
Sergei Aksyonov called on Friends of Crimea clubs to consolidate efforts to have the sanctions lifted...
20.04.19 - 20:07
Friends of Crimea Association to help foreign businessmen organize business in Crimea (TASS)
According to Jan Carnogursky, Slovakia's former prime minister, potential investors will be given advice on how to organize a business project, on condition of anonymity...
20.04.19 - 18:42
Belarus to demand Russia′s Transnef compensate for supplies of low-quality oil (TASS)
Belneftekhim's CEO Andrei Rybakov said that the Mozyr oil refinery had been the first to report low-quality oil supplied from Russia...
20.04.19 - 14:31
Over 100 agreements worth $3.3 bln signed at Yalta forum, says Crimean leader (TASS)
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20.04.19 - 05:51
Belarus requests meeting with Transneft due to poor quality of Russian oil (TASS)
Transneft said the issue is expected to be fixed by Monday or Tuesday...
19.04.19 - 19:49
Lavrov slams US′ unceremonious interference in Nord Stream 2 project (TASS)
The Russian minister recalled that the European Commission, "that had initially received a legal opinion that Nord Stream 2 did not violate the gas directive, did everything to amend that document"...
19.04.19 - 18:25
Former Ugra bank owner Khotin placed under house arrest (TASS)
Alexey Khotin was arrested ealier on the charges of theft of 7.5 billion rubles...
19.04.19 - 18:07
Moscow invites Greek businessmen to actively invest in Russia, says transport minister (TASS)
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19.04.19 - 17:02
Abuse of US dollar status will adversely affect this currency, Lavrov says (TASS)
The Russian foreign minister also said that sanctions are increasingly being used as an "unfair competition method"...
19.04.19 - 16:54
Arctic cooperation between Russia, China is realistic, says ambassador (TASS)
Andrey Denisov added that "huge investments are required for the development of major sea links" and a full-fledged exploration of the Northern route...
19.04.19 - 16:54
First high-speed highway in Siberia to be completed in Kuzbass by mid-August (TASS)
The construction of the Kuzbass highway began in 2005...
19.04.19 - 16:49
Russian automaker to start selling Lada cars in Mongolia by 2020 (TASS)
The company is going to capture 15% of the Mongolian primary car market in a short term...
19.04.19 - 15:06
Nornickel: New center for mine′s operational planning in Norilsk is due in summer 2019 (TASS)
Investments in the project are $1.4 million...
19.04.19 - 13:19
Venezuela makes debt payment to Russia, says finance minister (TASS)
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19.04.19 - 07:57
China waiting for beginning of talks on Eurasian economic partnership deal with Russia (TASS)
The parties had completed work on the agreement's feasibility...
18.04.19 - 20:07
Greece backs construction of TurkStream gas pipeline (TASS)
Earlier in the day, y, the Greek city of Thessaloniki hosted the 12th session of the Russian-Greek commission on economic, industrial and scientific-technical cooperation...
18.04.19 - 18:07
Putin invites French businesses to take part in Russia′s national projects (TASS)
The president recalled that French President Emmanuel Macron last year led a large delegation of French businesses at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum...
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