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Land:  USA
Sektor:  Dienstleistungen
ISIN/ Wkn:  US02079K3059 / A14Y6F
Symbol/ Ticker:  ABEA (Frankfurt) / GOOGL (NASDAQ)
Index:  S&P500, Nasdaq100
Marktkapitalisierung:  860810 Mio. EUR
Umsatz:  140850.21 Mio. EUR
EBITDA:  39057.66 Mio. EUR
Gewinn je Aktie:  38.591 EUR
Schulden:  13692.24 Mio. EUR
Liquide Mittel:  102717.24 Mio. EUR
Umsatz-/ Gewinnwachstum:  -1.70% / -30.00%
KGV/ KGV lG:  32.91 / 35.21
KUV/ KBV/ PEG:  6.24 / 4.91 / 2.24
Gewinnm./ Eigenkapitalr.:  18.99% / 15.79%
Dividende je Aktie:  -
Dividendenrendite/ -schätzung:  - / -
Letzte Datenerhebung:  09.08.20
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Aktien: 300.47 Mio. St.
f.h. Aktien: 610.86 Mio. St.
Insider Eigner: 0.14%
Instit. Eigner: 82.29%
Leerverk. Aktien: 1.07%
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10.08.20 - 23:37
Big Tech Makes Inroads With the Biden Campaign (New York Times)
While Joe Biden has criticized the largest tech companies, his campaign and transition teams have welcomed allies of Facebook, Google, Amazon and Apple onto its staff and policy groups....
10.08.20 - 22:32
Alphabet Inc. Cl A stock falls Monday, underperforms market (MarketWatch)
Alphabet Inc. Cl A stock falls Monday, underperforms market...
10.08.20 - 21:02
Fitbit′s chief marketing officer quietly departed in May, as the company continues to wait out regulatory approval for its acquisition by Google (FIT) (Business Insider)
Fitbit's chief marketing officer, Tim Rosa, quietly left the company back in May. A spokesperson told Business Insider that Mark Silverio, SVP, America Sales, has been given a broader role that includes global marketing. Rosa was a key player at the...
10.08.20 - 20:38
Google searches surge for mortgage refinancing and low mortgage rates (CNBC)
CNBC's Diana Olick joins "The Exchange" to discuss what Google search trends tell us about what's happening in the real estate and mortgage industry....
10.08.20 - 19:01
Consumers are less confident about housing, but searches for these topics are soaring (CNBC)
Consumer confidence in the housing market took a step back in July, after a strong recovery in May and June, but consumers are still very curious about all facets of the market. Google search trends show just what they're most curious about....
10.08.20 - 18:43
A Cornucopia Of Cloud Storage Solutions (Forbes)
Cloud hardware and software storage solutions from Backblaze, FileShadow, Google Cloud, Qumulo, Supermicro and Veritas help propel our cloud-based remote working economy....
10.08.20 - 18:10
Google Maps comes to Apple′s watchOS and CarPlay dashboard (TechCrunch)
Google Maps is now also available on the Apple Watch so you can get your walking, biking and driving directions right on your wrist. Don’t expect to get a full-blown Maps app on your wrist, though. The new app is mostly focused on giving you direct...
10.08.20 - 18:07
Google Maps is getting a big upgrade on Apple CarPlay and Apple Watch (CNBC)
The new Google Maps update brings Maps to the CarPlay Dashboard, the primary home screen window where you can see lots of things at once, such as your calendar appointments, the music you're playing and your directions....
10.08.20 - 17:50
Google Cloud partners say that the company has given customers a lot more flexibility in their contracts as part of its race to take on Amazon and Microsoft (GOOG, GOOGL) (Business Insider)
Google Cloud partners say that the company has gotten more flexible since Thomas Kurian took over as CEO. That flexibility can be seen in how it gives customers wiggle room when it comes to the finer points of their contracts — like allowing th...
10.08.20 - 17:13
An Option Wrinkle In The Google - ADT Deal (SeekingAlpha)
Um den gesamten Artikel unter zu lesen, klicken Sie bitte auf die Überschrift...
10.08.20 - 16:54
Alphabet: Neue Gesetzesinitiative in Australien - Aktienanalyse (Aktiencheck)
Kulmbach ( - Alphabet-Aktienanalyse von "Der Aktionär": Emil Jusifov vom Anlegermagazin "Der Aktionär" nimmt in einer aktuellen Aktienanalyse die A-Aktie des Internet-Konzerns Alphabet Inc. (ISIN: US02079K3059, WKN: A14Y6F, Tick...
10.08.20 - 16:46
Denmark angry at Google censorship of some Danish content, seeks talks (Reuters EN)
Denmark, angry at Google's censorship of some Danish content over an argument over copyright, said on Monday it was seeking talks with the Alphabet-owned tech giant....
10.08.20 - 16:43
Alphabet und Facebook müssen Einnahmen teilen (Der Aktionaer)
Facebook und die Alphabet-Tochter Google müssen in Zukunft in Australien ihre Werbeeinnahmen mit den Medien teilen, welche die Ursprungsquelle des Inhalts bilden. Dies hat die australische Regierung entschieden....
10.08.20 - 15:40
Facebook, Amazon and Google Emails Make an Antitrust Case (Bloomberg)
Facebook, Amazon and Google Emails Make an Antitrust Case...
10.08.20 - 15:31
Google-Chef: Wir haben kein Monopol, Suche immer vielfältiger möglich (WinFuture)
Geht es nach Google- und Alphabet-Konzernchef Sundar Pichai, besteht keineswegs die Gefahr, dass Google bei der Websuche eine Monopolstel­lung erlangt. Stattdessen sprach der Manager jetzt davon, dass es eine immer größere Vielfalt bei der Suche n...
10.08.20 - 15:20
Google fined for violating Russia′s search results law (Xinhua)
Um den gesamten Artikel unter zu lesen, klicken Sie bitte auf die Überschrift...
10.08.20 - 14:01
Baidu Stock: China′s Google Rival Has More Upside Despite A 50% Rally (Forbes)
After a 50% rise since the March lows of this year, at the current price of around $125 per share, we believe Baidu's stock has more to go. China's leading internet search provider has seen its stock underperform through the coronavirus crisis, wit...
10.08.20 - 14:01
Who Wants Google To Be Their Bank? (Forbes)
A July 2020 survey asked consumers what they would do if Google offered a checking account. More than a quarter said they would open an account—with 11% saying they would make it their primary account. Who are these consumers and what impact will t...
10.08.20 - 13:04
ALPHABET (C) - Kurzfristige Risiken nehmen zu (GodmodeTrader)
Eine kurzfristig vollendete Topformation sorgt bei Anlegern in der Alphabet-Aktie für Unbehagen. Aber es gibt auch Hoffnung....
10.08.20 - 13:02
Google′s latest mesh networking system, typically $270, is down to $200 at Kohl′s with an additional $30 Kohl′s Cash Bonus (Business Insider)
  A second-generation Google Nest mesh Wi-Fi system is down to $200 at Kohl's, the lowest price we've ever seen on this particular model. Better still, you'll receive $30 in Kohl's Cash to use between August 17-23. This particular router and...
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