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09.07.20 - 04:46
Under Cover of Virus, Netanyahu Downgrades Israeli Democracy (Bloomberg)
Under Cover of Virus, Netanyahu Downgrades Israeli Democracy...
01.06.20 - 12:40
News Analysis: Israel, Iran reportedly trade cyber-blows as part of ongoing tensions (Xinhua)
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23.04.20 - 16:25
Fitch affirms Israel′s rating (Globes)
International credit rating agency Fitch Ratings sees the Israeli economy rebounding in 2021, but warns of a loosening of fiscal discipline....
30.03.20 - 19:25
Israel to use computer analysis to find likely coronavirus carriers (Reuters EN)
Israel's defence ministry plans to use software that analyses data gathered from mobile phones - produced, according to Israeli media, by the spyware firm NSO - to help locate likely carriers of the coronavirus in order to test them....
02.02.20 - 09:42
S&P affirms Israel rating despite political uncertainty (Globes)
The agency maintains its "Stable" outlook for Israel's credit rating....
30.01.20 - 13:06
Shekel gains as BoI reiterates forex purchase plans (Globes)
Prof. Amir Yaron: The correct tool we see is intervening in foreign currency....
29.01.20 - 05:03
US-Middle East peace plan raises questions over Israel′s annexation of settlements: Analyst (CNBC)
Generational changes among Arab Muslims and wider geopolitical issues in the Middle East present a "unique opportunity" for the U.S. and Israel to assert their ideological and political visions on the Palestinian population, says Ryan Bohl from Strat...
16.12.19 - 13:56
Israeli football player analysis co PlayerMaker raises $10m (Globes)
Arsene Wenger: I believe that PlayerMaker is the best available solution to measure performance....
24.11.19 - 09:56
Moody′s affirms Israel′s rating in upbeat assessment (Globes)
Moody's senior credit officer Evan Wohlmann: Israel's economic growth has outpaced most other advanced industrial countries over the past decade....
06.10.19 - 12:20
Analysts see no change in Bank of Israel interest rate (Globes)
Leader Capital Markets: It's hard to believe that only three months ago the Bank of Israel predicted an interest rate hike in the third quarter this year and two in 2020....
20.09.19 - 15:08
Moody′s: Political deadlock poses risk for Israel′s rating (Globes)
Moody's is concerned about Israel's ability to tackle its growing budget deficit....
29.08.19 - 19:32
Fitch affirms Israel′s sovereign rating (Globes)
The rating remains at A+, with a stable outlook....
04.08.19 - 09:08
Despite deficit and elections, S&P affirms Israel′s rating (Globes)
International rating agency S&P maintains its AA- sovereign rating for Israel, with a stable outlook....
29.07.19 - 08:18
Israel invests in high-tech upgrades at West Bank crossings (AP)
QALANDIA CROSSING, West Bank (AP) ” Israel's military has invested tens of millions of dollars to upgrade West Bank crossings and ease entry for Palestinian workers....
09.07.19 - 14:08
Shekel gains as BoI reiterates rate hike forecast (Globes)
The shekel is trading at its strongest levels for 15 months against the dollar and below the key NIS 4/€ rate....
12.06.19 - 15:12
Israel upgrades its air-raid warning system (AP)
JERUSALEM (AP) ” The Israeli military says it has overhauled its air-raid warning system in order to minimize disruptions to the general population....
29.05.19 - 23:51
Israel to hold new elections with Netanyahu's future in turmoil (Bloomberg)
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29.05.19 - 23:39
Israel to hold second snap election this year after Parliament dissolves (MarketWatch)
Israel’s parliament has voted to dissolve itself, sending the country to an unprecedented second snap election this year as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu failed to form a governing coalition before a midnight deadline....
29.05.19 - 23:26
Israel to Hold New Elections After Netanyahu Fails to Form Government (WSJ EN)
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's political future entered a treacherous new chapter Wednesday after he failed to form a coalition government and Israel's parliament voted to dissolve and call new elections....
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