Bruttoinlandsprodukt: 62 Mrd. USD
BIP – Wachstum zum Vorjahresquartal: 9.60%
BIP – Wachstum zum letzten Quartal: -
Leitzins: 5.00%
Inflationsrate: 8.50%
Arbeitslosenrate: 16.80%
Haushaltsdefizit in % des BIPs: -1.90%
Staatsverschuldung in % des BIPs: 32.10%
Letzte Datenerhebung: 05.04.2017
26.04.17 - 14:42
KEFI Minerals Agrees Community Resettlement For Tulu Kapi In Ethiopia (Alliance)
LONDON (Alliance News) - KEFI Minerals PLC said Wednesday it has finalised a community resettlement plan with the government of Ethiopia in order to allow construction to begin at its Tulu Kapi gold project.......
25.04.17 - 18:15
Pizza Hut Enters Ethiopia in Latest Sub-Saharan Africa Expansion (Bloomberg)
Pizza Hut is set to open three outlets in Ethiopia this year, becoming one of the first international restaurant chains to enter Africa's second-most populous country....
23.04.17 - 12:18
Africa: Africa Security Forum Opens in Ethiopia, Natural Resources Tops Agenda (AllAfrica)
[East African] The sixth Tana High-level Forum on Security in Africa opened today in the Bahir Dar city of Ethiopia, where the management of the continent's natural resources tops the agenda....
20.04.17 - 13:01
Ethiopia: Habesha Cement Factory Inaugurated (AllAfrica)
[Ethiopian Herald] A new cement plant by Habesha Cement Share Company with an annual production capacity of 1.4 million tons goes operational....
20.04.17 - 12:31
Ethiopia: Community Benefits From Drip Irrigation and Mobile Chicken Coops (AllAfrica)
[Ethiopian Herald] The surrounding communities of Haromaya University are benefiting from Drip irrigation, improved vegetable production and a three-level mobile chicken coop....
20.04.17 - 12:18
Ethiopia: The Mushrooming of Banks in Bolstering Saving Culture (AllAfrica)
[Ethiopian Herald] As experience amply demonstrated, getting a foreign-lone free from strings is unlikely, for creditors could use lone to pull a string and shape the attitude and action of debtors. Therefore, to execute one's ambitious plans by one...
19.04.17 - 16:24
Ethiopia: Nation Can Convert Youth Bulge From Political Problem Into Opportunity (AllAfrica)
[The Conversation Africa] Ethiopia's youth has come under the spotlight recently for their role in a political protest that is seen to be threatening stability. But Ethiopia's youth bulge doesn't need to be a political problem. It can be converted...
17.04.17 - 12:12
Ethiopia: Country Secures U.S.$72 Million From Meat Export (AllAfrica)
[Ethiopian Herald] The Ethiopian Meat and Dairy Industry Development Institute said the country has secured 72 million USD over the last nine months of the fiscal year exporting meat to United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi Arabia....
16.04.17 - 07:12
Modern life intrudes on Ethiopia′s ancient salt trade (AFP EN)
Salt miners in Ethiopia's Danakil Depression say investors and tourists could soon end their traditional way of life...
15.04.17 - 16:27
Textilindustrie: Billiger als Bangladesch: Der Standort Äthiopien (Handelsblatt)
Wir haben uns daran gewöhnt, dass auf den Etiketten unserer T-Shirts nicht nur "Hergestellt in der Türkei" steht, sondern auch "Made in Bangladesh". Doch die globale Textilindustrie zieht schon weiter....
15.04.17 - 15:06
Ethiopia: Oromia State Raises 1.7 Billion Birr for GERD (AllAfrica)
[Ethiopian Herald] Oromia State Council for the Coordination of Public Participation disclosed that it managed to secure 1.7 billion Birr from public for the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD)....
15.04.17 - 14:36
Ethiopia: 12,000 MW - Continuation of Ethiopia′s Energy Progress (AllAfrica)
[Ethiopian Herald] It is an internationally recognized fact that Ethiopia has managed to register all rounded political and economic development which has laid the foundation to become a lower middle income country in the near future. Huge foreign an...
15.04.17 - 12:36
Ethiopia: Ethiopia′s History-Changing Dam (AllAfrica)
[Ethiopian Herald] We have an ancient hymn that Egypt sing in praise of the Nile River. A Hymn to the Nile, recorded in Papyrus Sallier II runs like this:...
15.04.17 - 12:36
Ethiopia: Mega Projects the Apple of Nation′s Eye (AllAfrica)
[Ethiopian Herald] It goes without saying the design of development projects presupposes bringing success in intended areas and hitting set objectives-- Improving human lifestyle, transforming means of production and creating innovation, among others...
15.04.17 - 12:18
Ethiopia: Regional Industrialization Ought to Speed Dev′t (AllAfrica)
[Ethiopian Herald] A sub-regional approach to industrial development is likely to result in a significantly faster rate of industrialization than would be the case if the process is undertaken on an individual country-by-country basis, discloses Andr...
15.04.17 - 10:18
Ethiopia: Govt Revokes Over 50 Mining Licences (AllAfrica)
[East African] Addis Ababa -Ethiopia has cancelled over 50 mining and explorations licences, official said....
14.04.17 - 14:42
Ethiopia: Govt Admonishes Illegal Ethiopians in Saudi to Return Soon (AllAfrica)
[Ethiopian Herald] Ministry of Foreign Affairs indicated that only 200 Ethiopians have been repatriated from Saudi Arabia following the Gulf country's 90-day amnesty granted to nationals who want to return to their countries of origin....
14.04.17 - 09:01
East Africa: Air Tanzania Set to Send 28 Pilots, Engineers to Ethiopia for Training (AllAfrica)
[Daily News] Seeking to embark on capacity building for its employees at affordable costs, Air Tanzania Company Limited (ATCL) will send 28 pilots and aircraft engineers for training at institutions operated by Ethiopian Airlines in Addis Ababa....
11.04.17 - 15:31
Ethiopia: Huawei Reports Solid Growth (AllAfrica)
[Addis Fortune] Huawei, a Chinese-tech giant,has reported a net profit of 5.3 billion dollars during 2016. This performance helped the company to achieve a solid year-on-year growth. However, the firm's net profit margin sat at 7.1pc for 2016; the l...
11.04.17 - 11:48
Ethiopia: Artisanal Miners Generating Considerable Foreign Earning (AllAfrica)
[Ethiopian Herald] Mines, Petroleum and Natural Gas Ministry said that artisan miners are exporting larger proportion of minerals than industrial mining thereby securing foreign currency for the nation....
09.04.17 - 16:51
Textilstandort Äthiopien: Billiger als Bangladesch (Handelsblatt)
Auf den Etiketten von T-Shirts und Hosen steht längst nicht mehr nur "Hergestellt in der Türkei", sondern auch "Made in Bangladesh". Doch die globale Textilindustrie zieht schon weiter - nach Äthiopien....
07.04.17 - 17:48
Ethiopia: Ethiopian Airplanes Advancement Connecting the Continent (AllAfrica)
[Ethiopian Herald] In its over 70 years operation making its first journey to Cairo; Ethiopian airlines has come so far to cover 17 major cities in Europe and America, 25 countries in Asia while its largest fleet is in Africa covering 55 cities and f...
06.04.17 - 21:02
Ethiopia: Bloggers Should Face Incitement Charges - Court (AllAfrica)
[CPJ] New York -Ethiopia's Supreme Court today ruled that two bloggers from the Zone 9 collective, previously acquitted of terrorism charges, should be tried instead on charges of inciting violence through their writing....
05.04.17 - 10:37
Billiger als Bangladesch: Äthiopien als neuer Standort der Textilindustrie (Die Presse)
Oft verdienen Firmen aus den "alten" Textilstaaten in den neuen Niedriglohnländern mit. Die Chinesen und die Türken sind schon in Äthiopien....
04.04.17 - 13:24
East Africa: Tanzania-Ethiopia Hub Deal Doesn′t Augur Well With Air Tanzania Future Prospects (AllAfrica)
[Daily News] Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn flew back home after his two-day state visit last week with a bag full of goodies, one being a deal for Ethiopian Airline to establish a cargo hub in Dar es Salaam....
04.04.17 - 12:18
Ethiopia: Dashen Keeps Auction Under Wraps (AllAfrica)
[Addis Fortune] The Bank received a highest bid of over 5000Br during its first round sale...
04.04.17 - 12:01
Ethiopia: Zemen Auction Tax Sale for Twice the Par Value (AllAfrica)
[Addis Fortune] The sale was held to settle tax debts...
04.04.17 - 09:31
Ethiopia: Worker Survives Fall From Kuwait Building (AllAfrica)
[HRW] Last week, a horrifying of an Ethiopian domestic worker falling from what media reports say is the seventh floor of an apartment building in Kuwait went viral. The video appears to have been filmed by the worker's employer inside the flat with...
03.04.17 - 14:55
East Africa: Ethiopia-Tanzania Cooperation - Moving Beyond Talks (AllAfrica)
[Daily News] South-South Cooperation is a term we've heard in recent history mainly from policymakers and academics to describe the exchange of resources, technology, and knowledge between developing countries also known as countries of the Global S...
02.04.17 - 19:12
Ethiopia: Grand Ethiopia Renaissance Dam - Crystallizing Unity (AllAfrica)
[Ethiopian Herald] Today, the 6th year anniversary of the commencement of the Grand Ethiopia Renaissance Dam (GERD) is being celebrated at the construction site. Who could have imagined what shape GERD would take in six years time when the late Prime...
02.04.17 - 18:12
Ethiopia: Cooperation On the Nile - Cornerstone of Win-Win Approach (AllAfrica)
[Ethiopian Herald] Ethiopia is constructing one of the biggest dams in the world over the Nile, a major north-flowing river. The Nile's drainage basin, which is 6,853 km long, covers eleven countries in north-eastern Africa. Egypt, which is highly d...
31.03.17 - 15:48
Ethiopia: Ethiopian, South African Airways to Revamp Codeshare Services (AllAfrica)
[Ethiopian Herald] Ethiopian Airlines and South African Airways, both members of Star Alliance, entered into an expanded code share agreement, inked on October 01, 2016 and projected to be effective as of 2017 summer season....
28.03.17 - 15:42
Ethiopia: Seven Months See 38 Mergers (AllAfrica)
[Addis Fortune] During the first seven months of the 2016/2017 fiscal year, 38 companies have carried out mergers. Out of the 38 mergers 10 of them were facilitated by the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa(COMESA). The remaining 28 of the...
28.03.17 - 15:42
Ethiopia: Ethiopian Launches Three New Destinations (AllAfrica)
[Addis Fortune] Ethiopian Airlines has launched flights to three new destinations. The new destinations are Victoria Falls, Oslo, and Antananarivo starting from this week to 28 March 2017....
28.03.17 - 15:36
Ethiopia: Next Stop for Radisson Blu - Bishoftu (AllAfrica)
[Addis Fortune] Lions Group will invest 500 million Br in the 150 room hotel...
28.03.17 - 15:18
Ethiopia: Laura, Access, Ermias to Handover Homes (AllAfrica)
[Addis Fortune] Seven homebuyers claimed that they have paid a total of 5.7 million Br to receive homes...
26.03.17 - 22:18
Ethiopia: Loosening State of Emergency Propels Steady Growth (AllAfrica)
[Ethiopian Herald] It's been more than five months since Ethiopia declared a state of emergency in response to widespread protests and unrest. The country's first state of emergency in more than quarter century aimed at normalizing what the governm...
26.03.17 - 21:54
Ethiopia: Ethiopian Airlines to Start Three New Routes (AllAfrica)
[Ethiopian Herald] Ethiopian Airlines disclosed that preparations have been finalized to launch flights to three new destinations- Victoria Falls, Oslo and Antananarivo within three days starting from March 26-28 , 2017....
25.03.17 - 20:31
Ethiopia: Ethiopian Airlines to Host Global Symposium (AllAfrica)
[Addis Fortune] Ethiopian Airlines is preparing to host the International Civil Aviation Organization (lCAO) Global Aviation Training and Train Air Plus symposium with the theme, "Together, Enhancing Training to Build Capacity" in Addis Abeba from Ap...
24.03.17 - 18:03
When is St Georges Day? Everything you need to know about England (and Ethiopias) dragon-slaying saint (The Telegraph)
Um den gesamten Artikel unter zu lesen, klicken Sie bitte auf die Überschrift...
23.03.17 - 11:48
Ethiopia: Ethio Telecom Refunds Unused Data (AllAfrica)
[Addis Fortune] Ethio telecom has announced that customers can re-use data that they did not use at the time of the mobile shutdown preceding the state of emergency....
21.03.17 - 16:18
Ethiopia: Overlap of Enterprise Boards Straighten Out (AllAfrica)
[Addis Fortune] There are now 163 board members for the 22 public enterprises...
21.03.17 - 16:18
Ethiopia: Holding Companies, the Change Ethiopia Needs to Make (AllAfrica)
[Addis Fortune] Though Ethiopia is the first African country to make modern laws, including the stipulation of establishment of business organizations back in 1960, the concept of holding company has not been accepted by law for the last half a centu...
21.03.17 - 16:01
Ethiopia: NIB′s First Round Sales Up in the Air (AllAfrica)
[Addis Fortune] The highest offer was four times higher than the Bank's par value...
21.03.17 - 14:48
Ethiopia: GERD Studies Progressing As Per Schedule - Ministry (AllAfrica)
[Ethiopian Herald] The two consulting firms chosen to conduct studies on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) have been carrying out their operations as per schedule, according to Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Electricity....
21.03.17 - 11:31
Ethiopia: The Prime Minister′s Uncanny Omissions Before Parliament (AllAfrica)
[Addis Fortune] Back from recess after the first half of the current fiscal year, the all EPRDF and allies dominated Parliament heard from the Prime Minister, who chose to focus mainly on macroeconomic issues....
19.03.17 - 17:24
Ethiopia: Investing in Energy - Promising Development (AllAfrica)
[Ethiopian Herald] In order to meet the rising demand of electricity, Ethiopia has continued cultivating its immense potential of renewable energy sources such as hydro power, wind, solar energy and geothermal energy. The nation is the source of seve...
19.03.17 - 15:48
Ethiopia: Tvet Bureau Raises GERD Fund (AllAfrica)
[Ethiopian Herald] The Addis Ababa City Technical and Vocational Education Training Bureau said it has continued its all -round support to the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) construction....
19.03.17 - 10:31
Ethiopia: ′My Commitment Made Me Agricultural Investor,′ Dereje Belay, Model Agricultural Investor (AllAfrica)
[Ethiopian Herald] Dereje Belay is owner of the Dereje Farming Development Enterprise. Above and beyond, he is a model agricultural investor engaged in farming activities at Benshagul-Gumuz State, Assossa District. Dereje works to transform himself a...
19.03.17 - 10:18
Ethiopia: Djiboutian President Visits Ethiopian, Industrial Park (AllAfrica)
[Ethiopian Herald] President, Ismail Omar Guelleh visited Ethiopian Airlines as well as Bole Lemi Industrial Park located at the outskirts of the capital and exports leather products....




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