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31.05.20 - 12:54
Ist Minnesota das neue Hongkong?: China instrumentalisiert US-Proteste (N-TV)
Als in Hongkong blutige Unruhen toben, stellt sich die US-Politik auf die Seite der Demonstranten. Nun, wo die Lage bei den Anti-Rassismus-Protesten im eigenen Land eskaliert, ist von dieser Haltung wenig übrig. Chinesische Staatsmedien sezieren di...
31.05.20 - 10:25
US govt wants to sell multimillion-dollar Hong Kong property as it revokes city€s special status (RT)
The US government has invited bids for several luxury mansions in the Hong Kong area, one of the world's most expensive real estate markets, as tensions rise between Washington and Beijing. Read Full Article at
31.05.20 - 04:01
How a local start-up used location tracking and geofencing tech developed for retailers to help Hong Kong control the spread of coronavirus (SCMP)
A local start-up was crucial to Hong Kong’s coronavirus response, which has been hailed as “one of the best in the world”.More than 65,000 people returning to the city had to wear electronic wristbands with location tracking and geofencing tech...
31.05.20 - 03:52
The U.S. government is selling its property in one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in Hong Kong (Bloomberg)
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31.05.20 - 02:19
‘Never seen that before’: Some Hong Kong residents hit the panic button as security law revives rush for the emigration gates (SCMP)
Hong Kong’s residents, who emigrated en masse before the city’s return to China’s sovereignty in 1997, are hitting the inquiry lines again, amid concerns that the Chinese government’s planned national security law would curtail what’s left ...
30.05.20 - 19:25
US cannot fix China in one day, says ex-diplomat in Hong Kong (Nikkei)
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30.05.20 - 18:51
AP Explains: Trump actions on Hong Kong just threats for now (AP)
WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump has announced what he said are “significant actions” regarding with Hong Kong. But the measures are still just a warning, at least for now. He said he would......
30.05.20 - 18:49
US cannot fix China in one day, says former diplomat in Hong Kong (Nikkei)
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30.05.20 - 17:40
China says US action on Hong Kong ‘doomed to fail’ (MarketWatch)
The mouthpiece newspaper of China’s ruling Communist Party said Saturday that the U.S. decision to end some trading privileges for Hong Kong “grossly interferes” in China’s internal affairs and is “doomed to fail.&#...
30.05.20 - 14:04
Why is the U.S. stock market ignoring a brewing crisis in Hong Kong? (MarketWatch)
President Trump’s forceful anti-China speech Friday was the latest volley in a deepening conflict between the U.S. and China that have brought relations to possibly the lowest point since the normalization in 1979 and coul......
30.05.20 - 13:13
US government invites bids on six multibillion-dollar Hong Kong mansions, even as White House revokes city’s trade status (SCMP)
The United States government is calling for bids on a cluster of residential property in the world’s most expensive real estate market, even as Hong Kong is turning into the latest pawn in an escalating rivalry between the US and China.A plot of la...
30.05.20 - 13:01
Would US shoot itself in the foot in imposing sanctions over Hong Kong? RT′s Boom Bust investigates (RT)
While revoking Hong Kong's preferential treatment may be catastrophic for the city's financial system, the move could also backfire on the US itself and even challenge the dollar, Boom Bust has learned. Read Full Article at
30.05.20 - 12:24
Hongkong: USA wollen Sonderstatus der Metropole beenden (Spiegel)
Im Streit um ein geplantes chinesisches Sicherheitsgesetz hat Donald Trump angekündigt, Hongkongs Sonderrechte zu streichen. Das könnte auch chinesische Studenten treffen - und viele Hongkonger zu Briten machen....
30.05.20 - 12:01
China says U.S. action on Hong Kong doomed to fail (CNBC)
The mouthpiece of China's ruling Communist Party said U.S. moves to end some trading privileges for Hong Kong "grossly interfere" in China's internal affairs and are "doomed to fail."...
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