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20.10.19 - 09:18
Mauritius: "The IMF will see the pension increase as madness, especially in such troubled times" (AllAfrica)
[L'Express] With the announcement of the dissolution of parliament and the date of the general election, Weekly speaks to Jocelyn Chan Low, historian and political observer. He talks about the possible implications of a short electoral campaign, the...
25.09.19 - 15:20
Mauritius: Opening of Pierrefonds Airport Office - Creation of New Market Opportunities for Development (AllAfrica)
[Government of Mauritius] The partnership between Air Mauritius and Pierrefonds is very important because new market opportunities for development are being created. It is the beginning of a new era of cooperation that promises. We must seize every o...
14.09.19 - 17:32
Mauritius: Chetan Ramchurn - "If We Judge Pravind Jugnauth Solely On The Debt Levels And Creation Of New Industries, He Has Failed" (AllAfrica)
[L'Express] With the loss of a number of members of the Mouvement Militant Mauricien (MMM) in the run up to the general election, Weekly speaks to Chetan Ramchurn, former president of the youth wing of the party, for his views. His astute observatio...
07.09.19 - 10:43
Mauritius will sign a free trade agreement with China, it′s second biggest supplier, providing duty-free access to the Asian market for 8,547 products (Bloomberg)
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04.09.19 - 18:03
Mauritius: Financial Sector Has a Key Role to Play in Enabling Mauritius Achieve Sustainable Growth, Says Prime Minister (AllAfrica)
[Government of Mauritius] The financial sector has an important role to play in the transition of Mauritius to realise a more sustainable, greener, inclusive and robust growth, and the public and private sectors are to act as the contributors in this...
29.08.19 - 15:08
Seychelles: Banking By App - Mauritius Bank Offers Customers in Seychelles Mobile Phone Transactions (AllAfrica)
[Seychelles News Agency] Clients of Mauritius Commercial Bank (MCB) in Seychelles can withdraw money at ATMs without a bank card and pay bills via the bank's mobile app....
07.08.19 - 07:41
The Mauritius tourism industry is turning to an unexpected savior: Saudi Arabia (Bloomberg)
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23.07.19 - 17:21
ROUNDUP: Journalisten-Netzwerk prangert Mauritius als Steueroase an (DPA-AFX)
JOHANNESBURG (dpa-AFX) - Gut drei Jahre nach der Veröffentlichung der "Panama-Papers" mit Enthüllungen über teils illegale Steuerflucht vor allem in der Karibik steht nun die Insel Mauritius als Steuerparadies im Fokus. Ein Netzwerk internationaler J...
23.07.19 - 14:53
Journalisten-Netzwerk enthüllt: Mauritius lockt als Steueroase - offenbar auch Bob Geldof (Manager-Magazin)
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22.07.19 - 14:56
MOVES-Britain′s Sanne Group names new business development head for Mauritius, India (Reuters EN)
Britain's Sanne Group said on Monday it appointed Varounen Goinden as new director and head of business development for Mauritius and India....
19.07.19 - 15:23
The Stock Exchange of Mauritius has outgrown the tropical island, better known for its white sands than as a finance center (Bloomberg)
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25.05.19 - 10:16
Mauritius plans to develop its fishing industry and turn it into one of the Indian Ocean island nation′s important economic pillars (Bloomberg)
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04.03.19 - 17:03
Meet the ′Maverick of Mauritius′ who runs a £18bn fund firm from the beach (DailyMail)
Like the legendary stock picker Warren Buffett, who is still investing in his late 80s, Terry Smith, the son of an East London lorry driver, has no intention of pursuing the quiet life....
25.12.18 - 04:31
10 reasons to go to Mauritius, an Indian Ocean paradise (Bloomberg)
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03.10.18 - 14:57
Mauritius bank SBM says unit′s India operations hit by cyber fraud (Reuters EN)
Mauritius banking group SBM Holdings said on Wednesday that its Indian operations suffered a cyber fraud earlier in the week, and that the bank has potentially lost up to $14 million....
27.09.18 - 08:48
Ethiopia to Mauritius: how will Africa match jobs to its population boom? (The Guardian)
As Africa seeks new ways to tackle high debt, low pay and inequality, Nobel laureate Joseph Stiglitz believes two countries offer an alternative to the 'Asian tiger' modelThere's a speech that the Nobel-prize winning economist Joseph Stiglitz has ...
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