06.09.18 - 10:24
Djibouti eager to be a key link in China′s Belt and Road (Nikkei)
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02.08.18 - 16:30
DP World CEO: All options open following Djibouti port court ruling (CNBC)
A court in London has ruled that the Dubai ports operator holds a valid contract to run the port seized by the Djibouti government in February....
02.08.18 - 16:12
DP World CEO: Djibouti port seizure put a shadow on Africa investment (CNBC)
Sultan Ahmed Bin Sulayem discusses DP World's dispute with Djibouti's government....
02.08.18 - 16:12
DP World CEO: All options open following Djibouti contract ruling (CNBC)
Sultan Ahmed Bin Sulayem discusses the ruling on DP World's Doraleh port terminal....
02.08.18 - 13:42
London court rules DP World Djibouti contract ′valid and binding′: Dubai government (CNBC)
Dubai's government said on Thursday the London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA) has ruled DP World's port container terminal contract in Djibouti was valid and binding....
26.07.18 - 07:18
Zwischen Jemen und Dschibuti: Saudi-Arabien stoppt Öltransporte in wichtiger Meeresstraße (Spiegel)
Zwei saudische Öltanker sind im Roten Meer offenbar von jemenitischen Rebellen attackiert worden. Nun hat Saudi-Arabien alle Öltransporte durch die Meerenge zwischen dem Jemen und Dschibuti gestoppt....
04.05.18 - 18:36
Pentagon accuses China of using lasers against US pilots in Djibouti (The Telegraph)
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04.05.18 - 11:24
China denies US accusation of lasers pointed at planes in Djibouti (CNBC)
The US formally complained to China after Chinese nationals pointed lasers at a U.S. military aircraft near Djibouti....
03.05.18 - 16:01
China Accused Of Using High-Powered Lasers To Harass US Fighter Jets Over Djibouti (ZeroHedge)
Less than a year after China deployed troops to its first overseas base in Djibouti, near the Horn of Africa, located next to the key oil transit chokepoint, the Bab el-Mandeb strait, the US military has warned fighter jet pilots to beware of laser a...
02.05.18 - 18:06
Ethiopia, Djibouti May Swap Stakes in Airlines, Ports (Bloomberg)
Ethiopia and Djibouti agreed to swap stakes in strategic public enterprises including airlines, ports and telecommunications companies, as the Horn of Africa neighbors pursue deeper economic integration......
18.03.18 - 11:29
China drängt Seidenstraßen-Länder in die Schuldenfalle (FAZ)
Chinas Billionen-Projekt birgt hohe Risiken für die "Partner" der Volksrepublik. Acht Länder sind davon besonders betroffen....
15.03.18 - 07:30
Djibouti Sees China Involvement in Port as No Threat to U.S. (Bloomberg)
Djibouti's government will embrace greater Chinese involvement in the nation's ports and sees no reasons for U.S. concern that its strategic interests may be threatened, Finance Minister Ilyas......
25.02.18 - 10:00
U.A.E. Rallies to DP World′s Defense in Djibouti Port Dispute (Bloomberg)
The United Arab Emirates denounced Djibouti's cancellation of DP World Ltd.'s contract to run the Doraleh Container Terminal, calling it an "arbitrary flouting of a signed agreement."Djibouti......
23.02.18 - 06:39
Djibouti seizes control of DP World€s container terminal (AP)
DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (AP) ” Djibouti has seized control of a container terminal run by Dubai-based port operator DP World, the latest move in a long-running legal dispute in the East African nation......




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