Bruttoinlandsprodukt: 3 Mrd. USD
BIP – Wachstum zum Vorjahresquartal: -4.10%
BIP – Wachstum zum letzten Quartal: -
Leitzins: 6.95%
Inflationsrate: 20.90%
Arbeitslosenrate: 7.70%
Haushaltsdefizit in % des BIPs: -9.10%
Staatsverschuldung in % des BIPs: 15.20%
Letzte Datenerhebung: 05.04.2017
28.04.17 - 08:06
Burundi: Fuel Shortage Far From Being Worked Out in Burundi (AllAfrica)
[Iwacu] Long queues of cars, motorcycles and people who have cans, wait for hours at the few stations that are open. City oil and Kingstar stations from the southern to northern neighborhoods in the capital Bujumbura are providing fuel. "I have spent...
18.04.17 - 13:01
Tanzania: CRDB′s Burundi Posts 2.4 Billion/ - Net Profit (AllAfrica)
[Daily News] CRDB Bank's Burundi subsidiary net profit has gone up three times to 2.38bn/- in 2016, despite political challenges engulfing the tiny East African state....
14.04.17 - 13:36
Burundi Government Suspends Opposition Party MSD For Six Months (Bloomberg)
Burundi's government suspended operations of the opposition Movement for Solidarity and Democracy and ordered its offices closed for six months, according to a decree shown to reporters on Friday in the ......
18.02.17 - 19:01
East Africa: Rwanda, Burundi Row ′Hurting′ the Region (AllAfrica)
[Citizen] Kigali -Strained relations between Burundi and Rwanda continue to hurt some operations of the East African Community (EAC), including failure by officials of either side to attend a regional meeting on another state....
30.01.17 - 21:31
New rare earth miner lists in London, raises $10 million for Burundi project (
Rainbow Rare Earths plans to restart the Gakara mine, which operated for 30 years until 1978, and that still holds high grade of the coveted elements. The post New rare earth miner lists in London, raises $10 million for Burundi project appeared firs...
30.01.17 - 12:49
Rainbow Rare Earths listing raises funds for Burundi mining project (Reuters EN)
* Has 10-year offtake and distribution agreement with Thyssenkrupp...
23.01.17 - 23:03
Burundi - Burundi begnadigte 2.500 Häftlinge (Der Standard)
Dutzende politische Gefangene unter den Begnadigten...
17.01.17 - 19:18
Burundi: Inflation, Cause of Price Increase in Burundi (AllAfrica)
[Iwacu] Parcem, a local NGO for mentality change in Burundi, has launched this 17 January a sensitization campaign against inflation following the rise in price of some products....
30.12.16 - 19:06
Burundi - Burundis Präsident schließt Kandidatur für vierte Amtszeit nicht aus (Der Standard)
Nkurunziza könnte im Streit mit EU Soldaten aus Somalia abziehen...
22.12.16 - 09:12
Burundi Threatens to Sue AU Over Unpaid Peacekeepers′ Allowances (Bloomberg)
Burundi will sue the African Union over months of unpaid wages for its peacekeeping soldiers serving under the continental organization in Somalia, President Pierre Nkurunziza said....
22.12.16 - 09:09
Burundi Threatens to Sue AU Over Unpaid Peacekeepers′ Allowances (Bloomberg)
Burundi will sue the African Union over months of unpaid wages for its peacekeeping soldiers serving under the continental organization in Somalia, President Pierre Nkurunziza said....
28.11.16 - 09:36
Burundi: Sociopolitical Crisis is Main Cause of GDP Decline, Watchdog Says (AllAfrica)
[Iwacu] The Observation for Fight against Corruption and Economic Embezzlement (OLUCOME) has sounded the alarm on Burundi's economic situation. It is calling for all relevant parties to engage in inclusive talks to find solutions to the socio-politi...
16.11.16 - 11:54
Genocide Risks Seen in Burundi as Security-Force Killings Surge (Bloomberg)
State suppression of government opponents along with ethnic discrimination are among conditions in place that may lead to a genocide in Burundi, the International Federation for Human Rights said....
26.10.16 - 15:42
Deutschland liegt hinter Burundi: Studie: Gleichberechtigung dauert 170 Jahre (N-TV)
Frauen und Männer verrichten weltweit längst die gleiche Arbeit. Und dennoch klaffen ihre Gehälter auseinander. In einer Untersuchung findet das Weltwirtschaftsforum heraus, dass sich die Ungleichheit sogar noch vergrößert hat....
26.10.16 - 13:31
Burundi: Govt Bans Exports to Stem Food Shortage (AllAfrica)
[East African] Insecurity and an economic downturn in Burundi have led to a disruption of markets and farming, leaving more than 2.3 million people severely food insecure....
24.10.16 - 11:15
Burundi Police Detain Journalists at Mass-Grave Site (Bloomberg)
Burundi authorities arrested two journalists and their driver in the capital and later handed over one of them, an American, to the U.S. Embassy, according to police spokesman Pierre Nkurikiye....
12.10.16 - 18:19
Ärger über Untersuchung: Burundi kündigt Zusammenarbeit mit Internationalem Strafgerichtshof (Spiegel)
Burundi will künftig nicht mehr mit dem Internationalen Strafgerichtshof zusammenarbeiten. Hintergrund ist eine Untersuchung gegen das ostafrikanische Land wegen Verbrechen gegen die Menschlichkeit....
01.10.16 - 13:36
Regierung - Burundi lehnt Untersuchungskommission der Vereinten Nationen ab (Der Standard)
Regierung will UNO-Beobachter Zutritt verweigern...
29.09.16 - 16:42
Burundi Opposition May Pull Out of Crisis Talks Over Arrest (Bloomberg)
Burundi's main opposition coalition threatened to withdraw from talks with the government over the East African country's almost 18-month political crisis after one of its senior members was arrested....
27.09.16 - 12:19
Tanzania: Swala Targets Burundi Oil Firm (AllAfrica)
[Citizen] Dar es Salaam -Swala Oil and Gas (Tanzania) Plc has entered into an agreement with Surestream Petroleum Limited to acquire the latter's wholly-owned subsidiary....
21.09.16 - 10:54
UN Panel Urges International Inquiry Into Burundi Violence (Bloomberg)
A United Nations independent probe said it found evidence of human-rights abuses by Burundi's government that could amount to crimes against humanity as it urged steps including the establishing of an ......
20.09.16 - 18:18
Uno über Burundi: Polizei von Präsident Nkurunziza foltert systematisch (Spiegel)
Mit allen Mitteln hält sich Präsident Pierre Nkurunziza im zentralafrikanischen Burundi an der Macht. Der Uno-Menschenrechtsrat wirft seinen Truppen brutalste Folter an Oppositionellen vor....
31.08.16 - 05:49
Rwanda-Burundi border trade hit as awkward neighbours fall out (AFP EN)
People walk towards buses in Akanyaru on the Rwandan side after crossing the border from Burundi...
25.08.16 - 07:31
East Africa: Burundi′s Decision to Cut Rwanda Trade Ties ′Threateans′ Intergration (AllAfrica)
[New Times] Burundi's recent decision to ban cross-border trade with Rwanda again came to the fore on Tuesday as members of the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) sat in Arusha, Tanzania....
19.08.16 - 15:12
Burundi′s Parliament Rejects UN Plan to Deploy Police Force (Bloomberg)
Burundi's parliament rejected a United Nations plan to send police officers to help calm a crisis that's left hundreds of people dead in the East African country since April last year....
18.08.16 - 15:51
Burundi Bans Exports of Some Food Items; Warns of Drought (Bloomberg)
Burundi banned exports of some staple foods and called on farmers to put their harvests into public storage facilities as it warned of a long dry season in the East African nation....
12.08.16 - 12:09
Bodies in Rivers Spur Burundi Activist′s Call for Investigation (Bloomberg)
A Burundian human-rights activist called for an international investigation after three bodies, one of them decapitated, were recovered from rivers in the center of the East African country, where a deadly ......
09.08.16 - 10:57
Burundi Cracks Down on Currency-Changers Amid Dollar Shortage (Bloomberg)
Burundi's police said they closed 15 foreign-exchange offices and arrested 12 money-changers as the East African country, struck by more than a year of unrest, struggles with a dollar shortage....
09.08.16 - 07:13
East Africa: Burundi′s Ban On Rwandan Products to be Probed (AllAfrica)
[New Times] The East African Legislative Assembly plans to launch an independent investigation into Burundi's recent decision to ban Rwanda's products entering its market. The findings will inform the assembly and the Heads of State in the region o...
03.08.16 - 12:54
Erklärung - Burundi weist geplante UNO-Polizeimission zurück (Der Standard)
Land beklagt Annahme von UN-Resolution ohne Absprache: verletze Souveränität des Landes...
03.08.16 - 09:01
East Africa: Burundi′s Decision to Ban Exports Destined to Rwanda Criticised (AllAfrica)
[New Times] The government has condemned Burundi's recent decision to ban exports destined to Rwanda saying it was a serious breach of EAC trade agreement but said it will have no impact in the Rwandan economy....
30.07.16 - 03:07
UNO plant 228 Mitglieder starke Polizeimission in Burundi (Cash)
Die Vereinten Nationen wollen eine 228 Mitglieder starke Polizeimission in den ostafrikanischen Krisenstaat Burundi entsenden. Eine von Frankreich eingebrachte Resolution fand am Freitag die Unterstützung von elf der ......
27.07.16 - 09:24
Ruling Party′s Youth Gang-Raped Burundi Women, Rights Group Says (Bloomberg)
Members of the Burundian ruling party's youth wing have gang-raped women since a tide of political protests swept the East African nation last year, Human Rights Watch said....
22.07.16 - 15:06
Burundi Businesses Say Shortage of Dollars Is Hurting Imports (Bloomberg)
A shortage of foreign currency in Burundi is starting to disrupt businesses and forcing companies to delay imports from neighboring East African countries, the head of a local commerce lobby group said.......
22.07.16 - 12:30
Burundi Urges Freeing Students Accused of Defacing Leader Photos (Bloomberg)
Burundi lawmakers called for the release of at least 13 high-school students detained on accusations they defaced images of President Pierre Nkurunziza....
13.07.16 - 12:36
Regional Lawmaker Shot Dead in Burundi′s Capital, Police Say (Bloomberg)
Burundi gunmen shot dead a lawmaker with the East African Legislative Assembly in the capital, Bujumbura, police spokesman Pierre Nkurikiye said....
07.07.16 - 19:06
Burundi - Menschenrechtsorganisation wirft Burundi brutalste Folter vor (Der Standard)
Oppositionsanhänger mit Hämmern und Stahlstangen geschlagen...
07.07.16 - 13:09
Burundi′s Torture of Opponents Increasingly Vicious, Group Says (Bloomberg)
Burundi's intelligence services are torturing suspected opposition supporters with "increasingly vicious methods, including the use of pliers and melted plastic, Human Rights Watch said....
27.06.16 - 21:19
Burundi - Dutzende Schüler in Burundi verhaftet (Der Standard)
Kinder protestierten gegen dritte Amtszeit für Nkurunziza...
15.06.16 - 12:33
Burundi′s Police Say One Gunman Killed, Five Arrested in Capital (Bloomberg)
Burundi's police said they shot a gunman and arrested five others in a southern district of the capital, the latest violence in a more than yearlong political crisis....
14.06.16 - 15:15
Burundi School Suspends 230 Students as Photo Protests Spread (Bloomberg)
A Burundi school suspended 234 students after pictures of President Pierre Nkurunziza in their textbooks were defaced, an official said, in a further sign of political dissent in the East African nation's ......
10.06.16 - 15:42
Rights Group Says More Than 100 Burundi Girls Sold in the Gulf (Bloomberg)
More than 100 Burundian women were trafficked to Gulf nations in the past week, where some are in danger of being mistreated, a non-governmental organization said....
03.06.16 - 23:30
Schoolchildren arrested in Burundi for defacing pictures of President Pierre Nkurunziza (The Telegraph)
Um den gesamten Artikel unter zu lesen, klicken Sie bitte auf die Überschrift...
03.06.16 - 14:33
Burundi Students Face Crackdown After President Photos Defaced (Bloomberg)
Burundi security officers fired gunshots and teargas, injuring at least three people, as students in a central province protested the arrest of their colleagues accused of defacing photos of President ......
03.06.16 - 01:55
Schule in Burundi schickt 300 Schüler wegen Kritzeleien nach Hause (Cash)
Weil sie Fotos von Präsident Pierre Nkurunziza verunstalteten, sind in Burundi mehr als 300 Schüler vom Unterricht ausgeschlossen worden. Mitarbeiter der Schule hatten in rund 40 Schulbüchern Karikaturen und Schmierer......
02.06.16 - 15:39
Burundi′s President Gives Southern Rebels Two Weeks to Surrender (Bloomberg)
Burundian President Pierre Nkurunziza gave armed groups behind an upsurge of violence in the country's southwestern Mugamba region two weeks to surrender....
02.06.16 - 13:42
Burundi Power Company Vows to Get Tough on $32 Million of Debt (Bloomberg)
Burundi's state-owned power and water company says it may take legal action to recover 50 billion francs ($32.1 million) owed by its customers, as the nation's political crisis takes its toll on the economy.......
19.05.16 - 13:45
Burundi Refuses Any Negotiation With Opposition at Peace Talks (Bloomberg)
Burundi's government is only attending peace talks in Tanzania this weekend to hold discussions with mediators and won't meet other factions in the country's 13-month crisis, a presidential spokesman said.......
16.05.16 - 17:27
Burundi Says Neighboring Rwanda Expelled 1,500 of Its Citizens (Bloomberg)
Burundi said Rwanda expelled at least 1,528 of its citizens who refused to relocate to refugee camps, in the latest flaring of tensions between the East African neighbors....
13.05.16 - 13:45
EU to Give Burundi 55 Million Euros in Health, Nutrition Support (Bloomberg)
The European Union will give Burundi, which has been rocked by a year of unrest, direct support for health and nutrition programs worth 55 million euros ($62.4 million), the continental bloc said....




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