Bruttoinlandsprodukt: 351 Mrd. USD
BIP – Wachstum zum Vorjahresquartal: 3.10%
BIP – Wachstum zum letzten Quartal: 0.60%
Leitzins: 0.25%
Inflationsrate: 1.20%
Arbeitslosenrate: 4.10%
Haushaltsdefizit in % des BIPs: -2.15%
Staatsverschuldung in % des BIPs: 60.90%
Letzte Datenerhebung: 04.12.2018
11.12.18 - 15:54
Israeli augmented vision co TechSee raises $16m (Globes)
TechSee bridges the visual gap in customer experience by enabling consumers to receive augmented reality-based visual guidance through their smartphones....
11.12.18 - 13:42
Treasury increases Jerusalem′s special grant (Globes)
Kahlon: I'm proud that the Ministry of Finance will give the most ever to Jerusalem this year....
11.12.18 - 13:42
IKEA lays cornerstone for fifth Israeli store (Globes)
The new store, to be located in the Mateh Yehuda region near Beit Shemesh, will hire 400 employees....
11.12.18 - 13:15
Neil M. Schloss: Ford-Finanzvorstand wechselt zu israelischem Auto-Startup (WiWo)
Neil M. Schloss, seit 2017 Finanzvorstand der Ford Motor Company, wird am 1. Januar 2019 in den Vorstand des israelischen Startups Karamba Security wechseln. Karamba will Autos vor Hackerangriffen schützen....
11.12.18 - 12:12
Shekel weakening as depreciation seen continuing (Globes)
Prico CEO Yossi Fraiman: The Brexit impasse is strengthening the dollar against the euro and also against the shekel....
11.12.18 - 11:24
Israeli medical device co Alpha Omega in Chinese JV (Globes)
GIBF is investing $7 million in the joint venture with Nazareth-based Alpha Omega, which produces devices for deep brain stimulation surgery....
10.12.18 - 19:06
Nahost-Konflikt - Israelische Soldaten durchsuchten palästinensische Nachrichtenagentur (Der Standard)
Razzia nach gewaltsamem Vorfall im Westjordanland...
10.12.18 - 16:49
Russia′s Yandex launches Yango taxi app in Israel (Globes)
Yango, which has already signed up 2,000 drivers in Tel Aviv will put local taxi hailing app get under pressure on its home turf....
10.12.18 - 13:37
Netanyahu: El Al will soon fly over Oman (Globes)
The move will shorten flights from Israel to the Far East. El Al: We have not been officially notified....
10.12.18 - 13:12
Securities Authority wants Israeli market to speak English (Globes)
In its efforts to attract foreign companies and investors, the Israel Securities Authority has published regulations on English-language reporting....
10.12.18 - 13:03
Netanjahu: Oman gewährt Israels Fluggesellschaft Überflugrechte (DPA-AFX)
JERUSALEM (dpa-AFX) - Die Annäherung Israels an den Golfstaat Oman geht weiter. Omans Sultan Kabus bin Said al-Said habe der israelischen Fluglinie El Al Überflugrechte gewährt, sagte Israels Regierungschef Benjamin Netanjahu am Montag bei einer Ansp...
10.12.18 - 11:43
Yandex.Taxi service begins operating in Israel under Yango brand (TASS)
Um den gesamten Artikel unter zu lesen, klicken Sie bitte auf die Überschrift...
10.12.18 - 11:30
Israel joins FATF (Globes)
Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked: Admission to the global Financial Action Task Force is "a national achievement."...
10.12.18 - 11:07
Nahost-Konflikt - Sieben verletzte Israelis bei Anschlag im Westjordanland (Der Standard)
Baby nach Notkaiserschnitt in kritischem Zustand - Attentäter auf der Flucht...
10.12.18 - 09:37
Bitmain closing Israeli development center (Globes)
Bitmaintech Israel, headed by Gadi Glikberg, is a victim of the steep decline in the cryptocurrency market....
09.12.18 - 17:30
Taxation threatens Amazon′s entry to Israel (Globes)
Amazon representatives met with a leading accounting firm in Israel to decide whether to open an online store here, or just translate its US site to Hebrew....
09.12.18 - 12:42
Israel market regulator proposes English language option for listed companies (Reuters EN)
All companies listed on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange should be allowed to report in English to help them to attract more international investment, Israel's market regulator proposed on Sunday....
09.12.18 - 11:18
Apple in talks to buy Israeli TV series "Nevelot" (Globes)
Apple outbid competitors such as Showtime, FX, and Amazon for the rights to produce a US version starring Richard Gere....
09.12.18 - 06:30
Israel Warns Lebanon of Possible Strikes (WSJ EN)
Israel has warned Lebanon that it would strike Hezbollah in Lebanese territory if its militia doesn’t stop making precision-guided missiles with Iranian help, U.S. and Israeli officials said, amid efforts to shut border tunnels and concerns abo...
09.12.18 - 06:00
Israel Aerospace to sell drones to Vietnam in $160m deal (Globes)
The Heron type 1 unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) will be used by the Vietnamese military for a range of routine missions including maritime patrols....
07.12.18 - 06:00
Raketen auf Israel - USA scheiterten in Uno-Vollversammlung mit Resolution gegen Hamas (Der Standard)
Scheidende Botschafterin bei der Uno, Nikki Haley, wollte "schweren Fehler korrigieren" - Palästinenser sehen Ohrfeige für Trump...
06.12.18 - 16:24
Israel′s foreign exchange reserves rose in November (Globes)
The Bank of Israel purchased $218 million in foreign currency in November as part of the program to offset the effects of natural gas production on the exchange rate....
06.12.18 - 16:18
Israel′s Lebanon border operation seen as a political move by embattled Netanyahu (CNBC)
Israeli forces this week launched an operation to destroy what the country's government says are Hezbollah tunnels crossing into Israeli territory from Lebanon. The announcement follows weeks of negative press for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanya...
06.12.18 - 13:51
Israeli medical cannabis firm InterCure plans Nasdaq listing (Reuters EN)
Israel's InterCure, which recently entered the medical cannabis market, plans to list on Nasdaq by mid-2019, its controlling shareholder, Alex Rabinovitch, said on Thursday....
06.12.18 - 10:18
China′s TAL buys Israeli education games co Codemonkey (Globes)
The Tel Aviv based company, which teaches children programing skills through games, has been acquired for $20 million....
06.12.18 - 08:30
Diskriminierung - Drusen drohen Israel wegen Nationalitätengesetz mit Ungehorsam (Der Standard)
Religiöse Minderheit bisher wichtige Stütze Israels - Drusen-Politiker: "Kann meinem Land unter diesem Gesetz nicht dienen"...
06.12.18 - 07:06
Jerusalem city entrance tender issued for two office towers (Globes)
This is the first tender in the huge business and transport hub being built to transform the western entrance to Israel's capital....
06.12.18 - 07:06
Israel′s budget deficit narrows (Globes)
The Finance Ministry sees the overall 2018 budget deficit falling to 2.9-3.1%....
05.12.18 - 18:24
Israel developing new laser missile defense system (Globes)
As the missile threat grows in the north, the Ministry of Defense is speeding up development of the system, which a source says is on the verge of being ready....
05.12.18 - 17:54
Libanon - Aufregung um Hisbollah-Tunnel nützt Premier Netanjahu (Der Standard)
Ein "Kriegsverbrechen" nennt der israelische Premier geheime Tunnel vom Libanon nach Nordisrael...
05.12.18 - 13:36
Record 2018 Israel tourism set to exceed 4m (Globes)
3.8 million tourists visited Israel in January-November 2018, 14% more than in the corresponding period last year....
05.12.18 - 11:00
OECD looking to hire Israeli analysts (Globes)
The jobs include salaries of €4,000 a month, expenses of moving to Paris, medical insurance, and a pension fund....
05.12.18 - 07:42
Israeli ad tracking co SOOMLA raises $2.6m (Globes)
Using its innovative ad tracking technology, the Tel Aviv-based company delivers granular, impression level data, on more than 30 ad-networks....
05.12.18 - 07:42
Israeli chickpea protein co InnovoPro raises $4.25m (Globes)
The Israeli company has been able to produce high amounts of grain based protein from chickpeas....
05.12.18 - 02:07
Hezbollah On High Alert As Israel Begins ′Operation Northern Shield′ Along Lebanese Border (ZeroHedge)
Hezbollah is on full alert in Lebanon and Syria, calling on its forces to be ready for war if Israel initiates attacks on Lebanon, according to Middle East war correspondent Elijah Magnier. This measure came following Israel's Tuesday morning launch...
04.12.18 - 19:48
Israel Launches Operation to Destroy Hezbollah Tunnels (WSJ EN)
Israel’s military began an operation to destroy tunnels allegedly built by Iran-backed militant group Hezbollah that it said stretched from Lebanon into the country’s north and could be used to launch attacks against Israeli citizens....
04.12.18 - 16:30
Medical cannabis export bill passes first Knesset reading (Globes)
Even if the bill passes until law, its implementation will still depend on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu giving the green light....
04.12.18 - 15:00
Grenze zum Libanon: Israels fürchtet Tunnelattacken der Hisbollah (Spiegel)
Die libanesische Schiitenmiliz Hisbollah hat im Syrienkrieg Kampferfahrung gesammelt - und baute parallel offenbar an Angriffstunneln nach Israel. Dort ist die Armee alarmiert. Premier Netanyahu nutzt der Konflikt innenpolitisch....
04.12.18 - 11:54
Shekel weakens as rate hike effect fades (Globes)
The momentum given the shekel last week when the Bank of Israel unexpectedly raised the interest rate to 0.25% has run out of steam....
04.12.18 - 11:12
M-Industrie beteiligt sich an israelischem Foodtech-Startup (NZZ)
Um den gesamten Artikel unter zu lesen, klicken Sie bitte auf die Überschrift...
04.12.18 - 10:42
Einsatz - Israels Armee zerstört Hisbollah-Tunnel an Grenze zum Libanon (Der Standard)
Unterirdische Gänge führten auf israelisches Gebiet...
04.12.18 - 09:06
Grenzgebiet zum Libanon: Israel zerstört Hisbollah-Tunnel (Spiegel)
Die libanesische Schiitenmiliz soll "grenzquerenden Angriffstunnel" nach Israel gegraben haben. Diese will das israelische Militär nun zerstören. Mehrere Gebiete an der Grenze zum Libanon seien zum militärischen Sperrgebiet erklärt worden....
04.12.18 - 08:57
Offensive der Armee: Israel zerstört Tunnel der Hisbollah (N-TV)
Die vom Iran unterstützte schiitische Hisbollah gilt seit langem als Erzfeind von Israel. Nun soll die Miliz im Süden des Libanons Tunnel gegraben haben, um ins benachbarte Israel zu gelangen. Dessen Armee startet daraufhin eine Militäroffensive....
04.12.18 - 06:48
Nahost - Israel hält an FPÖ-Boykott fest: "Das ist keine Marotte" (Der Standard)
Der Außenamts-Sprecher warnt vor iranischen Raketen - Siedlungen "kein Hindernis für den Frieden"...
03.12.18 - 20:24
Exiled Saudi friend of Jamal Khashoggi sues Israeli surveillance firm over compromising phone spyware (Japan Times)
A Saudi dissident has filed a lawsuit against an Israeli surveillance company, claiming its sophisticated spyware targeted him and helped lead to the killing of ......
03.12.18 - 16:36
China′s Newater buys Israeli water purification co AMS (Globes)
AMS develops chemically and thermally stable and resistant ultrafiltration and nano-filtration special membrane materials for wastewater treatment....
03.12.18 - 15:24
Electricity rates in Israel to rise 6% next month (Globes)
The prices of LNG, Tamar gas and coal for producing electricity have risen over the past year....
03.12.18 - 14:36
Saudi friend of murdered journalist sues NSO in Israeli court (Globes)
Omar Elaziz Alzaharani, a friend of Jamal Khashoggi, is demanding NIS 600,000 damages and prohibiting NSO from selling its spyware to the Saudi authorities....
03.12.18 - 14:24
Wegen angeblicher Kollaboration mit Israel: Hamas verhängt sechs Todesurteile (Spiegel)
Drei Verurteilte sollen erschossen und drei weitere erhängt werden: Die Hamas hat sechs Männer zum Tode verurteilt. Sie sollen mit Israel zusammengearbeitet haben....
03.12.18 - 13:42
Israel Chemicals sues IBM for $300m (Globes)
Israel Chemicals alleges that a huge, group-wide IT project failed because of IBM's incompetence....




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